Grizzly   |  Model: T28000
"Bear Crawl" Heavy-Duty Mobile Base
Price: $65.95
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Grizzly T28000 - "Bear Crawl" Heavy-Duty Mobile Base

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We took years of input and months of testing and design to come out with the Grizzly "Bear Crawl" Mobile Base. Its 1200 lb. capacity, steel and rubber heavy-duty ball bearing wheels, and toe flip-stops are only a few of the features that will make this mobile base a staple under your machines for years to come. Adjusts from 19" x 21" to 29-1/2" x 29-1/2"!


  • 1200 lb. capacity
  • Heavy-duty rubber/steel casters with sealed bearings
  • Reinforced/welded caster posts
  • Adjustable steel bars
  • Powder coated finish to protect against the elements
  • Adjustable positive stop/rubber leveling feet
  • 2 fixed casters and 2 swivel casters
  • Easy float toe-flip lifting levers
  • Corner-tight engagement bolts
  • Weighs 37.8 lb.
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David C
Good product at a fair price 10/19/2018

This Product worked well for my application and easy to assembly, but the appearance of the weld joints could have been cleaner. I did have some trouble with dirty threaded holes due to paint or welds splatter. Otherwise this is a heavy duty item.

Frank F
Great product 10/19/2018

Great base for the money. Had to do some cutting to make it fit the bandsaw but very happy with it.

Great product 10/18/2018

great product and great value. Rolls my 800 lbs planer/ jointer combo with ease


Works well and would recommend. last one purchased was for a son-in-law's birthday.

Mike H
Nice Heavy Duty Base 10/17/2018

This mobile base was easy to assemble but I had issues with the threads in two locations. One of the bolts that hold the rails tight actually broke off as I tried to get it installed so I only have one bolt that is holding that rail in place. Would recommend that you have a tap on hand to dress up the threads!

Best base for the money! 10/12/2018

This is the best base you can get in this price range. it is strong and goes together well, and the machine sets pretty flat in it. I should have bought three. I picked up a Bora mobile base for a third machine. That is really when I noticed how well the Grizzly mobile base is built.


Good base but difficult to assemble and lift saw onto!

Dwight F
Very versatile and sturdy 10/11/2018

Initially I purchased two of the mobile bases and put one under the band saw and the other under my table saw. They are heavy compared to some others I have used and the construction is spot on. I was able to cut the rectangular support rods with a reciprocating saw to get an exact fit on the band saw, as it has a smaller base than the table saw. The unit is extremely well designed and the foot pads are much better than any other I have seen. I was so impressed that I bought two more for my cabinet belt sander and for my joiner/planer.


I bought this for my Powermatic Cabinet Saw 3HP. I like the base but one of the retractable casters sticks and it is very difficult to "unstick".I think I'll have to do some grinding on the fitting to make it work smoothly.

Well built 10/10/2018

Works perfectly to support and easily move my Unisaw.

Perfect! 10/8/2018

It allows me to effortlesssly move a tablesaw around my garage with minimal effort

Dennis B
Great product 10/7/2018

Great Base! 10/6/2018

I have this base underneath my 1033x 20" planer and I love it. I will be getting another to place my new 1023 TS on.

Jarrod S.

GOOD PRODUCT 10/1/2018

love this product!
Excellent product and easy to assemble, heavy duty works very well .

Great Item 9/27/2018

Had my table saw for about 13 years in one place in shop. Now I can move my tablesaw around the shop with ease!!!


Very smart purchase as it would be quite difficult to drag a 300 pound band saw by hand. With the bear crawl it can be moved anytime in a matter of minuets great product, I recommend it if you have a small shop

Paul F
Not bad... but check the welds and alignment of welded nuts 9/19/2018

I bought this along with the G0555XH 14" EXTREME SERIES RESAW BANDSAW. The unit seems well designed but right away I notice a broken weld on the plunger hole. Along with that the hole seemed distorted so that the plunger would not fit. The welded nut on one of the fixed side wheels was also welded on crooked so that the bolt would not thread without cross threading. I was able to bend the welded nut enough to get things to "almost" line up and ran the bolt home figuring I will probably never have to remove it. This was my first purchase from Grizzly and am hoping the issue is a rarity. I want to assume there will be no issues with the band saw, but will find out shortly and review. On another note, Grizzly customer service gets an A+ as they were very pleasant and accommodating. I wasn't on hold more than 60 seconds, the replacement part was in stock and is on its way!

