Grizzly   |  Model: H7583
Tenoning Jig
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Grizzly H7583 - Tenoning Jig

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This fully adjustable Tenoning Jig fits left- and right-tilting table saws with 3/8"H x 3/4"W "T" shaped miter slot, while handling stock up to 3-1/4" thick. It has an adjustable guide bar to control sliding friction/precision in the miter slot and two large handles for to help ensure smooth control. The bevel angle is adjustable from 90° to 75° and the backstop is adjustable from 90° to 45°. The multi-position control levers and extra-large clamping handwheel also ensure accurate and repeatable results. Additional assembly required for left-tilting saws.

  • Fits left-tilting and right-tilting table saws with "T" shaped miter slot
  • Ensures accurate and repeatable results
  • Adjustable bevel angle and backstop
  • Show More... California Proposition 65 Warning

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    Jeffrey V

    Works great, minimal tweaking to make clean and precise cuts.


    I put up for years with a very simple jig for my table saw. It could be used for make tenons, but it took a lot of patience to get it right. Finally, when I decided to make a copy of my grandmother's Mission-style rocking chair, I needed a "real" tenoning jig. The Grizzly seemed to be the best value and it did live up to my expectations. I did need to add some shims to get the bar to fit perfectly in the miter slot on my Unisaw. I replaced the travel scale with one made from an old drafting scale,but it is still best to measure the actual distance to the saw blade. No home made jig is going to work as well and as safely as this on from Grizzly.

    Exceptional Product 2/9/2018

    Have not had the opportunity to use the tenoning jig yet as my table saw just arrived but it is a quality product for the money


    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He loves it!

    Boller J
    great jig 1/6/2018

    ordered this tenoning jig on a Monday received it by Friday , it was set up for a table saw with a "T " slot guide, but by simply removing the wheel on the carriage it converts to a standard 3/4x 3/8 slot .
    The only problem I encountered ,was the unit was saturated with a preserving oil and wrapped in plastic , a quick bath in brake cleaner made it all better . After reading the instructions assembly was a snap , setting it up on the saw ( 30 yr old Rockwell Delta ) was easy . As far as working with the jig, I found it to be very easy to work with and would not hesitate to recommend it to others .


    When I received this tenoning jig The base was warped. I was a Tool & Die maker before I retired So I used a file to straighten the bottom corners so it would sit flat on my table saw. Once this was accomplished the jig worked fine.

    George V
    Works well 12/4/2017

    This is a solid device that works well and is pretty easy to adjust for accurate cuts. Setup instructions are easy to follow. So far, I've used it to cut 12 tenons in cedar 2X4s. My only complaint is that it came DRENCHED in an oily, viscous fluid. Literally, it came out of its box and interior plastic bag dripping this fluid. It took some effort to clean it up to make it useable.

    First Grizzly product 11/22/2017

    Perfect 10/26/2017

    The Grizzly tenoning jig is well made and a must have. I am 100% pleased.


    I needed this jig to build some old style window sashes. I was skeptical based on reviews I've seen around and was hesitant. I needed a jig so I took a chance. Well I'll say that I'm impressed so far. It has worked very well and is pretty easy to use. Using brass setup bars were really handy. I don't really like the stamped sheet metal bracket for the lateral support, but it is fine. Always use a high quality machinist square to align everything.


    Pretty good jig. Can handle larger pieces than my home made jig.

    Good, solid product, but didn't fit my saw table guides. 9/5/2017

    The 3/4" guides on my Rockwell saw table did not allow for the round adjusters to set into them. I had to remove them and then the guide bars had to be adjusted at somewhat of a "sliding bind" to get the jig to fit snugly in the tracks. This is not addressed in the instruction manual, either. This meant more fine adjustments on other parts of the jig. Overall, it is a heavier, more precise piece of equipment that I highly recommend as an addition to any woodworkers shop.

    Michael S

    Very glad I made this purchase. It makes making tenons a breeze. Would recommend it to my friends.

    J. D
    Looks great I haven't used it yet 8/12/2017


    yes , this product is square, level,accurate, cast iron and solid. I will recommend


    I've used it to several cuts. It's outstanding and extremely accurate. This is the right tool for the job.

    Good quality tool 6/16/2017

    Bought it a month ago works great , I would recommend any grizzly tool friends or client

    Very Good Piece. Looking forward to buying my 20 inch Planer!!! 6/2/2017

    Tenons for outdoor furniture 6/2/2017

    I purchased the tenoning jig to use on a outdoor furniture project. When it arrived, it was covered with a thin oily film that was easily removed with Simple Green. It took some time to set up and adjust but nothing out the ordinary. For me, that's part of the fun in purchasing and using a new tool. I cut tenons on 44 boards and the results were very good. I'm very happy with my purchase.

    Easy and accurate. 6/2/2017

    Superb service, delivered to West Australia within ten days. Jig is accurate, easy to assemble, setup and use.

