Grizzly   |  Model: G0771Z
10" Hybrid Table Saw with T-Shaped Fence
Price: $845.00
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Grizzly G0771Z - 10" Hybrid Table Saw with T-Shaped Fence

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This hybrid is a selective blend of the best features of the contractor-style table saw and cabinet style table saw. Like the cabinet saw, it has an enclosed cabinet with 4" dust port, heavy-duty cast iron trunnions that mount to the cabinet, and plenty of power (with its 2 HP motor) to easily rip through hardwoods or cut dadoes. Like the contractor-style saw, it's still light enough to move around (it weighs approximately 286 lbs. when fully assembled) and it's easy on the budget. The fence on this machine is also a hybrid of some of the best features we've had on table saws in the last 30+ years. It has the easy lift-off and simple adjustability of the popular T-shape Shop Fox Classic fence, the rock-solid front locking ability of the Shop Fox Original fence, and the accessory T-slots of the Shop Fox Aluma-Classic fence. To top it all off, this saw features an innovative quick-release blade guard and riving knife system that can be changed in seconds—and it's prewired to run on an ordinary 120V, 20A circuit!


  • Cast iron table and extension wings
  • Cast iron trunnions
  • Easy-glide fence system
  • Quick-release blade guard & riving knife
  • 4" Dust port
  • T-slot miter gauge
  • Includes 10" x 40T carbide-tipped blade
  • Motor: 2 HP, 120V/240V, prewired 120V, single-phase, 60 Hz
  • Amps: 15A at 120V, 7.5A at 240V
  • Precision-ground cast iron table with wings measures: 40-1/2" W x 27" D
  • Table height: 35-3/8"
  • Footprint: 21" L x 19-1/2" W
  • Arbor: 5/8"
  • Arbor speed: 3450 RPM
  • Max. depth of cut @ 90°: 3-1/4"
  • Max. depth of cut @ 45°: 2-1/4"
  • Rip capacity: 31" right, 16-3/4" left
  • Overall size: 64" W x 40-1/4" H x 35-1/2" D
  • Approximate shipping weight: 371 lbs.
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Matthew A
Why did I wait so long? 2/9/2018

I compared many table saws prior to buying this one and I am so glad I did. I have been using it for 6 months now and love it. I heard some complaints about the fence system...and let me tell you as far as I am concerned it's incorrect information. This saw has tons of power and cuts extremely accurate. Although quite heavy, it was simple to set up with very little adjusting required. I am no professional, but with this saw I am currently building all new kitchen cabinets that I could never have done before buying this saw. I don't just recommend this product, I highly recommend it. I looked at a lot of saws but this one, although over my budget, fit what I was looking for...I just wish I had purchased it years ago. If I had to say anything bad about it I would say that I don't like how the back access door connects to the base. I have had 2 screws strip out already. I will be adding a latch and piano hinge big deal. If you are thinking of getting a cabinet saw for home...get this one!

Barry F
Too early to tell for sure but so! 2/5/2018

First, I'd like to say a little something about When I was pondering purchasing this saw, the website said that is was backordered with an expected arrival date of 1/25/2018. I checked it daily to see if it was going to get pushed back further. Each day I checked it, it said the same thing so I decided " what the heck" and ordered it. Well, come January 26th I received an email saying that my saw had been shipped....TO ME! Wow, what a pleasant surprise. The same thing happened to me when I ordered a generator from another company. It was AT LEAST a week later after the expected arrival date before I received a shipping email. So, I was expecting the same sort of thing from Grizzly. Nope, true to their word.
Now, about the saw, I have not really used the saw except to do some test pieces with it (and they were great btw) so this is more about setting the saw up. I did have to use the masking tape hack when installing the wings but man, everything else was spot-on. No adjustments to the table were needed. I did make some minor tweaks to the fence but aqain, the scale is pretty much spot on! When you set a distance and then measure the blade to fence.....perfect! The miter gage? The first cut I made was perfectly square. I was really excited about that because I had been using an older Ryobi bt3000 and that was a constant sore point. The motor is really quite too. I can't wait to start using the saw. I put this thing on a Bear Crawl btw(another good purchase). I don't want you guys to think that everything was unicorns and rainbows. The only negative I can say about the saw pertains to the little screws that hold the motor cover and access panel cover on. They didn't seem to line up all that well and I messed up some of mine. So, when I go to remove those panels, I am gong to be scratching my head on how to get the screws out. As of right now, when I go to get a jointer, it will be a Grizzly.

Great saw for price 1/19/2018

I ordered the saw just after Halloween and it arrived just before Thanksgiving. After 3 days of setting it up, I could not do the test run as the motor bearing were burned out. So it took another 10 days to get a new motor. However, the bull gear was not included with the new motor (there was no way to get the old one off of the original motor) so it was another week waiting for the new bull gear to arrive. The key for the power button was also broke when it arrived (it can still be used used if very careful). So finally after almost a month, I was finally able to use my saw. and it does a fine job and has held true. However I have called three times for a new key and have not received it yet.

