Grizzly   |  Model: G4003G
12" x 36" Gunsmithing Lathe with Stand
Reg: $3,350.00
Price: $3,195.00
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Grizzly G4003G - 12" x 36" Gunsmithing Lathe with Stand

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    When we set out to design a professional gunsmithing lathe, our G0509G, we felt that we should also make a smaller starter lathe for aspiring hobby gunsmiths. Don't let the "smaller" size fool you - this is a serious metal lathe with many features that will allow you to turn and chamber barrels just like the bigger one. Plus, it's one heck of a metal cutting lathe. Check out all the interesting features on this puppy!

    Standard Equipment:

    • 6" 3-Jaw chuck with 2 piece reversible jaws
    • 8" 4-Jaw Chuck with reversible jaws
    • 10" faceplate
    • Steady rest with roller tips
    • Follow rest with roller tips
    • Toolbox
    • Quick-change tool post with one tool holder
    • 2 MT#3 dead centers (1 carbide tipped)
    • 1 MT#3 live center
    • Set of seven change gears
    • 1/2" chuck w/ MT#3 arbor


    • High-quality NSK spindle bearings
    • Removable gap bed allows turnings up to 17" in diameter
    • Nine spindle speeds - ranging from 70 to 1,400 RPM
    • Easy-to-use lever controls
    • Hardened and ground cast-iron bed
    • Cuts 4-112 Standard TPI and 0.2-4.5 Metric
    • Full-length splash guard
    • Spindle on/off reverse switch on carriage
    • Halogen work light
    • Ball bearing steady/follow rests
    • Outboard end support screws
    • Socket for tailstock lock
    • Heavy-duty steel stand
    • Cast-aluminum gear cover
    • D1-5 spindle nose (6 pin)
    • 1.57" spindle bore


    • Motor: 2 HP, 220V, single-phase, 8.5 Amps, 60 Hz, 1725 RPM
    • Swing over bed: 12"
    • Swing over gap: 17"
    • Swing over cross slide: 7"
    • Distance between centers: 36"
    • Bed width: 7-1/4"
    • Spindle bore: 1.57"
    • Spindle nose taper: MT#5
    • Spindle nose: D1-5 Camlock
    • Cross slide travel: 6-1/4"
    • Compound travel: 3-1/4"
    • Carriage travel: 30-1/2"
    • Tailstock barrel taper: MT#3
    • Tailstock barrel travel: 4"
    • Number of speeds: 9
    • Range of speeds: 70, 200, 220, 270, 360, 600, 800, 1000, 1400 RPM
    • Height w/o stand: 23"
    • Height w/ stand: 54-1/2"
    • Length w/ stand: 61"
    • Width of stand: 26"
    • Approximate shipping weight: 1330 lbs.



    4 Customer Reviews (4.8 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

    Erie, PA
    A solid lathe. 12/31/2015

    I have had this lathe since October and have done several small projects on it. It was a bit more difficult to install than the instructions implied. The lathe weighs 1000 pounds and I had no ceiling height to use a forklift, so did it with a shop crane. You need a buddy to help with this. You cannot assemble the base, bolt it to the floor, and then place the lathe on it. You must place the lathe on the loosely assembled base so you can line up the mounting bolts to the holes. Then I found that toe clamping it to the floor was easier to do than marking the holes through the base, moving the machine, and drilling the holes and moving the machine back. There was no room in the pockets provided for the floor bolts. Once leveled, and clamped to the floor at 8 places, this machine is surprisingly accurate. Several things I did not like: Bolts that hold compound are indexed in the cross slide so as to make it impossible to lock it down at 90 degrees. Carriage and cross slide locks are wimpy setscrews, but seem to work minimally. Machine was a bit noisy But is quieting down as it is broken in. There are several chips and scuffs in the paint and labels. Carriage handwheel set screws are in an inconvenient location to set zero. The swinging cover at the spider bolts at rear of spindle is just plain in the way, making indication of long shaft difficult, unless you remove it. Still, I have wanted my own lathe for 40 years, and now I have one, and it is nice to make projects any time I want.

    Stormer 59
    Billings, MT
    Good Product 4/29/2016

    I ordered my Lathe and in less than a week it was delivered. I was actually startled when Fex Ex freight called announced that it would be delivered soon. With the help of some friends and a forklift we set the machine up. The stand leaves much to be desired, in fact I could have built a better one on my worst day. Unless it's properly anchored, the machine can easily tip over causing great injury and damage. If it were 6 inches wider, it would be much safer to handle. I will build a nice solid table with shelves and drawers to store the tooling underneath the machine. The dump will be a nice new home for the stand.

    The machine itself is fantastic. It is well built and is of great quality and I'm sure it will hold tight tolerances. The electrical was easy to hook up and it runs smoothly after running it in according to the manual.

    If this machine was available without the stand, it would be a fantastic lathe for under $3000.00

    Ole G's
    Lousiville, KY
    Pretty nice 5/9/2016

    I purchased this lathe and probably within a week it was in my shop. I had a friend of mine with a engine hoist assist me in lifting it up to the stand. I took my time and in amazement It went faster than expected and everything aligned pretty easy. I did have to adjust the brackets to the front panel of the stand but it was no biggy. I am just glad I can do some barrels and other big jobs from my mini lathe.

    Davie, Fla.
    Good product with tweaking 5/15/2016

    Received the lathe in good order and UPS Freight did a good job including liftgate delivery. No problem installing the lathe by myself using a Harbor Freight engine hoist. Made sure to move all the heavy stuff (carriage, tailstock) to the heavy end and lifted with a chain. That left the light end weighing about 40 lbs. Moved it around (slowly) with the engine hoist and a creeper under the light end. When it came time to lift it onto the cabinets, lifted the light end with one hand and put wood blocks/concrete blocks under in 6" increments while raising the heavy end in corresponding increments with the engine hoist. The final step was the light end onto the cabinet with the chip pan in place and then the heavy end set down with the engine hoist. Got the holes lined up and bolts started in about 10 minutes. The headstock had no oil in it from the factory. 4 qts of Valvoline 40 weight took care of that. The carriage had some oil in it, but was a little low. Topped that off too. All in all, the lathe works great! Wonderful replacement for my starter lathe that I have been using for about a year. The owner's manual gives you an example of 13 TPI threading. Wait til you try metric. Lots of surprises when changing the gears. Took me about 2 to 3 hours to get that set up the first time. Now that I have some things straightened out, it will take about half an hour next time. Don't look for the manual to help you on that. Once set up, the lathe cuts accurate threads. I love the location of the spindle lever (turns the spindle on and off with forward/reverse feature). Makes threading and all turning operations a breeze. It's right where your hand wants to go as you are using the lathe. I took the vertical piece of sheet metal that spans the space between the two cabinets and cut it with a torch and bent the edges 1" 90 degrees. Took the brackets and redrilled holes so they would mount horizontal and mounted the sheet metal to make a nice shelf in between the cabinets. Lots of unused space down there. In homage to Grizzly I took the fancy medallion and mounted it on the door of the larger cabinet. The lathe comes with a nice piston type quick change tool post. It is probably me, but I just don't like the action of the piston lock. I modified the mount a little and installed my BXA wedge type quick change tool post and now I'm happy with that.

    Still making little tweaks, but all in all, I really like the lathe. I'm pretty sure it is all I will ever need in my lifetime. Lots of capabilities that I never had. Not sure how it will go removing the gap for some of my larger projects that I have planned. At least that option is there. The lathe is just right for me and I don't think I will ever regret the money spent.

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