Grizzly Customers Speak Out!
We get many unsolicited letters from customers each year complimenting us and our products. We wish we could include all of them, but because of space limitations, here's just a sampling: Thanks guys! We appreciate the letters!

"I like the way Grizzly does business. For years I have bought a number of power and hand tools from Grizzly and have never been disappointed - high quality and low prices.

Last week, I phoned an order on the 800 line to a sales person in Pennsylvania. The order was shipped from Bellingham the same day and delivered to my home the next day. Now that's SERVICE. Sure beats standing in line in one of the local big box warehouse stores while the cashier waits for a price check."

Robert Lawrence
Steilacoom, WA

"I have purchased three Grizzly machines: a combination sander, a 6" jointer and the 10" table saw model G1023S. I am impressed with all the machines. I feel the Grizzly table saw G1023S is a tremendous value combining features, quality workmanship and cost into a quality machine. Again, thanks for your fine customer service."

Don Gatton
Blanding, UT

"Grizzly tools are the best quality at the lowest prices. I have never had a problem from any of my Grizzly tools: table saw, 20" planer and now my new (G1035) shaper. Grizzly's tools are the best. Thanks so much for supplying my shop with quality."

Ron Raney
Mtn. Home, AR

"Grizzly tools are top-of-the-line. Heavy and dependable, they have never let me down."

Christopher Freed
Lewistown, PA

"I was told you had top-line tools, now I know it. Thank you! I look forward to ordering from you again soon. I especially like the good selection of carbide and the better blades you offer."

Norbert Turner
Mauston, WI

"Your tools are very well built. Beautiful table finishes and paint jobs. I see no shortcuts in tool construction. Very satisfied. Thanks for the good price breaks."

James Glidden
Lawton, MI

"Today I attended a woodworker show in Pittsburgh. I reviewed many manufacturers' products because I'm interested in the future of purchasing more stationary woodworking equipment. Let me just tell you after reviewing price and quality of other manufacturers' products, as soon as I returned home, I got out my Bible called the Grizzly Industrial Woodworking and Metalworking Catalog and want you to know this is the only place I will order from when I make a future purchase. Keep up the good work in providing products that I feel are above the industries standards in price and quality."

John Colpo
Cheswick, PA

"Greatest store to hit Springfield in years. I go there just to walk around, look, dream and drool.

I got my new bandsaw, un-packaged it, read the instructions, put it together, made all the adjustments and was using it in about 2 hours. The instructions are good, matter-of-fact and several things to do had already been done by the factory. I can't say enough about this place, I love it."

Larry Golden
Ash Grove, MO

"The G1182 jointer is an excellent value for the dollar. I also recently assembled and used the G1029 dust collector. I first used the G1029 with my drill press and was amazed at the efficiency. Not one wood chip hit the floor. Also the difference in sound levels between the G1029 and my old shop-vac is amazing. My hearing may last a bit longer.

I'm very pleased with both machines recently purchased from your Bellingham showroom. Both the sales staff and warehouse staff were helpful and friendly."

Richard King
Tacoma, WA

"I'd like to give a short testimonial of my experience with Grizzly so far. I work for a telephone company in the purchasing department and placed a couple of orders from Grizzly. After they had a chance to use the equipment I asked them how they liked it. They had nothing but good things to say. I started doing some comparison shopping. I compared features and versatility for the money and Grizzly came out on top, hands down. I purchased a jointer and table saw. Everything I bought went together perfectly without any problems and the instructions were great. I look forward to buying my next piece of Grizzly equipment, which by the way is going to be a drill press. Keep up the great work!"

Brian Walker
Kingfisher, OK

"I have found that every machine I have purchased from you has exceeded my expectations in every category one can possibly rate."

Edwin Craft
La Cygne, KS

"I was very impressed with the outstanding quality of my G1014Z Sander for the good price. Any new tools I purchase from now on will be from Grizzly. Keep up the good work."

Rickie Bradshaw
Staunton, VA

"I have subscribed to various woodworking magazines over the years but never was very interested in the Grizzly brand until the shop where I worked purchased a Grizzly table saw. I was impressed with the quality and accuracy of the machine. I was really impressed when I heard how much they paid. The price did not reflect the quality. I felt they got much more than they paid for. Thanks a lot!!!"

Fred Powell
Troy, AL

"I think your products are well built and competitively priced."

Dan Canton
Minneota, MN

"I am very pleased with the things I have bought from Grizzly."

Ernest Kish
Hazel Park, MI

"I am very happy with your tools. The 16" Bandsaw I just purchased is incredible! The price I paid was less than a Jet or Delta 14" and it's 3 times the machine. Good job Grizzly!

P.S. I have already used my bandsaw to re-saw some solid oak wood that I had. It worked like a champ. Thanks for a well-made tool."

Jeff Davis
Gladstone, OR

"The value and quality of your products is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer. You definitely give your customers their money's worth in product. Thanks Grizzly!"

Tony Brandt
Lebanon, PA

"I have lived here in the Republic of Panama for 50 years. During those years, most all of my tool and shop purchases have been with mail order companies.

The milling machine arrived on a very large truck with a hydraulic tailgate. When the milling machine was moved onto the tailgate, the tailgate failed and to my utter dismay, the machine fell off onto the concrete floor, on its back. I called Grizzly and spoke to one of your technicians and told him my sad story. Grizzly had no fault at all for the damage that occurred, yet they were willing to replace the broken items at no charge to me.

I am 80 years old and live on a fixed retirement income. Grizzly, without a doubt, is the best mail order company in the United States.

Mr. Balolia, your statement on the inside of your catalog cover is correct. I am your customer for life and I will share my copy of your catalog with my friends. Grizzly is a superb company. The very best there is."

Jack Saltzman
Balboa Ancon, Panama

"I own a roofing nailer, 2" brad nailer and now a cordless trim saw from Grizzly and I am more than satisfied with the performance of each."

Dan Canton
Minneota, MN

"I am a very satisfied customer.

I have just recieved, set up, and started using a 12" table saw, 12" jointer, 20" planer, 24" drum sander, 3hp shaper, dust collection system, and two sliding tables. I'll be ordering a lathe, oscillating spindle sander, and 18" Z series band saw in the next few weeks.

This is for a home, hobby workshop...perhaps a bit overboard, but what I wanted and what I could afford.

I did a lot of research over an entire year. I examined several brands, but my plane trip to Springfield clenched my decision.

My equipment arrived in great shape. Setting up was easy, and a pleasure. I have found everything to be solid, precise. Believe it or not, I haven't had a single problem. Frankly, I have ordered shoes that have caused me more frustration!

Your prices and service are top drawer. I'll be ordering again, soon."

Don Shrader
Mt. Airy, NC

"I just picked up my Grizzly left tilt table saw today. I have only one word about this product.


I am really impressed with this tool. The quality is outstanding. A friend helped me unload it today at my house, he owns a Jet left tilt saw. He was so impressed with my saw that he told me he wished that he had waited for the Grizzly. He paid over 1400 dollars for the Jet and sees no increase in quality. As a matter of fact, the Shop Fox fence is even better than the exacta fence on his Jet. If the quality of the rest of your tools is half a good as this saw, you will have a loyal customer for a long time."

Mark Thomas
Edmond, OK