Grizzly   |  Model: G8750
6" x 18-1/2" Compound Slide Table
Price: $199.94
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Grizzly G8750 - 6" x 18-1/2" Compound Slide Table


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This 6" x 18-1/2" Compound Slide Table features 12" of longitudinal travel and 7-1/2" of transverse travel, adjustable gibs, dovetailed ways, dependable Acme screws, vernier scales and 9/16" T-slots. 5" overall height.
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Sales know there product, will recamen to all buyers

Dollar Bills Trains

Decent product for the price. 8/18/2018

The gib adjustment screws on the right side are too long. They scrape on the bolts that clamp the vice to my drill press. I had to buy shorter ones.

Thomas O
Needs a lot of cleanup, but appears solid 7/23/2018

This could be 4 star if the table had the advertised transverse travel and if there was more effort put into the fit and finish. That said, it has decent rigidity despite the rough machining. Luckily I bought mine before the $160 price was Trump tariffed to $200. My table the t-slots do barely fit 5/8 t-nuts, but there are some snug spots. Thats after I did a thorough afternoon cleaning all the chineesium oil & grit out and deburr with a file cleaning up all surfaces from the rough milled surface finish, and filing all edges and corners. Just lifting out of the box I sliced a couple fingers up on the castings, and sliced up a few more fingers filing that afternoon. Slides way better after all that cleanup with the file and brake cleaner and lubricating.

The longitudinal x-axis Im happy with. With the ways fully supported by the gibs, 11 of travel. It can over-travel to 13-1/2. That splits the difference if the advertised 12 longitudinal travel.

The transverse y-axis Im less happy with. Advertised travel is 7-1/2 but mine contacts the casting at 7-1/8 over-travel. I say over-travel because its wobblier out there when the gibs are not fully supported by the ways. When the ways are fully supported by the gibs its only 2-1/4 travel. It has good stiffness for about 4 of travel. At the aft stop the ways are only 1/2 supported. The stiffness is OK at that travel. Still noticeably better than the little old HF cross slide vise I had.

As others have mentioned, the bottom crank handle is nearly 1 below the base. I have my compound slide table mounted on a 20 Harbor Freight drill press, and the slide table is biased to the front due to the crank handle needing to overhang the edge. A new project for the lathe I have will be to fabricate a 3.5 offset crank wheel so I can set the table further back. I purchased a 2pc milling vise (H2992) but the spacing on the t-slots (2-5/8) is far too narrow for me to make that vise fit.

william T

excellent value, basic structure allows for further inexpensive home upgrading into a even better tool, would buy again, thanks.

Design flaw that kills the unit for me 3/31/2018

Got this with high expectations. I found a major design flaw that I now have to work around. The diameter of the adjustment wheel on the lower section extends beyond the bottom of the unit. This doesn't allow you to mount the bottom freely to any surface. In my case I need to create a spacer on the bottom to elevate the entire unit so I can turn the wheel. In it's present state I can not recommend this product. If the oversized lower wheel is not an issue for someone then it's a good bargain.

Also in the specs or description I saw I needed the narrow T-nuts. (T-Slot Nuts, Slot, 1/2" - 13). You do NOT need them, standard T-nuts fit the table fine.

Mat D
works well 2/7/2018

Had trouble getting the backlash out of the Y axis, used 2 bar clamps and made it work. Happy with how it works, and works well for what I'm doing.

Otto K
Solid product 1/1/2018

Easily mounted to my drill press. Solid construction. The table was a little loose out of the box, but easily adjusted to tighten us the play.


With filing and finiishing and adjusting, the table works grat.

Marc M
Worth the money... 12/19/2017

As a journeyman machinist for a company that specializes in "machinery repair", This is a pretty good (chunk of iron) X-Y table...
If you're looking for precision (talking to you tool and die makers, and don't want to have to "finesse" your table), look somewhere else...
If you're looking to do precise milling (+/- .005) with it, you're gonna want to install thrust bearings, but, that's easy to do with the supplied iron and a few 51100 or 51200 bearings and access to a lathe w/ a 4 jaw or mill with a boring head...
I found the table to be very adequate "out of the box" for simple mill/drill applications...
But, if you're looking to replicate a Bridgeport in your garage, you're gonna need to do a little "finesse" work... That's kinda a given for $150...


Assembly was easy and operation smooth with little or no backlash. Glad I read the instructions before starting.

Sam G

I use this on my wood lathe for cutting cylinders. It's a fantastic piece of equipment at a great price. I researched cross-slides for a long time before purchasing this one and found it to be about the best value for the money in terms of available XY travel. See the picture below for my specific application.


