Grizzly   |  Model: G9645
Hardness Tester
Price: $975.00
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Grizzly G9645 - Hardness Tester


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Model: G9645
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  • Designed for measuring hardness of metals and alloys of all kinds, hard or soft, whether flat, round or irregularly shaped
  • Simple in design and easy to operate, yet sensitive and accurate
  • Ideally suited for schools, laboratories, tool rooms and inspection departments
  • Conforms to IS 3804-1966 and BS: 891-1962 part I and part II for Rockwell tests


  • Maximum load (KGF): 150
  • Load range (KGF): 60, 100, 150
  • Initial range load (KGF): 10
  • Maximum test height: 4-1/4"
  • Depth of throat: 5-1/4"
  • Maximum depth of spindle below base: 2"
  • Size of base: 7" x 18"
  • Machine height: 24-1/2"
  • Approximate net weight: 195 lbs.

Standard Accessories:

  • 5-3/4" testing table
  • 2-3/16" testing table
  • 120 degree diamond penetrator
  • Rockwell A test block (1-pc.)
  • Rockwell B test block (1-pc.)
  • Rockwell C test blocks (3-pc.)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Complete instruction manual
  • Dust proof plastic cover
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5 Customer Reviews (4.8 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Michael D
Good option for home shop and knife making! 11/14/2018

I bought this for testing my heat treatment of knives and other tools. It appears to be just what I needed!

A couple of points to consider:

1. This is a Chinese import, know that up front. The price reflects that, but so far the performance exceeds the price level. The EXACT same tester can be purchased from multiple spots online, including several auction sites, sometimes for several hundred dollars cheaper. I chose to purchase from Grizzly as they are a known and trusted source for me, and if anything goes wrong I know they will take care of it in legendary Grizzly style. Caveat Emptor if you purchase elsewhere.

2. This item is very well packaged. Pull the 4 screws holding the top on (they are at the bottom outside of the front and back of the box), then access the manual inside. It will give you directions on the remaining steps for unboxing and installation. Don't be like me and pull all the nails and staples first...there are a lot of them! :)

3. This item is HEAVY. 200 lbs worth, and you really don't want to drop it. Make sure you have someone to help you unbolt it from the base (bolted from the bottom, have to tip it) and pick it up onto its stand.

3. Read the manual, it is actually quite helpful and understandable. Set up and calibration is critical and surprisingly easy, but drilling a hole for the anvil height adjustment rod is only necessary if you will need to drop the anvil far enough to test items more than 2" thick. I also did not level it to .002", I just got it close with a level and it seems to be fine.

4. This unit is accurate and matched the test blocks precisely after calibration. Make sure and do a minimum of 3 tests and then take the AVERAGE of those tests for calibration and hardness testing. One test in one spot will almost always be misleading. READ and FOLLOW the calibration and testing directions, another reviewer had a comment about "only preloading to the edge of the red dot", and apparently missed the part about turning the anvil adjustment for 3 full revolutions of the large needle and stopping it within 5 pts of zero, then adjusting the dial (not anvil) back to zero for accurate preloading. The red dot on the small needle is just so you know you are on the 3rd revolution.

Solid machine! 7/7/2017

As a knife maker I've always wanted a Rockwell Hardness tester. When I finally had my money saved I saw Grizzly was out of stock. But clicked on the email when it's available box. Pleasant surprise when a few weeks later I get my email saying its in stock. I placed my order it arrived quickly. This thing is package well and HEAVY! After carefully unpacking I was amazed how difficult it was to "unpack" the wooden blocks inside the unit. My ONLY complaint is the instructions like everyone else says are translated to English and extremely hard to follow along with. But with patience it all begins to make sense. I've sense got it "dialed" in and ready to test my first batch of knives. This machine is best described as intricate as a grand father clock made out of cast iron and steel!

Great product 7/6/2017

Andrew W

This item works as it should. It took a couple of tries to get the readings to match the calibration blocks. On mine, the small indicator has to point to the edge of the dot, rather than the middle, when setting the pre-load in order to have the results match the calibration blocks.

It comes with a flat plate and a V-block to test round items. The included "dust cover" is a joke, just a well fitting plastic trash bag. But there is a nice case to hold the tools, sample blocks, and anvils.

Kent D
good product from china 1/26/2017

I purchased this hardness tester to check knife steel that I heat treat. Compared to all other brands this was the least expensive. I am very pleased with this tester so far and surprised me with its accuracy once it was set up and calibrated properly.

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