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brand logoBartlein 6mm/.243 5R 1:8 Twist, 26" Finished, #3 Barrel

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        SKU: T10741
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        We are pleased to offer top quality Bartlein match rifle barrels in the most popular sizes. Bartlein stainless steel barrels are the choice of champions worldwide and are used by numerous members of the US Team. Many national records have been set using these barrels. In fact, the President of Grizzly has set several national records in F-Class shooting. Bartlein's precise machining and 5R grooving process increases accuracy and reduces copper build-up. Their custom built CNC machines are the most modern in the industry and there is generally a long wait to get a barrel from them. We place huge orders many months ahead of time and stock these barrels so you can get working on your favorite project immediately. We stock these popular sizes at all three of our locations. All barrels need a final polish and come with 1" extra overall length for cutting and crowning.

        Note: Barrels need to be threaded and chambered to fit the desired action. For manufacturing defects, please contact Bartlein directly at (262) 677-1717.


        • Caliber: 6mm
        • Twist: 5R 1:8
        • Length: 26" Finished, Blank is 27"
        • Contour: #3 Contour
        • Bore/Groove: .237/.243
        • Approx. Raw Barrel Weight: 3.7 lb.
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