Grizzly   |  Model: G0555LX
14" Deluxe Bandsaw
Reg: $655.00
Price: $625.00
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Grizzly G0555LX - 14" Deluxe Bandsaw

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The G0555LX 14" Deluxe Bandsaw has many of the same great specifications and features as our extremely popular G0555, but with the following notable differences:
  • Computer-balanced cast-iron wheels
  • Sturdy T-shape fence design

Certified to UL & CSA standards!


  • All ball bearing construction
  • Cast-iron frame
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table
  • Computer balanced cast-iron wheels with rubber tires
  • 4" dust port
  • Upper and lower ball bearing blade guides and thrust bearings
  • Open frame stand
  • Includes 3/8" blade, extruded aluminum fence, and miter gauge
  • Rack-and-pinion guide post adjustment for upper blade guides


  • Motor: 1 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase, TEFC, 1725 RPM, prewired 110V
  • Amps: 11A at 110V, 5.5A at 220V
  • Table size: 14" x 14" x 1-1/2"
  • Table tilt: 45 deg. right, 10 deg. left
  • Floor to table height: 43"
  • Cutting capacity/throat: 13-1/2"
  • Maximum cutting height: 6"
  • Blade size: 93-1/2" (1/8" to 3/4" wide)
  • Blade speed: 1800, 3100 FPM
  • Overall dimensions: 27" wide x 67-1/4" high x 30" deep
  • Approximate shipping weight: 246 lbs.
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Superb. 11/6/2018

Extremely well designed, manufactured, and documented. Great value, very glad I bought it.


I have owned a Rockwell then its followup for years. The Grizzly far out performs all previous high end band saws. I am extremely please with every facet of it. I set it up using the you-tube suggestions from the roller guide company. I love it !


Nice bandsaw. Ordered it and received it a week later. Received it and had the driver place it on top of my garden wagon, (rated for 1,000 lbs). Had to pay the extra money to have it taken off the semi. Two boxes - one smaller and lighter. The big box weighed about 200 lbs. Put it together quickly and had my wife and daughter-in-law help lift it on the stand. Put casters on the bottom holes of the stand. Works well, I am satisfied so far. Nice looking saw.

Nice! 10/7/2018

Bought this a few weeks ago and have been using it regularly. Absolutely no issues or complaints. I think the directions could be slightly more thorough, in that they left out a couple steps, but since I have half a brain I figured it out. I'm new at using a bandsaw so wasn't familiar with releasing the tension on the blade when not in use. Discovered that from another publication -- nothing in the Grizzly manual about that. I'm not particularly impressed with how sharp the blade is (don't think it's me) as it really struggles to cut anything thicker than 3".

First Grizzly product. 10/6/2018

Impressed so far for its price point. I made a video review (and some helpful assembly tips) but the file size is too big for this website space. Email me and I will send to you: jkwright 60 AT GeeMale. I ordered the T28000 rolling stand and found I had to hacksaw off 3 inches on each of the width square tubes to that the wheeled cart fit snugly to the bandsaw base. Otherwise, with all that extra "slop" the say might have been less stable. No big deal though. The documentation and instructions are excellent, an often overlooked component of machines. I ordered some Timber Wolf blades in place of the standard ones. I lifted the saw itself up onto the base using a comealong attached to the main rafters in my garage workshop. It worked very well in raising the saw up to the base top. The shipping cartoons for both the saw and rolling cart were badly ripped and punctured but neither seem to have been damaged. All parts and components appear to be present. Leveling the table square to the blade was a cinch. Squaring the table slot to the blade did require a bit of adjustment but seems fine. The fence was square to that mitre slot out of the box. Blade tensioning is a simple matter. Adjustment of the bearings was a non event. My test cut against the fences was outstanding . . . smooth edge and straight with no blade wandering. This bandsaw purchase was an addition to the 20-inch European $3,500 bandsay I already own. I will devote mostly to resawing and the bigger stuff. Frankly, I see using this Grizzly bandsaw far more than my big one. One more thing: I suggest using kerosene to clean the cosmoline off the cast iron table. It took me no more than 15 minutes to clean it well followed by a couple coats of Johnson Paste Wax which I have used for more than ten years on my heavy duty large equipment cast iron surfaces.


I would definitely recommend my Grizzly G0555LX band saw to others.


I like the saw. It was well packaged and easy to assemble. Good documentation. I would suggest that a buyer purchase some additional blades in different widths. The blade that comes with it is probably better for re sawing wood. I have no used it very much and will have a better idea of how it works after a few months.

Solid 8/13/2018

After a very intuitive setup process, this saw cuts extremely true. Went through some 16/4 ash product wth 4 inch radius curves very accurately, with hardly any cleanup. This will not be the last Grizzly product I own, its opened the door for more, mainly because of the real quality I see.

Jody P
Best bandsaw I've ever owned. 8/11/2018

I bought the Grizzly G0555LX 14" Bandsaw with the 6" Riser Block. This bandsaw is the quietest, smoothest, bandsaw I've ever used or owned. I've been a Finish Carpenter since 1994 and mainly have worked with Stain Grade materials. I've been a Cabinetmaker since 1998 and the last 15+ years I've mainly concentrated my skills on refurbishing Solid Wood Furniture, and making Custom, (One of a kind), Tables, Beds, and Furniture Pieces of every sort. This bandsaw is a True Game Changer for my shop. My last bandsaw finally died and after buying this Bandsaw from Grizzly, I had no idea what I was missing. Never have I worked on a bandsaw this quiet, and certainly able to resaw Eastern White Oak at 12" wide. I was a bit worried with the 1 horsepower motor not having enough muscle to cut thru the Harder woods I use and with a 1/2" 3TPI Timberwolf blade I purchased, the Bandsaw cuts through my lumber like a hot knife through butter. The feed rate is quick and precise, even resawing to a 1/4", the blade has no drift. I love it. Thank you Grizzly for making such a wonderful product.

Nice affordable saw 8/3/2018

The saw is well built and well worth the price. I think it is a really good looking saw as well. The blade runs true and the roller guides do an excellent job. Plenty of power for 2 inch boards. One issue is the plastic blade protector on the riser. The plastic is flexible and rubs the blade. I note the riser extension has a metal protector which is what works best. I also would like to see a tire brush for the bottom wheel. Maybe as an accessory in the future.

