Grizzly   |  Model: T10010ANV
10" Wet Grinder Kit - Anniversary Edition
Price: $139.95
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Grizzly T10010ANV - 10" Wet Grinder Kit - Anniversary Edition

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    Anniversary edition of our classic 10" Grinder!

    Sharpen just about any cutting tool to a razor sharp edge in no time at all. Designed in Germany, this 110 RPM wet grinder with leather stropping wheel is so versatile and simple to use, you’ll wonder why you ever put up with dull edges before. The durable 2" wide grinding wheel runs in a water bath to keep tools cool while sharpening and the leather stropping wheel hones to a final razor edge. Start sharpening right out of the box, or add the optional accessories for even greater sharpening versatility. Ideal for wood turners, woodworkers, and knife makers.


  • Motor: 1/4 HP, 120V
  • 110 RPM wheel speed
  • 220-grit grinding wheel is specially made for wet grinding
  • Grinding wheel measures 250mm diameter x 50mm wide x 12mm bore
  • Water bath keeps tools cool while sharpening
  • Leather stropping wheel size: 200mm diameter x 30mm wide
  • Includes a sharpening jig (T20880), angle guide, and polishing/honing paste
  • Approximate shipping weight: 42 lbs.
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    so far so good 1/14/2018

    can't be sure? still waiting for jigs ! you keep putting them on back order . for the second time!

    Love it 1/12/2018

    Only problem I have is the Stone came with a chip out of it so quality control isn’t 100% but machine is awesome
    Sorry I Waited!! 1/4/2018

    I have wanted a Tormek grinder since Norm Abrahms built the sharpening center on NYW. Kept thinking maybe the price would go down where I could afford one. Decided to try this Grizzly Grinder and could kick myself for not buying this grinder years ago! I need it for my chisels and plane irons and probably won’t sharpen knives with it. I read all the reviews before buying. Having said that, I received the grinder with no (nada) issues with shipping or packaging. Took it out of the box, scanned user info, plugged it up and sharpened a very dull chisel! Within a couple hours had sharpened half a dozen chisels and three plane irons. All wicked sharp!!

    Yes the wheel wobbles a little. Yes it has bushings instead of bearings. Yes it makes a mess if you work from the front of the grinder. But!!! If you have have a little common sense and any mechanical aptitude this is a “fantastic grinder “ especially for the price!!

    For chisels and plane irons work from the back of grinder, get a finer finish. Apply lots of honing paste to leather strop and when you think your done, strop some more!!

    Don’t wait, if you have been looking at this grinder, order it today! You won’t be disappointed!


    It works well for my wood lathe chisels. I am disappointed that I cannot sharpen knives properly without ordering a knife blade holder separately.

    Good unit. Should have purchased a long time ago. Grizzly never fails. 12/20/2017


    I’ve had it a week and have sharpened several knives and antique hand planes. So far so good. Great product for the money

    Dennis A
    Great Product 12/14/2017

    Yes I got this and glade I did it helps me with my wood turning, one thing i would like to see is a plate that can be tilted and locked into place with diferent tools.

    Don D
    It's not a Tormek 12/14/2017

    Though it is much less expensive than the Tormek, it does a good job with sharpening plane irons, and chisels. Only complaint is the drive wheel is a soft rubber that will develop a flat spot where the motor shaft rest when not in use. This results in an annoying thumping sound when operating it. There needs to be some sort of retraction mechanism to move the motor from the wheel so it does not leave an imprint on the drive. The noise is very distracting.

    It works. 11/5/2017

    Dale D
    just OK 10/27/2017

    I bought this a couple of weeks ago along with the sharpening tool kit(jig) for the grinder . I got the grinder in about 5 days and after another week I called to find out were my tool set was cause if you want to use the grinder you have to have the jigs right? Anyways the tool set was backordered till Feb of 2018 so I canceled it because I wasn't going to look at the grinder everyday and not be able to use it. The Tormek grinder and tools are almost the same and the jigs work just the same on either one . Of course the Tormek jig are a lot more (almost twice) but you do get a extra jig for round skew chisels and gouges. Anyway everyone talks about how great these are at sharpening , I gotta be honest not impressed. I spent 20 minutes sharpening a de-boning knife and it never got sharp The bevel was there but it just wasn't sharp . So I put it on my 1000 grit oilstone for 20 passes on both sides and then it was sharp. Here's the deal , I bought this because my wife owns a restaurant and I have to keep 20 knives really sharp. My wife is not very nice to her knives so its a everyday job. I can sharpen a knife in 5 minutes on a 3 stone oilstone set up . It would take me 4 times longer and still have to finish on the 1000 grit stone or a diamond steel. I idea was it would make them sharper but trust me it doesn't. I would like to add to my review which never actually appeared anywhere on the web site . I guess when you don't give glowing reviews they never make it to their website? Anyway I have used this now for a month and it works alright for getting a bevel which you can then finish by hand , but one thing I have noticed is the leather stropping wheel is to small and when you turn the guide around if the knife is more then say 6 inches long the handle of the knife runs into the 10 inch grinding wheel. This is when I ask myself does anyone who designs this stuuff ever actually use it?

