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Hanging Air Filter, 3-Speed
Reg: $199.95
Price: $149.95
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Grizzly G0738 - Hanging Air Filter, 3-Speed

60 SEC.

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This little unit finishes off the job that most dust collectors only start. Turn this filter on while you work and set the timer to run after you leave the shop and it will continue to clean the air of the fine particles that might otherwise find a home where you don't want them.

ETL listed meeting UL 507-9 and CSA C22.2 #113-2 standards!


  • Motor: 1/8 HP, 120V, 60Hz, 1A
  • Air flow: 260, 362 and 409 CFM
  • Timer settings: 1, 2 and 4 hours
  • Outer filter: 5-Micron
  • Inner filter: 1-Micron
  • Weighs 31 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 34 lbs.
  • Infrared remote control system adjusts speeds, timer, and on/off controls
  • Easy-to-replace filters, no tools required
  • Inner filter can be washed or blown out with compressed air
  • Includes eye bolts and chains for hanging from the ceiling, or can be used on a workbench
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119 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Happy with this air filter 11/15/2018

This is a good unit that seems to work well in my small shop. It is nice to have a second level of air filtration for the finer particles as I do not have a major dust collection system. It is also great to set the timer to let it run an hour or two after I am done. Had it about a couple months, so far so good.

Great filter unit 11/15/2018

This filter is just what I needed to keep my shop air cleaner! It mounts fairly easily, and is very quiet, even at maximum speed. I highly recommend it!

Works Well in my Shop 11/1/2018

I have a 30x30 shop and set this up to collect the small dust always floating around in the air (wood dust). This has improved the cleanliness as well as ease of breathing (use to wear a dust mash all the time). Would buy again.

Ben R
great value for the price 11/1/2018

works great in my small garage shop, no dust in the air after about an hour's runtime

great dust air filter 11/1/2018


I have a large shop area and purchased two units. There is quite a bit of dust on the outer filters so I assume they are removing it from the air. Pleased with the performance so far.


works great, keeps sanding and sawing dust to a minimum in my shop

Robert J
Shop area is easy to breath 10/24/2018

This dust collector was easy to install, and works great. The remote control means you don't have to go up a ladder to turn it on and off, or change the speeds. I work with wood, so the shop (1200 sq. feet) gets covered with sawdust. the dust collector is over my bandsaw, and sanding drums, and the sawdust ends up in the filters and not all over the shop. Glad I finally got one.

Val Z
G0738 - Val's Review 9/22/2018

I have only had for short time, but so far so good. I turn unit on and have running at all times while in shop. I like the speed adjustment and run low speed while just in shop building projects, and increase to high speed while cutting, routing, or sanding.


I bought these hanging air filters and happy that I did

Kevin C
Well thought-out, effective product! 8/16/2018

After having a dedicated shop that had every surface coated with fine dust for 27 years, I made up my mind that it was time to prevent that from happening in my new shop. I bought the air filter and have used it to good effect. The horizontal surfaces pass "the white glove" test after sawing or sanding with normal dust collection and the air filter used together.

jerry A
Really good air flow 5/10/2018

The suction & air flow is great. should have done this before now. I also ordered extra filters But haven't received them yet. I need to change the filter soon.

Hey, I can breath a little easier 5/7/2018

Hung this little gem in my somewhat small shop (12' x 21') and it has really made a difference in knocking down the fine dust that was always floating in the air and eventually settling all over everything. Was pondering making my own, but decided it was going to cost more and, the Grizzly has the runtime timer built in, awesome. I have never been disappointed in any of my Grizzly shop equipment!

great product for the price. 5/7/2018

Bought about a month ago definitely a good product.

eleazar C

Works great and for the price I will recommend this one to my friends

Just What I Was Looking For 4/4/2018

This Filter is perfect for my 12x20 workshop. It hangs from the ceiling and is out of the way. It is quiet, and I like the three speed choices and the three running time choices.
The remote make it a joy to use.


