Grizzly   |  Model: T10097A
8" Grinder / Sharpener
Price: $129.95
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Grizzly T10097A - 8" Grinder / Sharpener

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Model: T10097A
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Experience the pleasure of using sharp cutting tools like never before with this 8" Grinder/Sharpener. Sharpen like a pro in no time for the best cutting edges imaginable! Don't worry about burning your fine cutting edges, the T10097A draws a fine sheet of water up from the water tray to dissipate heat and keep the grinding wheel clean and efficient. A multi-positional tool rest and square edge sharpening jig accepts a variety of cutting tools for ultra-precise grinding, and the leather stropping wheel removes fine burrs and polishes the cutting edge to an unbelievable sharpness. Ideal for wood chisels, carving chisels, lathe tools, plane irons, scissors, knives, axes and more!

This upgraded A edition brings even more to love about this grinder, featuring a mechanical belt tensioner, a threaded micro adjuster post for the tool rest height, and a different stropping wheel design for better drive. These have all been updates requested over the years by our valued customers - you asked for them, and we listened!


  • Motor: 1/8 HP, 120V
  • Tool rest diameter: 12mm
  • Grinding wheel dimensions: 200 x 40mm with 1/2" bore
  • Grinding wheel grit: 220
  • No load speed: 120 RPM
  • Overall dimensions: 18"W x 11"D x 12"H
  • Includes 200mm grinding wheel, universal holder, abrasive paste, angle gauge, leather honing wheel and instructions
  • Approximate shipping weight: 23 lbs.

We also recommend buying the T10024 kit with this product. This kit includes a stone wheel dresser for truing and changing the grain on the grinding wheel between coarse and fine abrasion.
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The first problem was the adjuster for the belt tension could never work as is. It would not tighten the belt enough to even get the wheels to move at all. Just plan on building an aluminum spacer about 1" long and it works.

James G

The original wheel sent with my grinder was terribly out of round and had an enlarged hole that was also out of round making it impossible to use. I did receive a replacement wheel but it still was not true and required an excessive amount of dressing to get it in a useable condition. The tool recommended for truing the stone is also something of a joke. It is a sharp pointed diamond stylus that is very difficult to create a flat and true surface with because it can't be fixed or locked in place. grizzly needs to get a truing tool like the ones used with the Tormek grinders so you can get a true and flat surface on the grinding wheel. Without that all you can do with this tool, unless you are lucky enough to get one with a true and flat wheel to start with, is to do rough grinding and then do a lot of hand work with a flat grinding stone. However, if a fixed truing tool could be available this would be a very good tool for the money and I would then recommend it to anyone.

Michael M
Works great......a little wobble in the stone though......still works. 12/28/2017


I've been wanting one of these for quite a while. Working with "DULL" tools is a drag and dangerous. I've been keeping things sharp by hand all my life and now I finally have a real tool designed for keeping things sharp! Files and stones do work but they are time consuming.

Tim F
Great Sharpener 11/6/2017

This sharpener has done a great job of sharpening my lathe tools, carving knives and wood chisels.

Disappointed 11/6/2017

Disappointed - I purchased this product for a friend who has limited mobility but enjoys tinkering with things such as sharpening knives and other tools which require a sharp edge to work properly. The first grinder he received could not be assembled as shipped. The replacement was able to be assembled okay but neither came with instructions as to how to set up the grinder for proper sharpening of tools such as knives and chisels. When last I spoke with him a few days ago he was very frustrated with the grinder and likely won't be using it to the extent I thought he might simply because it came without setup instructions.

Dan B
Nice tool. 11/3/2017

Haven't had a chance to use it much, but I think it's going to do a good job for me. I had a lot of questions about using it that weren't covered in the manual, which is pretty slim on information. I downloaded the manuals for a similar, but way more expensive one sold by a competitor, and got those questions answered. Still, I think it's going to be good purchase for me once I get the hang of it.


Ease of use, fast and sharp definitely a good buy.


Machine is decent. The wheel is awful. I replaced it after the first day of use with a different brand I had to enlarge the hole to fit but it a good compromise.

Ok, for the price 8/11/2017

Once I received my machine upon setup notice the bore hole that was in the stone was not cut properly and caused the water stone to wobble on the machine.

A true piece of junk 8/6/2017

This product is a good example of very poor construction. The ring test is absurd. You remove the grinding wheel, tie it on a piece of string and whack it with a wood mallet or screwdriver handle looking for the proper ping. You are asked to do this each and every time you use the product. There is more. Don't waste your money. You have to pay a restocking fee when you return it. It goes on and on.

Stephen B
Fantastic! 7/21/2017

I don't know what took me so long to get this. I set it up right away when it arrived and sharpened all my wood chisels.What a difference! The slow RPM wheel coupled with the water cooling made it simple to grind without worry of ruining the temper on my tool's edges. The price as considerably better than the competing model grinders too.

good product 6/21/2017

happy with unit--water tray leaves a lot to be desired, but it does sharpen and burnish well

Laurence M

This machine plus included grindstone cost less than $150 and does a great job sharpening my wood turning chisels.


i should have purchased the 10" unit. I have had a difficult time keeping the wheel turning true. i thought i had it fixed at one point but to no avail.

Grnder/Sharpener 6/1/2017

This unit is a good compromise for the hobbyist. The adjustments on the tool rest are a little less than adequate for smaller wood chisels, but for large lathe tools it's probably just fine.

Great Grinder / Sharpener 1/26/2017

I have had this sharpener on my bench for about a month and every tool in my shop now has a razor edge! Very happy with the quality and usefulness of this tool. Thanks again Grizzly.


Bought this a month ago & have every chisel in the shop razor sharp!
Great buy!!

Great machine very good price and shipped imediately. Always have good luck with anything Grizzly. 1/26/2017

Great product, easy to use and does a great job. I would suggest getting the accessory sharpening kit right away because after you use this machine, you are going to want everything you own as sharp as possible. Only thing I did not like is that it drips a lot of water. I solved this by placing the whole machine on a shallow pan to contain the water.

Pretty good, and fast. 1/26/2017

I am still learning how to use this to its full capability. So far I have only sharpened some chisels and plane irons. I have found that this is really great for very dull edges, but to really sharpen the edge back to what I've been able to do with sharpening stones I have to use fine and extra fine stones after I've gotten the sharpest edge on the grinder. I've also found that it's a bit tricky getting the blade properly aligned in the edge holder in order to get an edge square to the axis of the tool. Still, it's quicker than sharpening all by stones, the water on the stone prevents destroying the temper in the edge, which I seem to do all too often despite taking precautions on a regular bench grinder, There are a number of tools that this is more than sufficient for, so it's a worthwhile addition to any shop where you need sharp hand tools.


Have not used it yet. Will let you know it works when I do. Still setting everything up.

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