Charles J
Very nice Band saw 7/8/2018

this is the first band saw I have ever had so far it has been wonderful its quiet and runs well
I did have to adjust the belt on the motor as it was to loose I also installed a better blade the one they give you is crap
I gave it four stars because of the way it came the boxes were really bashed up thank god it was packed in very thick
Styrofoam so it was undamaged you need to do a better job at shipping.


Absolutely. The saw and base are great. The assembly instructions were clear and easy to follow. I would recommend this saw for anyone needing a good reliable 14" band saw.

Outstanding Bandsaw for the Money 6/20/2018

I received the G0555LX bandsaw and got it set up about a month ago. The wheels came pretty dead-on parallel and planar to one another, with great out of the box blade tracking. In addition to the expected adjustment and tuning of the cutting guides (which is necessary on ANY saw during setup/blade change), a very minor table adjustment was required to translate/shift the table top about 1/16 of an inch to better align with the center of the table insert (took about 1 minute). All-in-all, a very good value machine for the money, well made and easy to use. I appreciate the detailed instructions with pictures (let's be honest, we all love pictures when we read). The adjustment of the cutting guides was intuitive and easy (unlike some cheaper band saws I have had to set up in the past) and the blade tensioning process was straight forward and fast. The height adjustment of the blade guard feels VERY robust/well made and provides good protection of the cutting blade for small/close work. I was even impressed with the quality of miter gauge included, as I have received cheap feeling/largely plastic miter gauges before (which are essentially worthless). The included fence is pretty good, obviously not a $100+ aftermarket fence (which no one should expect on this level machine), but very solid feeling and easy to install/adjust. My only criticism is that the fence retention mechanism does not slide smoothly along the front aluminum fence mounting rail and gouges a horizontal stripe along the front of the fence mount. After seeing this during my adjustment of the fence after installation, I tried to smooth/relieve the sharp edge of the plate that clamps against the fence mount, but it still gouges the mount if moved to the left. I will pull it off in the future to try to better smooth this side, but it works for now. This is possibly just an unlucky manufacturing defect specific to my fence and is purely cosmetic. Even with this issue, this would NOT stop me from buying another Grizzly product, but it would have been nice to have a properly fitted/finished fence engagement mechanism to prevent damage to the mount.

+ Great value/power for the money
+ Solid feeling operation and well made (over looking the minor issue described above with the fence mount)
+ Easy adjustment/maintenance

Cons: (all are minor issues, but included for completeness)
- Would be nice to have a wider table (although this table is just as wide as any other bandsaw I considered in this price range)
- Cosmetic damage to fence mount due to fit/finish issue of the fence retention mechanism (described in detail above, would not prevent me from buying again)
- Can take some time for the blade to stop due to lack of brake, but should be expected for this level of machinery.

Overall Impression: I am very happy I chose this saw. It has worked very well for my needs, is well designed/thought out, and is well made.

David B
Very Nice Saw 6/20/2018

I bought this saw after a lot of research. It had all the features I wanted. It's a good piece of equipment. You'll need to have someone to help you assemble it due to the weight and somewhat cumbersome nature of the pieces. It took me less than an hour and half to assemble and fine tune the adjustments. I've only cut a few test pieces with it, but it performs flawlessly. Shipping was prompt and it was well packaged. All around a good purchase.

Cuts wood like butter. 6/18/2018

While bought for smaller projects (Derby Cars)i have testing it with larger cuts and even with 4X4 can cut very fine layers. Loving it.

I love this bandsaw! 6/17/2018

I've only done a few projects so far but this has proven to be everything I needed for getting into woodworking. I know it's early still but I haven't found anything it hasn't been able to tackle yet!


I bought this recently and it was freight shipped to my house. The driver from the 3rd party freight company dropped it off and bailed before I could get there to receive it (despite discussing a time on the phone with him -- he was literally speeding away from my house as I pulled up), and there was damage to the boxes... but it was packaged well enough that there was no damage. Assembly was fairly easy and really required only very minor tuning to get everything working correctly. I'm a little sad that the vertical cutting height is so short, but the cut width is pretty great. The worktop and a few components had some nasty sticky residue (likely to keep parts from oxidizing) and it won't come off with any solvent I tried, so I've just been hoping it will wear off with use. It is otherwise working fantastic, and I have no buyer's remorse.

Steve L
Great saw 5/27/2018

Solid construction. Heavy duty saw. When pared with a timberwolf brand blade. Awesome. Take your time setting up and follow all instructions to dial in the saw. When this is done you won't be disappointed. Thanks grizzly. Your loyal customer. Steve L


Just put it together yesterday and I am more than pleased with it. The instructions were great and it took most of a day with interruptions to put it together and get all the setting right. Fired it up and cut some hardwood to test it. No issues and this band saw is just excellent, well built and solid. Everyone that works with wood in some fashion should have one of these at this price.

Scott W
Great saw 5/17/2018

This bandsaw is a solid performer, sturdy and reliable.

Jim S
Great product 5/10/2018

Shipping was handled very well, the UPS driver went beyond just delivering the product, even assisting to move the heavy box from his van into my wood shop. Set up was smooth and everything worked as it should. The band saw purchase begins a complete updating and replacement of my shops power equipment, looking forward to the next Grizzly purchase.

I love my new Bandsaw. It is awesome. 5/9/2018

Hans M

I bought this bandsaw to replace a Craftsman 10" bandsaw that had been damaged. I was satisfied with the Craftsman saw for the limited capability that I needed. The Grizzly G0555LX bandsaw is in another class entirely. It's a seriously capable piece of machinery. I am very pleased with it.


I'm not sure how to enter my opinion on 'overall' and 'recommend' shown above, but I can just go with those.

SO, yes it is a really high quality saw. It has a stronger overall appearance of durability than others. I have not used it more than an hour or so, but it works perfectly. Glad I bought.