It works!!!! 9/19/2018

Works great I am able to move a 700 lbs jointer around my shop.

Gerald M
Great product 9/14/2018

Better than I thought except.. 9/13/2018

Straight forward assembly. Actually very nice product. Bolts unfortunately very soft and will snap. Cam lever is stamped steel and with a lot of use will bend. My biggest issue however and I purchased two units and two extensions. My own self reliance notwithstanding, there is NO mention in the instructions "if being used with extension kit INSTALL CONNECTOR NOW BEFORE MOUNTING SAW" These are great in locating equipment in my new shop and made fine tuning of my two table saws final locations with side extension tables a breeze..

Nice mobile base! Fits my band saw perfectly! 9/12/2018

Fantastic and tough 9/12/2018

Well built and very strong. I liked it so much I just ordered another one. Grizzly comes through again. UPDATE: Bought a second one. These are like tanks.

Great item & Great Grizzly Service !!!!!! 9/12/2018

The mobile base was very easy to assemble. While putting it together i had a problem with a bearing on one of the wheels. I called them and they sent another wheel out the next day. It was at my house in two days. The mobile base is so easy to use. I can't believe how easily it moves my table saw around. I can move it with one hand.

Byron S
The BEST Stand on the Market 9/7/2018

I bought this stand for my 10"X48" belt sander and the T28000 Bear Crawl Heavy-Duty Mobile Base is just that {Heavy-Duty}
I have other mobile stands and they are just that Mobile.
This stand is Hi Quality I will be getting moor from Grizzly as my budget alloys me too.

good product, will buy again 9/5/2018


four wheel swivel would be great 9/3/2018

Extended length to fit my lathe. Works fine however 4 wheel swivel would improve the mobility in my small space. Would be a nice option to have.

Larry S
Good mobile base, but... 8/30/2018

I have lived with this base under my Laguna 14-12 bandsaw for a month now. I have a few observations:

- The distance that the toe flip-stops cause the wheels to lift off of the floor is only adequate if your shop floor is perfectly flat. My concrete floor is older and has variations. The base often becomes "stuck" as I move the bandsaw around. No amount of adjusting of the leveling feet has been able to overcome this. I have considered welding on some metal pieces and re-drilling the pivot points so that the leveling screws travel further. That idea is still in the planning stage.

- The bottom of my bandsaw is narrower in width than the 19" minimum that the base can be setup for. Rather than make a plywood shelf to sit inside of the mobile base I chose to cut two of the base sides down by 1.75". I am not very tall and did not want to add the additional 3/4" or 1.75" in height to the bandsaw surface that one or two sheets of a plywood base would have yielded. I do not feel that this has made the base any less stable or prone to tipping. I wouldn't cut the sides down much more than what I did, especially if the base is going to be used with a "tall" tool like a bandsaw.

- I bought this base when it was on sale for $50. This was a far better alternative to the base that Laguna sells for the 14-12 bandsaw at $150. If I had to choose again between $100 in my pocket and lifting/unsticking my bandsaw when the stops bottom out on my uneven concrete then I believe that I would always choose the hundred bucks.

Edward W
Excellent All Around 8/29/2018

I bought one for the G0513X2F band saw. The base was easy to assemble, can be adjusted to any length/width (within it's range), and is very sturdy. It allows for movement of the machine with relative ease. I was concerned that I would have difficulties getting the band saw onto the base once assembled, but the instructions tell you how to do the assembly in such a manner that the saw does not need to be lifted onto the base. I bought a second one for a table saw. I think it's an excellent value and highly recommend.

