Grizzly   |  Model: G0458
18" 1-1/2 HP Single-Phase Open End Drum Sander
Price: $895.00
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Grizzly G0458 - 18" 1-1/2 HP Single-Phase Open End Drum Sander

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    Our 18" Open-End Drum Sander offers a lot of sanding capacity in a small amount of floor space. Sand stock up to 36" wide and 4-1/2" thick! Unlike other open-end drum sanders, the table moves up and down instead of the head. This means drum support is much more rigid during sanding operations, giving you more consistent results. Also includes built-in dust collection. Check out the rest of the features below and you’ll agree that this feature-packed sander is an incredible value!


    • Sanding motor: 1-1/2 HP, 110V, single-phase, 15 Amps
    • Drum surface speed: 4000 FPM
    • Conveyor feed rate: Variable, 2-12 FPM
    • Maximum stock dimensions: 36" wide x 4-1/2" thick
    • Minimum board length: 6"
    • Minimum board thickness: 1/8"
    • Sanding drum size: 4"
    • Dust collection port: 2-1/2"
    • Overall size: 50" H x 35" W x 24" D
    • Approximate shipping weight: 300 lbs.


    • Stand-alone dust collection with dust bag
    • V-belt drive
    • Steel construction
    • 18" x 44-1/2" abrasive conveyor belt
    • Variable-speed conveyor
    • Stationary drum head stock
    • Pass back roller
    • Safety switch
    • Uses 3" wide sandpaper
    • Easy access for sandpaper changes
    • Two pressure plates
    • Includes 100-grit sandpaper
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    Overall good purchase
    5/ 5stars

    Best price I could find on one of these and pretty easy to use. Runs well. The sand paper is really easy and simple to change, I am not sure why people say that it is so hard I didn't even need to read the directions to change it. Just use the old sand paper as a layout to cut the new stuff and roll it on, pretty straight forward. What IS the most difficult I found though is calibrating the belt so it runs straight, that has been kind of a pain but looking at all these type of machines it appears to be done similar on many of them, just the way these things are.

    really don't like open end
    5/ 5stars

    Really don't like open end . I was hesitant bout getting an open end cause it does what I expected flexes to much you have to run it thru over and over. I think it should come with 150 grit also. adjusting the tracking quite a job! overall I give it a 3 1/2 stars

    Super product
    5/ 5stars

    I make game boards (chess tables) as a hobby. I have to glue up top using 4 strips of 2 different colored wood. after that dries i then rip the boards across the grain and then gluethem up .after that i would have to sand the tops to them flat and this took a longtime to get right . I bought this opem end sander and after the first usei was able to achieve better results in about 10 mins or less. The tool is a dream come true. Buy it and you want regret it.

    Great sander weak stand
    4/ 5stars

    Very good machine, a little under powered with 110v
    5/ 5stars

    Use this machine a lot just have to adjust to the sandpaper grit

    3/ 5stars

    I have had this machine for 1 month. I sands well, but installing sand paper is very difficult. Installation is not easy as shown on your video. I have wasted a roll of sand paper and it is still not right. Talking to tech support has been some what helpful. Disappointed in the machine for this reason. I have 14 Grizzly machines and this one I am most dissatisfied with.

    5/ 5stars

    My husband has been wanting a sander like this for a number of years. So for his birthday, our anniversary & Father's Day I bought this for him. He was one happy man. I got him all the sanding grids as well. Now he needs the extra time to use it more.

    Works great until sandpaper needs changing
    2/ 5stars

    I bought this approximately 18 months ago. It worked great at first, but when I had to change the sandpaper, the directions for cutting the length were incorrect in the provided manual. Grizzly did send me a new strip of sandpaper at no charge and were helpful and understanding on the phone, directing me to the web instructions which called for a different length. On receiving the replacement, I cut it to the indicated length and it was too short, so now I am left with trying to come up with the exact length needed. Changing the sandpaper in and of itself is a rather difficult and cumbersome procedure. There should be a more predictable and easier way to do this.

    Sander works great
    5/ 5stars

    Great tool
    5/ 5stars

    I have had this tool for about a month and I have used it continuously since then. I don't know how any woodworker could do without a drum sander and I am sorry I didn't invest in one sooner. It is well built and has met my expectations. I have one problem and that is the drive belt keeps going to the right and the adjustments don't seem to work. I have to keep going beyond the simple adjustment settings to get the belt back in position. Maybe there is some help you can provide to help with the problem.

    Double your surface area
    5/ 5stars

    Adjusting tracking takes a few minutes but adjusting tension was relatively easy. If you are processing large single piece items like burls and large limb cross cuts for end table . coffee tables, etc this is the ticket.