Steven K
Excellent saw, very well made and robust in its construction. It is extremely quiet 5/3/2018

When setting it up and dialing it in, it just seems like everything wanted to fall right into place, I didnt have to fight anything. That was the first indication that this is a quality made piece. Using it so nice it is actually fun to use. I have plans for more Grizzley pieces in my shop

Harry M
GREAT SAW 4/16/2018

When I went looking for a new bandsaw last year Grizzly was my first choice, but then this year when I decided to buy it you guys hiked the price up one hundred dollors. So I went looking else were for a saw. But really couldn't find one that I like, so ibought the GOO555LX 14" bandsaw. This saw is AMAZING. A few items where missing but I called tech, by the way very nice conversation, and took care of me right away.
Good job Grizzly.

Harry Myers

Great product... very pkeased 4/15/2018

Solid build! 4/4/2018

This bandsaw is an amazing value! Assembly is straight forward. The boxes are heavy. Get the extra delivery service to have it removed from the truck. Assembly is possible for one stubborn guy but better done by two. I cut a 54 circle table top on day one. It was 6/4 old growth Douglas fir. It cut smooth and as fast as Id ever hope for.


Exceeded my expectations in every way especially for a bandsaw in this price range. Powerful, precise and quality details in the design. Worth the investment!


I purchased the saw a few months ago and finaly put it together and was pleased on how easy it was. the thing is so well built it exceeded my weight restriction so I had my grandson to lift it.

very good bandsaw 3/13/2018

I am very pleased with my band saw. It takes two people to set up, but it was easy to do. The instructions were easy to follow.

David D
solid construction 2/19/2018

I bought this with the extension block. This is a solid built unit and is very durable. All the controls are easy to access. the only problem with the design is the lower door does not open enough to remove the saw blade with the fence rail attached. I removed the rail since i change blades more than I resaw.

Bandsaw works great!!! 2/17/2018

Got the bandsaw and the first day we made over 500 wooden toy blocks with it!

Don H
Excellent addition to shop 2/16/2018

Excellent addition to my small shop. The shipping company had some issues in communication.

This saw was a gift for my son . He is very pleased with it . This is his rating . 2/11/2018

I'm glad I have this saw, wish I had it before .

Troy G
Great bandsaw! 2/7/2018

This is the first bandsaw I've ever owned. I'm very pleased with it. It is very quiet and operates well, having no issues cutting right through anything I have fed it yet. The fence needed a little adjustment to be parallel to the blade, but you can't really expect everything to be perfect out of the box. I have not hooked dust collection up to it yet, so I can't speak on that aspect of it's performance.

Overall good 2/4/2018

I bought this a month ago and I feel good about it. The machine itself has sturdy features and enough power to cut through the aluminum I use it for. The only thing I can say bad about it is the fact there is no brake on the wheel or motor when you power off machine. Blade stays circulating for long time. Very quiet.

awesome machine ,, my second one . also have a table saw . love them both 2/2/2018

Marvin O
Nice Bandsaw 2/2/2018

Purchased this saw in January 2018. Units construction is very well built except for both lower and upper blade doors. only held by one clamp type hinge allowing some rattling of doors. The dust collection system works poorly, better location of vacuum attachment.


Excellent product. Arrived in good shape
, runs smooth and works good. virtually little set up needed . good saw

Kenny R
Fantastic Machine!!! 1/27/2018

I ordered this bandsaw on the 28th of December 2017, I got it today the 3rd of January 2018. I assembled it as soon as it got off the truck. Assembly was very easy. Went together well. I put it to work tonight. I put a 1/8th blade on and cut 2"thick maple. Cutting was smooth and effortless. I am very pleased with this saw. Makes me want to sell my older 20" bandsaw and buy another 20"..

Very Pleased with this Band Saw 1/26/2018

I do woodworking as a hobby, so for each tool I buy, I need to make sure I am getting the most capability, quality, and value for my money. I am an Engineer for my day job, so I am heavily inclined to research the details of equipment I intend to purchase. I did a good bit of research on band saws by brand, size, features and options. There are a lot of great saws out there, and some not so great. I am happy to say, the Grizzly Band Saw G0555LX was the best possible choice for the money. The blend of features, specifications, the solid construction, the adjustability, EVERYTHING pointed to this saw being a great quality purchase. And now that I have had it for a few weeks, and used it several times, I am very pleased with this band saw. If you want to spend more money for a comparable band saw from another brand, go ahead. Every tool maker out there will gladly take your money. But what will you get in return? For me, I work hard for my money and I want capable tools that demonstrate quality and value, both in workmanship and performance. And I believe I have found it all with this Grizzly band saw. For my future tool needs, I'll be looking to Grizzly first, and I doubt I'll have to look any further.

Bill G

I bought this bandsaw a month ago and when I unboxed it the blade tensioner was damaged, I called them sent them pictures and within a few days I had a new part. Set up was easy and machine is running smooth and true. As far as the broken part the experience was wonderful.

Good Product 1/23/2018

I received this item and the box was a bit dinged up but due to the good packaging on the inside, ie. foam and other packing materials, the item was completely undamaged. Assembly of the unit was pretty straight forward with not real catches that I ran into. I do highly suggest getting some help or using mechanical assistance to get the saw itself lifted up onto the stand. Unit was well calibrated out of the box and required only a minor adjustment of the guide wheels. All the cuts I have performed at this time have been square and I have had very little to no blade drift at all.

Overall I am very please with this purchase.

Great product. Shipping was horrible. 1/18/2018

I bought the 14" bandsaw about a month ago. It took a few hours to setup and it runs great. I use my saw primarily for resaw work and it does the job. The only complaint I have is with shipping, the saw left the grizzly warehouse as scheduled and a day or two later I got a call from ups to setup delivery. Ups gave me a time window and a day and I confirmed liftgate service that I payed extra for. They missed the time by hours and the driver wouldn't come down my street after dark. The dispatcher ask me to meet him at a nearby school to pick up the saw, so much for liftgate service.

Ray G
GREAT SAW!!! 1/17/2018

WOW!!! This thing is great!!! There was a bit of confusion with the order but Grizzly really made it great!

Erik G
I really like this saw 1/15/2018

Saw set up with almost no modifications right out of the box. Love the cast iron wheels. Just had to do a few modifications; First I had to use a die grinder to the id of the hole for the throat plate so I could use the delta zero clearance inserts (5x for $10). Then I added two layers of blue painters tape to get the insert flush with the table. The stock plate was not flush either. Second, I added a wheel brush to keep the wheel clean and free of dust. Next I will be adding the urethane band saw tires. I have owned a Jet, Delta, and a Powermatic band saw and I would take this one over them hands down. I also had to do them mods to the other band saws I have owned. Don't hesitate to get this saw, you will NOT be disappointed.