Bought this unit for my Father for Christmas. He didn't realize he needed it till he started using it. He loves it. Thanks

Darin M

I purchased this little unit in hopes it would cut down on the amount of particle dust that was hanging about the shop. I've been picking up nasal/sinus infections regularly for the last year and I'm hoping this unit helps keep them away for a while. I love the fact I can set the speed and timer and don't need to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if I'd shut it off or not. As with all Grizzly products, the shipping was fast and the setup was super-easy. I loves me some Grizzly.

Very pleased !!! 3/5/2018

I installed the filter in my basement work shop. I like all of the features of three speeds and the different timer settings so I can leave it running after I have finished my project for the day.
It is quiet, even at the high speed, it does not drown out the radio. I did not notice air leaks whistling around the filter or out of balance of the squirrel cage fan and it reduces dust

Does the job 2/27/2018

Just purchased the product, but so far seems to work fine.

Mark C
Cleaning up after me! 2/14/2018

I'm on day 3 of sanding/refinishing old furniture. The Grizzly is pulling very fine dust out of the air and hopefully out of me! I blow out the exterior filter every other day. The inside filter did not show dirt for the first 10 running hours. Both filters clean up quickly. A hanging filter is a great addition to any woodworking area!

Recommended 2/10/2018

This unit is an excellent addition to my single car garagel wood shop.

Brian W
Great addition 2/6/2018

I bought this during Grizzlys Christmas sale and all I can say is WOW. Never realized the difference it makes. I have a 20 x20 garage and it will clear sanding dust out in a matter of minutes. I have it hung on the ceiling and it fits perfect above my garage door and takes up none of my valuable space and I dont have to move it every time I need to get a car inside and with the
remote it there is no hassle at all. If you have no other method for dust control you at least need to get this product keeps everything but the floors clean and is not too expensive and requires nothing but an electrical outlet

John S

I bout a mouth ago works great very quit very easy to install

John S

I just got my powered filter hooked up, It works well, and I like the timer option.

Grant P
Great value 1/8/2018

Bought this for a two car garage/workshop. It does a good job moving air throughout, though for my application I would be better served with two of them. Im not a big fan of the green so I repainted it white. While apart, I did notice that Grizzly could stand to include a few more seals to prevent blow by. All in all though it works well.


It works great. It is 1 of 3 set up to move and filter air it is great to have 3 speeds.

John L

I added this unit to my double garage workshop and am very happy with the results. We do a lot of sanding in this area and this clears the air quickly. I would recommend this product!

Cris S

I bought 2 of these for my shop and they are great. I love that they are very quiet, and the reduction in dust buildup is great so far, i have only been able to use them a couple of times but so far so good.


I bought this for our son's birthday. He builds guitars and basses so his small shop gets pretty dusty from the sanding, etc. and he told us what he would like to have. We're happy with the prompt delivery and he's very happy with the performance of the air filter. Thank you for the great product and free shipping!

Does what is meant to do. 12/28/2017

The system improved the air quality in my shop that is 15x24. It was very helpful for my wood shop. The remote battery cover comes off and has to be tapped on as other reviewers have stated in the past. When my fluorescent lights turn off the system shuts down. When I called Grizzly they said they are working on this problem. The filter was on sale so it was worth the price. For the retail price I would buy it else where. If the rating would allow I would give it 3.5 stars.


Great product!! Works really well in my small shop.

operates fine out of the box 12/21/2017

Could be a tighter fit for outer filter frame in fan housing. I had a slight whistle in operation that disappeared when I wedged filter frame to fan housing. A better foam gasket or more filter clamps on housing would keep the whistles out.

Ken R

I'm very happy with this air filter. It has exceeded my expectations.

Darryl M
Great product 12/6/2017

Installs easily, runs as advertised and simple to use. Have yet to really give it a test on filtering shop air, but for a small unit it pushes the air around.

Does a great job! 11/3/2017

I have two of these units in my shop. They work together to keep the air clean and circulating in my shop.