A Year In Review 1/17/2018

It was about a year ago that I found this gem and decided to take the plunge on buying my first saw last. I was looking at the Rigid hybrid saw and chose this one for the trunnion upgrade. Once delivered, I had some guys help me unload it from the truck as I would never be able to do it myself. I rewired it to 220 and added about 15-20 ft of bigger cord to it. I am happy to say that after using it on my first few projects, it performs flawlessly. I have dust collection hooked up to it when needed and that seems to keep up with the load that the saw gives out. I will be purchasing another blade in the near future since the provided one is definitely not a cabinet finish quality blade.
Few issues I had was that I had with the thumb screws for height adjustment on the fence were to high and would mar your material as you fed it through the saw. Contacted CS and they sent me the "new and improved" set of screws. I also bent the back fence rail when doing something stupid by myself. My fault but it should be built out of something a little more durable in my opinion.
I've used the contractors saws and also used the 25 yr old model delta saw and this saw beats them hands down, as long as you don't have to move it from jobsite to jobsite. I have the mobile base for it since my shop is small but that would not hold up in a construction environment.

All in all, a great saw for newbies or experienced woodworkers alike!
I never

Ken R
Excellent saw 1/10/2018

What an upgrade from my old saw. I had been needing a new saw for a while and i am very happy with my new 771Z. Set up was easy and the only issue was the 2 bolts at each end of rear fence rail were too short. Easy fix. I would recommend this saw to anyone looking for a new saw.

Grady Y
Nice !!! 1/10/2018

I paired this with a Freud P410T blade and I am well pleased.

Gerald M

Received this saw @ a month ago. Have used it only a few time so far but am pleased with it. Issues with shipping which caused a 2nd one to be shipped and the first returned. Not simple with something this size and weighing in at over 300 lbs. but it went fairly smoothly. Grizzly was very accommodating to make this work for me. Would recommend it though there are issues with the smaller guard track bar. It bends fairly easily at the first table top connection. A hard lesson as I needed to order another one. Avoid using it to move saw around. I actually bent it after installing the aftermarket dolly and banged it into something. I just pay more attention now.

Douglas H

Only problems were that holes in the sheet metal didn't line up totally and that the cap bolts for installing the back rail were 20 mm long instead of the required 25 mm. Still have to fine tune the fence for both height and tightening.


Overall the saw is good. I am disappointed that you do not have a 0 clearance for the saw blade. When I make very thin cuts the strips drop down into the exhaust vent and stop up the vacuum exit system. I have to dismantle the system and clean it out. very frustrating.

Mike T
Love it!! 12/20/2017

Very happy with my choice, has exceddex my expectations

Powerful enough for me and very guiet 12/20/2017

I'm very please,the fenci appears to be very accurate,and the saw is extremely quiet compared to my old contractor saw,this is my 3rd piece of Grizzly eguipment,and the price to value can't be beat.

Grayson B
Excellent saw. 12/20/2017

I used a Grizzly table saw in my brother in law`s shop. The saw I bought cuts just as good and sails through the wood with ease. The company had to send me the correct bolts after I called to notify them of the error. No problems so far. New blade always cuts great. 😉

paul G
Great saw 12/19/2017

upgraded from a Ryobi and now have an accurate machine. Wish I had done sooner

I'm very happy with the table saw. Set was easy. 12/18/2017

Good Value 12/17/2017

The saw is a good value with no issues of performance. The motor comes wires to 110V bit can be wired 240V if you desire. A nice feature to have. One stumble I found is that (4) Allen bolts supplied for the fence system was supplies too short to be used. The inside featured light foam tape to prevent dust from escaping the dust bin compartment. The adjustment of blade motor tilt is a bit sloppy due to loose handle design but this does not affect operation.
The quality of the fence system is good, (This comes from a professional who has worked with Powermatic Vega system).
I would recommend this saw for any home shop application.
I am going to see if add on equipment can be added to this fence system including attention rails that would allow wider rip widths as the limits are too tight for my taste. However, this is only because I am used to a larger saw.

Drew H
Amazing 12/17/2017

I bought this saw a month ago and it is fantastic. Everything is well crafted and you can tell that it will last for years. There are fine tuning adjustments for everything so you can ensure your equipment is square. Excellent product. Would definitely recommend.

very happy love the fence 12/17/2017

had it 3 weeks and is all i thought it would be,, just wish my planer would get here!!!!!!!!

chris B
Very happy 12/4/2017

Had the saw for a little over a month now. Built a lot of bee hives and related equipment with it already. It's a cadillac compared to the cheap $100 saw i was using. Was fairly easy to set up. No major adjustments were necessary. A joy to use. A lot of saw for the money.

