Grizzly   |  Model: T25555
Riser Block Kit for G0555LX
Price: $94.95
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Grizzly T25555 - Riser Block Kit for G0555LX


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Increase your G0555LX 14" Bandsaw's cutting capacity to 12" high with this bolt-on 6" extension block kit. Includes all necessary hardware plus extended blade guard and 3/8" x 105" x 6 TPI blade.
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Jon D
Riser Kit Good - Blade Not 11/25/2018

The riser kit itself does what it's supposed to. It's well built and the instructions were easy to follow. Unfortunately in my case it took 6 months from when I ordered the unit to actually receiving it which was frustrating since I had purchased larger blades to use with the kit. And now that I have had to use the blade that came with the kit a few times (had other specific purpose blades that I had been using) I find the quality of it very poor. It's almost like it's dull without even being used. So I would definitely recommend purchasing a better quality blade like I did and not relying on the included blade.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer

Overall, I have gotten good use out of this product and am pretty happy with it. It does all that is expected of it, with the exception of one area. The safety guard on it is lacking. It was unclear exactly how to install it, but some YouTube videos were helpful. Once I got it installed correctly, it was bent in such a way that it would touch the tire or blade! I spent some time bending it into the correct position, but every time I used it, I had a fear that it was going to fail and hit the blade. I eventually felt like it was safer to take it off completely, which isn't great. Everything else in this kit has met its expectation and was easy to install.

Vincent I
Not yet added to my bandsaw 6/7/2018

While I have not yet added this accessory to G0555LX, I am impressed with the quality of the components..

Anonymous Reviewer

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Steven K
Nice add on and easy to install 5/3/2018

This really increases my ability to do more things with this saw, it gives many more options to what I can do

Anonymous Reviewer

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Anonymous Reviewer

Fits out of the box perfectly with no fuss, just have an assistant to lend a hand because it is a bit unwieldy and heavy holding the disassembled saw. Once installed the increased resaw capacity is phenomenal! Extremely nice being able to bookmatch cuts. Worth every dollar!

Anonymous Reviewer

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Gary M
Awesome !!! 1/25/2018

I bought the riser block and Band saw and am very happy with it and would recommend getting the riser block .

Anonymous Reviewer

Contacted customer service before purchase to see if this would work with my central machine bandsaw. They were not able to tell me if it would or not. I purchased the kit and with only one slight modification it fit great. I have made several purchases from Grizzly including a recent purchase of a new wood turning lathe. I have always been extremely happy with the machines. More than this, if I had a problem it was taken care of immediately!

Douglas J

The riser block allowed me to cut 12 in thick logs before turning into bowls on the lathe. The riser block was relatively easy to install. It would help to have the right size wrench for the large bolt instead of using a crescent wrench.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great addition to the saw! 1/11/2018

Got the riser at the same time as the saw so put everything together at the same time. Was not difficult to do with another set of hands.
Very happy with the extra height for slicing.

Walter B

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Anonymous Reviewer
Now I can resaw too :-) 8/4/2017

I bought this at the same time I ordered the bandsaw (G0555LX) and put it took a little balancing, but managed to get it all assembled by myself. I did, however, have to scrape the paint off the mating surfaces....not sure if they are all like this, but with a "precision" part, I didn't want any irregularities in the paint to mess up the alignment. 2 Thumbs up !!!

Roger J

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Steven K
Awesome 6/2/2017

I bought this with my saw and installed it as I assembled the saw. It is a solid connection that was easy to install.


have not put this to work yet have not assembled it to the machine have not had a use for it i got it so i will have it when needed

John C

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Anonymous Reviewer
Works well 4/6/2017

Arrived today, took me about 1 1/2 hours total to install riser kit by myself,(not recommended). Was actually pretty straight forward after watching the Grizzly video on subject. After using an old Delta 3 wheel bandsaw for several years this G0555LX is still amazing to use. I like to make coasters and cutting boards etc. As a test I had a completed sunburst patterned board 9 1/2 x 13 that I split to make 2 cheese boards. The included blade worked fine with maybe 1mm of deflection top to bottom, just had to take my time and not force blade.
The extra 6 inches of room will really expand the capabilities of the saw.

Didn't fit correctly. 2/11/2017

I recently got a G0555lx saw (February 2017) and purchased this riser kit to go with it at the same time. The instructions were a little bit difficult to follow however with a little bit of researching online, it's easy to figure out.

I got everything installed correctly but when I went to tension my blade I noticed the upper outer guide bearing was pushing the blade in towards the center of the saw. I had both bearings set all the way out to ease blade installation and couldn't get them to moove further to allow for proper blade installation. After a bit of troubleshooting I recognized there was a fault with the extended guide post. At the bottom there is a through hole which isn't aligned with the cap screw that the blade guide assembly uses to fasteng the BGA to the extended guide post.
Securely tightening the cap screw causes the blade guide assemble to pivot in towards the center of the saw so much that it then becomes unusable. On the original guide post, the through hole goes in a front to back orientation and is completely out of the way. The extended guide post has a hole going perpendicular to that, putting it exactly where you don't want it.
I got around this issue by cutting off a small piece of the new extended guide post. I made the cut where the hole was, effectively removing it.
Once I did that, the blade guide assembly was free to rotate, be aligned with the tensioned blade, and subsequently securely tightened down.
I only removed about a 1/2" of the new guide arm. Any more and the cap screw might not have reached the guide post due to it being flattened on one side.

Works well but had trouble with the instructions. 7/9/2016

Was very happy I went ahead and bought this riser block. At first I thought 6 inches would be plenty for me but decided at the last minute to go ahead and purchase. Glad I did, the first log I grabbed to resaw was about 8 inches thick. Not a problem.

It was hard to get the bolts off the saw. The only wrenches I had went to ¾s and they were not big enough. Its tight where the bolt and nut are located. A pipe wrench was too big and I couldnt get channel locks to budge it. Ended up making a run to my dads and grabbing the proper wrenches. 11/16ths I think and about 2 foot long. And a 3 foot torque wrench. Then no problems.

I would have given this block 5 stars but I had trouble with the instructions that came with it. The block itself was fine but the guide bar instructions were terribly confusing. Honestly I dont think theyre complete. I even had a couple of other people read it with me and see if they could see what I was to do . A youtube video was the only way I was able to figure it out.

Otherwise, everything went really well and extremely happy with the purchase.

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