A great saw. 1/14/2018

For the average wood worker this is a great saw.
Easy to assemble following the well illustrated instructions.
Well engineered with good machine tolerances.
Factory preassembly of major components was well done, requiring very little preliminary adjustments.

Edwin W
Very happy with this product. 1/12/2018

Finished final assembly and made the first cut today. I like the results and this is before final tuning. Thanks for a fine product.

Loren C
Should have ordered sooner! 1/11/2018

Turns out my G0555LX banndsaw was my second choice. I waited too long before submitting my original order for the Aniversary edition bandsaw. Turns out this second choice was serendipity at its best. I love this machine! So smooth, so quiet, so solid! Don't hesitate! Buy!

Excellent shop tool 1/11/2018

I needed to resaw Spanish Cedar for my Humidor business. Checked used and less expensive bandsaws from box stores and kept thinking "why am I going cheap on something this important to my business?" (I had been making humidors for 6 years but bought sliced cedar from someone else who decided to go out of business). I am so glad I got this saw, it is absolutely everything it says it is. Worth every cent! I bought the lift block kit also and after buying another resaw fence, I learned the hard way not to be cheap! Returned it and bought the Grizzly resaw fence and now I am slicing 5/16" Spanish cedar like slicing bread!


My wife purchased this bandsaw for me for Christmas. There were some delivery glitches which Grizzly promptly and efficiently resolved, The product itself appears to be well made. The packaging was great and setup went smoothly (take Grizzly's advice though and make sure you have a helper) I tested the saw but my son was the first one to use it on a project and he was very pleased with the results


I bought this as a Christmas gift for myself and it has been wonderful so far I was worried it might not have enough power but Ive been cutting up 12 round and 6 high bowl blanks all week with no issues I also bought the riser block and that is a game changer

Solid product 1/7/2018

Easy assembly and very easy to use. Happy with my purchase.


Our park wood shop purchased this saw as a replacement for an older Craftsman saw. Once we got it put together and set up it is a very good saw.
As I was the "lead assembler", I do have one complaint. The fasteners for the base were a combination of SAE, Metric, and type some type of "almost" both, but actually neither. This lead to a very long FRUSTRATING assembly.
Make all these fasteners either one standard or the other, but definately get rid of the crappy fasteners!.
This is the main reason I gave the saw a lower rating.
Also, there were two different size allen wrenches required for set up, bot only one was included in the package.

Dorrien D

Lovely bandsaw. Smooth and quiet, even when its turned on!

Great saw 12/2/2017

Love the bandsaw. Was pretty straight forward in assembly. I attached a mobile base to it during set up which I like. Has done everything I've needed so far. Made a cool bandsaw box the other day - went well. Only negative was the shipping. It took a long time to get here - the estimated time of delivery was off over a week.

Great bandsaw !!! 11/7/2017

I received the bandsaw and a 6" riser kit about 6 months ago. Assembly was pretty straight forward, even managed to install the riser by myself...took a little balancing and preparation, but I managed. Setting everything up and dialing it in took the longest, but this is the first bandsaw I've ever owned and hadn't used one since HS (31 yrs ago). I would strongly suggest watching Alex Snodgrass's YouTube video for a proper set-up and adjustments....the manual and his suggestions somewhat vary in a few areas, but after setting mine up using his technique, I am very pleased with the performance of the bandsaw. I haven't tried resawing anything yet, but plan to in the near future. Overall, I feel this is the best bang for your buck--hands down !!!!!

seems to be very well contructed 11/6/2017

It took a while to get there was a back order but was worth the wait very easy to put together and runs great.

Very impressed! 10/30/2017

As a hobbyist, this saw is perfect. The unit is a solid piece of machinery - very few plastic or weak parts. Very smooth and quiet operation. It is more than enough for my needs and I'm very happy with the purchase. I would recommend this unit to any serious hobbyist who is looking for a solid bandsaw for their shop.


I received my G0555LX 14 " bandsaw a few weeks ago and I am very pleased with the quality, operation and the design of the machine. I ordered this machine the middle of June and it was backordered because of the sale that was on. I received it the first week in October. I was very anxious to get the saw but was going to wait for what ever time it took to get it. I have 3 other Grizzly machines, 20" planer, 8" jointer and a 10" 3 HP table saw that I am pleased with. Thank you for building good quality machines. Jerry Cardwell

awesome looking machine 10/28/2017

Just received the bandsaw. Great heavy machine can't wait to use it.


Great machine works very well and is a very handy machine


My son loves this Bandsaw!! He has expressed many times over what an amazing machine this is!
Thank you Grizzly for making such great quality machinery.


Very pleased One weld on a foot broke so I remover all of the adjustable legs as I put the saw on a mobile base. You don't need to pay for lift gate service. 2 people can easily slide the saw of the truck. I should be getting a refund on this fee, as the delivery truck didn't have a lift gate. Overall, I would recommend this saw and I will shop Grizzly in the future.


the best move I have made in a long time.very pleased with my new14" G0555LX deluxe bandsaw.would like to say thanks for fast an promt delivery.

Randy H

love this saw ,easy to set up, great instructions and is a joy to use

Jim S
works well 6/2/2017

I bought this a while ago. Easy to set and tune. Instructions were good. Delivery was a little disappointing. Had to pay $35 just have them lower it to the road with their lift gate, then had to dolly it 180 ft up my driveway. Still it was a good investment and I enjoy using it.

David M

Very pleased with this saw. Perfect for a start up shop.

great saw 6/2/2017

i have bought other machines from GRIZZLY and this saw has the same quality as the others . great saw ! for a price you cant beat.

Michael G
Good Value 6/2/2017

Joe K

Looked at many options and almost went for a cheaper bandsaw. Actually my co-worker purchased a 1/2 hp Wen and immediately regretted it after using my Grizzly.
Good power, heavy duty, easy blade change are 3 reason I would recommend this bandsaw to anyone.
I do not have dust collection outside of a shop vac so I had to rig a reducing coupler on the back but that was cheap enough.
Overall great machine. Next on my list spindle and disc sander.