You'll be satisfied 11/30/2017

I have/had a DeWalt contractor saw and that's all I've had, so compared to it, this saw is amazing. A friend has a SawStop and it's a little better, but it cost twice as much or more. So, for this price, this saw is just right. In fact, I told my wife I feel like I'm committing adultry when using it, because my enjoyment and love for it is almost comparable to my feeling toward her. Ha Ha
The dust collection is sub par. But, I think when things slow down I can make some modifications to improve that little problem.

Great table saw 11/27/2017

Am very happy with this product. Should have bought one years ago. A great saw for the money.

Mark H
Great Saw 11/19/2017

I've had this saw for a month now. I haven't done any huge projects, but a couple of mid sized ones and it has performed very well. I love the fence, it moves smoothly and locks down tight easily. Cutting 3" stock, no problem. Plenty of power and it cuts nice and straight, so no binding. The stock blade was nothing special, so I have upgraded that. There were a few minor parts missing (blade wrench is kind of important) when I got the saw, but one phone call and all the missing pieces were delivered the next day. I doubt you could find a better saw for the price.

Jasper D
Great product 11/7/2017

I bought this a mouth ago and I have no regrets it has worked fine for me with my woodworking needs.

Excellent product 10/26/2017

I was torn between this saw and a delta from the big box stores. Very glad I went this route. I've had it roughly a month and all is good. Plenty of horsepower, fence repeats very accurately and very stable. Take the time to indicate everything in during setup.

Well-worth the price. 10/21/2017

This saw will be used to replace a Powermatic of similar size and HP that was used for a very specific purpose. Trial run showed it to be up to the task for a fraction of the price. Assembly and calibration went as expected. Overall: Very pleased.

Christopher T
A Most Excellent Addition 10/21/2017

This was my first large purchase for my shop, and I must really say that this purchase was the best. There were a couple small areas of damage from the shipper, but honestly, this tool will be used and more damage will happen than what it came with. I went from using a Craftsman Contractors Saw to Using this amazingly strong and durable Hybrid Saw. Being that it is built like a cabinet saw, it is very sturdy. The best analogy I can think of is: It is like driving a luxury sedan after driving a ford pinto. This saw has the power to cut straight and clean every time.

The only down side that I could think of is the inclusion of a zero clearance throat plate. However, that is a small price to pay to have to make one. I absolutely love the quality and craftsmanship of this piece of machinery. I hope to have it around for the decades to come.

Daniel C
Investment 10/18/2017

I bought this to replace a 1950's delta contractor saw that I had inherited years ago. What an incredible upgrade. It took a few hours of tweaking and adjusting everything after it was assembled, but it is all square and true. Been using it to rip stock for casings and baseboard in my new additon. First time using a saw with a riving knife, I'll never go back. Thanks for selling an affordable quality product!

steve C

Awsome saw easy to set up, spent countless hours researching new saws very happy with my decision to get this one can't beat for the money

William H

I got this about a month ago it came in great condition easy to put together and it came to adjusting the the saw it was easy followed the directions and man it is just a great piece of machinery

Terry S
Great Saw 10/14/2017

I bought this saw a month ago. My first new saw,wish I would have bought it sooner.

Michael B
Fantastic saw at a great price!! 10/1/2017

Set it up by myself so it took about 2 days, Very picky about proper setup. Have had it for about a month now and just love it. So quiet, has plenty of power, yet I can still move it around. I have been a professional interior trimmer for 40 years trimming custom homes. Can't believe I didn't replace my old saw a long time ago. The price is what attracted me although I was worried at first, but wow what a deal. It's not a 3000.00 dollar saw but if your not running a cabinet shop save the money you'll be impressed. Everything showed up in perfect condition and went together without any problems. Would buy again!

Love it! 10/1/2017

I bought this saw about a month ago, and have ran it a lot. Runs great, very smooth and quiet. Exceptional saw for the price.

Frustrating. 10/1/2017

I spent months researching saws. Spending nearly 1000 on a table Saw is not that easy for me financially. I saved my cash and continued to do my research and I chose the G0771Z. The main reason I chose this Saw was based off of your customer service and machines dependability. When I first received the Saw there were a few parts missing and/or broken. That was not a big deal. I called and your team quickly fixed. Then I noticed that the holes for the blade insert were not countersunk. Therefor the wood stock would catch the edge of the screws. I countersunk the insert and just tried to forget about the fact that my $1000 purchase has a gap between the insert and the table top. Then after about two weeks of use, the elevation shaft slipped and sheared rendering the Saw useless. I again contacted your CS team and they quickly rushed me out the parts. So, here I am again spending HOURS repairing a Saw that shouldn't need repair. At this point I'm pretty frustrated with the Saw and my experience. Fast forward a few weeks and now the damn thing can't even cut through pine without bogging out. I literally cannot express my frustration. I don't want it. I don't want to spend another second trying to repair this machine. I don't know if this machine is a lemon or if you are experiencing these issues across the board. I'm afraid I'm going to be stuck with a thousand dollar Saw that was literally outperformed by a $150 ten year old ryobi.

