How To Place an Order

Please read the important ordering information outlined below. When complete, you may fax your order to 1-360-671-8375. You may also e-mail your order to or call us at 360-647-0801.

Please note that we have a minimum order requirement of $200.00 for all international orders except Canada. Please click here for more information about ordering from Canada.

Shipping Overseas

1. Small Items weighing less than 70 lbs:

We ship small items to many different countries as long as they can be shipped by the United States Postal Service, or United Parcel Service. All shipping charges are paid by the customer, and will be quoted and charged by Grizzly. All taxes and duties are the responsibility of the customer upon arrival.

2. Items weighing more than 70 lbs. (excluding Canada):

To purchase an item weighing over 70lbs., contact a US based freight forwarder and include their contact information when requesting a quote. (A Freight Forwarder is a shipping company that provides export services for shipping large items overseas.) A small list of Freight Forwarders can be found here: Upon our receipt of payment we will send the shipment to the freight forwarder, who will then arrange for international shipping. Our flat rate shipping charges cover domestic shipping to the US freight forwarder; customers and the freight forwarder make arrangements for shipping the order to the final destination. All taxes, fees and duties are the customer’s responsibility.

How may I pay for my order?

Payment may be made by Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union, or Paypal. We accept payments by credit card, if we are able to obtain electronic verification of the cardholder's billing address when we authorize the card through our payment processor. Credit cards issued by banks located in the United States and Canada usually provide this 'AVS' verification. Unfortunately, most banks outside the United States and Canada do not. We will not accept credit cards without electronic 'AVS' verification.


There are some limitations to certain countries depending on electrical service. For example, most European countries have 240V, 50 cycle power. Our motors are 60 cycles and would not work.