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Grizzly   |  Model: G0555LX
14" Deluxe Bandsaw
Reg: $575.00
Price: $525.00
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Grizzly G0555LX - 14" Deluxe Bandsaw

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    The G0555LX 14" Deluxe Bandsaw has many of the same great specifications and features as our extremely popular G0555, but with the following notable differences:
    • Computer-balanced cast-iron wheels
    • Sturdy T-shape fence design

    Certified to UL & CSA standards!


    • All ball bearing construction
    • Cast-iron frame
    • Precision-ground cast-iron table
    • Computer balanced cast-iron wheels with rubber tires
    • 4" dust port
    • Upper and lower ball bearing blade guides and thrust bearings
    • Open frame stand
    • Includes 3/8" blade, extruded aluminum fence, and miter gauge
    • Rack-and-pinion guide post adjustment for upper blade guides


    • Motor: 1 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase, TEFC, 1725 RPM, prewired 110V
    • Amps: 11A at 110V, 5.5A at 220V
    • Table size: 14" x 14" x 1-1/2"
    • Table tilt: 45 deg. right, 10 deg. left
    • Floor to table height: 43"
    • Cutting capacity/throat: 13-1/2"
    • Maximum cutting height: 6"
    • Blade size: 93-1/2" (1/8" to 3/4" wide)
    • Blade speed: 1800, 3100 FPM
    • Overall dimensions: 27" wide x 67-1/4" high x 30" deep
    • Approximate shipping weight: 246 lbs.

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    Customer Review

    I purchased the G0555LX band saw and must say that it is one very well made machine. I would recommend this saw to anyone wanting a 14" saw. It is heavy and does not have any vibration, the table is flat, I also liked the micro adjusters for the blade rollers. Thanks for making an affordable professional band saw.

    A satisfied customer.

    Good product
    4/ 5stars

    Purchased the G0555LX a few days ago based upon online reviews. Check Amazon for reviews but the best price is here at For full disclosure- I've never owned a bandsaw before.

    First the good....shipping, assembly, quality and results were all good. I did not need to pay extra for a lift service on delivery- the shipper offloaded with a power fork lift and dropped them right in my garage. No damages. I attached the base to the main unit while it was horizontal and then, with a friends help, tilted it upright. Instructions were OK. With the table off and tension on the blade, I used a good straightedge and found the top wheel to be 1/8 inch back from the plane of the lower wheel. Parallel but not coplanar. The instructions suggest to correct this with shims but this conflicts with their assurance that the wheels were aligned at the factory. Hmmmm. I left it as is and had no problem maintaining blade centering once everything else was tuned and adjusted. Now the bad...The tension scale was grossly off, the band saw blade was of poor quality, and the guide post wandered to the left from its high to low position. Here are the details...1) Setting the tension scale for the 3/8" blade provided, and with the quick release lever engaged, I could use my fingers to pull the blade up off the upper wheel by 1/4". Very loose! Recalibrating the scale was a little hit and miss but eventually I think I corrected it. With good tension and despite the wheels being non-coplanar, the blade tracked well especially after tweaking the tracking knob. Then, after adding the table, optimizing the guide bearings and believing everthing was adjusted properly, I turned it on. Sounded good except for a repetitive clicking that revealed a bad weld in the blade plus it cut 3/4 pine very slow and rough. Replacing this with a new woodslicer blade from Highland WW, was far-far better! 2) Then I discovered that when I adjusted the bearing guides (~0.016" off the blade) with the guide post in the full, up position, then lowered the guide post to just above a 3/4 board, the right sided bearing was seriously deflecting the blade. I estimate the travel to be at least 1/16". I figited and fussed, replaced the stock blade, replaced the bearing mounts (extras are provided), and the problem went away. ???? I don't have a clue. I've a 1/4" woodslicer on there now- it'll be interesting to see how it tracks with a 1/2 inch reslicer blade.
    So....It had issues. But after adjustments and replacing the stock blade it purrs right along. Overall I am pleased.

    Quality at a great price.
    5/ 5stars

    I purchased this band saw as my first one. I have 2 other Grizzly power tools and love both of them, so I thought it was a safe venture. It arrived packed like dynamite and was in perfect shape. The assembly was easy, and the fit was superb. I took plenty of care putting the saw together and checking the adjustments. Grizzly makes this easy because you put it together and it is set. No fine tuning needed with these tools. The saw does everything they said it would do and more. I like being able to have top quality tools without breaking the bank. it saves money for more accessories.

