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Like no other trade publication in the woodworking field, CabinetMaker+FDM spans the entire range from the smaller shops to the production plants, with an emphasis on companies utilizing highly automated best practices. The magazine and website focus on management, production, materials and design the key area including cabinets, furniture, fixtures and millwork.

What began as a popular print publication has evolved into Canada's most active community of woodworkers and DIYers.  Today, the Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement family of media includes print and digital magazines, monthly newsletters, website, online forums and social media.  Even though we offer a variety of channels, we're still a family-owned and operated business, designed by Canadian woodworkers for Canadian woodworkers.

Custom Woodworking Business services the custom woodworking niche like no other publication in the industry. 
CWB defines and informs the custom market on weekly updated news items online and in such widely-read features as: Management Strategies, Inside Architectural Woodworking, Newsfront, Supply Showcase, Studio Works and company profiles.

The Family Handyman is the DIYers best friend, offering a variety of print and digital resources for the do-it-yourself homeowners.  Our forte is accurate and complete how-to instructions for improving homes, yards and vehicles.  We publish The Family Handyman magazine, the oldest and largest publication for DIYers, and a variety of newstand publications in addition to this web site.

You strive for excellence in your work and understand that no detail is too small.  It's the same commitment to quality that makes Fine Woodworking magazine a must-have resource for every workshop.  With Fine Woodworking, you'll do more than complete projects.  You'll gain essential knowledge and build lifelong skills to elevate your wooworking to the next level.  And the next level after that.

Guitarmaker magazine is the official publication of the Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans, and is directed toward continuing education for Lutherie professionals and amateurs alike.

Devoted to metalworking for serious machinists to hobbyists with "how-to" articles pertaining to use or upgrade of various machine tools (lathes, mills, drills, saws, etc.) as well as metal shop projects!

Popular Woodworking helps woodworkers of all skills to learn how to become better craftsmen, to discover the "why" behind every operation, and ultimately how to build better furniture.

WOOD magazine is the number one source for stylish, easy-to-build, shop-proven projects for the home and shop, and for woodworking techniques and shop-tested tool reviews.

Woodshop News is the leading industry magazine serving the small and medium sized professional woodworking shop. By providing quality editorial features, including profiles of professional shops and accurate news reports, Woodshop News gives professional woodworkers the valuable information they need to be successful.

American Woodworker provides the serious hobbyist and small-shop professional with how-to information on woodworking tools, techniques, materials and projects.

Wood & Wood Products serves the manufacturers of residential and commercial cabinets, residential and office furniture, millwork, wood components, veneers, panel products and other wood products. Also served are architectural woodworkers, laminators, designers, architects, dealers, educators, trade associations and other suppliers to the woodworking industry.