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brand logo Rotary Phase Converter - 15 HP

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        SKU: G7978
        MPN: DP254
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        These rotary phase converters allow you to operate 3-phase machinery from a single-phase power source at 100% power and 95% efficiency. Each model operates up to twice its nameplate rating in mixed-motor load. For heavily-loaded or hard-start machinery, such as gearhead lathes, compressors, or dust collectors, choose a nameplate rating 3 times the HP of the most heavily loaded motor. See our individual 3-phase machine pages for specific phase converter recommendations. For application assistance, please call our technical support group at (570) 546-9663.


        • Cool and quiet operation
        • Operates 3-phase motors at full power
        • 95% electrical efficiency
        • Drip-proof cast iron casing
        • Single or multiple loads
        • Identical input/output voltages
        • "Stackable" for higher HP requirements
        • Step-by-step instructions
        • 15 HP
        • Starting capacity: 12 HP
        • Shipping weight: 266 lbs.

        Made in the U.S.A.

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