Grizzly   |  Model: T27630
Lumber Rack 6-Shelf System
Price: $26.95
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Grizzly T27630 - Lumber Rack 6-Shelf System

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When working on a project, there are few more frustrating slow downs than not having the material you need where you need it, when you need it. This six-shelf lumber storage system is just the thing for your shop to keep your materials quickly and easily organized and accessible. Easy to install into a sturdy wall, each shelf can hold up to 100 lb. and uses 1" powder-coated steel supports for a clean, long-lasting support. And it's not just for lumber; these racks can also hold PVC piping, pipes, gutters – any long material you need up and out of the way. Install them in your garage and never trip over your skis again! Full wood rack unit measures 72"W x 41"H x 12-1/2"D.
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They performed exactly as advertised, going to buy more


I am very happy with the quality, price, and ease of assembly. Highly recommend. I have purchased similar product elsewhere. This system is superior. David

Works good for my needs. Price is right. 4/11/2018

Product is good, but shipping was faulty. Package was open on one corner and apparently two of the support bars were missing, so I wound up with a 5 shelf system.

Works Great! 4/4/2018

Bought 2 of these and have been very pleased. They're simple and work as expected, while costing about half the cost of others brand that are identical. Thanks Grizzly!

Compton O

Great value, but the plastic spacers are brittle and break easily.

Leon A
Good Buying Experience 3/28/2018

Very happy with this purchase. Fast shipping and best price I could find. I. live in Eastern Canada. Have since received a copy of your catalogue-am very impressed. I am sure will be buying from you in the future.

Sturdy, cheap, will buy more. 3/25/2018

I bought two pairs (four columns total) about a month ago. I bought separately 12 extra lag bolts 1/4" x 4.5" to anchor them into studs every 32", taking up 10'8" of wall space, so they handle 12' lumber perfectly. You will need three bolts per column. I immediately loaded them with hardwoods, and they have tolerated it well. Price is better than comparables on Amazon, etc, and it sounds like they are all designed the same way (unless you get into heavier-duty industrial models). I will buy more as soon as I figure out a space to put them.

During assembly, recognize that the black vertical bars do have an UP side and a DOWN side; if you mess up the topmost green bar won't fit. Also note that the green horizontal bars have a tiny half-circle punched out one side that is meant to face downward to accept the screw head. If you put them upside down, the horizontal bars will cant at an odd angle.


These shelves are better made than similar ones I have purchased. Only minor problem was that the plastic spacers in one of the packages were crushed. I called customer service and new ones were sent pronto. Very good service.


Easy to assemble; sturdy; and good for getting things off the ground.

Mark H
Very useful 3/14/2018

Troy G
Great lumber rack for a great price! 3/12/2018

I ordered two of these, and when I opened the first one, one of the plastic spacer blocks was broken. I emailed Grizzly, asking for a replacement. They sent my a whole hardware bag for free, very quickly. The rack was easy to install by myself, and is working out great for me. I have a small shop space, so being able to get a lot of stock up off the floor and onto the wall is a great help in optimizing my space. Would definitely recommend.

George H

Overall the quality was good, however the plastic pucks provided as spacers were a joke (one was even shattered while still in it's storage cylinder). I made simple spacers out of some scrap plywood and they worked perfectly and will allow to hold more weight I believe.

Best thing ever! 2/15/2018

This is my second Lumber Rack System, they are fantastic!


I like the product I actually had to buy three of them to make two the first 2 I bought laid in the shop for about a year when I opened them parts were missing the one box only had the arms and no wall brackets but they are on the wall and storing lumber as we speak

John M
Excellent product 2/14/2018

I've really been happy with the purchase of the lumber racks. They help keep things organized and saves space in my shop.

Mac C
Excelent Product 2/14/2018

I purchased a pair and then added another pair a month or so later. Quick and easy assembly and installation. It's surprisingly well made for the price as are all Grizzly products. As a professional woodworker I look to Grizzly first for all my equipment and shop needs.