    5/ 5stars

    Don’t think I could be happier with this purchase after a couple of weeks. Nice piece of equipment, after assembly and reading the manual on adjustments to make I really didn’t have to make any but the guide bearings.

    I have wanted to resaw firewood we have access to for years but was a little worried if this saw’s 1hp was enough. I also bought a riser block, a resaw blade and gave it test on about 8 inch cedar. It ate it up with little effort.

    So far I have resawn cedar, ash and magnolia and the saw has performed beautifully.

    Shipping was fine, when they called I just arranged to pick it up from trucking depot. Assembly was straight forward. It’s heavy and solid 232 lbs?


    So far, so good!
    5/ 5stars

    Bought the G0555LX on sale, added the 6" riser and swapped in a 1/2" 3tpi blade. Not difficult to set up by my self. Since I was planning on adding the riser block, the easy way to set up the bottom part is to just remove the upper arm assembly while still in the box. Set it up, fiddle in the new locking bolt through the upper arm and riser block. Tighten it up and ready to proceed. The wheels were still reasonably aligned after installing the riser block. Worked through the rest of the steps, installed the 1/2" 3tpi blade, set the guides and thrust bearings. Table leveled out very easily, just a little bit of fussing. Fence parallel to the blade for the first test. With the saw adjusted, it tracked with no appreciable drift. And went through 6" cherry like it was nothing. Don't have anything wider prepped for re-saw right now so that the 10" material test will have to wait for a few days. But for the sale price, it seems to be a good quality saw.

    FYI, not a fancy blade, just the Grizzly house brand 1/2" 3tpi. Will keep an eye on how it works over time and will be a good candidate for experimenting with sharpening bandsaw blades.

    Great product!
    5/ 5stars

    I bought this a month ago and very pleased with it. Just ordered the extension kit so I can resaw 12" logs.

    Very Pleased. Better than expected
    5/ 5stars

    This was just delivered yesterday. The delivery driver was great, package arrived in good condition. 2 boxes, one was 202lbs the other 42lbs. Be prepared to have help moving them especially into a basement, like me. Completed set up today. few hours each day. Maybe 6-8 total, took my time and read everything twice. Only 2 calls to tech support (minimal wait time and very helpful/knowledgeable ). One call was about the rear fence attachment. Cap-screw has to go through a larger hole in the fence and into another smaller one on the opposite side of the fence, was not clear in instructions. Could have figured it out but wanted to make sure. Second call was about two replacement eccentrics pieces (guide bearing adjustments) that were included. There are 4 eccentrics on the saw. Instructions did not say whether they were for the top or bottom. They were for the top ones. They included a padlock to lock the on/off switch. Piece of junk, they should not include it and save the $.01 or less it cost them.

    After assembly turned it on and has some noise, clicking and whining. Adjusted guide bearings and tried again. Smooooth....nooo vibrations. First cut was a moon shape piece of 2.1/4 thick maple. Cut without a problem, take it slow. Somewhere I read on-line to throw away the blade provided and get a good one. I have no issues with the one provided. Probably not the highest quality but it worked fine. Overall construction of the saw was very good, good fit and finish. This is better than expected. Is it the finest saw ever produced? Probably not but for the $ even with delivery this is a nice saw. I was leery because of shipping charges (we got spoiled with Amazon free shipping on everything). I will not hesitate to buy Grizzly again and pay shipping. Cost plus shipping still worth it.

    CAUTION! Make sure the blade has stopped before sticking your hands near he blade. OK I know it seems like common sense and sometimes over-kill in manuals. BUT it takes a bit for the blade to stop and it is quiet as it slows down. Just saying! Came close to a scraped/sliced finger on my first cut.....maybe that's why there are warnings......ya think.

    In conclusion. Buy it. I looked at Laguna, Jet and Delta. Laguna is a very nice saw but you pay for it. As a friend of mine said, "you can brag about having a luguna, but you have money left over to buy beers for your buds if you get a Grizzly". Jet was a nice saw, couple hundred more expensive, but nothing to warrant the extra $. Delta was just fine, mother said if you can't say something nice don't say it. Not that there is anything wrong with it.

    That's all.

    Great saw
    5/ 5stars

    The saw ran great but once I upgraded the blade and added Cool Blocks the saw ran even better. Stock blade was terrible compared to the upgrade blade. I highly recommend this machine!

    Great Bandsaw
    5/ 5stars

    I love it. Easy to set up and use. The only problem I have is getting the 1/8 inch blade to line up, but I know that is operator error. LOL

    First band saw
    5/ 5stars

    Great saw so far. I've only used it on a couple of small projects but I love it. You will definitely want help putting it together. I bought the riser block and the heavy duty mobile base and everything works great.

