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Fence w/ Standard Rails
Price: $195.00
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Shop Fox W1410 - Fence w/ Standard Rails

SKU: W1410 | Model: W1410
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SKU: W1410
Model: W1410
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Unlike most standard and after-market fences, the Shop Fox® Fence stays in perfect alignment (within four thousandths of an inch), whether the locking mechanism is engaged or not, so you can make precision settings with complete confidence. The Shop Fox® Fence features ball bearing rollers for smooth movement, a large, locking lever, built-in micro precision adjustment knobs and special track for use with the Board Buddies® anti-kickback system.

  • Convert your old table saw into a cutting machine!
  • Rip lumber with total confidence!
  • Fits on most major brands with 27" tables including Delta®, Sears®, Jet®, Artisan® and of course our G1022 & G1023.
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Anonymous Reviewer
Everything it claims to be 12/3/2018

No feedback given

Jack C

Excellent This si the 2nd one I have owend

Anonymous Reviewer
Ingenious design. Superb performance. 10/13/2018

Have to say installation was not easy. Specs say fence will fit up to 27 1/4" table. Mine is 27 1/8" but rollers were too tight and binded up. I had to disassemble entire mechanism and lengthen distance between rollers. It's doable and covered under "Troubleshooting" but could have been more clear under "Installation". Anyway once figured out it glides like silk with hairline precision. Very reasonable price for exceptional quality device.

Good Fence...although... 9/7/2018

I am in process of installing the fence and rails on my Grizzly G0711Z Table saw. I'll save you some time with the following suggestions:
#1-Throw away the tap and drill bit provided. As the other review states they are sub quality and will not last through the second hole if going into cast.
#2- Do not drill holes for rails until rails are clamped into place and the fence is put through a trial run. I drilled holes based on the instructions and center slot location. It did not leave enough room for vertical adjustment of fence to table top surface.
#3-I opted to buy 3/16" x 1-1/2" angle iron for steel rails. The rails provide are notched and slotted using a punch which distorts the running length giving the back rail 1/8"+ crown/twist. The instructions advise to have the fence run 1/16" above surface of table. With the distortion the fence clearance varies. Trying to bend the angle provided straight is problematic. Easier for me to buy new stock and drill my own
#4-Buying longer angle stock at 60" enabled me to secure both extensions of my table saw. In addition, I am able to run the fence to the far side so I have at least a 24+" clearance between fence (w/added 3/4" fence board) and saw blade.

Other than install and rail issues I am happy with the fence.

Charles W
Great Deal 7/2/2018

This work out very good for me. Great Price and made my saw so much easier to use.

Anonymous Reviewer
Best fence for the price is an understatement. 6/28/2018

I am so pleased with this fence. I found a website that said it was the best fence for the price so I bought it. I feel that they were underselling it. LOVE IT !

Anonymous Reviewer

This is a great heavy duty fence. A pain in the the rear to install on my craftsman cast iron saw. None of the holes lined up. They do include a drill bit and tap. You might as well throw them away. The drill bit was bent and wobbled. The tap made it through two holes and then wouldnt cut any more. The fence is great and worth the effort.

Anonymous Reviewer

Great item, no adj needed, locks in place very well

Anonymous Reviewer

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Shop Fox Fence install on a G1023 Table saw. 3/26/2018

The plastic lens magnifier for the scale on the fence was broken when I received it... could not for the life of me figure out how it was cracked so badly without any damage to the delivery cardboard box. I had to send in a photo and explanation to Grizzly and a new one was sent no charge. The fence is a dream to use, with install guide very easy to understand. Very happy overall with my purchase.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Product 3/23/2018

I put this fence on my 40 year craftsman table saw. With a few minor adjustments I dont have to fight the fence to get an even cut When you lock it down it gives a perfect even cut!

Anonymous Reviewer
Love it! 3/22/2018

I've had this for about a month now, and absolutely love it. It took a while (about 4 hours) to get everything mounted and aligned, but what a difference. My old fence would drag and get stuck on the rails, and was so flimsy it didn't always lock parallel to the blade, causing some serious kick-back on more than one occasion. This new fence is big and beefy, but glides easily on the rails and when I lock it in place, it's dead-on and solid as a rock.