Devon A
awesome product 6/2/2017

I am very glad that I bought this product I'm constantly finding new and useful ways to use it.. I had no problems setting up awesome quality

Steven K
This is a great bandsaw! 6/2/2017

I bought this bandsaw about 2 months ago with the Shop Fox mobile base and the 6 inch riser block. It took about 3 hours to assemble and tune the saw, and only 20 minutes of that was for adjustments! I think that because I installed the riser block the blade adjustments needed extra attention. I have resawed, sawed some apple wood into boards, and made a bunch of bandsaw boxes,and I am very pleased with the performance of this bandsaw.

Jayme J
Meets My Every Expectation 6/2/2017

I was somewhat apprehensive about replacing my 12" Jet bandsaw with this saw, but I've had the 14" Grizzly Deluxe Bandsaw for a few months now and could not be more pleased with it. I'm impressed with how solid it is, the smooth finish on the table, and the value represented by the inclusion of a high quality rip fence, miter gauge, and roller guides. The only addition that would make it better is a tire brush. I've added one from Carter and it works well. Thank you for the great addition to my shop.

absolutley an awesome machine 6/2/2017

very satisfied with the machine.It is a huge improvement over what i had.I only wish i got the GO555X instead but im perfectly satisfied with the GL555XL Looking foward to my next grizzly machine

Court W

I have had this saw for 3 months or so, and am still learning the ins and outs as it is the first bandsaw that I have ever owned. Seems to have plenty of power and does what I have asked it to do.

My only complaint so far is that the housing for the lower right guide bearing cracked in the first 2 days - effectively making that particular bearing useless. If the blade contacts that bearing, it falls off. Because of this issue, I have been a bit hesitant to really dive in and work on my bandsaw skills.

I have no doubt that as a newbie to bandsaws I did something to cause the failure (at least partially), but it was shocking that it broke so easily and early in the life of the saw.

I was so excited about ordering this saw as it was my first tool purchase that came from somewhere other than Lowe's or Home Depot, and I was envisioning a garage full of Grizzly tools. I must admit that I am now hesitant to pull the trigger on what was going to be a major upgrade to my tablesaw.

Love this bandsaw! 6/2/2017

Indispensable for me! It's a great size; big enough for re-sawing yet small enough for curve cuts. One of my favorite things I ever bought. Worth every penny and then some.

Brandon S

It's outstanding. Well made... heavy... just a great saw. You won't hear any complaints from me:) if you're on the fence about this one pull the trigger :) A+

William T
Everything I wanted for a reasonable price. Quiet 6/1/2017

Ao far i am very happy. This saw seems accurate and fairly quiet. The table is solid and no vibration. All i did was to verify squareness and tweek the tracking and guide bearings. Cuts 4" thick cherry no problem at all

Love it 6/1/2017

One of the BEST TOOLS I EVER PURCHASED!!! 6/1/2017

I purchased this bandsaw in the spring. It's one of the BEST TOOLS I HAVE EVER PURCHASED.


Chad C
Happy I bought this bandsaw 5/31/2017

I bought this bandsaw in January 2017 and am very pleased with it. I bought the riser block as well. Installation was a breeze. I do recommend having a helper when installing the riser block. After installing the riser block I was prepared to have to shim it to align the saw, nope. Did not have to shim it at all. I followed all the instructions and watched all the videos provided by Grizzly on the setup of this saw. I have now ran full cuts through the saw and am still very happy with this purchase.

On a side note, I have dealt with Grizzly's customer service a couple times now, asking information about different products. It is hands down the easiest and best customer service department I have ever dealt with. Thank you Grizzly.

Larry D

For the price it is a excellent Bandsaw. I have used it several times and have no regrets on my purchase.

great bandsaw 5/5/2017

Awesome bandsaw, smooth clean cuts, virtually no vibration, dust collections work pretty darn good, If you haven't noticed, I am a happy camper.

fred F
Great bandsaw 5/4/2017

Lawrence P

What a great saw.....package arrived intact .....saw was aligned like a charm.... Glad I bought this from Grizzly!!!

Best band saw for the money I have ever used!!! I am 48 and been woodworking since 12!!!!! 5/4/2017

Brycen B
Great Saw for the Price 4/5/2017

I bought this saw a few weeks ago and was extremely impressed at the fit and finish of the machine. shipping was fast and easy and it arrived without any damage. If you are looking for a new band saw I would take a solid look at this one.

Understated quality ! 3/13/2017

I have only been using the G0555LX for about 3 weeks now, but after using an old Delta 3 wheel band saw with "shade tree engineered" guides I can only say WOW! Setting up the machine was amazingly simple and straightforward.
I actually purchased this machine because of the guides. I checked out a couple of other saws at local retailers, but after watching the Grizzly set-up videos it was pretty much settled.
Using the included blade I have been able to cut down a 5 inch slab into 3/16 veneers (Padauk), just a couple passes through a drum sander to remove the blade marks.
I will be getting the riser block kit as soon as possible to expand the saws capabilities to 12 inches.

Cory C

Great machine out of the box. Great edition to my shop. The reviews were dead on. Highly recommend this product!

Great Value, Fast Shipping, 1/31/2017

I always research a product that I'm going to work with over the long haul. I read nothing but great reviews about this saw and I can attest that this is a great product. Also, fast shipping and a real manual you can understand.

Great Bandsaw! Much better than the one I had. 1/27/2017

I bought this bandsaw a few weeks ago and I also purchased the 6 inch riser for it. It resaws geat, After fine tuning the saw, I was able to resaw wide boards with just a few thousands difference using digital calipers. Great saw, well worth the price. Should have done this years ago.

Love it. 1/27/2017

Very happy with the saw. Can't wait to get the resaw fence.


Anyone shopping for this size and class of cast frame band saw has discovered all these come from Asia and are essentially clones of one original design and are made and assembled to numerous specifications for House Branding and various price points.
I see Grizzly as obviously setting a high quality spec for their globally sourced tools in terms of build quality, fit and finish, and functional features. Their catalog can be a little numbing at first in terms of all their numerous offerings of very similar tools but it prompts you to think about what kind of work you will likely do and how much of it you'll likely do in order to make the best choice. I shopped for several weeks before selecting Grizzlies 'Deluxe Band Saw' since I liked the cast iron wheels, the vertical cam operated blade tensioner, the rack and pinion blade guide adjustment, the ball bearing blade guides, and the very excellent guide fence and miter gauge.