    5/ 5stars

    Anyone shopping for this size and class of cast frame band saw has discovered all these come from Asia and are essentially clones of one original design and are made and assembled to numerous specifications for House Branding and various price points.\r\nI see Grizzly as obviously setting a high quality spec for their globally sourced tools in terms of build quality, fit and finish, and functional features. Their catalog can be a little numbing at first in terms of all their numerous offerings of very similar tools but it prompts you to think about what kind of work you will likely do and how much of it you'll likely do in order to make the best choice. I shopped for several weeks before selecting Grizzlies 'Deluxe Band Saw' since I liked the cast iron wheels, the vertical cam operated blade tensioner, the rack and pinion blade guide adjustment, the ball bearing blade guides, and the very excellent guide fence and miter gauge. \r\n\r\nThe Deluxe Saw is an interesting offering since it is a different saw, made in a different factory, and with few interchangeable parts with their other 14" saws. It makes you wonder which is their premier saw... the Ultimate or the Deluxe since they are priced the same. The Deluxe seems to be a progression on the original 14" format with further developed features but the same functionality. I sense there is no difference in quality and you just pick the one that connects with you. I might question which one will they ultimately support for inventory control... but it's likely a moot point since any service parts you will likely need will be minor and likely universal to both.\r\n\r\nSo, I checked 'Lift Gate Service' since attempting to pick it up yourself won't be free either and you will need a stout helper... it's heavy. My lift gate deliverer actually wheeled it into my garage although they aren't supposed to. I was grateful... it's heavy. If you're a bit on the senior side like me... check the 'Lift Gate' box. \r\n\r\nPackaging is Excellent. the boxes are heavy double wall corrugated board and the components are plastic wrapped and cradled in custom molded styro foam shells. That's about as good as it gets and unless your saw is dropped from five or more feet or is pierced by a fork lift it should arrive unscathed. My boxes are in excellent shape and we're trying to figure how to repurpose them. This packing wasn't cheap.\r\n\r\nYou're gonna enjoy unpacking this saw... it's nice stuff... it's nicely made, it's nicely painted, nicely packed. Even the brass tone Grizzly Emblem is a nice die casting... saw candy. The base is substantial heavy gauge steel, Nicely painted and decaled. The holes line up and it assembles easily. You should have a helper assist in mounting the saw on the base, it's not that heavy but it is heavy-awkward and you don't want to scratch up the base landing it and aligning the holes.\r\n\r\nI've written several instruction manuals and I see a nice effort in the Grizzly manual, some pictures could be better, and you might find a revision sheet in yours as required but its a nice booklet. I had no problem assembling and setting up the saw. The wheel alignment was spot on and most the effort was in setting up the blade guides. I like nice stuff and I was able to get the required precision during the set up. Sure, it has it's price point, but I think Grizzly did an excellent job of meeting it with a quality product. If you want even more precision, spend twice as much. Plan to relax, read the manual, take your time and enjoy handling the parts and getting it aligned spot on. You'll likely align the saw, cut a couple boards, tweek the alignment, make some more cuts, and play with it just for the experience. \r\n\r\nThe blade that comes with the saw is good for something... maybe thin plywood or straight cuts in soft metal... not sure. Research the available blades and order what you need when you order the saw. The saw runs vibration free and with the iron wheels and thin multi-V drive belt, takes it's time coasting down after being switched off... it's Very well balanced and smooth running.\r\n\r\nThe cam operated blade tensioner operates very well... it just seems a nicer machined device than the linkage mechanism on the other saws although it does the same thing... just a preference thing. \r\n\r\nThe rack and pinion vertical blade guide adjust is rather extraneous, but it's machined, has gears, a hand wheel, and the Engineer in me likes it. I did notice the frame mounted threaded pin that intersects the keyway in the round vertical post that holds the blade guides was drilled a bit off center in the frame. This tended to rotate the gear rack relative to the hand wheel pinion gear. I don't know if this is on purpose since it removes the gear lash from the mechanism and gives it a solid feel... or it's a production variable. If it was centered, the hand wheel would have some gear slop... It could be done just to make Engineers wonder. I made an eccentric pin for mine, got it square and centered, and now I have a bit of gear slop... There, I aligned my universe... my planets just wiggle a bit. \r\n\r\nThe rip fence, miter gauge and machined table are all first rate. The tilt table and trunions are functional, the tilt action works adequate although the Grizzly folks might see if it presents in the way they desire.\r\n\r\nOverall I am very pleased with this saw and would highly recommend it as an excellent choice in this price range for build quality and functional features. If you are considering a saw with lesser power and/or features, do look at the cost to upgrade to a better drive, bearing blade guides, a precision rip fence and miter gauge if you think you will grow into those needs. I found it's better to ante up at the initial purchase.\r\n\r\nGood hunting.