I bought 4 sets of these to get all my number off the floor, I looked at a bunch of kinds and they are all made the same except Grizzly is allot cheaper than the others. When I ordered them somebody put the wrong dementions in the computer and it was a couple inches shorter than it said. Very easy to put together and install, and now I have room in my shop now and all the lumber is organized in shelves.

Good quality, great price! 1/27/2018

Donald N
Very well built and sturdy product. 1/26/2018

I had a problem wtih the delivery from UPS. Grizzly replaced the items. Grizzly customer service is great.

Great lumber/pipe rack 1/25/2018

Easy install, great spacing, great value 1/21/2018

The star rating and cost for this product is the reason for my purchase. The product itself is great. The hardest part is finding the space on a wall.

Time saver 1/18/2018

Really organizes the shop and it works as it should work


It is compact, yet expandable for any of my needs for my small basement shop.

Richard G
Works great. 1/13/2018

Easy to assemble and install. Have 3 sets now and have had no issues with them. Great system for lumber, metal studs, pipe and more.

higher quality than i expected 1/13/2018

easy to install. excellent way to organize material.

Expanding lumber storage 1/12/2018

I have purchased five of these and have installed three. The first three are fully loaded. One is slightly over loaded with teak and after several month shows no sign of sagging. The next two are for the wood I have air drying, may be I'll be loading them up in two to three months. Didn't want to take a chance on a price change, so I ordered a second set of two.

Holds plenty of lumber 1/12/2018

I bough two of these to get some lumber off the ground in my shop and they work tremendously. Easy to install and they hold a lot of weight. Have all 6 shelves full of lumber now and my shop is so much cleaner with these. Will be looking to purchase a few more when I redo my shop this year!

The floor is clean. 1/12/2018

I finally got around to installing one of my three recently purchased 6 shelf systems. It was easy to assemble and install. My work space is tight so having wood lay around is very inconvenient. Also it makes picking out boards less time consuming as they are usually stacked.
This system rocks. My floor is clean. I most definitely will be ordering more of these.

I love this lumber rack. 1/11/2018

I'm very please with this product. It was very easy to assemble and mount to the wall, and it's very sturdy. Same quality as other brands that cost twice as much.

Finally neat and added floor space. Great buy and strong shelves 1/11/2018

As advertised. 1/8/2018

Solid rack, reasonably easy to assemble & install.
I am very pleased

James N
Good product, better customer service! 12/28/2017

I bought a couple sets of these when they were on sale. Both of my boxes arrived damaged and missing various parts. Grizzly took care of it all, they filed a claim with the delivery service and sent the missing items right away. Super nice on the phone and via email for support. These shelves are a big improvement over the my DIY versions that were made with scraps, closer to the wall and more tidy overall.

Great product -great value 12/27/2017

I was considering expanding the small wood rack I had made but then saw this-could have built something this solid and strong for twice the price.
Best value for wood storage

Awesome. 12/23/2017

This is a steal of a deal. I bought 2 of the racks and put them up next to each other along one wall of my previously unusable, unorganized garage. They're super easy to install. One of the plastic spacers was broken when it arrived but I just stacked a bunch of metal washers and used that instead. The racks are strong and seem like they'll last for years and years. I don't see why they would ever fail. Having the two racks side by side allows me to store 12-20 foot boards. Previously, all of my lumber was taking up the floor of the garage... Get these.

Product is amazing 12/23/2017

I love this band saw. The shipping process had a few hiccups but once it got here - all was forgiven.


My neighbor bought one of these racks and I liked it so much that I bought one for myself to help reorganize my wood storage. It is simple to install and very strong. Now I can see what I have and can get to it without having to dig through the piles of lumber.

Scott W
Great shelves 12/21/2017

I have bought a total of 4 sets of these. Same specs as the competitors but less than half the price!!!

Raymond M

They are not very tall but once bolted to the wall they work good.