Dave T

Bought this filter a few weeks ago. Had some issues with shipping - fault of USPS not Grizzly - and so it arrived a few days later than expected. Grizzly was very helpful with my situation and did their best to locate and get shipment to me. The box had lots of rash from all the wrong turns but the unit inside was in great shape and functions as expected. All told, a good experience.

Timothy F

This air filter works great in my small wood shop where I use a Grizzly table saw, Grizzly band saw and a miter saw. It does the job I need it to do.

great product 8/26/2017

Glad I bought this. Really helps with air quality in shop.

Extremely happy 7/1/2017

I spent a long time time trying to decide on which air system to get and I am extremely happy with the choice I made. A noticeable difference after the first time using this unit. Would highly recommend.


Was easy to install & works as advertised. Good purchase!

Good product; Poor Finish 6/12/2017

The equipment function is excellent. The appearance is poor. The Air Filter runs well and is quiet. It is easy to operate and changing the filters is not a problem. The paint finish was flawed when I unpacked it from the box. There are several large paint bubbles on the side of the unit which detracts from the appearance.

Jason T
Good value. Works well. 6/4/2017

This hanging air filter is very simple and straightforward to set up and to use. For how much air it moves, it's reasonably quiet. The remote works well, although it does need a direct line of sight to the sensor. Seeing how much fine dust had accumulated on the filters in the first couple of days of operation made it clear that it was a good addition to my modest 20x28 woodworking shop. It also made it clear that I should improve my dust collection at each tool. I do wish a washable outer filter was available, but that's a minor quibble. I'm quite pleased with my purchase.

love it 6/2/2017

glad i bought this air cleaner. just the right size. nice and quiet, too.

good product works 6/2/2017

good product works the only problem is the remote is junk---the battery cover falls off and there is no fix-customer service will tell you to take it apart then back together--will continue to fall off, not all the time but bothersom

Robert P

I purchased this air filter about a month or so ago, so far happy with it, I think it actually cut down on some of the dust in the shop, I do like the remote

William O
I purchased the Air Filter to remove micron size air born dust particles in my shop 2/16/2017

The G0738 air filter is an excellent choice to remove micron size dust particles in the air in my shop. All my tools such as: Table saw, wood Lathe, wood planer, drill press and sanders have dust collection built in and are connected to a dust collection system. Yet, while operating the tools micron size dust particles are present in the air. This is mainly due to the fact that dust collection systems are not perfect and the dust particles escape into the air. If I am working in the shop for extended time I usually use a dust mask with P100 rating to protect my lungs. I find that after I quite working in shop the micro dust particles float around the shop for extended period, this air filter collects and remove the majority of these dust particles and I end up having a much cleaner shop area.

hanging air filter very satisfied 2/6/2017

The product is doing a great job. the remote control however isn't working properly, but I am still very satisfied because of your great customer service. As always we will be buying from you again.

exactly what I needed. 2/2/2017

Easy to install. I built a shelf up high on the side wall and set it up there. Does exactly what I needed it to do. Very pleased. At first, I was going to hang from ceiling, but I would have had to use an extension cord, which the instructions didn't recommend. So I quickly decide to hang up on a side wall out of the way and the cord with the filter reaches the outlet on the wall nicely. Glad I read the instructions first.

Richard T
Looks good 2/2/2017

I have this hanging from the ceiling and run it frequently while I am working, usually on a low setting while I am in the shop and then I put it on high for 2 hours when I close up.. Hard to tell just how effective it is but I think it is doing what it should be. Noise level is low, even on the highest setting. Noise bothers me and I use ear protection on almost any machine I run including shop vacs, but this is much quieter than that and I don't find it to be a problem at all.

Jay S
Just right 1/29/2017

This is my second purchase of this air filter. Set up to circulate the air in my L shaped shop. Works great.

Joseph P
Great Product 1/29/2017

Works extremely well in my one car garage shop. Great products always from Grizzly.

Dennis K
Great product 1/28/2017

I am very pleased with my purchase. I have used it for a month now. combined with mu dust (sawdust) collector I have very little dust.

