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G0654 6" x 46" Jointer

Customer Review G0654 6" Jointer

I ordered a 6" jointer last week from one of your customer service agents.
She was very helpful, polite and friendly. The item shipped that day like
she explained and I received it 6 days later.

The 6" jointer arrived via SIA Motor Freight in great condition. The driver
contacted me when it arrived at their docks and again when it went out for
delivery. The driver unloaded the jointer and used his pallet jack to wheel
it into my garage. Great service!

I was impressed with the way all the parts were individually wrapped in
plastic and secured in cardboard and styrofoam. Also, all the surfaces were
coated with anti-corrosive gel. No rust.

The instructions and illustrations made putting the jointer together very
easy. It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes from the time I opened the box and cleaned

I would definitely purchase my next tool through Ya'll, because of your
exceptional service and product.

Happy Camper,
John Sweney