Updating review 9/11/2017

I bought this saw several months ago. and gave this saw a bad rap. But after learning the querks of the G0771Z I can give a good review. I removed the aluminum back fence support and put in a steel tube for strength. Took care of a bogging issue by replacing the blade with a 94 tooth blade, and feeding the hardwood stock just a little slower. For zero clearance I made my insert with Red Oak. I've had no trouble with the alignment of the fence. Saw is quiet & smooth. The customer support was great & knowledgeable. Realistically I should have bought the Grizzly G1023 with the 3 Hp motor. This table saw has gotten a lot of use in my shop.


The unit came mostly assembled with the exception of course of the rails, table end pieces, and the blade adjustment wheels installed. I managed to mount the table end pieces myself just fine without help, though you do get good at balancing things with your legs after this many years. As a disabled person that's no minor undertaking, but if I can do it anyone can by just thinking ahead. No problem with assembly with the exception of two bolts being the wrong length, but I managed to improvise. Plastic cap for one end of the back rail was missing. Hopefully someone reading this will send me the plastic end cap? (Hint)
Anyway, the saw works beautifully. Just what I needed. There is one other problem. There are no feet to be able to level the saw cabinet and as such it allows for a slight teetering affect. Definitely needs some help in that department for imperfect floor conditions. For now a small shim/wedge will do, but if the saw moves at all that becomes an issue again. Not a big one, just frustrating at times.

The design of the table is good and the cabinet mounted motor/blade is surely superior. Very quiet saw as table saws go and little to no vibration issues. I would recommend investing in a better quality blade, greater than 60 teeth count, for a nicer edge. Most people familiar with a table saw likely already know that.

At present I've finished the 2'x5' mini barn that goes over the wellhead on the back side of our property. Timely purchase as winter is coming on so now I don't have to worry for freezing waterlines at the well. One towel rack for the laundry room, one paper towel dispenser on the wall of the den, one key rack and one coat rack on the wall of the den. All furniture grade. Next project is the picture frame for our "TRUMP 2016" yard sign as a commemorative, which has already been started. I'll be making some sliding barn door style window shutters soon. Between both the inside and outside of our new home this saw is sure to earn it's keep. Then it's refurbishing the other house on our property and then building a new wood shop. Right now the wood shop is a make shift in the still unfinished living room. It seems the Misses would very much like for me to build the new wood shop first, but due to funding issues that's not happening yet. For those who don't know, we were victims of the Erskine Creek fire and lost everything. Building anew on Social Security isn't easy, but with this new table saw it sure makes it easier and a bit more enjoyable. It just takes a little longer than when I was a younger man. Well done, Grizzly.

I've attacked a picture of the table saw set up in the living room, but I'm fearful that the quality of the picture isn't quite up to snuff. We shall see.

Eric W
EXCELLENT!!!!! Best saw for the money PERIOD!!! 9/9/2017

If you are professional, I guess this saw might not be for you (actually - maybe it would...). If you are a DIY / Hobby guy like me, this is simply THE BEST saw on the market in this price range. I don't think there is another "hybrid" on the market that has the motor and trunnions mounted to the cabinet. The saw was basically perfect out of the box and needed very little adjustment. I am not sure why people complain AT ALL about the fence. First of all, one adjusted the saw cuts straight and true without issue (not sure why it wouldn't...) - Second, the T-Slots are incredibly handy for mounting jigs or other things (see my pic - I have already mounted a home-made router fence to the top track simply be inserting quarter inch nuts. The side tracks are a little trickier as they wont take 1/4", 6MM looks to be whats needed there...). Also added the Jessem stock guides to the fence simply by building a little jig / mount and using MagJig 150's so the whole thing comes on and off. Grizzly doesn't stock the zero clearance insert for it but if you don't want to make your own the LeeCraft RG-5 is the one that fits (perfectly - all setup for the height adjustment screws in the correct locations - maybe Grizzly should just stock these...). Final word - I had a couple of questions and also needed to order a couple of things for the saw and the customer service is simply first rate. Check out the pics of my "souped-up" fence!!!!

Generally happy with the saw 9/6/2017

I have an issue with the left and right ripping scales on front fence rail. When the fence is placed on the right side of the blade and the window is adjusted to "0", the left scale is almost 1/4" off when the fence is place on the left side of the blade. It seems that one of the scale tapes was laid on the front fence rail incorrectly.

Underpowered. 9/1/2017

if you have the money UPGRADE to the 3HP can't rip through 2x6 without bogging down.


