Grizzly   |  Model: G0765
7" X 14" Variable-Speed Benchtop Lathe
Price: $615.00
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Grizzly G0765 - 7" X 14" Variable-Speed Benchtop Lathe

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If you're in the market for a small Bench Lathe that doesn't skimp on rigidity, and is priced under $1000, then you'll love our G0765. First and foremost, it features a special "Big Boy" tailstock, designed with the same convenient quick-locking controls and extra-long footprint previously only found on our much larger lathes. It also features variable-speed spindle controls with digital RPM display for dialing in the perfect cutting speed, a two-speed gearbox for getting the extra torque needed when turning at lower speeds, and the ability to cut a wide range of inch and metric threads. Includes all the essential standard equipment you'll need to get up and running, including a 3-jaw chuck with internal and external jaws, 5" faceplate, steady rest, 4-way turret tool post, and MT#2 and MT#3 dead centers.


  • Swing over bed: 7"
  • Swing over cross slide: 2-1/8"
  • Distance between centers: 13-3/4"
  • Spindle bore: 0.78" (20mm)
  • Spindle nose taper: MT#3
  • Motor: 3/4 HP, 110V, single-phase
  • Number of speeds: Variable
  • Range of low speeds: 100–1000 RPM
  • Range of high speeds: 100–2000 RPM
  • Leadscrew: 5/8"–16 TPI
  • Compound rest travel: 2-3/4"
  • Cross slide travel: 2-3/4"
  • Carriage travel: 12-1/2"
  • Maximum tool size: 5/16"
  • Tailstock quill travel: 2"
  • Tailstock barrel taper: MT#2
  • Longitudinal feed speed: 0.04 IPR
  • Number of inch threads: 18
  • Range of inch threads: 12–52 TPI
  • Number of metric threads: 10
  • Range of metric threads: 0.4–2mm
  • Footprint: 29-3/4" x 8-1/2"
  • Overall dimensions: 30" L x 9" W x 10" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 110 lbs.


  • Variable low and high spindle speeds
  • 16-TPI reversible leadscrew
  • Chip tray and backsplash guard
  • Emergency stop
  • Forward and reverse in all speeds
  • Inch/metric dials
  • Threading dial indicator
  • Quick-locking tailstock

Standard Equipment:

  • 3" 3-Jaw chuck with internal & external jaws
  • 5" Faceplate
  • Steady rest
  • 4-Way turret tool post
  • Complete set of change gears
  • MT#2 dead center
  • MT#3 dead center
  • Service wrenches
  • Bottle for oil
  • Extra fuse
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Great Lathe
5/ 5stars

I have had this for over a month and have turned out some great products

Love this Lathe
5/ 5stars

The only thing I do not like is Compound has to be backed off to almost coming off to adjust. Other than that this is a very good Lathe. I rate it a best buy....

Very capable machine!
4/ 5stars

This appears to be very well designed and built with adequate quality in mind. The instruction manual leaves a bit to be desired but there are lots of Internet folks to assist. "Tuning" the lathe is quite important as it appears that it is put together with that in mind. Tuning is an excellent exercise to become familiar with how everything works. We are quite pleased.

great bang for the buck
4/ 5stars

5/ 5stars

Excellent product fast delivery. i very happy

5/ 5stars

THe variable spindle speed is very nice alsd also the digital read-out. Ilike it very much. Please send a new catalog.
I asked for this with my last order ,but never received it . Thanks.
John Overeem
P.S. Please send catalog to: John Overeem, P.O. Box 542, Picture Butte, Alberta, Canada, T0K 1V0.

Great little lathe
5/ 5stars

This is perfect for my home garage. I added a quick change tool post and couldn't be more pleased. Great customer service and quality seems great

Nice little Lathe
5/ 5stars

As with any of these little Chinese lathes it will require some tweaking and adjusting, they take a lot of bouncing during shipping and the belt tension is especially important to check before you turn it on for the first time. Once I checked everything over on mine I cleaned and adjusted it all, followed the break in procedure and it runs like a top, very nice starter machine, or even a add on to go with a larger lathe for doing little stuff.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
5/ 5stars

I purchased this lathe about a month ago and have been using it almost everyday since I set it up.
It took me about 3 hours to clean it up with WD-40 and shop rags.
I checked out all the alignments and had to make no adjustments and the next day I was making my first project, a tap follower.
I am very happy with the lathe and would recommend it to anyone.

Great Little Lathe
5/ 5stars

I've owned this lathe for several weeks and have turned several small parts on it. I've turned 5" long stock to within 0.001" tolerance end to end. It is a great little lathe.

3/ 5stars

I bought this lathe and a mini mill from Grizzly 6 months ago and have not regretted it.
I need to make a distinction clear: buying something, anything, from Grizzly and the quality of that something are separate issues.
My buying experience with Grizzly was very good. I have complete faith and trust in Grizzly with regards to them standing by their products and working hard to satisfy their customers. I will continue to do business with Grizzly and strongly recommend you give them a try. I say this because there was an issue with shipping in which several parts were lost - Grizzly shipped new parts and did so without question, very quickly, and at no charge.

