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brand logoE.Emerson Tool 36" All-In-One Twin Clamp

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        SKU: T20960
        MPN: T36
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        The E. Emerson All-In-One Contractor Twin Straight Edge Bench Clamp and Tool Guides are designed specifically for assembly projects. The twin has two clamps built into one aluminum straight edge. One clamp faces down to hold your work table while the other clamp faces up to hold your project. The Twin is especially effective when used in pairs. They simplify gluing up drawer and other assemblies and hold your work piece for planing or sanding. Clamp you’re standard All-In-One straight edge to a piece of stock held securely by a pair of twins and you’ll have an extra set of hands when cutting or routing. The clamp lever has three power levels so you can pull together any wood stock with over 600 psi in the third position. The addition of the Tall Jaws accessory increases the clamping surface to 3 ¾ inches wide by 1 1/4 inches high. Although designed for assembly applications, the Twin also functions as a straight edge tool guide. The Contractor Twin will accept the Contractor Saw Plate, Router Plate and Stop Block accessories.
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