T21704 Kreg Micro Drill System

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The new Kreg micro pocket drill guide allows woodworkers to drill a pocket-hole which is 25-Percent smaller than the standard pocket-holes and is perfect for use with 1/2-Inch material. The smaller pocket-hole and shorter 3/4-Inch pan head screws work to secure thinner materials and still keep the head of the screw below your finished surface, while at the same time easing the drill stroke and creating smaller more low-profile pocket-holes for every day use. Fully compatible with the Kreg Jig® and Kreg Jig® Master System. Includes the Micro Pocket™ Drill Guide, Micro Pocket™ Drill Bit, Micro Pocket™ Depth Collar and Starter Screw Set. Works with Kreg Pan Head Pocket-Hole Screws. (SPS). Black color.

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