Now as to the G0765 7" X 14" Lathe. For the money this is a very good buy. However, it is a long way from perfect. I believe the following are the three most significant faults with the design.
First, there is no good way to lock the X, Y, or Z (longitudinal, cross ways, and diagonal or compound) axes. Modifications to accomplish this are possible.
Second, the manner in which the Y and Z axes leadscrews are attached is a very poor design. This makes it very difficult to achieve smooth movement along these two axes. I have completely given up on the Z and simply locked it in place at zero degrees using the gib grub screws.
Third, the Z angle cannot be changed without loosing the cutting depth, and adjusting the Z angle requires backing the tool holder out to very nearly the removal point.

Build quality is another issue. In most areas it is rather good while in others quite poor. On my lathe there are a few factory mistakes that should have been caught and corrected. The most common is crooked drilled and tapped mounting holes.

I would only recommend the G0765 Lathe with the admonition that it be thought of as a kit and a work in progress rather than as a ready to use lathe.

Perfect for my needs
5/ 5stars

I have wanted a lathe for a long time to improve my gunsmithing skills, and this was the right product. I would have liked to have seen some better detail in the manual about what size tools to purchase because I purchased a lot of tools that would not fit. I purchased a 5-inch, 4-jaw independent chuck so I could work on rifle barrels, which worked very well as you can see from the photo. Good product, good price. Overall I am pleased.

5/ 5stars

After some shipping issues which Grizzly handled very well, the lathe has lived up to expectations. There were some minor "tweeks" that had to be made from the factory set-up, but in general the lathe has performed very well.

Great littel lathe.
5/ 5stars

the only thing that I see to improve. Would be to explane the metric threading in full in the manual. When I got the lathe my first job was metric thread cutting. Yes I was a new be on threading. After calling Grizzle the techs fixed me right up and told me how to do metric threading on this machine. thank you Grizzly. I will order more tools and machines.

Very nice lathe
5/ 5stars

I looked a many mini lathes before deciding which one to get. I picked the Grizzly G0765 for various reasons. 1 the customer service the reviews raved about how they communicate and service what they sell and they were right. Reason 2 is the quality of the product. I am aware that most all mini lathes are made in China but it appears Grizzly adds better quality to there product. The one item that concerns me is the plastic spindle gears and no metal gears sets listed. apparently there is a reason for this set up but no mention why.
I have had the G0765 for 5 months and have enjoyed enjoyed use it with exception of the spindle gear noise but customer service has in route replacement parts.
I am looking at there mini mill it has many great features if only the freight wasn't so expensive

G0765 ok to start, upgrade to a G0752 if you can.
3/ 5stars

Overall a mediocre lathe in this price range. Motor drive gear stripped within a month. Saddle is hard to maintain adjustment. The cross slide dial mount screws were drilled at an angle and protruding through the underside. Knowing what I know now I would've saved my money and went with a used Southbend or the G0752.

Great little lathe
4/ 5stars

This excellent lathe is exactly what I needed for my small start up operation. Although someday I may wish to upgrade to something larger, it has proven invaluable for set up operations I have needed to perform. I especially like the variable speed and DRO features. If I could make one improvement I would include more stops on the 4 way tool holder rotation. Sometimes the 4 cardinal points are just not enough. I'm quite sure it will provide me with years of reliable service.

great product
5/ 5stars

Love this lathe
5/ 5stars

I bought this lathe at the beginning of December and set everything up. I had to make a few adjustments, but I made them, it is working exactly like I expected it to. I started making wooden rings and this machine does everything I need it to do. Overall, this is a great lathe and I'm very pleased I purchased it.

5/ 5stars

Great little tool that will keep me busy for sometime to come.

Awesome little machine
5/ 5stars

This lathe has already became a must have in my shop time to save for a larger grizzly!

5/ 5stars

Great, only thing it needs is an independ 4 jaw chuck

5/ 5stars

Great lathe small and a bit loose but as expected...does what I want..

Great Benchtop Lathe
5/ 5stars

This is a great little lathe for the hobbyist, home shop and small parts prototype, builder. If you have a small shop this is the one for you. I really like the lever clamp locking tailstock. Also the RPM readout is a very handy feature to have. Wide range of thread cutting.

Nice, mostly
4/ 5stars

I have been using mini lathes for several years now and this is my third one. (I now have four and I use them all.) Comparing it to other lathes of comparable size, it is quite nice. Grizzly adds some nice touches like including a steady rest and the built in speed display. The thing I do not like is the tailstock. When I first saw this lathe listed, I really liked the look of the tailstock, and the product description even says, "First and foremost, it features a special "Big Boy" tailstock, designed with the same convenient quick-locking controls and extra-long footprint previously only found on our much larger lathes." It is nice with the locking lever, but that is all. You crank the quill back all the way to eject whatever you have inserted in the tailstock, but this one does not crank back far enough to eject many of the MT2 accessories that I have, including the dead center that came with this lathe. I had to disassemble the tailstock several times, to get dead centers and chucks out of the tailstock. Finally I put the tailstock leadscrew on one of my other lathes, drilled & tapped a hole in the end and inserted a screw in it to lengthen it enough to properly eject. This is a good lathe altogether, but the tailstock needs some work.

Perfect sized machine for my small shop!!
5/ 5stars

I purchased this machine about a month ago and it has already served me well. I am quite impressed with it. Perfect for fabricating small parts. I recommend this machine for the novice home machinist.

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