No power out of the box! 1/28/2017

A gift, after installation it was time to power up. Wrong, it did not even turn on! My husband was pretty upset and was packing it up wondering how much this was going to cost to return it. An electrical engineering, he took the top off and found the power supply was not pluged in! A quick fix, but feel bad since we have always been happy with Grizzly products. I am sure Grizzly would have worked this out. I still recommend this product!

Rick H
Great product 1/27/2017

Does a great job. I can actually see in my workshop after sanding.Very convienant remote.

Great! 1/27/2017

Works well in my shop, does a good job cleaning the air and circulating. I have never been disappointed with any Grizzly tools or products. Keep up the great job!


Easy to set up, easy to use, works great in a small shop to circulate and filter the small particles suspended in the air.

Dan F
Works as described 1/27/2017

Great machine, I was able to get this from Grizzly with the new Affirm payment method, I also received a great deal on it during their Christmas specials ( Which I wish they would do more of through the year ) I run a small business in my garage and make plenty of dust, My wife is really happy I bought this as the dust making it to the house has decreased tremendously. Thanks Grizzly I'll be back for more..

Seems well made, works fine 1/27/2017

I have used this several times it does suck up the fine dust thats floating around in the air. I appreciate the remote controls.


Much less expensive than the Jet we sell at Rockler. Of course, while much the same, it is smaller. And in my case that makes it perfect for my garage. 3 speeds 3 timer modes, and a remote for $100...... FABULOUS p

Good for the price. 1/27/2017

It seems to be working pretty good. Just set it up a few days ago and all is well. Setup is very easy.

Francia W
works fantastic 1/26/2017

David K
Quality product, fair price 1/26/2017

Great addition to the hobby shop. Works very well helping keep dust under control.

Carson K
Works Great! 1/26/2017

This filter works perfectly. I had difficulty installing it as my trusses are 24" on center and the unit hung at an angle due to being heavier at one end.
I made some 24: brackets and reinstalled it. I am quite happy with it now.

Good Value 1/26/2017

Very Nice works well one minor thing wish remote was more sensitive need to get exact aim and close to unit.

Works great 1/26/2017

Great sale price. Works great. Cleans air easily and quickly.

Good, quiet filter 1/26/2017

Light weight and easy to install in the shop. Remote control is nice. For the money, this was a great investment of a quiet filter.
Would be even better if there was an activated carbon filter to go along with it to help reduce finishing fumes.

Great Air Filter for a Small Shop 1/26/2017

I was ableto pick this unit up prior to Christmas when Grizzly offered this as a daily special for $99. I had the unit installed in less than an hour. After a bout a week of working part time in the workshop I checked the outer filter. It had collected a lot more dust than I thought was floating around my workshop. My workshop is only about 12 x 12 feet.

Great product and value 1/26/2017

I have a small basement shop and I have been using it since the day it was delivered , There has been a noticeable decrease in air borne dust. Run noise is low. Great value for the price.

David E
Works well, and is both lighter and quieter than expected 1/26/2017

I got this for my shop, but set it upstairs after we had hardwood floors installed. This made a big difference in the dust in the room. It was light enough to move from room to room, and quiet enough to leave running (at low speed) in a room adjacent to our bedroom.

Brian M
Works great for my small shop 1/26/2017

I needed to get serious about the dust in my small shop. I did some research and found this one to be the best bang for my buck. it is affordable and works great, better than expected. While I have no previous experience with a dust filter, I was pleasantly surprised how well this works as pulling out the small harmful dust particles as well as creates a good air flow through my shop.

Carter D
Glad I bought this 1/26/2017

I really like the fact that it comes with a remote and has several timer options, one hour, two hour and four hour. You can just turn it on and leave and it will shut down when the timer runs out. It also has a good idea to mount it a 45 degree angle to the walls to promote circular airflow around the shop to gather more dust.