Frank H
Great open cantilever design 11/21/2017

so far working great challenge to install on concrete wall. I used a 2x8x16 beam as a bottom ledger secured to wall with adhesive and powder actuated nails. The top course of each riser was secured to the wall with lead anchors and 1/4" Bolts. The two lower attachment points of each riser were "shot". I used 5' centers.

I was very glad to get all this wood out of the middle of my shop:

Roger H
Two of these shelves help clean up my shop! 11/15/2017

I bought two of these inexpensive shelves: they hold all my loose ends, leftovers and then some! Installation was super easy -but use your electric screwdriver...!

Great wood tack 10/31/2017

Very happy with my purchase. Got all my wood sorted and stacked. Would purchase again. Great price.

Freddie S

I have bought around 6,00 dollars worth of equipment and supplies from grizzly to open a new shop. Their service and equipment is second to none

Awesome! 10/25/2017

Glad I bought this. Does just what I wanted. Makes organizing much easier.

Happy with this. 10/25/2017

We bought two of these to re-organize after fixing a frost heaving pole building. Easy to assemble and so far they have held up very well, even though the lumber is stacked full on each level and I am sure we are exceeding the design capacity of the unit by a lot. Happy with the purchase.

Alane G
Very Good! 10/19/2017

I haven't had a chance to put this together yet, but it appears to be of high quality and is quite heavy.

Great product! 10/14/2017

Item was it perfect shape and installed quickly. I bought two sets and will end up ordering a couple more here soon. Thanks Grizzly!

Dennis S
good product for the cost 10/13/2017

I purchased two (2) of the lumber racks. The overall quality was good, but some of the wall spacers arrived damaged; however, Grizzly promptly sent replacement at no costs.

Performed as advertised 10/3/2017

Troublesome from the get go ... ordered two ... one in on Friday in good shape .. second in on Monday with no box, re-wrapped by carrier (UPS) without comment. All hardware missing and one vertical mounting piece missing. But, your service department handled the problem professionally and expediently. A replacement was sent. That box was fractured but it did not appear destroyed. Took racks 250 miles to install site and found that one of the 12 horizontal supports were missing. I made that work by making the spacing at one level double height .. probably an accidental good thing. It is my opinion that the boxes are too weak for the weight of the product and should at least be wrapped top to bottom with plastic stretch film to keep it together in transit. I mounted both sets side by side for storage of material up to 20ft long. I plan to order two more sets to mount above the two already installed. The product and service is good ... the packaging needs some help.

William B
Great organizer! 9/6/2017

I initially ordered 3 racks and after installing them I ordered 7 more! They really helped me make alot more room in the garage by getting my wood off of the floor and out of the way where I can actually get to it. Plus I can see what I actually have now!

John H

Good quality product, easy to install on any wall with solid backing (such as the studs). Will hold plenty of weight. Great price. I have them mounted on walls in the garage and outside on the exterior block wall.


I bought this product a month ago, but I have not put it up yet. I am going through a renovation of my small shop and it will be a while before I get it up. I have taken a look at it to make sure all the parts were there. Everything looks good and strong. Good price at just the time that I wanted to buy. I would buy again.


Arrived quickly...ordered Monday, delivered Wednesday. Super easy install. Very happy with this product.


I purchased 2 of these shelf systems and one was missing parts when it arrived. Grizzly customer service was excellent and made it right. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.

Mike H
Metal Rack 6 Shelf System 8/30/2017

I purchased a set of these several months ago, and liked them so much that I ordered two more sets, after mounting them on the same wall at the same level as the first set, I discovered that the horizontal brackets are at a different level and don't match up with the first set, I will make them work, but will have to shim the horizontal shelves as needed to make them LEVEL?

Thanks, Mike Henderson

Chris B
Heavy Duty 8/22/2017

Bought 2 sets of racks and spaced them roughly 3 feet apart to help spread the load and accommodate some of the larger pieces. I used TimberLok wood screws to fasten the racks along the top and additional wood screws for the remaining lower sections. Since this was a pole barn I ensured one of the racks was bolted to one of the 6 x 6 posts and the remaining to the 2 x 6's. Extremely happy and have already placed an order for 2 more sets to store my remaining material.

