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Heavy-Duty Mobile Base
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Shop Fox - Heavy-Duty Mobile Base

SKU: D2057A

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Shop Fox Heavy Duty Mobile Bases are designed to give you a stable and mobile platform upon which to mount machinery and equipment having a variety of base sizes and weights. The heavy-duty casters are arranged on outriggers allowing the machine to sit as low as possible and yet be extremely stable. Swivel casters on two corners provide excellent maneuverability. The bolt pattern on the fixed caster side allows orientation of the wheels in either of two directions. The base can be assembled in any of eight configurations providing maximum flexibility of use. The unique two piece retractable feet use rare earth magnets to allow the knob to turn while the foot pad is tight to the floor. You will find these mobile bases to be far superior to any mobile base on the market in strength, adjustability and movability. This patented mobile base is the most stable on the market with outrigger type supports.

  • Adjusts from 20" x 20" to 29-1/2" x 29-1/2"
  • 700 lb. Capacity
  • Weighs 34 lbs.
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    Grizzly G0771Z 10/29/2018

    Was moving to new city--sold my contractor saw. Spent three or four months in research before this purchase. Kept returning to the 771z. Delighted with my choice.
    When unboxing be aware that the cabinet is fastened to the plywood palate base with two HEX bolts. Now a senior citizen my dexterity has declined significantly. Using the provided "L" shaped HEX wrenches was frustrating. I ordered from AMAZON a set of HEX wrenches that insert into my drill.

    Set up was no hassle. Was good to have seen a review about the screws to fasten the motor cover and the access panel to the cabinet being HEX instead of "+"

    Some reviews were critical of the dust extraction engineering for the saw. For me the 771z far eclipses my old contractor saw in that regard, I considered it a minor inconvenience.

    Cross and Rip cuts SQUARE.

    Excellent 10/29/2018

    I love it because I can move my jointer out of the way when not in use

    Chris S
    Works great 10/19/2018

    I bought this for my bandsaw and my table saw. They work amazing and move so easy. Great product.


    Very heavy duty. Sturdy casters. Only assembly problem for me was very limited finger space for getting nuts on the bolts that attach the casters.

    Rolls easily with table saw on it.

    This is at great product . I have a small and needed to be able to move table saw around 10/5/2018

    Have small area in shop and this product let's me move it around. Store out of the way and position it for long and wide cuts.

    Christopher B
    Excellent product for any shop. 9/28/2018

    A really must have when space is an issue. Makes moving machines easy.


    Works well. Took a while to set up but moves the saw.


    It was difficult to assemble but once it was assembled it works great to hold the weight of my G1023RL 10: table saw. I would recommend the product to a friend with the adviso
    that expect it to take some time to assemble it.

    Excellent! 8/10/2018

    These bases are great for my small shop. I must move my machines out of the way after I use them. The bases work well.

    John R
    Base is Great; Casters Not so Much.... 8/9/2018

    I've owned 4 of these bases over time, the first one about 20 yrs ago. Sturdy and well built, but the caster tires do not hold up well. The rubber delaminates from the core and falls off in large chunks, leaving a pretty useless caster. Some last a few years, others have failed almost immediately. When I tried the Shop Fox factory replacement casters, they fell apart within a week of installation. The machines I'm using these for are heavy, but none exceeds the 700 lb. weight capacity. I finally found one-piece wheels from a different source that with a little modification I was able to retrofit in place of the originals. I do recommend the stand overall, but be aware that you may have to find a workaround for the wheel longevity issue.

    Full disclosure: My last attempt at using Grizzly's recommended replacement caster was about 2 yrs ago. If the quality has improved since then, I hope their staff will ring in with an update.

    Hans V

    I bought this to replace the stock mobile base that came with my (non-Grizzly) table saw. This is far superior to the old one: much more rugged, much sturdier. I like it, and the price was right.

    Lee S
    Works well! 7/22/2018

    It is HD and well made. As you get older, I'd design an easier way to turn handles to make it easier. Other than that, I enjoy it!

