Grizzly   |  Model: G0490X
8" Jointer with Parallelogram Beds and Spiral Cutterhead
Price: $1,525.00
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Grizzly G0490X - 8" Jointer with Parallelogram Beds and Spiral Cutterhead

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This 8" Jointer is popular among both professional and hobbyist woodworkers. The 76-3/8" table with extra-long infeed table and huge fence will make sure your stock is cut accurately. The easy-to-reach pedestal-mounted switch and lever-controlled table elevation make this a joy to operate. Our foot pedal operated, built-in mobile base will allow you to keep this monster out of the way, yet still be easy to move when needed. We made the welded steel cabinet extra large for an incredibly stable platform. This machine will gobble up wood with ease and produce smooth, straight and flat stock all day long. CSA certified meeting CSA C22.2 #71.2-08 and UL 987-7 standards!


  • Motor: 3 HP, 240V, single-phase, 15A, TEFC, 3450 RPM
  • Total table size: 8" x 76-3/8"
  • Infeed table size: 8" x 43-3/8"
  • Cutterhead: Spiral with 40 indexable carbide inserts
  • Cutterhead speed: 4800 RPM
  • Cutterhead diameter: 3-3/8"
  • Max. depth of cut: 1/8"
  • Max. rabbeting depth: 1/2"
  • Cuts per minute: 19,200
  • Deluxe cast iron fence size: 36" L x 1-1/4" W x 5" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 564 lbs.


  • Shielded & lubricated bearings
  • Precision-ground cast-iron tables
  • Fully adjustable tables
  • Serpentine belt and pulleys
  • Easy-access lever-adjusted tables with height gauge
  • Heavy-duty center-mounted fence with angle gauge
  • Built-in dust chute with 4" port
  • Powder-coated paint
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24 Customer Reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Good product, terrible delivery time 12/18/2017

I ordered this product back in April. The following month when it was originally supposed to be delivered, it went on back order. I didn't receive it until 7-1/2 months later in November. Every month when I called for an update, the projected delivery date moved out another month with no idea when the product would actually be delivered. I've seen online that many, many others had the same experience throughout 2017. I'm not sure what's wrong with Grizzly's operations team, not to have any visibility or control over their supply chain and manufacturing / scheduling process - very disappointing.


Too cold in my shop, haven't tried it yet


Got the jointer. It was easy to set up, works great! Couldn’t be happier with it! Only complaint was that I had to wait about 7 months for it to finallly be delivered

Nice, 12/17/2017

Very satisfied, was delivered no problems driver even put in the garage thanks

It mills wood well but I have continuing issues 10/24/2017

I have had this almost three years and use it often. It does a great job jointing. However I have had several issues. 1) The E-Stop switch was not tight. Operating the rotational switch eventually caused wires to come loose and short. I was able to fix this. 2) The motor pulley works its way down the shaft causing the belt to skip grooves and rub. This is an on going problem. Grizzly support didn't provide a solution to the pulley movement. I've tighten the two set screws and used loctite. I've aligned the pulleys and made the motor shaft parallel to the cutter. Eventually I drilled/tapped the motor pulley for a larger setscrew which kept the pulley in place (last I looked). I think (hope) the pulley is now staying in place but the belt did skip a grove or two recently. I'm guessing this is due to pulley and shaft alignment. I find it difficult to align the motor shaft exactly parallel to the cutting head due to the motor's weight and mounting apparatus. 3) The fence does not maintain 90 degrees to the table once it is moved in or out. I use a precision square to adjust the fence every time I move the fence moved. I can accept this at this price.

I have several Grizzly power tools but this is the only one that gives me trouble. Nevertheless I do like the results I get.

This tool is wonderful 10/13/2017

This tool was on back order for three months, it is worth the wait.


I like everything about the jointer except that it shakes drastically when I start it up and vibrates too much once it gets going. I checked the belt and adjusted the motor position but still vibrating. Disappointing for a machine in this class.

Mike L

Went together well. The Switch mount bracket should be reinforced with angle of steel at the right angle for more rigid support

Great addition to my shop. 7/23/2017

This jointer arrived well packaged and in great shape. Very easy to assemble using an engine hoist to lift the heavy bed. The beds were perfectly aligned straight out of the box. The spiral heads work great and have had about 200 bf of hard wood run through them. My only complaint is having to wait three months to receive the jointer after ordering it. I highly recommend this jointer for anyone's shop. You will be very happy with the purchase.

Great Product - Horrible packing 7/23/2017

The saw arrived after a long delay, but it was worth the wait. When it arrived, I was very scared. the thin plywood box and pallet were badly damaged in many areas. The saw was intact with no issues. Whew!
The jointer works great.

Great great value 6/19/2017

I've been a woodworker and boat builder for 50 years, a shop teacher for 40. I've used every popular brand of jointer. The production quality of this jointer meets or exceeds​ them all. The only con. The motor is not a quiet as a few of the brands. It would be absurd to pay a thousand dollars more for a quieter motor. Sprial cutter head cuts like butter.

Superb Macine 6/6/2017

No adjustments needed right out of the shipping container. The freight service had torn the plywood top off the box but everything was still there undamaged. The shippers are TERRIBLE!


This thing is amazing. Does everything I need and reasonably priced.

Hugh B

I purchased this jointer to go from 6" to 8" and have a longer bed. It was easy to set up and works perfectly. I have been jointing 7"
to 8" white oak. The spiral cutter is amazing. It runs quiet, feeds smooth and leaves a wonderful finish.

Nice Jointer, wheels and manual could be better but I'd buy it again 6/2/2017

Overall, once it's together and aligned properly, this is a really nice jointer ...