Bear crawl 8/27/2018

Need different design on feet not needed just need locking wheels not rock solid when up on feet need to get rid of the feet and put locks on low profile wheels

Great product 8/26/2018

I got the Bear Crawl and it works great. Easy to assemble. My floor is not the smoothest but this moves my table saw with ease.

Top-notch Base With Foot Operated Stabilizers 8/24/2018

I bought this to go under a Grizzly G1035 shaper. The base is smaller than the recommended minimum. So, I cut the connector bars to make it fit - and it's perfect. The foot operated stabilizers are easy to set and use. Other mobile bases have 2 feet at the front that need to be screwed down by hand - far less convenient. I ordered 4 more of these to put under other heavy tools in my shop. I would rate this a 7 star product if I could.


Very heavy duty stand. Was easy to assemble and mount. Four nuts are welded into the crossbars to secure them. Two of them had damaged threads. I had to force the bolts with an impact tool.

Eduvigis R
Damage threads on arrival 8/22/2018

One of the Fixed threads was crossed ... eventually the bold broke off ..Very Poor Quality

Great Product! 8/22/2018

Very easy assembly, very sturdy. I would highly recommend this base.

Kevin D

An excellent, heavy stand; strong and easy to assemble, even around a machine that you can't easily lift. Easy to follow instructions too. I think this is the best stand of its type available.

Jody P

I love the mobility of my bandsaw with this product. I believe everyone show buy this.. or Add it to the price of the bandsaw and make it a part of the unit.


So glad I bought this along with my 14" band saw. I plan on ordering another one for my old 12" Craftsman band saw. It really increases my flexibility in the studio; I can move my saw easily when necessary, and the brakes lock the saw tightly in place.

Ernesto R
This mobile base is a game changer 8/19/2018

Easy to assemble, clear instructions, sturdy construction. The wheels are heavy and roll very easily. This mobile base gives me flexibility for my small shop space. Moves my heavy 500 pound cabinet saw smoothly and with little effort. I highly recommend this mobile base. Great value for the price.

Douglas R
Good value for money, instructions need work 8/12/2018

The product is as advertised, but there were a few errors in the instruction book that could throw you if you were not paying attention.

Bruce K
Nice!! 8/8/2018

Very durable for the equipment it is holding up and moving around, yes I will buy some more of these.

Daniel T

Im very pleased with the purchase I made. Good quality. Would recommend highly.

Works great 8/3/2018


This is an excellent product. It was easy to assemble and lets me move around and secure my table saw as needed!


Easy assembly, rolls easy, saves my back. I have slid that cast iron saw around my shop floor for too long. What a difference. Very high quality rollers !

Mobility is a wonderful thing! 7/27/2018

I don't have a lot of room and have to move the bandsaw outside sometimes. Also, I can put the saw in an out of the way corner when not in use. The construction is sturdy and I can turn on a dime. Drop the brakes and the saw doesn't move. A well thought out design IMO.

David H
OK but not great 7/27/2018

I have several Shop Fox mobile base and ordered this for my table saw. It is OK but do not like as well as Shop Fox. Just not as stable and needs more adjusting to cope with minor waves in floor. For the price it is good value and maybe better for items not as heavy as a table saw. That is why I give it 4/5.


This is exactly what I needed for my 600 pound overarm router. The best feature about "Bear Crawl" dolly is the super low profile, as opposed to other dollies! Thanks!


I had to make longer said rods to fit my large machine but it's working well

Pleased with Purchase 7/26/2018

Adequate instructions and easy assembly, good fit & finish, maximum dimension >30" (I was concerned because 29.5" max listed for base was exactly what my bandsaw footprint was listed as being, but actual >30" means no problem fitting BS to base).