    William K

    clear instructions for assembly. specific instructions for assembly under a machine that is too heavy to lift and place on an already assembled base. no missing parts.

    Excellent mobile base. 7/13/2018

    Building new shop in garage. Mobile base has allowed me to easily move Grizzly table saw to various locations.

    Robert K
    Solid unit 7/11/2018

    Bought this to put under a G1023RL. It went together OK. I used two sided tape to hold the lock washer to the nut for the inside bolts on the fixed casters. I moved the saw down into the basement and was able to attach the base with the swivel casters already attached, then tip it upright.

    Works great! 7/11/2018

    This is a great addition to my G1023 table saw. My shop is small and I need to be able to move equipment around. I can easily manipulate the 500 pound saw. I also installed this product my self without any problems.

    Cade A
    Great product 7/8/2018

    I put this base on my new Grizzly table saw and I love it. It rolls very smooth assembly was very easy. I will be changing the stationary casters to a swivel type to make it easier to move around my small shop. Great product. Highly recommend it.


    The base is sturdy, but cannot be adjusted small enough in one direction to fit the Grizzly G0555 bandsaw that I bought with it. As a result the bandsaw slides around inside the Mobile Base tray. I cut a spacer block from a piece of 2x4 to fill the gap and stop the sliding. If I had a change to make, it would be to use foot peddles to lock the unit to the floor rather than the star-knob jacks.

    Brian H
    Great accessory to have 6/24/2018

    I have this and an extension on the G0691 cabinet saw and its a definite need for small to medium size shop. Only con for me is with the extension its hard to turn the machine.

    Works well. 6/22/2018

    The stand is well built, make sure to pay attention to the dimensions.

    Matt A
    Mickey Mouse 6/16/2018

    It worked but the configuration is wrong for maximum stabilization for the 17 bandsaw. I set it up, Im sure the way everyone who buys this would, since the saw has a door that needs to open to change the blade, the casters need to be configured appropriately. I added a 2 1/4 piece of wood to space out the base to clear the door. Grizzly should make the saw footprint larger on the door side to make these two items work together without having to Mickey Mouse it. It works but... Mickey moused.

    Pete H
    Nice base 6/14/2018

    This is the second mobile base that I have purchased from Grizzly. I purchased the first one for my band saw, and even though I do not move it around very often, it sure is a work saver. I purchased the second one for a drum sander that I am still waiting to take delivery of. They are a nice unit, that is more than sturdy enough for what I have used them for, and I will probably buy another one, when I upgrade my table saw sometime in the future.


    This mobile base is the best way to maximize my shop floor space. I have all my large woodworking tools on them.


    Put mine together this last weekend, a huge number of nuts and bolts. Takes quite a bit of time but is rock solid. My only real complaint is the knobs you use to stabilize it cannot be turned by hand. I had to use a very large channel lock to adjust them. I can only hope in time they will begin to loosen up. Meanwhile I have to figure out a better way to adjust these knobs. If someone has come up with an easier way to adjust these knobs I would love to hear what it is. Thanks

    Update: I returned the unit and bought the Grizzly T28000. HUGE difference, easier to put together and so much easier to move my band saw around. Better wheels all the way around and the flip lever to stabilize is an ease to use. MUCH better purchase at a better price. I am extremely happy with this unit!

    Waited too long to buy this... 6/9/2018

    Should have bought this years ago. Easy to assemble. instructions for assembly well written. I'd buy it again, only sooner....

    works well 5/23/2018

    I got this for my new Grizzly table saw. My shop is small ( 12x12 ) and I needed the ability to move the saw within the space. This does the job well.

    Josh B
    Junk support... 5/21/2018

    Doesn't work for me. 5/18/2018

    I have a rough garage floor and this base doesn't work very well on it. If you have a smooth floor this would probably work very well.


    Works like most wheeled carriers do. Wish it had stabilizing feet on the stationary wheel side for uneven shop floor.