Scott K

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer

Nice fence for the money! Tracks very straight even when not clamped. I installed this on a Delta 10" contractors saw and I did have to re-drill the rear mount screws to obtain the proper height for the new fence rail. Operates smoothly and at a fraction of the price of some of the high end fences. I could have saved my self about forty dollars if I would have bought the very same fence through Amazon.

very nice fence and rails 3/17/2018

very nice fence and rails, was easy to install on my old craftsman (113) table saw, can't beat the price!

Anonymous Reviewer

No feedback given

Peter F
Fantastic for the price. 6/4/2017

Pretty good product. It slides smoothly on the rails. (I recommend lightly sanding the edge of the rails. There is a wax or oil on the edge to prevent it from rusting I would guess.) It's very accurate and locks in place tight. If you want to upgrade an old but good working saw without spending a ton of money this is perfect. I bought a used g1022 for $100.00 and didn't want the spend a ton on a fence. I would have just bought a new saw at that point. The only thing I can see as being an issue is the design of the back end of the fence needs about a 6 1/2 inch clearance to an outfeed table if you plan on using one. Otherwise, great product. Just be patient in setting it up and I think you'll be happy with it. I hope this is helpful! Good luck!

Anonymous Reviewer

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Not what was expected! 6/3/2017

Bought this and thought rather than spending to buy new saw just get a better fence. Should have bought the saw. Hard to set and hard to move.

Bob K

It takes a little bit of time to get it right. But when you do, WALLA!!! Thad thing is on answer smoother than a bowl of ice cream on a hot Summer day.

Anonymous Reviewer

Don't believe this comes out of the box and goes straight onto a saw. The directions are clear and straight forward, but it isn't as simple as changing rails and getting to work. It took a lot of tinkering to get the rails right, then it took two disassembles to get the fence right before I could get the tension down. Final tuning once it went together was straight forward and the fence is rock solid and easy to move. Just what I wanted, and if you wait to put an aux fence over it before you mount the tape it's fast to adjust.

Brady H
I LOVE this fence! 6/1/2017

Installed one one my '56 Craftsman 113, and one on Dads 80's era Craftsman. I could have used existing holes on the runners and drilled my table casting, but it was a simple job to drill the runners instead and utilize the preexisting holes of my table and extensions. It spared my classic saw and made a better fit overall. Can't justify the brand that rhymes with "cheese frier" as testimonies depict a cheapened product in recent years. Bang for buck I couldn't be happier and my table saw is FUN now!

Frank K
Excellent quality. quantum improvement 1/28/2017

I purchased this fence as a replacement for the original on my G1022. It is a little tedious to set up, but easy to attach a digital scale. Sorry, Grizzly, but now I don't need to replace my 25 year old table saw!

Jim M
Great Value 1/27/2017

I love the fence, but I don't love the installation instructions. The front rail needs to be lower than the back rail, but you don't know that until you have all the holes tapped and the rails drilled. I can't believe I am the first Craftsman table saw owner to tell you this. You have a computer add a note! Other than that, this is an astounding value.

Richard M
Great and not so great 1/26/2017

The fence itself is very good.
The setup manual is terrible with fuzzy picture and not enough detail. Had to do a lot of experimenting to get the rails right. Also bought a new angle iron for the back rail and made it fit my Grizzly table saw. You would think Grizzly would have a rail that fits their own saw.

Jake P
Excellent service 1/26/2017

I've used grizzly over the years for numerous items. They provide a variety of products and have never been disappointed with any of them! I will continue to use them in the future!

Anonymous Reviewer
Good Value 1/26/2017

Not to happy with the fit and finish of the rails. The rails were bowed and paint look terrible. Also, got a pack of hardware with it that is not mentioned in the instructions, no idea what to do with them. Now with all that said, this is a fantastic fence. I mounted it on a Craftsman saw and had to drill holes in the saw table and the fence rails, and I will tell you the first thing to do is throw away the drill bit and especially the tap. Buy a quality set of taps ($10) and the job will go so much easier. I would have eventually broke off the supplied tap had I tried to use it-worthless-and I am a retired industrial mechanic, take my word for it.

I know, odd 5 star review, but for the price I paid compared to the alternatives, I could not believe how good the fence works.

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent purchase 1/26/2017

I bought this fence and rail system to fit on an old Craftsman 113.27521 table saw. As expected I needed to drill and tap my saw table, but the fence fit perfectly, was easy to install, and was square right out of the box. I've used it several times a week for almost a month and couldn't be happier.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 1/25/2017

This fence was very easy to setup and works perfectly

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