    Karen K
    works wonderful! 5/14/2017

    This item came damaged in shipping but your customer service supervisor sent another one out right away. I THINK HEAVY ITEMS SHOULD BE DOUBLE BOXED BECAUSE THE SHIPPING PROCESS IS BRUTAL.
    Thank You

    Christopher B
    Nice product, especially at the price. 5/11/2017

    China-made, but there's not much you can do about that these days. I would suggest (2) tweaks to improve the performance. I inserted 0.020" shims between the rail (the part that travels in the t-slot) and the base of the H7583. On my table saw, at any rate, there was too much binding. (You could also insert thin #10 washers between the t-slot washers and the rail). Also, I added a #10 washer between the slotted bracket and the face--this is where you adjust the angle of the face of the jig relative to your table saw. Perhaps there is supposed to be one here and mine went missing? Anyway, when you tighten down the handle, without the washer the slotted bracket gets bent over too much.

    Great Jig... needed some reassembly 2/21/2017

    Jig is very good, only cons the little scale sticker just peeled off on first wipe down... and needed to tear it down to move the guide rail to the other holes to get it setup correctly. Additionaly the stud fastener scratched the desk of my Grizzly table saw as I didn't notice it protruding through the base. It was easily adjusted, but keep an eye out.

    Awesome Service and great tool! 2/21/2017

    I bought the jig in December and write this at mid February, and can honestly say it has been one of the best experiences for the money I've had. It is very easy to set up and use. Milling three dozen tenons was a snap with it. I even went back and re-cut/adjusted boards I had attempted before it had arrived! Worth every cent!

    Better than expected 2/14/2017

    I was very pleased with the jig after some assembly adjustments. It has all the material adjustment capabilities to secure the workpiece. It moves smoothly in the miter slots and has adjustment screws in the slides to engage the slides slop free. The fine adjustment knob makes precise cuts easy but the location indicator is for rough approximates only. Repeatability is a challenge but careful layout and setup is does the job it was designed for and has meet my expectations, especially for this price point.

    strong no vibration easy to use 2/12/2017

    had this since Christmas , easy to put together , makes nice accurate cuts , glad I bought it

    will N
    The wait is over. 2/6/2017

    I had been waiting about a year for this jig to go on sale, and it did right before Christmas. It thoroughly out performs the shopmade jigs I had been using until now.

    Seems well made 2/5/2017

    Haven't used it for more than a few test cuts, but it looks like it's going to work out just fine. Plenty of adjustment to get it dialed in.

    Wish I'd bought this years ago. 1/30/2017

    Went through the setup procedures, verified that it was set perfectly for my Delta Unisaw right out of the box. I've used it for about 8 projects, each in multiple units and it has worked flawlessly. I'm even able to tenon the end of 3/8"x1/4" pieces by putting 4 or 5 of them side by side and using a solid backing board in front of the screw clamp pad to hold them all in together. The jig produces extremely accurate, repeatable results with the simplest of setup & the micrometer-type adjustment makes accuracy of fit a snap! Of course, any tool HAS to work to be of any value, but the MOST valuable feature of this tool is SAFETY. Used as instructed (both hands on the handles), there is NO WAY you are going to feed your fingers into the saw blade OR be struck by flying debris in the event of a knot or nail kicking a piece of wood out of the jig. My home made, over the fence cradle type tenoning jig,,,,,, not so much ;)

    Thomas P
    Solid table saw jig. 1/30/2017

    I bought this jig with my table saw and was very surprised to find such a solid piece of equipment when I opened the box. I did not imagine something of this quality for the price.

    I give it five stars! It has made my tenons much easier and tighter fitting. Great! 1/29/2017

    i have used and had very good success with the tenoning jig. I love it. Only one thing though. Is there a way to tighten it in the miter gauge slot?


    This jig is as fine as any other on a professional level.

    Mike F
    Easy to use 1/29/2017

    Very good addition to my shop. Very easy to use. Degreaseing took a while but it was well worth it. Set up of the tool is very easy

    Worth the money, but not perfect 1/28/2017

    Overall this is great, especially for the price. It didn't hurt that they offered it at a significant discount during their Christmas sale either. Other than what is mentioned below, I was impressed at how easy it was to use and my tenons should be much better and definitely a lot safer now. I should have ponied up for this years ago. Four things they could do to improve it or at the very least you'll have to take care of upon receipt (at least what happened with mine):
    (1) The little formed bracket/fence that holds your part square to the table and to the main vertical plate needs help. The bracket/fence was not square or straight. Luckily, it's easy enough to bend and with a little patience you can get it both square and straight.
    (2) That same bracket/fence does tilt back by design, but to get it up to 90 degrees to the table you also will need to take a file to the back side of the casting where the lock knob washer rides to allow it to get all the way up to square. The fillet in the casting plus the paint cause it to back up every time you tighten down, which kept mine from getting all of the way to 90 degrees.
    (3) The casting and the hold down arm brackets interfered slightly, and I couldn't get the parts assembled correctly without a little grinding on the edge of the casting.
    (4) The oil that Grizzly generously soaks this thing in to keep any corrosion at bay also dissolves the glue they use to attach the distance scale. That will need to be cleaned and glued back down. This does give you the opportunity to put zero where you want it for your particular saw.