    Some initial problems
    3/ 5stars

    The packaging was damaged when I received my drum sander so I noted it on the shipping documents as instructed. Once I removed the packaging luckily there were only some scratches. I contacted Grizzly and they said if I took pictures and submitted them they would send some touch-up paint. I decided that the few scratches won't look any worse than touch-up paint so I didn't go thru the hassle. I then opened the top cover which is fastened down with a hex head machine screw. I noticed the screw was cross threaded. The problem is the hole in the top cover doesn't remotely match up with the threaded steel tab that the screw goes into. I haven't used it yet so I hope things start improving.

    5/ 5stars

    I purchased the unit and have set up the sander in my shop and only used it twice. I have to do some adjusting as the unit sands well if within the 18" area but wider pieces show a deep groove when piece is wider and sent through on second pass. beside that I am very pleased with the shipping process. The cardboard packaging had a hole where the handwheel is attached but did not see any damage at this time. These are the items I thought you should be aware of for future customers. I have other Grizzly machines and have been asked from fellow woodworkers how they perform and I tell them I am satisfied with my purchase! The Truck driver upon delivery was a very good man and very helpful while removing. Turns out he might have been the last delivery there now that the business is closing.

    Not happy.
    5/ 5stars

    I have a shop with lots of Grizzly products that I have been happy with but this is very underpowered. If a board is not totally flat or you try to take just a little too much and it bogs down. I can sand with belt and orbitals faster than with this machine.

    Good Sander
    5/ 5stars

    I bought this to get thin pieces for guitar tops and such. I wish it could sand a little thinner, but it does a great job. I can't complain.

    Yet to be determined ?.
    5/ 5stars

    Wells's of now I have a fair bit of trouble with it the feed belt just dose not won't to track straight no mater what I do. and yes I have other products that have tracking adjusters on them. my last problem with the sander was more serious the drum started chattering bad I unlaced the belt cleaned the drum replaced the belt but have not had time to give it a test run as of yet now with that said I have not run 50 running feet of material through the sander since I bought it so good or bad review is yet to be determined.

    Very impressed with the quality.
    5/ 5stars

    5/ 5stars

    Everything is great about the drum sander except the feed belt (made of sand paper). It is too much work to keep it adjusted and tracking straight.

    not worth the $
    2/ 5stars

    Excessive snipe at both ends of the board. There is no way to hold the board down tight against the feed belt, just the slightest movement creates dig-out on the face of the board. I wish I had spent more to get a better machine.

    Excellent product
    5/ 5stars

    We bought this to make specialty products for our new home works great met all my expectations

    good machine. go slow.
    4/ 5stars

    I;ve ran a lot of material through it of various thicknesses and sizes. Only bad thing is under powered. Go slow!!

    5/ 5stars

    works great perfect addition to my shop. Attached the legs plugged it in ready to go.

    Nice addition
    5/ 5stars

    Nice tool. Used some and seems to be the quality I expected. Definitely needs a 20 amp circuit. The dust bag is dubious. Hook up a vacumm or collection system. Don't get too agressive or you will be tripping breakers.

    Does just what I needed.
    5/ 5stars

    I bought this sander because I needed to be able to sand widths greater than 12 inches. Have used it on a table I just finished. Worked wonderfully. I now need to obtain various grits of paper to increase its functionality. Love the quality of this machine.

    Excellent product
    5/ 5stars

    Best purchase I've made. Makes my shop time super easy

    5/ 5stars

    I am really pleased with my purchase. I used it the first day I received it with excellent results. Hand sanding can never give you the same results as this machine can and I save a lot of time to.

    Good for shops large and small
    5/ 5stars

    I bought this after looking at others on the market. I found it was well made and operates well for the most part. After reading the manual, found it easily adjusted to keep it running true.
    I found a problem with the conveyor belt speed control as it came from the factory. I called support and they helped correct the problem.
    The only detractor would be that the motor is 110v only. Most of the other Grizzly machines have 110/220v motors. I feel that the motor is a bit under-powered at 110v. If this had the ability to run at 220v it would be much more efficient with less strain on the motor.
    But all in all it a very good machine and works well.

    great sander can't stop using it
    5/ 5stars

    I bought this a year or more ago or so.I read that this sander goes off track and won't stay adjusted ,let me say this.Take time to learn
    how to adjust it then watch it close while you use it keep adjusting it, then suddenly (probably the belt stretched) it will run for months on end without any fuss at all.I can't stop using this thing. My friends can't do without it either.

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