Great space saver 8/19/2017

Mike K
Perfect Fit 8/17/2017

This is a fantastic lumber rack that was easy to install. I've got a couple of boards on there that are pushing the limits, but so far no issues. My wife appreciates everything off of the floors that I had stickered and stacked.

Perfect space saver/organizer 8/16/2017

Tim K
Everthing as Advertised! 8/9/2017

Great lumber rack for my woodshop. Got everything up off the floor. Simple, sturdy design!

Stanley M
Quality Rack - Great Price 8/2/2017

Bought 3 sets and installed in shop. Easy to install and quality material.

Carl S
OK Product 7/27/2017

Square tubing is not long enough for all the shelving tubes. Used 3 of the shelves with this kit, will probably purchase 2 more square tubing pieces for another rack of shelves. Unit is very strong when installed and holds an ample amount of wood.

rick C
It's just what I expected. Great product!! 7/27/2017


I bought 2 set of this about one month ago. Very easy to install. Very strong and hold lots of wood or lumber.

Robert J
Don't know. Can't get all the parts to assemble it. 7/26/2017

Bought one. It was delivered. Missing the upright parts. Called customer service. A couple weeks later they sent me a second one. This one is is missing one upright and all the hardware. I gave up built my own.

Gerald J

I love everything about Grizzly. Always a great deal and high end products without the high end prices. Proud Grizzly owner for life.

Peter H
Great rack and superb customer service 7/26/2017

The rack is solid and easy to install.I had one and ordered another. They're so popular they were out of stock for a while. Unfortunately, when my order arrived it was incomplete and the plastic spacers were damaged. I called customer service, without hesitation, the staff member apologized and told me to keep what they had sent and said the would ship me another! It arrived on time and was complete and intact. The system can hold A LOT and can be configured in multiple ways. And Grizzly's customer service can't be beat!

good product 6/6/2017

very handy and a good price point for the product. would purchase again

Patrick W
Very useful and easy to install 6/6/2017

This was super easy to install with the help of a friend and does a good job of organizing my to-be-used wood supplies out of my way. Get it on sale for even better value!

Great value 6/4/2017

I bought this to extend storage space for lumber and sort the smaller amounts.Easy to install

Better than expected!! 6/3/2017

I'm really glad I bought this. There are many plans online to build your own lumber rack, which is what I was considering. But for what this cost, I came out way ahead. When I put it together, I was afraid that it wouldn't hold but just a few boards. But I will say that it's surprising how much fits and how strong it is. Great product!


Very well built I really like it. Thinking of buying one more.

Carl M
Great rack at a great price! 6/2/2017

Price made it make sense to purchase a rack instead of making one!

Martin H

They worked very well to organize my shop. For the price they are excellent.

Guillermo O

Finally I have a place to put all my wood. Easy to install and easy to find the wood I really need. Strongly recommended.

Larry S

I bought 3 sets, set them up and discovered oodles of floor space. Heavy duty, great fit & finish.

Brad E
Perfect 6/2/2017

This is a super value for my shop. Helped me to clean up so much clutter. Going to get another one soon

Was what I was looking for. Makes it so much easier to use and get the lumber I need to get project 6/2/2017


Great product at a great price. Comparable to the portamate brand rack.


Product works great! The hardware package arrived crushed, but I couldn't wait for the replacement parts and made my own.

excellent quality product 6/2/2017

Very happy with this product. Got a second on for my daughter to store her wood for making tables.

