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J. Helf - High Mountain Furniture
Vanderwagen, NM
Customer Review 1/1/2015

I run a small, home-based business making furniture in my garage. In providing a
great product, I was spending hours upon hours with an orbital sander getting a
smooth, ready to stain surface. My hands were going numb from the vibrations of
the sander. In early February, 2010 I ordered a 12" Baby Drum Sander. The unit set
up took no time at all. The sander has worked out beyond my expectations; words
cannot begin to express how wonderful it is to use on a daily basis. What once was a
major chore has turned into a pleasurable task. The finished surface of my furniture
is stain-ready after a few minutes of using the sander now, vs. hours with an orbital
I am completely satisfied with what I call my "time machine", as the Baby Drum
Sander has saved me literally hours of sanding each day. I would recommend this
unit to anyone who needs a small drum sander. Thank you for a great product; I will
be buying more Grizzly tools in the future.