    George L

    I bought this product a month ago and it was everything I hoped it would be. It was easy to assemble, fit my old but extremely heavy Delta contractors saw perfectly. There are great adjustment capabilities with this mobile base, and it rolls very easily and feels very stable while doing so. Great product overall. I Also love the magnetic stops that can anchor the base where ever you put it.

    99 persent great 4/26/2018

    slight problem with lower door for blade storage on saw. the hex bolts securing base are sol long they interfere with opening this lower door.

    Morgan O

    Easy to put together and handles my drill press well!!!!


    I don't think I am a fan of having a fixed wheel, especially with the extension. It is impossible to move around the shop being so long with a fixed wheel.

    Nick L
    Takes a bit of forethought.. 3/24/2018

    Bought the base for the 0513 bandsaw. I got the base in advance so I could have it ready when the saw came to help move it into the shop. Of course the seven year old in me, so excited about getting the band saw didn't think about the fact that the saw cabinet had doors on it. Those doors hit the bolts on the base and the door wouldn't open all the way. I put the wheels on in the wrong orientation also and have yet to fix that. Hard to move the saw the way I did it. Also the two pads that stop the base from moving around don't seem to do that. I'm betting it's something I did wrong.

    So it's a good base and I recommend it. Just think about how your tool should be mounted on it and you'll be ahead of the game there. None of these issues are the base.

    Kevin L
    D2057A 3/22/2018

    Great item! Went together quick, easy,everything fit perfectly.

    works great. 3/14/2018

    Very well manufactored. Heavy duty base that works great.


    Inadvertently duplicated my order. Called within 24 hours of placing the order told I could not cancel and there was to be a 15% restocking charge even if the item was returned in the unopened packaging.
    I have no problem to pay for shipping both in and outbound but a restocking charge !!!!

    oliver U
    It does what it's made to do 3/14/2018

    The Mobile Base makes life good Get it and you won't be disappointed

    Good product 3/14/2018

    Great product that came with all the hard wear. Unlike the table saw I bought from Grizzly. Did I mention that I still haven't received the back ordered bolts. I'll give you another 2 months to figure it out. People at Grizzly are a bit slow.

    Troy G
    Great mobile base! 3/12/2018

    I purchased this for my table saw, and I love it. I have a small shop space, and this base makes it very easy to move my saw around as needed. It was easy to install by myself under the saw with a little ingenuity. It was frustrating trying to thread the lock nut backward onto the bolt, as the manual instructs. I could not get it to work, so I pulled up the item on the Grizzly site and searched the reviews to see if anyone else had the same issue. Sure enough, another reviewer instructed to thread the lock nut on the normal way first to establish threads in the nylon, then remove it, and thread it on backward. Worked like a charm! Maybe this is common knowledge, but I was unaware of the method. If I hadn't already purchased a different base for my band saw, I would buy another one of these for it.

    Mark S
    Good mobile base. 3/8/2018

    Needed them and Grizzly is the best place to get them. Bought 2.

    Frank K

    Bought this for my G1023RLX TS. Works great. I can roll my TS anywhere in my shop without much effort.

    Harry T

    You have to cut it down to make it fit in some situations even though it comes up as compatible, but it seems well built.

    Michael H
    Works well 3/1/2018

    I bought this for the G0690 saw. It rolls the heavy saw around my shop surprisingly well. I was able to build it around my saw as the directions state, without having to pick the saw up and placing it in the base. I did however, have to cut about an inch off of one of the side rails to make a tight fit around my saw. Not a big deal. I would purchase this base again

    mobile base 2/9/2018

    Seem well-made, especially for the price. I mean they're not inexpensive but neither is the equipment I'm setting on them. You generally get what you pay for and Grizzly has always given me good value. I like the secure size adjustment method also. This makes about eight I have purchased over the years and all have held up well.

    Great mobile base. 2/7/2018

    Very rugged, but easy to assemble and rolls smoothly across the floor.