Enough shelf room for all the cutoffs, up to 8foot, for my woodshop. 6/2/2017

Robert H
This is truly a worth while purchase. 6/2/2017

I am able to store a large quantity of 8' and longer stock in a minimum of space. Would buy it again


The rack functions well enough and is a good value. That being said, it could have been better. The holes for the support screws in the channel had to all be redrilled. There is do way the provided screws would work with the original holes

Donald L
Alternate use 5/17/2017

Bought this to use as a clamp rack, after setting up some wood between the shelf arms, it holds all my clamps very well.

Great product 5/14/2017

Perfect for my small shop. I got two sets to hold longer boards.


Excellent product, what else would you expect from Grizzly?

Great organization tool 5/4/2017

Wasn't quite as large as I had expected but it is still a superb product and makes my shop look significantly more organized and clean.

Good Lumber Rack 3/31/2017

I bought this rack on 3/22/17 (for $29.99) and received it on 3/30/17. It came complete and all parts were included that were stated in the description. The rack is smaller than you may think, but that is good IMHO. Anyways.....I installed the rack and ordered another one to stack on top of the one I installed. I have quite a bit of diff types of wood. I realized that I need another rack for now. At the moment I have at least 100 bf each of the following rough cut wood(s): Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Black Walnut, Hemlock and Pine.

This rack system IS VERY STURDY and will hold the required weight (100 lbs) per shelf when installed as directed. It has helped consolidate my wood immensely and is an EXCELLENT buy. The length of the shelving arms are 12" and the height between shelves (racks) are approx. 6". Do the math...approx. 6 boards high of 1X.

Do NOT hesitate to buy this rack system. It is well worth it.

Thank You Grizzly


Meets my shop needs for small stock storage 2/21/2017

I bought this two months ago. Well packaged, delivery was excellent. I did not get to the assembly for about a month, so the delay in response to the survey. Overall, pretty easy to assemble. Bought two on sale and installed side by side to increase the support width. Unit stabilizes once it is loaded with material. Highly recommend people install 2x4's (horizontally), anchored to studs, at the three elevations, and bolt to those in lieu of directly to wall studs (more flexibility). Also recommend adding 1/4" or 1/2" plywood "shelving" (12" deep) on each level to ensure adequate support for shorter length pieces. Wish there was more spacing between the shelves, as the current layout lends itself to "1x's" vs "2x's". Good product at a good (sale) price. Nice job Grizzly!

Works well 2/18/2017

I'm happy with this rack, especially for the price. Great value. It was a little smaller than it looks in the picture, but it's plenty big enough to hold 7 or 8 2x4s per rack.

Easy to install 2/13/2017

I purchased a couple of sets of these lumber racks a few months ago and wish I had done it sooner. they are plenty sturdy and easy to install. I made a YouTube video on installing them, check it out.

Just what I was looking for. 1/30/2017

Best hardware I ever bought, Now I have more space in my shop and I know what I have. Great Product.

Great value for that price. 1/29/2017

Between my son and myself we used 3 sets of these to build two rack sets; each had 3 vertical pieces with shelf brackets. I loaded mine with every piece of stock that needed storing, each shelf full to the max both hight and length wise. What else can I say other than it hasn't failed yet.

Mostly good 1/28/2017

This wood rack is OK. It looks bigger in the picture.The arms were shorter than I expected 11 3/4" and the distance between shelves (6 1/2") was less than expected. It was missing some of the screws, one set also had no spacers. The rack components were in decent shape. Each arm has a square hole close to one end and slides over the upright. A screw is then installed on the front side of the support and the arm is slid down to that screw. It is held in place is by the friction of the screw head only so if the metal bends a little the shelf could drop. A couple of the shelves were pretty loose so I got some screws with larger heads. Also the mounting holes are not aligned very well so don't use this measurement to align the uprights or the shelves will not be level (use the shelf brackets instead). After installation it did let me get my wood off the floor!

David B
Great Cheap Storage! 1/27/2017

These things are great for a wood shop or even things like paint cans and such! I have 6 in my shop and will end up with more before I am through!

great product 1/27/2017

I bought this item and put to work in the the same day.