The Deluxe Saw is an interesting offering since it is a different saw, made in a different factory, and with few interchangeable parts with their other 14" saws. It makes you wonder which is their premier saw... the Ultimate or the Deluxe since they are priced the same. The Deluxe seems to be a progression on the original 14" format with further developed features but the same functionality. I sense there is no difference in quality and you just pick the one that connects with you. I might question which one will they ultimately support for inventory control... but it's likely a moot point since any service parts you will likely need will be minor and likely universal to both.

So, I checked 'Lift Gate Service' since attempting to pick it up yourself won't be free either and you will need a stout helper... it's heavy. My lift gate deliverer actually wheeled it into my garage although they aren't supposed to. I was grateful... it's heavy. If you're a bit on the senior side like me... check the 'Lift Gate' box.

Packaging is Excellent. the boxes are heavy double wall corrugated board and the components are plastic wrapped and cradled in custom molded styro foam shells. That's about as good as it gets and unless your saw is dropped from five or more feet or is pierced by a fork lift it should arrive unscathed. My boxes are in excellent shape and we're trying to figure how to repurpose them. This packing wasn't cheap.

You're gonna enjoy unpacking this saw... it's nice stuff... it's nicely made, it's nicely painted, nicely packed. Even the brass tone Grizzly Emblem is a nice die casting... saw candy. The base is substantial heavy gauge steel, Nicely painted and decaled. The holes line up and it assembles easily. You should have a helper assist in mounting the saw on the base, it's not that heavy but it is heavy-awkward and you don't want to scratch up the base landing it and aligning the holes.

I've written several instruction manuals and I see a nice effort in the Grizzly manual, some pictures could be better, and you might find a revision sheet in yours as required but its a nice booklet. I had no problem assembling and setting up the saw. The wheel alignment was spot on and most the effort was in setting up the blade guides. I like nice stuff and I was able to get the required precision during the set up. Sure, it has it's price point, but I think Grizzly did an excellent job of meeting it with a quality product. If you want even more precision, spend twice as much. Plan to relax, read the manual, take your time and enjoy handling the parts and getting it aligned spot on. You'll likely align the saw, cut a couple boards, tweek the alignment, make some more cuts, and play with it just for the experience.

The blade that comes with the saw is good for something... maybe thin plywood or straight cuts in soft metal... not sure. Research the available blades and order what you need when you order the saw. The saw runs vibration free and with the iron wheels and thin multi-V drive belt, takes it's time coasting down after being switched off... it's Very well balanced and smooth running.

The cam operated blade tensioner operates very well... it just seems a nicer machined device than the linkage mechanism on the other saws although it does the same thing... just a preference thing.

The rack and pinion vertical blade guide adjust is rather extraneous, but it's machined, has gears, a hand wheel, and the Engineer in me likes it. I did notice the frame mounted threaded pin that intersects the keyway in the round vertical post that holds the blade guides was drilled a bit off center in the frame. This tended to rotate the gear rack relative to the hand wheel pinion gear. I don't know if this is on purpose since it removes the gear lash from the mechanism and gives it a solid feel... or it's a production variable. If it was centered, the hand wheel would have some gear slop... It could be done just to make Engineers wonder. I made an eccentric pin for mine, got it square and centered, and now I have a bit of gear slop... There, I aligned my universe... my planets just wiggle a bit.

The rip fence, miter gauge and machined table are all first rate. The tilt table and trunions are functional, the tilt action works adequate although the Grizzly folks might see if it presents in the way they desire.

Overall I am very pleased with this saw and would highly recommend it as an excellent choice in this price range for build quality and functional features. If you are considering a saw with lesser power and/or features, do look at the cost to upgrade to a better drive, bearing blade guides, a precision rip fence and miter gauge if you think you will grow into those needs. I found it's better to ante up at the initial purchase.

Good hunting.

Stan N
First band saw 1/26/2017

Great saw so far. I've only used it on a couple of small projects but I love it. You will definitely want help putting it together. I bought the riser block and the heavy duty mobile base and everything works great.

Great Bandsaw 1/26/2017

I love it. Easy to set up and use. The only problem I have is getting the 1/8 inch blade to line up, but I know that is operator error. LOL

Ray D
Great saw 1/26/2017

The saw ran great but once I upgraded the blade and added Cool Blocks the saw ran even better. Stock blade was terrible compared to the upgrade blade. I highly recommend this machine!

Very Pleased. Better than expected 1/26/2017

This was just delivered yesterday. The delivery driver was great, package arrived in good condition. 2 boxes, one was 202lbs the other 42lbs. Be prepared to have help moving them especially into a basement, like me. Completed set up today. few hours each day. Maybe 6-8 total, took my time and read everything twice. Only 2 calls to tech support (minimal wait time and very helpful/knowledgeable ). One call was about the rear fence attachment. Cap-screw has to go through a larger hole in the fence and into another smaller one on the opposite side of the fence, was not clear in instructions. Could have figured it out but wanted to make sure. Second call was about two replacement eccentrics pieces (guide bearing adjustments) that were included. There are 4 eccentrics on the saw. Instructions did not say whether they were for the top or bottom. They were for the top ones. They included a padlock to lock the on/off switch. Piece of junk, they should not include it and save the $.01 or less it cost them.

After assembly turned it on and has some noise, clicking and whining. Adjusted guide bearings and tried again. Smooooth....nooo vibrations. First cut was a moon shape piece of 2.1/4 thick maple. Cut without a problem, take it slow. Somewhere I read on-line to throw away the blade provided and get a good one. I have no issues with the one provided. Probably not the highest quality but it worked fine. Overall construction of the saw was very good, good fit and finish. This is better than expected. Is it the finest saw ever produced? Probably not but for the $ even with delivery this is a nice saw. I was leery because of shipping charges (we got spoiled with Amazon free shipping on everything). I will not hesitate to buy Grizzly again and pay shipping. Cost plus shipping still worth it.