Bought this product a little over a month ago. Packaged well - wasn't expecting the bolts holding it down to the pallet but that's ok. UPS lost the fence but I got it a few days later. Setup was routine and the specs were pretty much spot on. I've been playing with it a bit and it is night and day better than what I had been using previously - cheap contractor table saw. I've got no complaints on it as it is so much better than my previous setup that it doesn't allow for much a comparison. Bluntly spoken, I like it and, to now, I am very happy with the purchase.


I Bought the saw about a month ago haven't had the need to use it much yet but what little I did use it I really like it.

Brian G

Have had this a month ago. Easy to set up and such an mprovementfrom my 30 ear old saw. Delivery communication was excellent.

David P
Good so far 8/25/2017

My first saw arrived in horrible condition...every side of the saw carton banged up by fork lifts. One fork actually dented the cabinet right in the corner. I requested it be returned and Grizzly issued a full refund including the shipping and lift gate fee. Ordered a second saw and it arrived in flawless condition. There were a few small errors in the manual but I got through them with no difficulty. Have not had much time to woodwork since going through all the alignment steps but thus far everything is OK. The fence is solid and locks down well but I can not get it to slide freely. I will try again but maybe I am expecting to act like my old Biesemeyer fence?
I have since spent some time adjusting the fence and it slides much better now!

Dave C

This was a great purchase for me. I upgraded from a job site saw with a home made table cabinet that I built. This has power enough for me, operating on 110 volts. Eventually I will add more power to my shop for 220 volts, and will switch voltage on the motor. I'm very happy I bought this saw. I have it on rollers to move around easily. I've built a homemade roller out feed table that folds down compactly. For my garage workshop this is great! Everything went together well with one very small issue with the leveling screw on left of fence. I took the screw to the lathe and cut off approx. 1/8". Now everything is good! Alignment was very close upon delivery. Took very little time to align blade and fence for use. I would definitely recommend this Saw. (and Grizzly too!)

T- Shaped Square 8/23/2017

I have used the saw for several weeks and still find the fence awkward to use. It doesn't glide easily and requires both hands to reposition accurately. Once locked in place it's great, just a hassle to get it there. Considering asking about an upgrade!

Great product with some small issues 8/17/2017

I am very happy with my G0771Z saw, after overcoming some small issues.
The saw was bolted to the pallet, which isn't mentioned anywhere.
The anti-rust coating on the cast iron seemed to be motor oil, rather than the "waxy substance" described in the documentation. Using the recommended WD-40 to remove it merely smeared the mess around. Eventually I resorted to mineral spirits to clean up the mess.
Most of the holes through the cabinet were clogged with paint and had to be "chased" clean with a tap before panels could be screwed in place. This would be a major annoyance to someone who did not have the requisite metric tap.
The lack of a zero-clearance throat plate is a problem because small pieces tend to clog the dust collection port.

Other than these small issues, I'm very pleased with the saw once I got the fence and miter gauge adjusted and calibrated.

Paul S
Very pleased with the saw's capabilities and performance 8/17/2017

Great 8/16/2017

It was a great purchase very very satisfied with it right out of the box and it cuts nice and straight and true only thing I see is you shouldn't throw had in the deal

David B
Love it 8/14/2017

Well built easy too assemble. 8/13/2017

Replaced a 70 year Seares saw, what a great tool this saw is!

Steve V
Good saw...Horrible fence 8/13/2017

I have owned this saw a little over 1 year and have used it very little and found it to be a decently made saw. Recent use has made me rethink my opinion. The fence will not stay calibrated; after 3 or 4 rip cuts, the fence goes out of adjustment- junk. it is poorly designed. Calling Grizzly support was a waste of time. He wanted to sell me a shop fox fence for $300 and offered no solution for the existing fence. I ended up purchasing a Delta T3 fence for $180 and it works incredible!

J. D
I love this saw. 8/12/2017

Stew B
Nice saw 8/11/2017

Haven't gotten into heavy use with it yet, but definitely a step up from my old craftsman radial arm saw. Can't knock that saw though, it probably ripped a few miles of wood :)

The Grizzly looks to be well made. Assembly was pretty straightforward. I used a stool and some wood blocks to mount the table wings.

Because my shop is on the 2nd floor and I didn't have any help, I took the table off to get it upstairs. I noticed the shims that align it to the base/blade a little too late, but that was my fault.

Cap screws to mount the rear fence rail were too short for the through holes. Grizzly sent out replacements.

Front fence rail had a ding in the corner, mostly cosmetic. I just ended up filing down the hump rather than mess with sending it back.

Still trying to fine tune the fence, the back seems to pull slightly to the left when you lock it.

Will probably buy the wheeled base eventually. Top is slightly lower than my work table so I have the saw up on 2x6 for now.

Xu L

I bought this table saw on 7/2, and it got shipped on 7/12. But the delivery was a disaster, it was the fault of UPS Freight. They called me and scheduled appointment on 7/20 to deliver, I took a day off just to receive, but the never came. Tracking indicated they would try next business day (Friday), but when I called them, they said they would not deliver, no reason explained. I was on vacation the week after, had to wait until 7/31 to have it delivered. The fence package was badly damaged, some parts were missing, and the front rail end was deformed. Overall that was a bad experience on delivery part.