Great Product Worth the Purchase 1/27/2017

This is a great product and was extremely helpful in assisting with cleaning up my work area. Well worth the purchase. I also received great assistance from the company when needed. I would recommend this to anyone looking to clear some space in their shop and create some great organization.

Great 1/27/2017

Shipping was fast and easy. The lumber rack is strong with a powder coat finish will last for a long time. The box was wrapped up good but was missing the hardware for mounting so grizzly sent out a new box with everything it. Grizzly takes care of customers that's awesome customer service.

Richard M
Great Storage Option 1/27/2017

These have worked quite well for my needs. They are pre - drilled for spacing (which worked fine for me), but drilling your own holes for custom spacing is no problem. The spacing does need to be determined prior to installation because they can't be adjusted in place after mounting. I got two sets which I would recommend if you are storing anything over six or possibly eight feet. One of the sets was missing a crucial part, but I must commend Grizzly for quickly sending out a replacement. All in all, a very good rack system for the price.

Great product, amazing price. 1/26/2017

As usual, this is an excellent product. Impressively heavy duty with great loadbearing capability. It must be anchored into the wall appropriate, for example, into the studs with lag bolts. With proper installation like that, it can handle a lot of lumber safely. Good stuff as expected from a great company. Grizzly is fantastic.


The horizontal supports are a bit close together, I redrilled one set to get about a 10 inch space between them.


I am very satisfied with the lumber rack that I purchased and I appreciate the quick delivery as well. I have already recommended grizzly to several of my friends.

tony A
Great product. Works as advertised. 1/26/2017

Terry R
Great Customer Service support 1/26/2017

My issue with my original order was that the screws and spacers were missing in the packaging. I called Customer Service to see if they could provide the hardware. The parts were apparently not separately available, so I determined that I could make my own spacers and weld all of the shelves to make my application more secure. Customer Service surprised me by issuing a complete replacement of my order and I included this material in what ultimately has provided 10 feet of shelving for wood and other materials. Thank you for your continued support and excellent shop equipment.

Great Product! 1/26/2017

Racks are as described. Great for long stock. Would be better if wider stock could be placed on them but they are great the way they are.

James F
Great product 1/26/2017

This item has allowed me to get all my lumber off the floor, & up & out of the way, it given me a lot of my shop space back.

Jan V
Great 1/26/2017

I bought this and it came damaged grizzly took care of it immediately
Thank you grizzly great job caring for your customers

Great product. 1/26/2017

I purchased 3 of these on sale a few months ago. I was really surprised at how heavy duty they were. One of the boxes was ripped open on the end and missing the hardware pack,due to the mishandling of the shipping co. One call to Grizzly and replacement was on its way with no hassles. I am new to woodworking and everything I have bought from Grizzly has exceeded my expectations. Customer and tech support have been great. Looking forward to a long and happy relationship with Grizzly.

Product was what I expected it to be. 1/26/2017

I would have liked it to be taller. It holds quite a bit of lumber, but if it was taller I could separate the wood by species. That would make it a lot easier when building a project.

Tom W
Great product 1/26/2017

Purchased it when on sale, so an even better deal. The shelf material is easy to install and very stout. Solved a recurring problem of have wood scattered all over the shop.

awesome!! 1/26/2017

I bought 2 sets of this racking system for a wall in my shop. Why did I wait so long!! All my lumber is up stored and neat!! I am so thankful Grizzly made it so easy and strong, thank you Grizzly team!

Lumber rack 1/26/2017

I bought this item for somebody else for Christmas and I have not spoken to that person yet.It took almost 2weeks to received the item because ups lost the item and you guys had to reship the item a second time.Other than that everything was ok.

Steve L
Lumber Rack 1/26/2017

Trying to get some organization into the shop. Very solid construction. Grizzly always ships quickly.

Mitchell C
Good product 1/26/2017

Parts missing when I opened the box. When I contacted Grizzly they sent a replacement. Overall a good product.

david R
AWSOME! 1/26/2017

This rack made a huge difference in my shop.It is a awesome product.