Since I can only give it whole stars I'd be remiss if I didn't give it 5 .... but it's really 4.75 stars because of two issues: 1) my front wheel drops the jointer hard as I move it if there is any bumps, chips, or debris in/on the floor. 2) the manual needs work ... Some mistakes made putting the jointer together were only figured out by taking it apart again. The manual being ambiguous on some steps contributed to each problem I ran into ... once figured it out it was obvious but it wasn't till you scratched you head on issues you ran into later on. 2nd: The table alignment procedure in the manual is incomplete. This seems to be a common problem since I didn't find a complete solution on the net. I had to come up with a procedure by trying to align it over and over again (each time it took an hour or two). The manual will tell you how to align the tables to the cutterhead and to each other but does not mention several points that you need to know. I've attempted to write down the procedure as I remember it below.

The pros:
- large table
- spiral head
- powerful motor
- built in wheels

The cons:
- the front wheel does not lock and can drop your jointer hard if your not careful
- manual has it's issues which took a bit of time to figure out
- the flatness of my table is a little out of spec ... but only by a thousandth

Note on Grizzly customer support: I think they are eager to help but are not necessarily experts on every machine. When I was having alignment issues they seemed to only be able to reiterate the manual and didn't have additional insight into what to do when all my eccentrics seemed maxed out.
Note on tools: some type of lift is necessary to build this. I have a shop crane.

An attempt to fill in the missing pieces of the table alignment procedure:

1) know that there are 5 adjustments for each table (four eccentrics and the table height) all of which interact with each other. Alignment is an iterative process.
2) find and mark the high and low point of each eccentric (I used a dial indicator attached to the base to measure the table height above the eccentric)
3) start by setting all the eccentrics to their mid points

Align the Outfeed table:
4) level the center line of outfeed table to the base by changing each of the 4 eccentrics from their midpoints as little as possible. Do only the long direction as the width will be leveled to the cutting head
5) raise the outfield table till the center line of the table is the same height as the center of the cutterhead. This is only a starting point to get close.
6) follow the procedure for aligning the outfield table in the manual with the additional constraint of keeping the out feed center line parallel to the base. Note that you will also have to adjust the table height as you change the eccentrics. There are more pointers which would help here but you will just have to figure it out by doing it as this review is taking me too long as is.
6) you should be able to match the outfield table with out running out of eccentric height (maxing out high or low one or more eccentric in such a way that it is impossible to change the other eccentrics and table height to align the table). If you do you might try allowing the center line to vary slightly (fraction of a degree) from level with the base in #4 and start over but only if you think that will do the trick ... but be aware that the infeed table will need to match this angle and it's eccentrics might not extend far enough. If you get to this point and can't get the outfeed (or infeed) aligned then you will need to decide if the cutterhead is too far out of alignment to be matched (hopefully that will never happen ... although my cutter head was pretty close).

Now the infeed table:
7) follow the infeed table alignment in the manual
8) if the eccentrics on the infeed max out then you will have to figure out what to modify from step #4 forward to give them more room.

Note: I used a very long and accurate straight edge and feeler gauges to determine if one end was off a table or not

Exceeded my expectations. 6/2/2017

After much deliberation with myself, I decided to buy the big Grizzly 8" spiral cutter head with 76" parallelogram bed. It performs very well and gets the job done without fuss. Glad I bought it.


Very happy with product and think Grizzly provides high value for the cost. I did have to do some bed adjustments when I assembled it out of the crates but the instructions where clear and I appreciated they mentioned it might take a little time to get it perfect if not set right from factory. Once calibrated, the machine makes a beautiful consistent cuts, little to no snipe and made short work jointing a 7 inch wide piece of curly maple. The long bed and spiral cutter are worth the extra cost for the performance one gets.

Yuri O
Its a great jointer, just make sure to check that everything is tightened down 6/2/2017

This is a great jointers, just be ready to spend time setting it up. I didn't spend a large amount of time aligning the belts and ended up with my lower pulley almost falling off. The jointer works amazingly well though and am happy with the thing. My only frustration is that the infeed table dips about 1/128th of an inch right at the top left corner by the cutter head and after spending a full day messing with the alignment, I was never able to correct it.

The Spiral cutter head with worth the investment also. I nicked a insert within the first couple days of using the jointer and it was a simple remove the screw, clean around the insert, and then rotate and re tighten the insert.

Good price 6/2/2017

The main issue is the fence. Every time it is moved it has to be resquared. Major inconvenience.

Rich S

No issues at all. No adjustments needed on setup, leaves a great finish. Great machine for the money.

Dwight A
Excellent product 6/1/2017

This is the absolute best tool, well made, powerful and easy to move around. Highly recommend it for any size shop

James F.
Great Product 1/2/2016

I bought the GO490X 8" jointer, sprial cutter head last month. I love this product. I would recommend this to anyone. Grizzly has great customer service and the staff if very helpful and friendly. I have been a customer since 1987.

J. W. Gourlay
Customer Review 1/1/2015

I recently received a G0490X, 8" jointer. I wanted to thank you all for doing such a great job. My impression is that Grizzly is considered by most to be the "value" manufacturer. This is a code word for "quality not so good, but cheap!"

My experience with this jointer shows how untrue that impression is. The machine went together flawlessly, and worked beautifully from the moment I first turned it on. With machines like this, one has to be psychologically prepared to go through a long, painful, frustrating process to get the settings dialed in just right. I was absolutely DELIGHTED to find that the outfeed table setup was flawless without me making a single adjustment! Everything was flat, and true, right out of the crate. I can't thank you enough for seeing to it that this machine was so perfectly set up!

I'm going to tell everyone on about how pleased I am!

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