    Super deal!!!!!!!!!! 10/26/2017

    I was excited to get this tool at the price that was offered. Overall, it has done more than I expected.

    Grinder looks fine, too bad I can't use it... 10/18/2017

    I purchased this unit along with the accessory kit for sharpening various knives and etc. The grinder arrived just fine but did not come with the accessory kit. I called Grizzly just to learn the accessories were backordered for nearly 6 months. That's probably the reason the unit is on sale for 149.00. The unit is now collecting dust in the corner of my shop. I made several calls to Grizzly with no resolution and the promise of a return call from a manager which never happened. A few days later I received a return label courtesy of Grizzly. However it stipulated that the unit needed to be in New, unused condition. I had already used the grinder at the advice of one of the folks that I spoke with from Grizzly who said I could just use the grinder "freehand". What a joke. Ruined a good knife. I've purchased a number of tools and equipment from Grizzly but this time grizzly didn't make the grade.

    A workhorse 10/8/2017

    I just started a project that requires a variety of sharp hand tools - chisels, gouges, and specialized planes. The Grizzly T10010 has helped me keep the entire collection in tip-top shape. Grizzly switched out two components in a courteous and expeditious manner. I'm very happy with is useful and reasonably-priced tool.

    James L
    Horrible product. 9/20/2017

    I received this yesterday. The leather strop wheel is not actually round, and the sharpening wheel is made of the softest material I've ever seen for a stone. "Keeps its shape"? Not if you look at it the wrong way. The options for use are to either get water everywhere during use, or turn it around so the wheel rotates away from you, putting the on off switch on the opposite side. I'd return it, but I'm pretty sure Grizzly would say these are not defects and then I'd also be out shipping. I'm having a very hard time understanding how anyone gives this abomination a decent rating.

    David B
    Nice set up 7/6/2017

    Wet Grinder Kit 6/26/2017

    Excellent sharpener. Sharpened all my chisels (16) in a half hour. Highly recommend.

    Good Bargain 6/23/2017

    I have used this for about a month. I mounted mine horizontally so I could use the flat surface and I bought a Makita 1000 grit stone that bolts right on with a minor modification. I also made some leather wheels I charged with black and green compound.

    With this, I can do everything I was doing by hand in a lot less time. Makita makes a 7" unit like this but it would have cost ~ $600 with all the stones.

    This tool is definitely worth what I paid.

    So - so 6/5/2017

    Imprecise. Not repeatable settings. Creates a sloppy, sloppy mess. Water everywhere. I used it once. Put it on the shelf and there it sits. I'm very unhappy that I bought this

    Very good product 6/5/2017

    For those of us who can't or won't pay for the big name brand, this is a perfectly acceptable alternative. Yes, you have to tweak it a little but the grinding wheel was round and true and gave excellent results. The only shortcoming I can find is the crude machining of the main shaft and bearings. I took steps to correct this before using the machine only to insure it would out last me !

    Works OK 6/5/2017

    Jay D
    It's O.K. 6/4/2017

    Thought this would be up to Grizzly standards. It's not. Bushings instead of bearings. Stone has large groove in it and leather strop wheel is uneven and already starting to delaminate from backing wheel. Just not what I expected for quality. Although it works, it should have better quality I.M.O.

    Joel F
    Wonderful Grinder still learning to use it properly 6/3/2017

    Tool review 6/2/2017

    Sharpened wood chisels great and with ease. Knives are a little more difficult.

    I think it's a great product 6/2/2017

    I bought this a month ago but have been too busy to use it. The box looks good and from what I can tell once I make some guides and jigs for it, I will be able to sharpen an number of different tools with more control than with the unit as it is now.


    I bought this grinder January 2017.The grinder has been a great addition to my shop.I have sharpened all of my planer and jointer knives ,and every thing else to a razors edge .You will not regret buying this!

    Works well 6/2/2017

    Very good investment, just make sure you buy the dresser wheel to go along with it.

    John S

    Purchased it a couple months ago and I was very happy with it thanks


    Love this product. The only thing I have a problem with is a spring fell out of it on the right side and their was a nut and bolt with it I can't figure out where it goes? The spring is bent I don't know what it is. If you can send me a new one and or a picture where it goes I'd appreciate it

    Good 6/2/2017

    Depending on what you your sharping it works well for the price.Stone and angle tools are only OK in quality but for the basics it works. Repeatable precision angles are not its strong suite, but for one off and a little setup time it will do the trick. The shipping needs help! on arrival i found the Ty-rap that holds the shaft still during shipment was found broken causing the shaft and bearing to be out of place. If a non mechanic had received this , it would have been a issue.