Better system 1/26/2017

exactly what I needed to keep my lumber in order, wish you would have put it on sale sooner


the shelf racks are very well built and I don't have problem putting the heavy wood on them. I do have another item on the same order that I have not received. I knew it would be back ordered but we are getting close to 1 month.

Every shop needs these! 1/26/2017

These lumber racks are so versatile you can buy multiple sets and arrange them any way that suits you. I am amazed with the amount of weight they will hold!

Lumber Rack 1/26/2017

Wish I would of bought two during the Christmas Sale, easy install great product. Only one minor con, it does not include the lag screws to mount to wall, but no big deal.

Does the job...well 1/26/2017

I am very happy with this lumber rack system. This is the second one I purchased, but the other was made by a different manufacturer. I like this one better. I would purchase this again in a heartbeat if the need arises. It is very easy to assemble, and sturdy.

Great product! 1/26/2017

Example: I bought this over a month ago and I'm glad I did!


I bought this product little over a month ago...the prduct is good but the package came missing the hardware


It is simple, strong, and a value/ I would recommend it.

Maybe the best gift for someone building a new home. 1/26/2017

Gave my son-in-law one and a half sets to mount under his new deck. This way he can store his excess materials after finishing a job up under and out of the rain.

Brother-in-law is happy! 1/26/2017

My brother-in-law is happy with his Christmas gift: he installed it as soon as he was home from the holidays, and already put it to work. Clearly he is satisfied!

timothy P
Looks Good 1/26/2017

I haven't had a chance to install the rack, but it feels heavy duty.


Won't be using it until Spring. I've never been disappointed with Grizzly, I'm sure it's fine.

Very well made 1/26/2017

This rack is everything and more that I wanted. Very sturdy construction.. and a bargain. EZ to install.
PS: Thanks for the catalog. I'm making a wish list.

great space and scaver for small shop. 1/26/2017

Wish I had gotten this a long time ago. Easy assy. I have all the lumber that was on two small racks on one and that freed up a fare amount of wall space.

Terry C
Great for runner sled storage 1/26/2017

I collect and restore old runner sleds, until now I had no place to store them.

Joe R
Good product but could improve + shipping problems 1/26/2017

This lumber rack is very sturdy and durable but it would be a lot better if the vertical distance between the horizontal supports was greater. I went by the picture instead of reading the actual dimensions so it is my fault I didn't notice this. You aren't going to get anywhere near enough wood on these supports to test their strength because they are so close together. The rack is 41 inches tall with 6 1 inch supports so that only leaves 35 inches in 5 gaps for 7 inches of wood you can stack up on each. The gaps should be at least a foot. The package was shipped in only the box the item, which is heavy steel, came in. It was torn and some of the parts had fallen out. Grizzly sent another one without any hassle but they sent the second one the same way, not double boxed. The second one was also torn but thankfully none of the parts had fallen out. This item should be shipped inside a second box.


I bought this lumber wall rack for my son for Christmas, he was very happy, he couldn't wait to get home and assemble and fill it with lumber , he is very happy with the rack, very strong and holds a lot of weight.

Went up easy, Holds wood 1/26/2017

I used two 2x12s on the bottom two rungs to use as shelves to hold smaller pieces.

Solid and works for my space 1/25/2017

Works as intended, supports the listed load per shelf easily when secured appropriately to your studs. I used 1/4" x 4" bolts to get a really good hold in the studs. FOr the price and convenience I would highly recommend. I also have to commend Grizzly. I bought two units the first go around, one of the boxes showed up missing an essential piece. One e-mail and a quick confirmation call later and I had a replacement unit on the way, no extra charge. They even expedited the shipping and it arrived in 3 days. Nothing but good things to say about Grizzly and these lumber racks.

James M

I had an usually warm January day today to install this rack system. It works as advertised and freed up a lot of space in my storage building!

Works great 1/25/2017