I purchased this base for my Grizzly table saw. There were a couple of places where the bolts would not thread in properly. One of the bolts broke off long before it was fully threaded in and I have not yet been able to get it out. It is going to take me a considerable amount of time to fix because the angle of the bolt makes it very difficult to be able to drill into even with my drill press. I am very disappointed with the build quality of this product.

zach V
Great product for the right price 7/20/2018

I really like this base along with the optional extension kit. It was very easy to assemble and the directions were well written. I did find one manufacturing defect when I installed one of the fixed casters. The wheel mounts at an angle inside the bracket so one edge of the wheel hits the bracket. It still rolls fine and I don't think it will be a major problem for me since i'm not rolling my saw around all the time. If I intended to move it around often it could become a problem. The saw I have in this base is the Jet Xacta JTAS-10XL-1 which has the 52" RIP extension table. I made a video of the assembly of this base if anyone wants to check it out. or search for my youtube page @zvelivis

Richard K
Rolls well. 7/14/2018

Very sturdy construction. I can now easily roll my construction size table saw around on my somewhat uneven wooden barn floor.


I have had the stand for 6 weeks it Works well and easy to Assemble.

Love it! Makes moving heavy tools a breeze 7/13/2018

Light Duty Weldment 7/12/2018

Cams for lowering feet to floor are too flimsy. Weld broke on one side just from foot actuation. Wheels and frame are sturdy. Design needs more robust weld assembly for foot housing.

Quality Built 7/9/2018

Wish I had gotten this before I spent $$$ on trying to make something to move my 1942 Delta Unisaw with the extension table around on. I also bought the base for the extension table and now I can move this beast of a saw with one hand. I can truly say this is well built and does a great job. I now going to order one for my Grizzly G0513X2 - 17" Bandsaw.

Excellent Product well built 7/9/2018

I had bought the other brand of mobile base and it was very time consuming to put together only to find out that the screw down stabilizers didn't work properly. I contacted Grizzly (they were great to work with) and returned the item for a full refund and ordered this one. Much easier to assemble and works excellently. The other brand was difficult to roll around and this product has superior casters and moves around with ease. I am so happy that I returned the other one and bought this unit. Stick with Grizzly brand. Excellent Excellent Excellent!

Charles J
great product 7/8/2018

I have a smaller shop so I need to be able to move things around and this mobile base lets me do that very easily
very glad I bought this.


Great product heavy duty fits table saw easy to put together

Tom S
I love this mobile base 7/6/2018

Great base! I was worried about the foot lever not having enough leverage to immobilize the machine, but it works great. Would recommend it to a friend

Corey H
Heavy duty and easy assembly! 7/6/2018

Perfect for the 317 pound 10" Jointer/Planer G0635. By myself, I was able to assemble the base and mount the machine in about 30 minutes. My garage floor has rather wide joints, but the "Bear Crawl" navigates over them with ease. I think I actually prefer the "Bear Crawl" mobile base over the Shop Fox.


Product arrived in good shape it was relatively easy to install and has decent assembly instructions. It is very solidly built and looks good wrapped around the bottom of my bandsaw. I did have to shorten two of the rails to get a proper fit but that was easy with just a hacksaw. It rolls easy and seems to lock down for use when required. I will probably buy a second one for my planner.

Steve H

An excellent mobile base for my equipment! Almost infinitely adjustable and looks to be easily modifiable to fit odd equipment. I will be purchasing several more to make my shop all mobile.

greg W
Best mobile base for the price by far 6/25/2018

Rolls well ( have two machines on them) only minor issue is the feet/stops should be able to be raised higher as on uneven floors they do drag. Solidly built.


Easy to assemble and works great. Should have purchased sooner.

David B
solid piece 6/20/2018

bought this for my 14 inch band saw. It was well packaged, easily assembled, the saw sits on it fine and it's very stable. I couldn't ask for much more.

Ernest M
It's about time! 6/15/2018

I'm 73 years old and put together this mobile base without help. Finally, I can move my tablesaw around the shop with ease. Tomorrow I'm ordering two more for the jointer and bandsaw. I took particular joy in taking my old ShopFox mobile base to the dump where it belongs.

allen V

This is a most have for smaller shops like mine at least, Rolls nicely across the floor, out for use and back to the wall when not being used.


