Grizzly   |  Model: G0715P
10" Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife, Polar Bear Series
Reg: $850.00
Price: $825.00
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Grizzly G0715P - 10" Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife, Polar Bear Series

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    Get the best of both contractor style and cabinet style table saws with this Polar Bear Series™ Hybrid Table Saw. You get the easy-to-transport weight and size of a high-end contractor saw, but with the dust control and full features of a cabinet saw. Just like our other table saws, this hybrid also has a quick-change blade guard, but with anti-kickback pawls that can be positioned away from the workpiece. The interchangeable riving knife offers protection for operations that require you to remove the blade guard, such as with "non-through" cutting operations. This is a saw that will be the envy in any shop. Also features a serpentine belt/pulley system for quiet operation and more efficient power transfer. CSA certified meeting CSA C22.2 #71.2-08 and UL 987 standards!


    • Motor: 2 HP, 110V/220V*, single-phase, prewired to 220V
    • Amps: 16A at 110V, 8A at 220V
    • Precision-ground cast-iron table w/wings
    • Measures: 27"D x 40"W
    • Table height: 34"
    • Footprint: 20"L x 21-1/2"W
    • Arbor: 5/8"
    • Arbor speed: 3850 RPM
    • Capacity @ 90°: 3-1/8"
    • Capacity @ 45°: 2-3/16"
    • Rip capacity: 30" right, 12" left
    • Overall size: 60"L x 36"W x 40"H
    • Approximate shipping weight: 416 lbs.


    • White powder-coated paint on cabinet
    • Precision-ground cast-iron table
    • Cast-iron trunnions
    • 4" dust port
    • T-slot miter gauge
    • Camlock T-shaped fence with HDPE face
    • Easy-glide fence system
    • Quick-release riving knife and blade guard assembly
    • Knurled knobs for adjusting fence
    • Includes regular, as well as dado blade table inserts
    • Device on blade guard allows enabling or disabling of anti-kickback pawls
    • Poly-V serpentine belt drive
    • Includes 10" x 40T carbide-tipped saw blade

    NOTICE: *110V operation requires part #T23999 circuit breaker and wiring procedures that must be completed by an electrician or other qualified service personnel. See Owner’s Manual for details.



    11 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

    D Weston
    Key Largo, FL
    Customer Review 1/1/2015

    Seven months ago I built a dedicated home wood working shop; small but efficiently laid out. First on the list was an upgrade from a contractor saw. Like a lot of folks, I agonized over my decision, price, capabilities, image, and in my case, a need to have at least some mobility to accommodate different size projects in my shop -a true cabinet saw just would have fit. I looked at lots of used saws, but decided I would "take a chance" on a new Grizzly. I bought precision set-up tools, a dial indicator, etc. The saw went together per included instructions. I mounted a new WW II blade and powered it on....what a beautiful sound! I still enjoy working with this equipment and check my alignment regularly, but it's always right on and my projects have been going together about as perfectly as one could wish for. I have since bought a G0490 jointer. From the start I was glad I went for the 8", 6" just isn't enough. Again I bought set-up tools, a 50" REAL straight edge which is absolutely essential, and it's been a real lesson in humility setting up a jointer even with a parallelogram. BUT, it"s right-on now and making raised panel doors that even amaze me, as well as other projects that friends and neighbors are equally amazed at. All I can say is that everyone from the order folks, customer service, technical folks who took as much time as needed to answer questions, etc. to delivery has been a very good experience. Thank You!

    And for all of you that are agonizing over your decision like I did for a PM, D, or SS, you will be pleased with Grizzly and you will save enough money to buy something else!

    Huntington Beach
    Super product for the price. 11/16/2015

    I bought this saw a year and 2 mos. ago. Very easy to assemble and its cuts are accurate. I added a digital readout on the fence and discovered a whole new world of repeatability.
    This review is totally positive but full disclosure. After the saw was out of warranty just by 2 months the ON/OFF switch failed. Not wanting to be without a saw for long I ordered a new switch right away. I opened the old switch thinking I could clean a dirty contact. To my surprise there was not a speck of dust inside. The problem was the contact was completely burned away. It is a 2 pole switch with poor contacts. A bad contact will work but it will heat up and quickly fail as it did. No real remedy. Just a heads up.
    Bad luck on my part. I have several woodworking friends with the same model of saw for over 5 years without problems.

