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G0555 The Ultimate 14" Bandsaw

G0555 Best Buy Award in the October 2004 issue of American Woodworker

Here's the saw with the most features for the lowest price. It's easy to set up and can do a reasonably good job cutting thick or thin boards. The motor has enough power for resawing at a reasonable pace. You get easy-to-adjust ball bearing guides, micro-adjust knobs all around, a 4 in. dust port and a fence.

If all you need is a good saw for light-duty work, there's no need to spend more than $400 on a bandsaw. Our Best Buy, the Grizzly G0555 ($375), is a terrific value.

If your budget is from $400 to $500, the choice is easy. We recommend the Grizzly G0555. It's a good, basic machine and can take a riser block for a full 12 in. of resaw capacity.

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G0555 Best New Tool award from the December 2002 issue of Popular Woodworking

Wow, a new 14" band saw! Well, that was my initial reaction until I received the details. Grizzly's new G0555 model is something to talk about. Built on the standard cast iron 14" band saw frame, Grizzly has upgraded it to a two-speed, 1 hp motor, added a semi-enclosed base for stability, and added a well-designed rip fence. Then the engineers went and added a quick-release tensioning arm, making blade changes much easier, and a 4" dust port for better dust collection. And then there's the upper and lower ball-bearing guides. Very nice.

Ok, that's all well and good, but other manufacturers have that, right? Not priced at $375 they don't! And the saw will still take a 6" riser block ($50), increasing the resaw capacity to 12". Yes, you're going to pay $55 shipping unless you swing by a Grizzly retail store. Either way you go, this is a lot of saw for the money.

Always one to look a gift horse in the mouth, we decided to not take this saw at face value and see how it performed. The motor did a decent job standing up to a faster-than-necessary feed rate in hard maple.

As with all band saws, we recommend a premium blade to improve the cut of the G0555. But for the money, this saw performed as expected and promised. There may be better 14" band saws out there, but not anywhere near this price.

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G0555 Top Tool Award

The Grizzly G0555 separates itself from the field, not for doing one thing well but rather for doing the most things well, so we've named it our Top Tool. It wasn't the most powerful saw, but its quality of cut proved second to none, and that's ultimately what we expect from a bandsaw. It also excelled at cutting curves because its blade guides held the blade true without twisting, and it was at or near the top in every performance category with no significant flaws. And it's also the best value in the class.

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Great Saw

Grizzly people,

I received your saw and set it up over the weekend, and am impressed. Compared to my table saw, this is a piece of fine machinery, just like it says on the box. All the directions were clear and set up was intuitive, very happy with your product. I haven't set up the 12 inch extension yet, but expect that to be as easy as the rest.

Many thanks for a fine engineered product.

Ken Szpond

customer comment

I wanted to yet you know that my recent order of a 14" bandsaw arrived in 100% perfect condition. The packing was outstanding. The UPS Ground trucking company delivered on time and with a smile. I recommend Grizzly to all my woodworking friends.

Pete Hay

Tampa, FL

Customer Review G0555 14" Bandsaw

I just wanted to take a moment to commend Grizzly for not only putting out a great product line but for also providing the very best in customer service.

I ordered the G0555, Ultimate 14" Bandsaw from you and had it in my workshop in less than a week. Not only did it arrive in perfect condition, it arrived packaged in a way that made it easy to assemble.

Now for the saw itself. Wow! What a product. After some very easy adjustments this saw performs as advertised. Granted, I'm not Mr. Woodworker but I have been enjoying woodworking for many years and this bandsaw makes cuts so much easier and is 100% accurate. I highly recommend this saw to those who desire and are in the market for a 14" bandsaw. You certainly won't be disappointed and the price can't be beat.

Again, thank you so much for a great buying experience. I am pleased to say, "You now have a customer for life".

Art Daedelow
Huntington Beach, CA

G0555 Customer Review

I purchased the G0555 Band saw in January and I am another satisfied customer. The saw is great! It is a fine piece of machinery. The set-up was easy. The instructions were clear and concise. The operation of the machine is perfect. It is also a quiet machine. I can listen to my radio while using the saw!

I use it for cabinet making. The table and fence are sturdy. The on and off switch is intelligently located in an intuitive position.   The re-saw capability is impressive. It cuts hardwoods without difficulty.

I heartily encourage anyone who is in the market for a band saw to look no further than Grizzly.  I plan on making a pilgrimage to your showroom in Missouri. (Yep, I am a convert to Grizzly equipment!).
Thank you for making quality products,

Michael Bennett
Manhattan, KS