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        SKU: T21739
        MPN: PRS 1200
        Showroom Pickup
        Beaded Face-Frames are a great way to add detail and richness to your cabinetry work. Currently, there are two common ways to build them. You either spend hours on a table saw cutting painstakingly small 'beads' which will later be nailed onto a traditional face frame, or you spend thousands of dollars on a large, complicated, single-purpose machine which would do the same work in less time. Kreg will now help you build them far faster, far easier and for a lot less money than ever before.

      • Dramatically reduces the cost of building beaded face-frames
      • Simple design results in more accurate cuts, better finished look
      • Engineered for production shop use
      • Works seamlessly with the Kreg Precision Router Table
      • Easily installed on almost any full-sized router table


      • Heavy-duy aluminum fence
      • Zero clearance ball bearing sliding base
      • Integrated clamp
      • Kreg precision router table stop
      • Kreg 1/4" x 1-1/2" Notching Bit
      • Kreg 1/4" Standard Beading Bit
      • Kreg 1/4" precision router table set-up bar
      • Instructional DVD
      • Integrated tape measure
      • 1/2" Dowel pin
      • Animation for T21739