    Peoria Illinois
    Heck yeah! 11/20/2015

    This saw is awesome! It just came today and went together easy as can be expected. All of the alignments were great right out of the box and everything works like butter! The saw is very quiet and smooth running. I work full time for a high end custom cabinet shop and this saw feels like it would be right at home there, but this one stays with me. Everyone at grizzly was fantastic! Thanks for a great product at a great price!

    weekend woodworker
    lawton, ok
    unbelievable saw 12/14/2015

    i started out in my wood working with a little contractors job site saw, smaller than this one and much less powerful. march of this year i bought this saw as an upgrade. realizing that my new saw was going to be more powerful and bigger than my old one i fully expected it to be much louder as well but i was very pleasantly surprised at just how quiet this beast is. i have thrown a lot at this saw so far and it has taken all of it without hesitation. to say i am happy or satisfied with my purchase is an understatement. my only regret is not upgrading to this saw a few years ago.

    Edwards, MO
    Great value 12/23/2015

    I purchased this saw about 2 months ago, picked it up from the springfield location, its about a 3 hr round trip from my location.
    my reason for the purchase was I wanted a more accurate saw, allowing better cuts, once unloaded and in my shop I began set up, using a dial indicator I soon discovered the blade and mitre slot were quite a bit out so as per the manual I removed the rear access panel and loosened the rear trunnion bolts, adjusted them but was still out of parallel more than I could live with, so as I was at the limit of travel with the rear trunnion I moved to the front bolts, but soon discovered there was no adjustment possible as the front trunnion had holes verses slots, so no movement possible, let me say the help desk were pretty good, they suggested taking a file to the trunnion holes and filing them out.
    so I cradled the whole assembly with my engine hoist and removed the front trunnion filed both holes into slots and put everything back together, that did the trick now the saw is spot on!
    My next issue was the cast mounting plate for the riving knife and saw guard had not been ground at a 90 degree angle so if I aligned the bottom of the blade with the knife the top of the blade would be out and vice versa, tried shimming it but with no luck, I ended up taking the piece off and ground it on my disc sander and that fixed that problem.
    So my conclusion is a lot seem to have been lucky with there purchase but be prepared to do some headscratching and be ready to dive Iinto some machining with this one, A word of warning! As I figured removing one trunnion would cause the whole casting to slip out of the other remaining trunnion I slung the whole thing in straps to my engine hoist, just in case it did, and yes it did! So without my precaution the whole thing would have crashed down into the cabinet, so with hindsight it might be better to flip the whole saw onto its lid and then work from below.
    So its been a few months now and I love the saw despite the teething troubles at the beginning

    Glen Mills, Pa.
    First Class Machine 1/5/2016

    I have had this saw in my shop for 2 years now and it is a excellent machine. No problems, runs perfect. I only thing I would like to see come standard with the saw is the mitre clamp even if the saw cost a few dollars more.
    My dust system wasn't strong enough to pull the dust from the saw so I modified a dust system with thin sheet metal and works perfect.
    Great saw as my other Grizzly product are.

    Papa Carlo
    San Diego, CA
    Excellent saw ! 1/14/2016

    I had some doubt about the saw reading reports of the blade misalignment. However after watching numerous videos about it I failed to find a single one where a user error was not the reason of the problem. People either raised the blade beyond what is specified and then tried to force some more in which case the blade would naturally deflect. Or expect the blade to be perfectly aligned while being raised/lowered. The fact that the blade immediately returns to the zero position after the tension is released did not prevent them from crying foul.

    So the saw arrived today and I rushed to test the blade alignment before doing anything else. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered. The front of the blade stays put on without the dial indicator even budging, when I lower or raise the blade. The back of the blade does deviate to the left or right depending on whether I raise of lower the blade but not more than about 0.007” or so. When I turn the raise handle back a quarter of one rotation to relieve the tension it goes back close to the initial point. I my books it is perfect.