It took me a while to finally get it up and running (have to wait to weekend). I followed the manual to set it. There was no adjustment needed for the blade to table, everything was perfect, and the table was pretty flat. Adjust blade 90 degree and 45 degree was not that bad. The fence was a little work. The aluminum sides were not perfectly straight, had to shim with masking tape. Making the fence 90 degree to table was bad, since it was way off, you had to adjust the set screw a lot, so I ended to shim of aluminum sides with 4 layers of masking tape, and finally it got really close. Miter gauge was made of cast aluminum, same as fence rail, but seemed to hold. After setting to 90 degree to blade, it was dead on every time. I installed a self made miter gauge fence out of guide rail from Grizzly (very cheap), and it was pretty good. The noise level was pretty low, good enough power for my hobby needs. The cut was very smooth with Diablo 50-tooth thin kerf combination blade, and the accuracy and reproducibility was impressive. It is a significant upgrade from my Ryobi BT3100-1 table saw, which is considered the best table saw under $300. Overall, I would definitely recommend this saw to any none woodworking professionals, especially with this price, which no other competitors could offer with same features.

There are a couple of things need to improve. There are so many gaps in the cabinet to reduce the efficiency of dust collector. like the vent over the motor, blade raising wheel, covers, as a result, a lot of saw dust accumulated in the cabinet. The back aluminum fail seems to be flimsy, could be easily bent. Wish the blade guard could have dust collect port, a lot of saw dust escape. The cast aluminum fence and aluminum sides could be stronger. Finally, of course, the power cord is way too short, only 6 feet, that was a joke, had to replace with 14 WGA 10-feet power cord. Surprisingly, this saw could be run perfectly on a 15Amp outlet with no issue even under load.

Will see how it perform in a long run, but overall very satisfied with this purchase.

Brent A
Good saw quiet love it. 7/28/2017

James B

I bought a G0771 Hybrid tablesaw a few weeks ago to replace a thirty five year old contractors saw that I wore out. I love this new saw. It is very smooth and quiet. I make high end jewelry and keepsake boxes so I have to have precision. I would recommend this to any serious woodworker. I have several Grizzly machines and they have all been reliable and trouble free.

As Expected From Reviews 7/26/2017

I have had the saw for over a month and have used it a lot. I experienced almost all of the problems mentioned in the reviews, however I was able to fix all of them over time. Setting up the fence so that the set screws and jam nut don't protrude above the table took some tweaking that included adjusting the height of the aluminum faces on either side of the fence. Getting the ruler to line up correctly required repeated adjustment of the operators side rail. The table had to be adjusted so that the blade ran parallel to the miter gauge slots. The miter gauge slots are indeed rough, I am still working in them. The blade insert is thin and warped enough to cause problems when working with small pieces, I purchased a zero clearance replacement from Highland Woodworking and that problem is solved. The riving knife was close, but not quite in the same plane as the blade so that had to be adjusted.

The bottom line is that if you really want this to be a truly accurate saw with excellent repeatability, you age going to have to spend some time dialing it in... but it can be done. Keep in mind that this is Grizzly's bottom of the line table saw so tuning it is up to you. But by the time you get it set up, you will know your saw inside and out.

Gerald C
Great saw for the price. 7/24/2017

Understanding that you get what you pay for, this is a great saw for the price. There are a couple minor issues:
> The extension wings are not completely flat so they don't line up with the saw table (both right and left dip in the middle < 0.5mil). Not the end of the world - probably the difference between "Cast Iron" and "Precision-ground Cast Iron" on the next saw up.
> The fence adjustment set screw and/or knurled nut sit above the surface of the saw table. You can adjust to your heart's content, but one or both of those will sit above the table. This is well noted in prior reviews.
That being said, I'll repeat, you get what you pay for. This is a great value for the price. If I did this for a living I would have paid more. But as a hobbyist, this saw will be put to good use and I expect to be producing some beautiful pieces for years to come.

Very Happy with it 7/24/2017

Very Happy with this product. SAIA had an awesome driver. He was very Professional and caring about giving great service.


absolutely love it!! wish i had purchased it a long time ago!

Richard L
Very Happy 7/23/2017

I am very pleased thus far. It takes a friend and a few hours to unpack and assemble but the instructions are clear and easy to follow. I have spent about 3 hours sawing (mostly ripping) 1" red and white oak. The saw has ample power to handle hardwood. I need to recheck the alignment after the initial use. I am seeing a little burning on some rips - something is out as this did not happen when I started using the saw.

Left side fence window 7/14/2017

I bought this saw almost 2 months ago and I've used it to build some cabinets. My only complaint is that the left fence scale window will not line up with the correct measurement, it is off by 1/4 of an inch. I just got done talking with a technician about this and he said that it will not line up.