    Rickey B
    Will review later! 1/28/2017

    Haven't had a chance to use it yet. Wanted for later.

    Lawrence K
    Very good jig 1/28/2017

    I would buy this again. The jig works as advertised.

    The stick on measuring tape did not stick and it was only graduated in 16ths. Maybe a gauge on the adjustment knob would be better.


    Frederick H
    I am pleased with this Jig. Well built 1/28/2017

    Great product 1/27/2017

    As everything that I have with the Grizzly name on it, this is another great item. Very heavy and well built. I've made an initial tenon with it now I need more time to start making the furniture!

    Don A
    very happy with the purchase. 1/26/2017

    Very heavy duty. Instructions were a little hard to understand putting it together. But overall very good.

    Reliable 1/26/2017

    Great tool and easy to set up with repeatable results. Not fancy just reliable

    Great product! 1/26/2017

    Used this for the first time it works great.
    I made tenons for two cabinet doors, did a beautiful job! I'm very happy with the results.I also ordered two aluminum rods for a 45 degree homemade angle sled with the adjustments on the rods, there is no play in the sled, makes perfect cuts on my table saw. VERY happy with this purchase!

    Paul K

    This makes tenoning safe on a table saw, easy to use and assemble.


    Worked out well easy to handle . Came packaged nice with no damage

    James A

    The jig works just fine. After completing set up cuts are accurate and repeatable. Excellent product worth the money.

    Richard L
    Super Tenoning Jig 1/26/2017

    Works great! Very well made and excellent price. Makes my tenons accurate and keeps my hands safe. Love it.

    Beefy! 1/26/2017

    I bought this with my new table saw. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but love it's beefy construction and great delivery.


    it appears to be very well built looking forward to using it.

    Tenoning Jig 1/26/2017

    This jig worked great, It did not slide well in my Delta table saw at first, had to play around with the adjustments of the lower rail but after working it in, it seemed to smooth out and glide well. Adjustments worked very well and gave me some consistent cuts.


    Looks good, my shop is in NM so will try in March.

    Lynn C
    Excellent product 1/26/2017

    I have been wanting one of these for a while after seeing a friend who had one. This makes tenons sooo much easier to make. I wish a had purchased this a long time ago.

    Dennis C
    I was amazed 1/26/2017

    Got this Jig because I always wanted one and saw this in a sales email from Grizzly. My impression when I got it was that it was a lot of Jig for the money. A lot of people make do with homemade Jigs because of the cost and this Tenoning Jig really takes that argument away. A lot of machining for not a lot of money. I am very pleased with my purchase.

    Michael H
    Very solidly made 1/26/2017

    Have not had a chance to use this jig yet, though I am sure it will work out well. I just need to start another larger project that will take advantage of this jig's capabilities.


    Tenoning jig is well made and holds material firmly for accurate cuting.6

    Very Good Tenoning Jig 1/26/2017

    It works very well with my old 1950's Craftsman 10 inch table saw. Assembly of the jig was a breeze. I was very pleased to see the allen wrench set needed for assembly that are included with the jig. This jig does a great job and is easy to set up for various tenons and other applications. I have been using it to build kitchen cabinets and it works great. Thanks!

    Does the job well 1/26/2017

    The only issue I have is that the water reservoir needs a taller lip on the leading edge. With the accessory kit #2 I was able to put the correct bevel on my wood lathe tools.

    Marshall L

    Im very happy with this product. Easy to put together and true. Too much grease.


    I bought this about 6 week ago and I'm glad I did. It saved a ton or time and made the Tenons much easier to fit. After a little fiddling to make it fit my was, it worked like a dream.

    Solid machine with a couple small problems. 1/7/2017

    Wife gave me one for Christmas and just got around to setting it up. Adjustments are simple and directions are easy to follow, if you need them. Two small problems were encountered however. There is, or was, a 3" scale on the base below a pointer to be used to set depth of the tenon shoulder. I say was there until the protective oil that covers the jug crept under and dissolved the adhesive. I will try to reattach with some thin 2 sided tape I have or perhaps etch it into the metal. The second problem is more serious in my mind. There is a safety stop screw on the left side of the jig that is to set up against the slide locking bolt to prevent the face of the jig from contacting the saw blade. With the guide bar in the proper position for my saw and the blade just touching the face of the jig, the stop screw is about an inch short of reaching the locking bolt rendering it useless. The screw that came with it is metric, 2 1/2 inches long. I'll need to find one about 4" long, full threaded or buy the proper die and make one.

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    Yes, this tenoning jig will work with the G0771 Hybrid Tablesaw.

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