I bought two of these mobile bases. One for my cabinet saw and one for my planer. Great product, makes moving these tools easy, freeing up space in my small shop. I highly recommend the bases.

Allen Y
Best Mobile Base for the money 6/7/2018

Makes moving table saw around garage a breeze. Only reason not giving 5 stars:the stationary rollers should be lower on the frame (in order to raise that end) to allow a slightly larger lifting difference so the table extension legs would have more clearance when in the 'move' position. While with the stops in the stationary position, the table is much lower toward the stationary rollers. (I have the stops adjusted as low as they can go without resting on casters.) In order to level table I have to roll one end up on some shims. Still a good base and I would buy it again

David M
Wheel mount bent 6/4/2018

I received this order quickly. One of the corners was not formed properly from the factory and I had to grind off the top 1/4" for it to assemble properly. It was not worth the time or effort to exchange it.

Great addition to my table saw. 5/31/2018

Easy to add to my table saw that was already set up. Worked great. Glad I added this feature.

This is the best saw base I have ever bought 5/30/2018

I had an older mobile base for a large table saw that was coming to the end of its life. The original wheels wore out and I was not able to find quality wheels. I decided to give the Bear Crawl Heavy Duty base a try. I'm glad I did. As my other mobile base wheels wear out, I will replace the whole thing with a new Bear Crawl unit. This thing rolls extremely well even on brushed concrete. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good mobile base.

bill E
Mobile Base 5/20/2018

I am really happy with this base. Moves effortlessly and stays put when the 'legs' are down. I would happily order another.

heavy duty 5/18/2018

This is amazing,thought most of it would be made out of plastic for the price,boy was I wrong,amazing,can't really buy a good set of casters for that price.

Thomas B

Bought this a month ago. Am pleased with the ability to move my table saw. Good product but took some time to assemble and get square. While the table saw fits to it perfectly it does contribute to some modest viberation so once I decide for certain where the saw will be placed I will likely eliminate the need for this mobile base.

Perfect 5/12/2018

Purchased for my GO513X2 band saw. Couldn't ask for this to be any better.


Excellent product - just what I needed and much easier that building it myself!

Keith C
Great Product 5/11/2018

This is a great product and is built heavier than many others!

Edward H
Great base 5/9/2018

Great base for my bandsaw. Easy to assemble and strong. Was beat up in shipping, packsging could be improved. Video about it


I purchased the "Bear Crawl" in May, the went together very easy and fit the band saw and table saw very nicely, having a small shop I need to move things around when I need to use them, the Bear Crawl work as i need it to, moving these pieces around very easily and with a few simple adjustments makes a very solid platform from witch to work. Have purchased other item from Grizzly and have been very satisfied with their products.

Heavy duty works great 5/6/2018

Holds up my 20" - 900 lb Planer. Can roll it around like a shopping cart. Had to modify one of the retractable feet though. Sloppy weld.

Great fence 5/6/2018

I use this for resawing for thin filler pieces for my bandsaw boxes, I'm aware of being able to flip the fence to the narrow edge but I wish the fence that came with the saw could be slid onto the fence clamping mechanism as well. The high resale fence keeps me from lowering the guide system down to the 4" height needed. It's not a huge problem at all but it would have been nice if grizzly could have designed both fences to work together with the clamp mechanism. Great fence, great heavy duty mobile base and a totally awesome 12" high x 17" throat, 2hp bandsaw.
Very happy with all three and a great price for a great system.

Fantastic machine base 5/5/2018

Heavy duty base, easy to assemble and use. Great design, fits my delta bandsaw just perfectly. Great quality and even better price. Love it.

Just what I needed! 4/28/2018

My shop is starting to get crowded and this was perfect for allowing me to relocate my table saw as necessary! Easy to assemble too.

Nelson B
Really good base. 4/28/2018

Well made and great value. If you cut the rails it will also go smaller than the shown 19". I made it 15" x 24" to fit my jointer. Rolls easily on my very rough concrete floor. My only gripe is they put it on sale a week after I bought it.