    Operating elevation and tilt handles is an immense pleasure. The cast iron handles are heavy and the motion is very smooth. It is incomparable to the saws with aluminum handles.
    The VERY oversized power switch with a dedicated ON button, seems to be much safer and convenient to use than regular switches that you have to pull to turn on.

    The table finish on G0715P is very good and the table is very flat. I did not measure specifically but I could not see light between the table top and a straight edge, with exception of the right near corner where it still was very negligeable. I did not shim the extension wings. This saw has a table mounted trunnios, which many do not like "because it is more difficult to tune them". However you do not adjust the trunnions every day (if ever) and the table mounted construction is far more ridig than the cabinet mounted because there are more parts in between in the latter case.

    The fence on this saw is very impressive. It is a large step up from contractor saws you see in the similar priced contractor saws in big box stores. It slides very well and stays square.
    My recommendation buy it ! Woodworking is not my day job, just a hobby so this saw is far more than I need. I guess even for a low volume shop it still would be adequated.

    Medford, Oregon
    By far the Best Saw for the Money! 2/2/2016

    For the last several months, I have been agonizing over which saw to purchase. I wanted a powerful saw, but also one that would cut accurately, and safely. To be honest, I did look at many other brands.SS was one such saw, I did like the feature that it was nearly impossible to cut off a finger while using it, however, it does come with many hidden catches that if you do not do your research on, you will end up spending a lot of money just operating the silly thing. I read reviews here, about this saw, and was a bit nervous about the set-up, it appears a lot of men had a hard time setting up their saw, and I really did not want to go through nightmares setting up a saw. I purchased a rotocator to be certain that I was setting this up to exact tolerances. I have to say that setting this saw up was hassle free, other than I was the only one on location putting the saw together. Honestly, an extra set of hands would have came in handy while putting on the table extensions! But, I managed and was able to get everything level. Now the hard part was I thought. Making certain that the miters were going to be perfect with the blade alignment. I dreaded having to loosen bolts, tap the trunion to get things lined up. I set up my gauge and like something out of a miracle, this was set from factory to exact, and I do mean exact tolerances. I seriously doubt this happens every time, but it did for me. The saw is relatively quiet. The only drawback I found was the power cord is really not that long. I made my own extension cord out of 10 gauge wire and kept it at only 15 feet. I did take the motor cover off, and in the bottom of the saw where the saw dust would fall before going out through the vac chute, I took duct tape and went all around the bottom of the saw to prevent fine saw dust from filtering through the bottom of the saw. Other than that, I am extremely pleased with this saw, and the money I saved by buying this saw as opposed to the SS saw, I was able to put towards the purchase of other machinery, Grizzly of course..for my small garage work shop! I recommend, that if you too are struggling with a decision, stop struggling, get on line, and order this saw today. You will not be disappointed in any way at all!

    Tampa, Florida
    Outstanding saw! 2/12/2016

    Been using this saw for about two years and am as happy as a clam at high tide. I customized mine with a Freud LU83 10" 50T blade, a right wing replacement router table and an Incra LS-III rip fence with an Incra Miter1000 miter gauge.

    This combination can both rip and crosscut to any 1/32" +-.002" with no fiddling or 'ginching'.

    Great tool. Was perfect out of the box. The 90.0° and 45.0° stops were dead on according to my Wixey angle gauge.

    G Lund
    San Diego, ca
    Great purchase! Love this saw 3/7/2016

    Ill keep it simple. Bought a few months ago. Have built cabinets, doors, trim work and so on with this saw. Purchase the dust collector as well. The combo is amazing. Still not dure why anyone would pay more for another saw. Very happy and will continue to buy grizzly products. Their customer service and support are amazing too.

    Sand Springs OK
    Verry happy with this saw. 5/3/2016

    Very happy so far, had a small problem with a glide pad on the fence & Grizzlys great customer service has one on the way. Everything was lined up out of the crate. First cut was some 3/4 birch plywood scraps I had handy, not a single splinter on an 8` cut with the factory blade. A lot of the accessories for Grizzlys top line saws with the "shop fox" fence will not work with this hybrid but in my case this is not a big problem. The spacer at the end of the miter bar will need to be filed before you scratch up your back rail.

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