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J. Helf - High Mountain Furniture
Vanderwagen, NM
Customer Review 1/1/2015

I run a small, home-based business making furniture in my garage. In providing a
great product, I was spending hours upon hours with an orbital sander getting a
smooth, ready to stain surface. My hands were going numb from the vibrations of
the sander. In early February, 2010 I ordered a 12" Baby Drum Sander. The unit set
up took no time at all. The sander has worked out beyond my expectations; words
cannot begin to express how wonderful it is to use on a daily basis. What once was a
major chore has turned into a pleasurable task. The finished surface of my furniture
is stain-ready after a few minutes of using the sander now, vs. hours with an orbital
I am completely satisfied with what I call my "time machine", as the Baby Drum
Sander has saved me literally hours of sanding each day. I would recommend this
unit to anyone who needs a small drum sander. Thank you for a great product; I will
be buying more Grizzly tools in the future.

I just love my new Grizzly Drum Sander.👍 1/26/2017

I wish that I had bought this great sander three years ago. What a great job it does. I love it!

Stafford, VA
Perfect!! 1/29/2017

I have had the Baby Drum Sander for about a month now and can't believe how much time it saves me. Paper change is as east as it gets and as far as quality goes, it's pretty perfect. My machine came with a broken side handle, from shipping carrier. I called Grizzly and told them, they didn't ask a thousand questions, just took my info and let me know it would be taken care of. The next day they called me and said a new handle was mailed out. I got It 2 days later. A-1 customer service.

I now have a new Grizzly drill press and table saw....... I am a Grizzly fan!


I bought the 12 inch baby drum sander for a job sanding end grain cuts of white oak for a unique flooring project. I can't express how much fun I am having and how much of a workout I'm putting this tool through. Not a hint of trouble right out of the box. This is the "best tool for the money" I have in my shop.