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brand logoKreg Clamp Table with Universal Steel Stand

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        SKU: T20217
        MPN: *I/H*

        You don’t need an army of clamps to get the job done; you just need the right ones. The Kreg® Klamp Table™ is the ultimate ‘helping hand’ around the workshop and the easiest way to get perfectly flush Pocket-Screw Joints, one after another. T20217 includes: Table, Trak, 2 Bench Klamps, 5 Klamp Blocks and Universal Steel Stand. Add the 3" Dual Locking Caster Set (T20220) for added mobility and additional Klamps (T20221) and Klamp Traks (T20222) for increased functionality.

        • Large, 21-3/4" x 33-3/4" clamping surface.
        • Replaceable, glue resistant, melamine surface.
        • Trak on two sides of the table, provides endless flexibility.
        • Klamp Blocks allow for fast, accurate, and consistent registration of workpieces.
        • Multi-Function: Can be used for a variety of woodworking functions, including sanding, routing, layout, etc.
        • Includes Steel Stand
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