    Love it.
    5/ 5stars

    Very happy with the saw. Can't wait to get the resaw fence.

    Great Bandsaw! Much better than the one I had.
    5/ 5stars

    I bought this bandsaw a few weeks ago and I also purchased the 6 inch riser for it. It resaws geat, After fine tuning the saw, I was able to resaw wide boards with just a few thousands difference using digital calipers. Great saw, well worth the price. Should have done this years ago.

    Great Value, Fast Shipping,
    5/ 5stars

    I always research a product that I'm going to work with over the long haul. I read nothing but great reviews about this saw and I can attest that this is a great product. Also, fast shipping and a real manual you can understand.

    5/ 5stars

    Great machine out of the box. Great edition to my shop. The reviews were dead on. Highly recommend this product!

    Understated quality !
    5/ 5stars

    I have only been using the G0555LX for about 3 weeks now, but after using an old Delta 3 wheel band saw with "shade tree engineered" guides I can only say WOW! Setting up the machine was amazingly simple and straightforward.
    I actually purchased this machine because of the guides. I checked out a couple of other saws at local retailers, but after watching the Grizzly set-up videos it was pretty much settled.
    Using the included blade I have been able to cut down a 5 inch slab into 3/16 veneers (Padauk), just a couple passes through a drum sander to remove the blade marks.
    I will be getting the riser block kit as soon as possible to expand the saws capabilities to 12 inches.

    Great Saw for the Price
    5/ 5stars

    I bought this saw a few weeks ago and was extremely impressed at the fit and finish of the machine. shipping was fast and easy and it arrived without any damage. If you are looking for a new band saw I would take a solid look at this one.

    Common Questions and Answers about the G0555LX:

    What are the key differences between the various G0555 Series machines?

    Aside from paint color and labeling, the G0555 and G0555P are identical machines; they are equipped with a 1 HP motor, aluminum wheels, manually-adjustable guide post, extruded aluminum fence, and open-style stand. The G0555X was built with the same basic design as the G0555/G0555P, but it is equipped with a 1.5 HP motor, cast-iron wheels, manually-adjustable guide post, a cabinet-style stand, a worklight, and a cast-iron fence with optional resaw fence attachment. The G0555LX and G0555LANV, aside from appearances, are also identical machines; however, they are built from a different design than the G0555/G0555P, so very few parts are interchangeable. The G0555LX and G0555LANV are equipped with a 1 HP motor, cast-iron wheels, extruded aluminum fence, rack-and-pinion adjustable guide post, open-style stand, and a padlock for the ON/OFF switch.

    What is needed for converting this machine to 220V?

    First, review the circuit requirements in the Owner's Manual to make sure you have the appropriate 220V power supply circuit and wall receptacle installed in your shop. Converting the machine to 220V involves (1) disconnecting saw from power supply, (2) cutting off existing power cord plug, (3) reconfiguring wire connections inside the motor junction box, and (4) installing the appropriate 220V plug (see Owner's Manual for full details). CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electrocution or fire, only an electrician or qualified service personnel should perform this procedure.

    What is CSA? What does "CSA Certified" mean?

    CSA (Canadian Standards Association) is an organization based out of Canada that is very similar to UL (Underwriters Laboratory) in the USA. Like UL, CSA provides two primary services. First, they develop Canada's minimum standards for the design, construction, and safety of a wide variety of products that are commercially sold in that country. These standards are completely voluntary and not a requirement for all products sold in Canada. Second, CSA acts as an NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory), which is essentially a 3rd party testing agency that has their own engineers/inspectors test and evaluate a product to ensure that it meets the requirements established in the applicable standards document for the primary market where the products are sold. In Grizzly's case, this is the USA and Canada, so many Grizzly machines are certified (usually by CSA, UL, or ETL) to meet both CSA (Canada) and UL (USA) standards. So, although CSA produces their own standards, any NRTL (such as UL, ETL, TUV, etc.) can also certify the same products to the CSA standards. The reason why one NRTL is used over another typically just boils down to a business decision by the company paying the NRTL to test/evaluate their products. An important part of any NRTL certification, besides the initial testing/evaluation, is the ongoing compliance requirements necessary to maintain the certification. This involves both regular and random product checks by the NRTL's inspectors or engineers at the factory or on the consumer level.