CAUTION! Make sure the blade has stopped before sticking your hands near he blade. OK I know it seems like common sense and sometimes over-kill in manuals. BUT it takes a bit for the blade to stop and it is quiet as it slows down. Just saying! Came close to a scraped/sliced finger on my first cut.....maybe that's why there are warnings......ya think.

In conclusion. Buy it. I looked at Laguna, Jet and Delta. Laguna is a very nice saw but you pay for it. As a friend of mine said, "you can brag about having a luguna, but you have money left over to buy beers for your buds if you get a Grizzly". Jet was a nice saw, couple hundred more expensive, but nothing to warrant the extra $. Delta was just fine, mother said if you can't say something nice don't say it. Not that there is anything wrong with it.

That's all.

Warren H
Great product! 1/26/2017

I bought this a month ago and very pleased with it. Just ordered the extension kit so I can resaw 12" logs.

So far, so good! 1/5/2017

Bought the G0555LX on sale, added the 6" riser and swapped in a 1/2" 3tpi blade. Not difficult to set up by my self. Since I was planning on adding the riser block, the easy way to set up the bottom part is to just remove the upper arm assembly while still in the box. Set it up, fiddle in the new locking bolt through the upper arm and riser block. Tighten it up and ready to proceed. The wheels were still reasonably aligned after installing the riser block. Worked through the rest of the steps, installed the 1/2" 3tpi blade, set the guides and thrust bearings. Table leveled out very easily, just a little bit of fussing. Fence parallel to the blade for the first test. With the saw adjusted, it tracked with no appreciable drift. And went through 6" cherry like it was nothing. Don't have anything wider prepped for re-saw right now so that the 10" material test will have to wait for a few days. But for the sale price, it seems to be a good quality saw.

FYI, not a fancy blade, just the Grizzly house brand 1/2" 3tpi. Will keep an eye on how it works over time and will be a good candidate for experimenting with sharpening bandsaw blades.

Happy 7/9/2016

Dont think I could be happier with this purchase after a couple of weeks. Nice piece of equipment, after assembly and reading the manual on adjustments to make I really didnt have to make any but the guide bearings.

I have wanted to resaw firewood we have access to for years but was a little worried if this saws 1hp was enough. I also bought a riser block, a resaw blade and gave it test on about 8 inch cedar. It ate it up with little effort.

So far I have resawn cedar, ash and magnolia and the saw has performed beautifully.

Shipping was fine, when they called I just arranged to pick it up from trucking depot. Assembly was straight forward. Its heavy and solid 232 lbs?


Quality at a great price. 12/28/2015

I purchased this band saw as my first one. I have 2 other Grizzly power tools and love both of them, so I thought it was a safe venture. It arrived packed like dynamite and was in perfect shape. The assembly was easy, and the fit was superb. I took plenty of care putting the saw together and checking the adjustments. Grizzly makes this easy because you put it together and it is set. No fine tuning needed with these tools. The saw does everything they said it would do and more. I like being able to have top quality tools without breaking the bank. it saves money for more accessories.

Good product 12/13/2015

Purchased the G0555LX a few days ago based upon online reviews. Check Amazon for reviews but the best price is here at For full disclosure- I've never owned a bandsaw before.

First the good....shipping, assembly, quality and results were all good. I did not need to pay extra for a lift service on delivery- the shipper offloaded with a power fork lift and dropped them right in my garage. No damages. I attached the base to the main unit while it was horizontal and then, with a friends help, tilted it upright. Instructions were OK. With the table off and tension on the blade, I used a good straightedge and found the top wheel to be 1/8 inch back from the plane of the lower wheel. Parallel but not coplanar. The instructions suggest to correct this with shims but this conflicts with their assurance that the wheels were aligned at the factory. Hmmmm. I left it as is and had no problem maintaining blade centering once everything else was tuned and adjusted. Now the bad...The tension scale was grossly off, the band saw blade was of poor quality, and the guide post wandered to the left from its high to low position. Here are the details...1) Setting the tension scale for the 3/8" blade provided, and with the quick release lever engaged, I could use my fingers to pull the blade up off the upper wheel by 1/4". Very loose! Recalibrating the scale was a little hit and miss but eventually I think I corrected it. With good tension and despite the wheels being non-coplanar, the blade tracked well especially after tweaking the tracking knob. Then, after adding the table, optimizing the guide bearings and believing everthing was adjusted properly, I turned it on. Sounded good except for a repetitive clicking that revealed a bad weld in the blade plus it cut 3/4 pine very slow and rough. Replacing this with a new woodslicer blade from Highland WW, was far-far better! 2) Then I discovered that when I adjusted the bearing guides (~0.016" off the blade) with the guide post in the full, up position, then lowered the guide post to just above a 3/4 board, the right sided bearing was seriously deflecting the blade. I estimate the travel to be at least 1/16". I figited and fussed, replaced the stock blade, replaced the bearing mounts (extras are provided), and the problem went away. ???? I don't have a clue. I've a 1/4" woodslicer on there now- it'll be interesting to see how it tracks with a 1/2 inch reslicer blade.
So....It had issues. But after adjustments and replacing the stock blade it purrs right along. Overall I am pleased.

S. Hart
Customer Review 1/1/2015

I purchased the G0555LX band saw and must say that it is one very well made machine. I would recommend this saw to anyone wanting a 14" saw. It is heavy and does not have any vibration, the table is flat, I also liked the micro adjusters for the blade rollers. Thanks for making an affordable professional band saw.

A satisfied customer.

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Common Questions and Answers about the G0555LX:

What are the key differences between the various G0555 Series machines?

Aside from paint color and labeling, the G0555 and G0555P are identical machines; they are equipped with a 1 HP motor, aluminum wheels, manually-adjustable guide post, extruded aluminum fence, and open-style stand. The G0555X was built with the same basic design as the G0555/G0555P, but it is equipped with a 1.5 HP motor, cast-iron wheels, manually-adjustable guide post, a cabinet-style stand, a worklight, and a cast-iron fence with optional resaw fence attachment. The G0555LX and G0555LANV, aside from appearances, are also identical machines; however, they are built from a different design than the G0555/G0555P, so very few parts are interchangeable. The G0555LX and G0555LANV are equipped with a 1 HP motor, cast-iron wheels, extruded aluminum fence, rack-and-pinion adjustable guide post, open-style stand, and a padlock for the ON/OFF switch.

