T26685 Moly-D Multi-Function Machine Oil, 1 Gallon

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Formulated with the superior friction-reducing compound Moly-D, this ISO 32 Multi-Function Machine Oil is one of the best lubricants we've found for lathe headstocks or the ball-oilers found on so many of our metalworking machines. Blended from highly refined base stock oils and selected additives to provide an oil suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications with excellent low temperature flow characteristics and high viscosity index. 1 gallon size.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Oxidation unchecked is approximately doubled for every 20-degree rise in temperature. Special additives prevent rusting by forming a protective film on metal surfaces. This also prevents oxidation, which can clog small orifices and tightly fitted parts and lead to corrosion of metal surfaces.
  • Reduces fluid-operating temperatures and provides better overall mechanical efficiency combined with less power consumption, making this an extremely inexpensive product—all things considered—due to its long life and the reduction of wear-and-tear on expensive machine parts.
  • Blended with base stocks that have excellent resistance to emulsification and high resistance to foaming.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability (passes the 5,000 hour ASTM D943 Oxidation Stability Test)


  • Engineered to improve efficiency by providing excellent lubrication in all types of industrial applications and operating conditions.
  • Far exceeds the anti-wear requirements for Vickers Pumps (as shown in the Vickers Pump Test and also Denison Pump Division under both their HF-2 and HF-O specifications)
  • Can be used on any Grizzly Lathe!

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