Doug R
Great product! 1/26/2017

I bought this to help out with the air quality in my garage workshop. I try to always hook up dust collection to my tools, but i wanted to add a little something else. After shopping around online, i saw this model, a Wen and a few others that all appeared to be the exact same filter just painted accordingly to the brand colors. When this item went on sale, it was a no-brainer. So far, I'm quite pleased with it's efficiency. Even on the high setting, it doesn't make that much noise at all!


Very good quality and features for a great price

Easy installation, works great! 1/26/2017

I am using this in a garage shop to control dust in the air that isn't captured by my other dust collection equipment. I found it easy to install, and I really like the different settings available from the remote control. For the small shop, this does the trick and keeps the dust down. I would recommend it highly, especially for such a reasonable price.

Carl J
Great product 1/26/2017

I purchased this air filter a few weeks ago but haven't had time to hang it but have been using it setting on a table. It's quiet and seems to do a good job. The three speeds and run timers is good for clean up at the end of your project.

Great product 1/26/2017

I love all my Grizzly purchases , I've been a customer for a long time.
Thanks Grizzly. Robert Bland


Bought this a few months ago but haven't had a chance to set it up in my shop yet. I have had a chance to inspect it and it looks to be a great product. Just waiting for the weather to turn to get things up and going this spring.

James H
Works Great 1/26/2017

I have been using it for a month now, what a difference in the air quality in my basement woodshop. Fantastic so far! Should have installed one years ago.

Very well made 1/26/2017

This is a solid, well made piece of machinery. All metal and heavy, so get help hanging it. The remote control is a bit chancy and the back will fly off and batteries fall out if you drop it.

Seems OK. 1/26/2017

Seems Ok. Doesn't seem real powerful, but the filter gets dirty fast, so it must be working ok. Should have a cleanable pre-filter that is easily cleaned and thus help the pleated disposable paper filter to last longer.

Glad I found this air filter unit! 1/26/2017

I was searching for a air filter system for my small shop when I found this unit. I recently installed and used it during several days of sawing and sanding. I'm impressed. I leave it set at the low speed and a huge difference is seen with the settling dust and lumber odor. I thought about installing two of these after some reviewers comments but I am satisfied with the single unit and the air circulation.


This is an excellent product and very easy to install. I'm very pleased.

Excellent value for money 1/26/2017

Should've bought two more. Super quiet and does everything it is supposed to.

Simon A
Awesome addition to the shop 1/26/2017

I've got a 12x24 garage shop that I've hung this unit in. Right out of the box I was impressed with the ease of assembly and installation. It performs as well or better than I expected. I've since realized that to cut down on the frequency of filter cleaning, I need to improve on my dust collection st the source! This filter unit has great suction and noticbly efficient fine dust filtration. Great buy, especially considering the pre Christmas sale price I got!

Excellent value - works very well 1/26/2017

Lorri R
This hangable air filter is great. Best one on the market. 1/26/2017

I bought this for my husbands hobby shop. He loves the remote and the ability to set the timer for operation convenience. It filters very well.

Ave G
works great 1/26/2017

was easy to hang from ceiling and with included remote works great. Filter change3 will be easy but need a ladder but that was the plan.

Highly recommended! 1/26/2017

Bought this sale before Christmas for my small shop and it works great. I would highly recommend this for any shop to avoid health complications from dust.

Jim S
Very Good product 1/26/2017

Unit works great. Only it would be better if the remote was RF not IR

Excellent value for home workshop 1/26/2017

I waited far to long to install an Air Filter. I have used a Cyclone Dust collector for many years with a good result and hesitated to hang an air filter thinking it was unnecessary. After one month, I am a believer. I have experienced significantly less nasal iratation from wood dust and the amount of filtered dust in the unit is simply shocking. Good value that I would highly recommend.

scott R
Nice 1/26/2017

Wish I bought the larger one. But it works for now maybe in the future I will upgrade.

Kim G.
Great product 12/3/2016

This is a good machine. The hanger design keeps it out of the way and above dust making tools where it will do the most good. Best of all, it helps keep the air dust free in my garage workshop {and out of the rest of the house}.

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