Easy to assemble and very sturdy 4/27/2018

Base seems very sturdy and well designed. Was fairly easy to put together as well. Only reason for not giving it five stars is for the fact that it was made in China instead of here in the U.S.A. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be willing to pay a little more for this product and others if they are made in America by American workers.

Peter J
UPDATED REVIEW: Great Product, but needs some tweeks 4/25/2018

My Grizzly table saw has been the center of attention in my shop for years. Too difficult to move... until now.

The Bear Crawl base is an awesome product, but there are some manufacturing issues that need some attention.
1) Welds are at best amateur.
Many were incomplete.
2) Parts are not welded together square.
One swivel wheel mount is angled differently than the other.
One stationary wheel mount is welded greater than 90 degrees.

Aside from the poor welding the base is well designed and works perfectly. I like the fact it as toe flips for the rubber feet. Much easier than screwing it up or down whenever you want to move or use the machine.

After using the Bear Crawl for a number of months I find one particular design change is needed. Engaging the support feet causes the entire saw to be at an angle. It would be better if the supports were stationary and the wheels able to be lowered using the toe flips, thus leaving the saw in a level working position.


I bought this a month ago And wish I wouldve bought it years ago. Well worth the money!!!

Worth the money 4/20/2018

I purchased this item along with my table saw. It was defiantly worth the money. Which wasnt a lot in my opinion. I am now able to easily move my heavy table saw around the shop with ease.


It is a very heavy duty and easy to maneuver base and at a great price compared to others I have seen.

Great heavy duty product! 4/18/2018

Mark J
Great Base, but it didn't fit the machine they said it would 4/18/2018

Great Base, but it didn't fit the machine they said it would. This is the accessory mobile base for 17" Anniversary Bandsaw. But when I got it the arms for the width were too long and I had to cut them for my 18" wide base on the bandsaw. I would have expected a proper fit.

Great product 4/14/2018

Recently bought this for use with my 180 lb tablesaw. Works great so far and looks as if it will for a long time.

Easy to assemble. Easy to use. Great product. 4/13/2018

Oliver D

Excellent product. Heartily recommend this if you get a Grizzly. One caveat: Use a 21"x 21" x 3/4" spacer in the unit to allow vibrations to be soaked up and not transmitted to the floor. Really works like a champ.

Great buy 4/12/2018

I bought this for a drill press and it works perfectly. It was easy to assemble and makes it easy to move a heavy machine. It was also the best price of any comparable base and had the heaviest rating.

Thomas D

Overall I'm extremely pleased with this mobile base. The only thing that I would suggest improving is the lifter mechanism needs a tighter tolerance or a welded in bushing. There is some movement in the support posts when locked down due too to much play.

Charles G

This is the BEST mobile base that you have ever sold, and it was on sale.

It is one rugged piece of equipment!! The wheels have a brake system that is easy to reach and it easy to apply or release.

Michael D
Great value 4/8/2018

Recently purchased two. One for my Grizzly bandsaw which needed a mobile base and another for an older Craftsman drill press (large floor model) that had a Delta base. The Grizzly bases are fantastic because of their construction quality which results in stable yet easy to move machines. I cut down the sides slightly for the bandsaw and built a wooden base for the drill press. When you couple the design and quality with a great price, no doubt about 5 stars.


I bought this to use under my G1035 shaper. This base it a little big for the 1035 but I liked the wheels and the wheel locks better than the lighter bases. I cut the base down after getting it and it works great. It was a very simple job to make the base smaller.

thomas B

Good product and is priced right. I have a slight issue with one wheel dragging that was easily fixed. I have this thing loaded and it rolls easier than my table saw.

Jeffrey P
Too clunky 4/4/2018

To be fair, most are made like this. Too clunky, in my small shop I need all 4 wheels to swivel. I already took my new Grizzly bandsaw off of this thing and replaced with heavy duty casters. This mobile base will be on eBay for sale by the end of the week.