Awesome saw! 6/24/2017

I ordered my saw a little over a month ago. To my surprise it was delivered in under a week. The saw is well made and has plenty of power. Set up was easy and they provided all the Allen wrences which was nice. All in all a good purchase.

Excellent product! 6/21/2017

This saw gives me the benefit of having a robust cabinet saw that I can move around my garage, I love it.
Thank you for the prompt service and delivery as well, very satisfied.


The saw came in a timely manner and the carton was in tact however there was some damage to one of the plastic ends of the fence. Have no idea how that could have happened. Called service and for replacement piece the following week. I haven't used it much to date as I have outside projects right now. Went together easily. I had the saw up and running within two hours. No adjustment necessarily other than the little window on the tense to line up with the distance scale. Looking forward to many hours working with this saw.

Joseph B
Excellent saw at a fine price. 6/13/2017

For me this "hybrid" saw was a nice step up from a contractor's saw I had been using. It is quiet (incredibly so) and accurate. After a touch-up alignment the fence has been excellent. Take seriously the recommendation to have one (two is better) friends help with assembly. Having two people hold and align the cast iron wings while the third bolted them on made that potentially awkward job relatively easy. It took a little practice to get proficient in installing and removing the blade guard/riving knife but, now that I know how to do it, it is quite convenient. All in all I am very pleased with this saw which cost hundreds less than any competitive saw I am aware of.

Kudos also to the shipping company, UPS Freight. The truck arrived a bit earlier than expected; my friends and I weren't there yet and only my wife was at home. I had ordered the lift-gate service. The driver not only unloaded the 350 pound pallet but also wheeled it into my garage where I wanted it. Much appreciated.

Well packed 6/11/2017

Great saw for the money. Well engineered and made. Runs very smooth and quite quiet.

Robert T
Very satisfied! 6/10/2017

I am very pleased with the unit. Very solid and required very little fine tuning on initial setup.
I have been making accurate cuts since!

I feel this is the best bang for your buck available

Love it! 6/10/2017

I have had this saw for a couple of months now and it performs perfectly. Fairly easy setup. Packaging / Shipping was great. A+


I bought my GO771Z 10" Hybrid saw in March of 2017. I've purchased other equipment from Grizzly in the past and have always been pretty pleased with the quality. Although this is the nicest machine I've ever owned, there are some basic design flaws that I can't believe made it beyond the drawing board. The set screws on either side of the fence over the front rail are taller than the table top. So, when you rip a long board it won't rest flat on the table and the screws leave a mark the length of your work. This can be remedied by either setting your fence and removing the screw or grind the screws down. Grizzly did a great job getting me a replacement part I needed that did not come in the original shipment. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and it does what I need it to do.
Ithaca, NY


Great saw for the money. Easy setup, cuts true, love it.


i had trouble with the rip fence adjustment screws sticking above the table top,you sent me new parts but they did not work,so i had to grind down the nuts so they where below the table top

Stewart B
Good product with caveat 6/2/2017

This is a good saw for the money. However, There is a quality control issue with the fence design that prevents the fence from being adjusted to the specs (1/16" above the table surface) recommended by Grizzly. The problem is the bearing wheel that carries the fence on the back side fence rail is attached to the fence via a threaded post. The post needs the threads to be cut about 3/16" more along the post shank so that the wheel post can be screwed further into the fence, thus lowering the fence closer to the table. This is correctable if you have a good tap and die set. However, QC/QA at the manufacturer in China as well as at Grizzly HQ should have caught this and the fix should have been made in the manufacturing process.

Hybrid saw 6/2/2017

The front rip fence left adjusting screw is too high. Boards rest on it when ripping and when then get past the set screw the board drops about 3/32's and ruins the cut.


It took a while to switch over from my previous fence but I am using the saw an owl on a regular basis other than major packaging delivery problems things are going well with the unit

The only problem is the grizzly dust collector that operates off the saw broke down about a week after the year warranty was up. It has a solenoid out and I still haven't fixed it. Running saw off shop vac for now

Great saw for the money 6/2/2017

I've been using this saw for a month now and I am very pleased. It is a big upgrade form my 30 year old table saw. Looking forward to another 30 years of better woodworking.


I am not impressed with this table saw. The fence bolts were to long. The e clips on the height adjustment were wrong. I would not recommend this saw

Andy T
Well worth the money 6/2/2017

For the price, you can't beat this saw. It is well built with a cast iron top and trunnions. For a hobby woodworker, it is more than enough saw to handle anything I throw at it. Only had it a month so I can't verify long time durability but I can't imagine having any issues.

Brian S
Excellent product and customer service! 6/2/2017

I bought this saw about 3 months ago and I am impressed. Grizzly definitely makes a great table saw! I had to contact customer service and received the attention like I was their only client. Their response time was faster thanks could get back to them and they pushed resolution more than I did.