What is needed for converting this machine to 220V?

First, review the circuit requirements in the Owner's Manual to make sure you have the appropriate 220V power supply circuit and wall receptacle installed in your shop. Converting the machine to 220V involves (1) disconnecting saw from power supply, (2) cutting off existing power cord plug, (3) reconfiguring wire connections inside the motor junction box, and (4) installing the appropriate 220V plug (see Owner's Manual for full details). CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electrocution or fire, only an electrician or qualified service personnel should perform this procedure.

What is CSA? What does "CSA Certified" mean?

CSA (Canadian Standards Association) is an organization based out of Canada that is very similar to UL (Underwriters Laboratory) in the USA. Like UL, CSA provides two primary services. First, they develop Canada's minimum standards for the design, construction, and safety of a wide variety of products that are commercially sold in that country. These standards are completely voluntary and not a requirement for all products sold in Canada. Second, CSA acts as an NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory), which is essentially a 3rd party testing agency that has their own engineers/inspectors test and evaluate a product to ensure that it meets the requirements established in the applicable standards document for the primary market where the products are sold. In Grizzly's case, this is the USA and Canada, so many Grizzly machines are certified (usually by CSA, UL, or ETL) to meet both CSA (Canada) and UL (USA) standards. So, although CSA produces their own standards, any NRTL (such as UL, ETL, TUV, etc.) can also certify the same products to the CSA standards. The reason why one NRTL is used over another typically just boils down to a business decision by the company paying the NRTL to test/evaluate their products. An important part of any NRTL certification, besides the initial testing/evaluation, is the ongoing compliance requirements necessary to maintain the certification. This involves both regular and random product checks by the NRTL's inspectors or engineers at the factory or on the consumer level.

If I put a riser block on my bandsaw, do I lose 6" of adjustment with the blade?

No, the riser block kits include a replacement guide post and blade guard, which allows the guide blocks to be adjusted within the full range of the additional 6" cutting height gained by its installation.

General Questions and Answers:

How do I know what type of blade I should buy?

Blade choice is typically determined by the type and purpose of cut, the hardness and thickness of wood, and the desired trade-offs between cutting speed vs. cutting quality. In general, a wider blade is preferred for cutting straight lines because the blade tends to wander less, and a narrower blade is preferred for cutting curves because it has a much tighter minimum cutting radius. The two main types of blade teeth are "Hook" and "Raker". Hook teeth tend to cut faster and leave rougher results, while Raker teeth tend to cut slower and leave smoother results. There are additional types of teeth, such as Skip, Positive Claw, or AS-S, that are essentially modified versions of the Hook or Raker tooth shapes, but with slight changes to the cutting angle, gullet-to-tooth ratio, tooth set, etc. to provide unique advantages for special types of cuts.

Can a wood bandsaw cut metal or vice versa?

The proper cutting speed for the majority of ferrous metals is under 300 FPM. The proper cutting speed for the majority of wood cuts is over 3000 FPM. Trying to cut metals on a wood bandsaw--at speeds 10 times faster than they should be--is dangerous and will likely result in a broken blade, damage to the bandsaw, and a really horrible cut. Cutting wood on a metal bandsaw is possible, but it would be tedious and slow, and likely would not produce a decent quality of cut. In addition, bandsaw blades for cutting wood are designed much differently than bandsaw blades for cutting metal. With that said, there are some soft, non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum) that can be cut at around 1500 FPM (if using the correct blade type). Although some of our wood bandsaws operate at approximately this same speed, the other components of these saws weren't designed to handle the metal chips and swarf that would be produced by the cut, which would likely result in minor damage to the machine and void the warranty. The bottom line is this: Always buy the right machine for the job!

What are the differences between ball bearing, block, and disc (a.k.a. "Euro style") guide blocks?

The main differences between blade guide types can be boiled down to four factors: (1) amount/quality of support, (2) amount of blade friction created from that support, (3) ease of set-up and adjustment, and (4) durability and maintenance frequency. Ball-bearing guides offer the best all-around balance of these four factors. Although they don't provide as much contact area for support as block or disc guides, they do maintain constant contact with the blade without greatly increasing friction. They are also the easiest to set up and tend to be the most durable. Disc guides provide the highest amount of contact area for support, but as with guide blocks, they must be positioned 0.004" away from the blade, which requires some type of gauge to be used for proper set up. Whereas some disc guides are fixed, similar to block guides, our Euro-Style disc guides spin with blade contact, which greatly reduces friction and the need for regular resurfacing. Block guides offer excellent support, but unless they're made from specialized materials to reduce wear or friction, they tend to fall behind the other guide types in all other categories.

What type of blade do I need for resawing?

Generally speaking, you'll want to use a wide blade (1/2" or larger) with "Hook" style teeth (or "Positive Claw" on Timberwolf blades) and a low number of teeth per inch (TPI). A wide blade helps ensure cuts are straight and the Hook style teeth have large gullets for removing material as the blade passes through the workpiece.

My bandsaw blade came with a tag on it that said "Recommended for cutting wood or soft non-ferrous metal." Does this mean I can cut metal with my wood bandsaw?

Just because the blade is recommended for both wood and soft, non-ferrous metal (e.g. aluminum, copper, etc.), it doesn't mean your wood bandsaw is suitable for cutting both types of material. It is important to keep in mind that the blade you bought may also be used on other types of bandsaws, such as our G0640X or G0621X, which are specially designed to cut both wood and metal.

Can I still use my bandsaw without connecting it to a dust collector?

Yes, this is possible, but we don't recommend it. Without using a dust collector, the dust will quickly pile up in and around your machine, resulting in additional cleaning time later. Besides making a mess, fine dust can be harmful to your respiratory system. It is a better choice to connect your bandsaw to a properly designed dust collection system that at least pulls the recommended minimum CFM from each dust port on the machine.

What is the purpose of the pin that fits in the blade slot opening at the end of the table?

All bandsaw tables are inherently weaker on the outside half of the table. This is due to the slotted opening that allows the blade to pass through the table during blade changes. The table pin helps reinforce the two sides of the table around this slot, so they remain aligned with each other and keep the table flat. For this reason, it is extremely important to always keep the table pin firmly installed, unless you're changing blades.

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