    If I put a riser block on my bandsaw, do I lose 6" of adjustment with the blade?

    No, the riser block kits include a replacement guide post and blade guard, which allows the guide blocks to be adjusted within the full range of the additional 6" cutting height gained by its installation.

    General Questions and Answers:

    How do I know what type of blade I should buy?

    Blade choice is typically determined by the type and purpose of cut, the hardness and thickness of wood, and the desired trade-offs between cutting speed vs. cutting quality. In general, a wider blade is preferred for cutting straight lines because the blade tends to wander less, and a narrower blade is preferred for cutting curves because it has a much tighter minimum cutting radius. The two main types of blade teeth are "Hook" and "Raker". Hook teeth tend to cut faster and leave rougher results, while Raker teeth tend to cut slower and leave smoother results. There are additional types of teeth, such as Skip, Positive Claw, or AS-S, that are essentially modified versions of the Hook or Raker tooth shapes, but with slight changes to the cutting angle, gullet-to-tooth ratio, tooth set, etc. to provide unique advantages for special types of cuts.

    Can a metal bandsaw cut wood or vice versa?

    The proper cutting speed for the majority of ferrous metals is under 300 FPM. The proper cutting speed for the majority of wood cuts is over 3000 FPM. Trying to cut metals on a wood bandsaw--at speeds 10 times faster than they should be--is dangerous and will likely result in a broken blade, damage to the bandsaw, and a really horrible cut. Cutting wood on a metal bandsaw is possible, but it would be tedious and slow, and likely would not produce a decent quality of cut. In addition, bandsaw blades for cutting wood are designed much differently than bandsaw blades for cutting metal. With that said, there are some soft, non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum) that can be cut at around 1500 FPM (if using the correct blade type). Although some of our wood bandsaws operate at approximately this same speed, the other components of these saws weren't designed to handle the metal chips and swarf that would be produced by the cut, which would likely result in minor damage to the machine and void the warranty. The bottom line is this: Always buy the right machine for the job!

    What are the differences between ball bearing, block, and disc (a.k.a. "Euro style") guide blocks?

    The main differences between blade guide types can be boiled down to four factors: (1) amount/quality of support, (2) amount of blade friction created from that support, (3) ease of set-up and adjustment, and (4) durability and maintenance frequency. Ball-bearing guides offer the best all-around balance of these four factors. Although they don't provide as much contact area for support as block or disc guides, they do maintain constant contact with the blade without greatly increasing friction. They are also the easiest to set up and tend to be the most durable. Disc guides provide the highest amount of contact area for support, but as with guide blocks, they must be positioned 0.004" away from the blade, which requires some type of gauge to be used for proper set up. Whereas some disc guides are fixed, similar to block guides, our Euro-Style disc guides spin with blade contact, which greatly reduces friction and the need for regular resurfacing. Block guides offer excellent support, but unless they're made from specialized materials to reduce wear or friction, they tend to fall behind the other guide types in all other categories.

    What type of blade do I need for resawing?

    Generally speaking, you'll want to use a wide blade (1/2" or larger) with "Hook" style teeth (or "Positive Claw" on Timberwolf blades) and a low number of teeth per inch (TPI). A wide blade helps ensure cuts are straight and the Hook style teeth have large gullets for removing material as the blade passes through the workpiece.

    My bandsaw blade came with a tag on it that said "Recommended for cutting wood or soft non-ferrous metal." Does this mean I can cut metal with my wood bandsaw?

    Just because the blade is recommended for both wood and soft, non-ferrous metal (e.g. aluminum, copper, etc.), it doesn't mean your wood bandsaw is suitable for cutting both types of material. It is important to keep in mind that the blade you bought may also be used on other types of bandsaws, such as our G0640X or G0621X, which are specially designed to cut both wood and metal.

    Can I still use my bandsaw without connecting it to a dust collector?

    Yes, this is possible, but we don't recommend it. Without using a dust collector, the dust will quickly pile up in and around your machine, resulting in additional cleaning time later. Besides making a mess, fine dust can be harmful to your respiratory system. It is a better choice to connect your bandsaw to a properly designed dust collection system that at least pulls the recommended minimum CFM from each dust port on the machine.

    What is the purpose of the pin that fits in the blade slot opening at the end of the table?

    All bandsaw tables are inherently weaker on the outside half of the table. This is due to the slotted opening that allows the blade to pass through the table during blade changes. The table pin helps reinforce the two sides of the table around this slot, so they remain aligned with each other and keep the table flat. For this reason, it is extremely important to always keep the table pin firmly installed, unless you're changing blades.

    Animation for G0555LX