Martin S
Nice Upgrade 6/2/2017

I have owned this saw for a few months and it has met my expectations after some initial tweeks. I wish that Grizzly made a zero clearance insert available for it though. Product tech support was very good and responsive to some of my concerns.

Decent for the money 6/1/2017

Miter track slot is rough and miter gauge doesn't slide smooth. Been sanding on it to smooth it out. Model in store was smooth.

Tony I
Looks good, works well, found flaws in construction. 6/1/2017

Jerry B
It met my high expectations. 6/1/2017

I made my first purchase from Grizzly in about 1984 and have always been happy with the quality of the products and the excellent service. The new saw I recently purchased met my expectations in every way. It is well made, the finish is excellent, it performs impeccably and it arrived very quickly. A wonderful addition to my shop. Thanks to Grizzly for another job very well done.

Multiple design flaws 6/1/2017

Table saw fence was designed for a different table saw resulting in multiple replacement parts/adjustments. Took over 2 months before the correct parts arrived to make the fence was operable. Cast iron table top arrived with minor scratches already and the taper edges don't line up correctly. The measuring tape stuck to the extension wings had air bubbles under it and it started to peal off before I made my first cut. The tape was also so far off, I was unable to adjust the dial-in window on the fence to have it measure correctly. The saw cuts true with little adjustments, but all the a design flaws make me wish I purchased a cheaper box store model.

Outstanding Saw 5/28/2017

This is an outstanding Saw. Small problem calibrating fence position but overcame that easily. Cuts like a charm straight and true.

Chris O
Great deal! 5/26/2017

Just got this saw up and running. This replaced a craftsman contractor style saw and the difference is night and day. Plenty of power off of 110, resawed walnut and maple with zero problems. Unbelievably quiet and a breeze to set up. The packaging and instructions from Grizzly are top notch and leave nothing to question. Order shipped the next day, arrived at my local hub two days later. Then the price, hundreds of dollars less than comparable saws from other main stay names (jet, powermatic, delta) without sacrificing quality as far as I can see. The fence, while not being "premium" is accuarate, strait and quick and easy to adjust. Glides nicely in the rails and has two sightglasses that are easily dialed in. 32" right capacity is plenty for 95% of my work, and thanks to the mounting holes for the rail system, this capacity can be increased by a few inches simply by moving the rail right one bolt hole. Cast iron tops are solid and flat, and the base is sturdy and looks nice to boot. If you're like me and budget is a major factor, I don't see any other saw out there that can compare.

Very Very Happy with the Table Saw so far! 5/22/2017

Have used the saw only a few times since getting it a month ago. Checked alignment of blade, fence, etc. All were almost perfect, only needed very small adjustments. Have made a few small projects, I am very happy with my purchase. Great saw!!!

This is a great addition to my workshop 5/17/2017

I have waited years to get a new table saw. I finally decided on the Grizzly GO771Z. I've only had it assembled and operating for a short while but it is a big upgrade from my old table saw. All the parts were included and assembly was relatively easy. The instructions were understandable and complete. The only glitch was a mis-threaded star knob, but I can just buy a nut as a replacement. No great shakes. Calibration was strait-forward and intuitive. Grizzly customer service personnel provided quick help when the first saw that was delivered had severe shipping damage. They made a full exchange and shipped a replacement saw at their cost. Thank you Grizzly! I'll provide an update after I have used the saw for a while, but overall I'm happy I chose Grizzly! .

Thomas T
Always happy with my Grizzly purchases 5/6/2017

I have had my table saw a month and this is my second Grizzly table saw very happy with it.

James L
Really well performing 5/3/2017

I bought this table about a month ago and have been running 8/4 Ash, Walnut and Mahogony through it quite a bit. Performs very well and very few issues. Only problem noticed was in the slot where the t-square rides it was not completely milled out - causing the t-square to drag on the bottom. My other Incra Miter had no problems because it did not bottom out to the unmilled area. Other than that - an awesome saw, great price and overall very happy!

Robert B
Exceeds expectations 4/12/2017

Just over a month, and saw has meet everything I have run through it without any issues. Rewired to 240v, starts up strong, cuts hard woods (ie, cherry 4/4 : oak 4/4 & 6/4 :walnut 4/4) with ease, and no loss of powder. Setting blade parallel was EASY, and has held after repeated blade changes, and applications, the trunnions location was the selling point. Fence is equal to the Beismeyer that was on the contractor saw that was replaced, once set parallel and zeroed it has performed nicely. Dust collection is not a problem, however it would make removal of scrap wood pieces that fall through easier if the access was hinged. Decided to Install one after assembly, it was not that difficult, nor was it that difficult to hinge the motor access. Also would be nice to have a zero clearance insert for blade & dado applications. Overall am very pleased with the saw, looking forward to many years of operation.

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