Just the thing my shop was needing. 3/31/2018

I am very impressed with the quality and sturdiness of this product. It has made moving the equipment in my shop much easier. I bought 3, one for my table saw, jointer and bandsaw

Joseph B
Good product 3/25/2018

Works great. Packaging sucked and some parts were bent damaged but still useable.

Rigid, smooth, and easy to assemble/use. 3/24/2018

After assembling my Grizzly G0555LX 14" Deluxe Bandsaw on this base I was very happy to see how smooth the entire unit moved around and how stable everything was. This will greatly help my woodworking in a small shop where I can store my bandsaw when not in use and easily pull it out when needed.

fred F
This is a great heavy duty mobile base. 3/23/2018

I bought this for my Grizzly G0771Z table saw that i'am saving up for. Currently using it for my old craftsman contractor saw and it's great. By the time i have the money saved the grizzly G0771Z should be back in stock.

Jayme J
Very Pleased 3/21/2018

I purchased the Bear Crawl Mobile Base ahead of the arrival of a Grizzly G0690 table saw. It was my understanding that the base could be assembled around the tool. Without having an "assistant" to help, I used a tall jack to lift the table of the saw alternately front and back and the base slid under the saw fairly effortlessly. I'm very pleased with the sturdiness and the ease with which the base allows me to roll my saw around the shop. Could not be more pleased.

Steven J
Excellent, Great product 3/19/2018

I have a small shop and recently purchased a band saw. Bought the mobile base to allow quick and easy relocation and it works great.
It is stable when locked in place to use the saw and is easy to move.
Very satisfied!

Perfect addition to table saw 3/18/2018

After a few months of pondering as to which table saw i was going to get, with many factors being looked at during the process, I chose the Grizzly G1023 RL Even though it was going to be stationary, I needed to be able to move it into it's position and have a stable base, so I ordered the Bear Crawl base at the same time. I am very pleased with that decision. I assembled it, using the dimensions of the saw and then took the back and front section apart to wait for the saw's arrival. It is very strong and stable, and because my shop floor is slightly uneven, I was able to adjust the support feet to zero the saw up. I highly recommend this in addition to any heavy piece of shop equipment.


Great base! My table saw has a granite top and a router table attached and it moves beautifully. Excellent buy.


My wife bought this for me as a birthday/anniversary gift. Excellent stand! Some folks have said issues with the bolts or threads, but I found none. It works perfectly with my G0690 saw and makes rolling it around a breeze and locking it into place even better (then getting on your knees and turning a knob!) I like it so much that I want to buy another for my standing drill press! Excellent base Grizzly! God bless!

Steven W

I have three different brands of mobile bases and this one is by far the best of them all.

Outstanding value 3/13/2018

I have purchased two of the Bear Crawl bases. One is for a 350 pound bandsaw and the other is for a planer stand. The base is easy to assemble. And can be assembled around a machine (I did this rather than try to lift the bandsaw onto the base.) The bases are easy to move around my less than level shop floor and they are very sturdy and stable. Finally they are are extremely well priced. I will certainly buy more of them when needed.

Well made 3/8/2018

This is a heavy duty mobile base. It's very stable and rolls very easily. The assembly is straight forward and easy. I use this for my Grizzly G0457 bandsaw.


Solid, very sturdy, fits the bill for my Hybrid Table Saw which weighs over 400 lbs. will be getting a second one for my Bandsaw. Definitely recommend.

Dan E
Good Design 3/7/2018

Makes it very easy to move heavy saw around and stable when it place with the locks down. Its made it China and some of jamb nuts broke loose when tightening.

Wayne D
Great for my table saw 3/4/2018

Makes my table saw very easy to move around and locks easy

Very Best Mobile Base Available 3/3/2018

This mobile base is very heavy duty, but it is easy to assemble
and to adjust the stabilizing feet. The casters and power coating
are also of high quality.


This is by far the best heavy mobile base I have seen.
It is well designed in that you don't have to lift the machine to set the