This is a great compound slide table, I am impressed with the quality

Kevin B
Great quality 9/3/2017

I use this in my guitar shop. I made a mount for a guitar repair vise to hold the head stock to drill the tuner holes. I can dial in the exact positions quickly and accurately every time.

Eric H
Great Product! 8/16/2017

Excellent packaging, item shipped in plywood create with 2 inch foam throughout. Product works exactly as expected and should provide years of quality service.

Good Value 8/10/2017

Bought this for a particular job. A little fussy to assemble, getting handwheels to fit properly takes some time but performs well and very cost-effective.

James P

I purchased this for my drill press to have a larger slider. Some easy assembly and clean up. It works quite well and I'm very satisfied with it.

Wonderful addition to the shop 6/2/2017

I have used this several times now for different projects, both wood and metal and find the product solid and very workable. it is not nearly as accurate as the x-y table on my mini-mill, but on the floor mounted drill press i have a nearly infinite z-axis which i needed for larger pieces unsuitable for a mini-mill.

larry C
great product 6/1/2017

modified existing table system on my mini mill. This made the job much easier and made for a good mod.


This mini mill table has been excellent for me! I have owned it for about a month and have made quite a few reasonably precise parts from it. Tightening the gibs properly and proper torque on the x and y shaft nuts is an important part of making this work well. This table has much more travel then other comperable priced tables also. I have recommended this to many people as it is well worth the $150.

Richard C
Exactly what I wanted!! 5/5/2017

Received my table about 1 week ago. Extremely happy with it. Does everything I need it to. Perfect item if you don't have the funds to shell out on a mill, even though I wish I did. Would highly recommend investing in one for this price. Makes a drill press so much more accurate and easy to use.

William W
Poor quality and needs a lot of work to get it into a state of "use". 4/6/2017

I should have paid more attention to online reviews of this Table that is manufactured in China. If you already have a Milling machine, then getting this product ready for use wouldn't be as much trouble. It is not a very well machined tool, even for a $150 product. The T-slots on my product were inconsistently cut (on both slots and even end-to-end within a slot). My Table (as others have reported) will not accept the recommended 5/8" T-slot Nuts. The slots are milled too narrow, so maybe save yourself some headaches and milling work and purchase the 9/16" T-slot Set. There is no way that someone at the manufacturing plant ever slid a 5/8" T-slot Nut into either of the T-slot channels on my Table. That is unacceptable to me and should be a basic check that should be done.

The Leadscrew Support Blocks (on the lateral axis) are cut too wide and actually overlap the inside edges of the T-slots. So the Support Blocks on my Table also would need to be milled flush to allow any T-slot nut to be inserted.

The entire table is very loaded with oil and grit, so plan on dismantling the entire thing to give it a proper cleaning before use. If you are looking for a table with smooth Ways, this Table was not milled to that level of quality. The Ways are semi-smooth to rough and again there is no consistency in the machining from one end of a Way to the other.

If I were Grizzly, I'd drive much better quality from the plant in China. If they really do use ISO 9001 practices, it is time to enforce it with the lack of quality on these Tables. From my perspective, the hours that I have spent and will spend to get this Table into operation far exceed anything that would be considered "reasonable". I would have been willing to pay more for this product to get better quality that what is currently being offered.

I do give very positive words to Grizzly Support for their understanding and positive attitude when I called them to report these issues. They do admit that at this price-point, you can expect to see what I've seen with my Table. So, I'd say only buy it if you are willing to accept all the corrective work that will likely accompany the purchase.

I hope that Grizzly will post this review because what I'm sharing is true of my purchase and not at all inflated. If you take the time to read reviews of this product online (Amazon and other places), you will see very similar comments.

William F
Way better than my old XY vise 1/27/2017

The slide table has a little more play in it than I expected, but it is more than adequate for my intended use which is hole drilling with my G7948 drill press. I use my milling machine for mill work, but I suppose that someone could use it for non-precision very light milling.

No Mill Table...But works for the DP! 1/27/2017

It's not as precision an XY cross slide you'd use on a mill, but is great for most of the work I do on the drill press. Actually its a super accessory for my drill press when drilling multiple holes in a line up or bolt pattern, saves a lot of raw by hand set up time on work with multiple holes to be drilled.

Good item 1/26/2017

It is exactly what I needed and ordered. Works great!

Good Product 2/5/2016

two comments: web at time of writing suggests G1076 clamping kit. first, the t nuts in G1076 are (.989) wider than the G8750 table slots (.983), do not fit. Called tech support and they are sending me 9/16" t nuts since I do not have an end mill to grind them down. second, watch the keys. There are two keys in inserted on the x-axis and one on the y-axis shaft. When unpacking my y-axis key fell out. Found it, but just a heads up on the keys.

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