    Terry P
    Sadly, this misses the mark. 6/1/2017

    I have quite a few pieces of Grizzly equipment in my shop and love them all. Unfortunately, this grinder missises the mark. While similar in design to the infinitely more expensive Tormek, I have been unable to set up and adjust it in such a way that it does nor splatter water beyond the front of the water reservoir and toward the back where it hits the tool being sharpened. As such it makes a watery mess on the surface of the bench on which I installed it. I would definitely say pass on this one.

    Phill H
    It works but requires a lot of attention 6/1/2017

    Quality of the grinder was disappointing and more like Harbor Freight tools.

    August D
    Better than expected 6/1/2017

    Well built and all of the guides and parts for the more expensive name brand unit fit. Did a fanatic job on my plane blades and our kitchen knives.

    lester C
    A very great product 5/18/2017

    David R
    Great value 5/16/2017

    I have had fun sharpening everything in the shop. Easy to set up, easy to use. I can't believe I waited so long to buy this.


    I use the Tormac grinder at school. This appears to be a good knock-off of the product. It arrived in great condition, well packed, and adequate instructions.

    wet grinder 5/12/2017


    Good as advertised, also bought accessoryy pack it works well!

    Nice machine 5/11/2017

    I have not had the machine long but seems to be performing well. I had read some reviews that suggested that there were some problems with alignment but I have not had any issues. The stone seems to be a little coarse but that has not been a problem.


    Works fine, no problems. As good as any of the others out there.

    a. ery high quality product, very happy with it 5/10/2017

    Whats missing! 3/20/2017

    My wonderful wife bought me this unit as a holiday present. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get s razor sharp square edge. I used a machinist square to make sure tool was sguare in holder. I also bought an upgraded tool holder. It had to be returned to grizzly for repair. It still does work properly. This unit is missing screw adjuster on horizontal bar for fine adjustment of the tool guide bar. (See Tormek). Also the water tray is to small. Water will splash all over your bench. My bench was flat. I had to recondition it.

    This product truly exceeded my expectations 1/28/2017

    Bought this a few weeks back, because I was tired of sharpening by hand on a flat stone, with mixed results. WOW!!!! Once I got it set-up, which took very little time, I was off and running. The ease , precision and results made sharpening fun. I dug out all my chisels and cutting tools and went to town. They haven't been this sharp since new and they give me beautiful results. This was a GREAT investment.

    Ray S

    I have wanted this tool a long time. Know I can adequately sharpen so many things the right way and in a controlled manner.

    Great Customer Service 1/26/2017

    James W
    Great product. 1/26/2017

    My tools are quickly sharpened to a keen edge using this grinder and the available jigs and guides.

    Dave H
    10" Wet Grinder Kit 1/26/2017

    I've put off buying a grinder like this and wish I hadn't. This is a fine machine. Quiet, smooth, efficient. Works very well on my turning tools. It's actually a joy to be able to put a fine edge on the tools without heating them up like you do with conventional grinders. Great product. Wish I had bought it sooner.


    My husband is very happy with this tool. We saw it in Bellingham and he wanted it for Christmas.


    I like the grinder. It would have been better had it come with more accessories. I am, now in the process of learning how to use the grinder and also purchasing additional accessories. As with most wood working machines, the machine seem to be relatively inexpensive compared to the
    additional tools needed to make the machine really work. The grinder seems to be well built and runs as advertised. Frank

    Rev. Joseph
    T10010 10" Anniversy Edition Sharpener: 6/10/2016

    Hey Fellow Consumers,

    I have been looking at this type of sharpening system on other web pages for as much as $400.00 and up.
    Wet stone is the best way to sharpen and keep temper on your steel. I usually hand sharpen my plane and chisel blades. On Arkansas,. diamond and ceramic stones works great! However it is time consuming and hard on the main bevel set. Tried small grinders with variable speed and seemed to loose control of bevel and over ground them wasting blade.

    Now I can't be any happier with this T10010 anniversary system, I corrected all my wood working chisels in one setting, next all my plane blades the 110 rpm speed is great and I found the quality of the stone to be superior for the task. Always sweep side to side from edge to edge in order to keep wear the stones surface level and smooth. I hardly used any pressure to get the results I needed. In all Wow! I'm very happy! Also the price can't be any better, I would recommend this system to all wood workers and friends.

    Rev. Joseph

    Great Product, Great Value! 2/2/2016

    I just received my Wet Grinder, and so far I'm extremely pleased. The unit is heavy and solidly built. It has very good fit and finish and is well designed. It shipped to me in just a few days after ordering with no defects or missing parts. To me, the unit performs wonderfully. it's smooth, quite, and I was quickly able to sharpen a blade with great results, just minutes after getting the unit out of the box. If you shop around you'll find another brand, that sells a unit needly identical to this sharpener...but, at 3x's the cost! I've seen and used that unit, and I SO SO Happy I that I bought the Grizzly unit instead! It's every bit the quality, without the buyer remorse! Now, I plan on buying ALL the Grizzly attachments for this unit. Great Product, and Great Service Grizzly Guys!

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