    Great base for saw 2/1/2018

    Great base for any saw you have. My only minor gripe is that one set of wheels is static in direction which you have to decide which way to orient at assembly. Would be nice to have rotating casters on all four so I can more easily get it around the shop since its not a one direction motion from where it is stored to where it is used.

    Jerry B
    Works great with my saw 1/30/2018

    I bought this product to go with my Grizzly saw and it fits perfectly. The instructions were complete and understandable. Went together smoothly and works great.

    Use for a band-saw and makes clean up so much easier. 1/25/2018

    Great value on a heavy duty mobile base. It was easy to modify to a narrower base for a band-saw and it is very stable!!

    Joseph G
    Good Quality Base 1/21/2018

    Purchased this along with a Grizzly 16" Bandsaw. Easy assembly and appears to be well made. Only issue is that I cant open the bottom door completely because of interference with the wheel support. Need to adjust the base wider and re-position the saw if possible. If not, just willing to live with limited access to the "spare blade" stoage compartment

    Very efficient. 1/18/2018

    Love the ease that we can move our new machine around the garage on wheels.

    Loren C

    Concept and materials are first rate. Well done. However location of bolts and clarity of assembly instructions rates a 3.

    Tony J
    solid mobile base 1/15/2018

    I purchased 2 of these mobile bases for my drill press and jointer.
    Easy to assemble and setup.
    Other vendors offer their mobile base with free delivery option.
    I wish Grizzly can provide free delivery as well for their products.

    Smart Addition 1/14/2018

    Great accessory to my new band saw. Easy assembly with good clear instructions. Well built.

    Leo J

    A good addition to my bandsaw and a great price good product


    A great product for the money, it needs to be sized for a perfect fit but now I know that it will work on other tools in my shop I plan to order one or two more.


    This is the 4th one I've bought and still love them, just wish I had bought another one at the sale price! :-(


    This is the third mobile base that I have purchased. They are great.

    Very sturdy base..... 1/13/2018

    Purchased a couple of these bases and they worked out very well. Only problem was trying to install locking nuts backwards on bolts. Had to screw on the normal way, remove and reverse orientation. This created a thread thru the nylon portion of nuts enabling installation of lock nut.

    Tommy M

    This thing works great, wish I had several more of them.

    Terry C
    Great product. Would be even better if it came with all the parts, mine was missing one of the stops 1/13/2018


    Provides excellent stability as well as mobility for my router table. Easy assembly.

    Chad S
    Great base, as long your floor is level. 1/13/2018

    Got this week's back. Our shop floor is cracking and not level and in places it's hard to move. Solid mobile base and some adjusting the machine snug. The stops work well so the base won't roll.

    Raymond M

    I bought this a 2 month ago, haven't put it together , yet , I bought one last year and it works great. make it so much easier to move things around

    Mark D
    Excellent 1/12/2018

    Easy assembly. Does what it says it does. Smooth rolling and handles a large tool well.

    Strong 1/11/2018

    A little difficult to assemble but worth it in the end

    Ken R

    Bought this for my new table saw and it sure makes it so much easier to move it around. Very stable. No wobbling.

    Grady Y
    Outstanding 1/10/2018

    Serves my G0771Z quite well. Don't go for the cheaper ones on other sites, they truly are 'lesser' quality and capability. The Fox is strong and well made. Your equipment investment deserves it!

    Great product and also great customer service. 1/8/2018

    A well thought out mobile base 1/5/2018

    I have a rather small, albeit comfortable, shop so major machines like my new table saw need to be mobile if I'm going to get the most out of my shop. This base was easy to assemble and allows me to move an almost 500 lb saw easily, yet it stays put when I need it to.

    Great Heavy duty base for band saw 1/3/2018

    Heavy duty base that adjustable. perfect for my band saw.

    Scott B

    I purchased the G0690 cabinet saw a couple of months ago. I went with the ShopFox mobile base for my unit which has worked out great. Installation was a bit challenging for some of the bolts as the space provided for them was very tight. Overall, I'm pleased with the product and would recommend it.

    It’s in the name. 1/1/2018

    It does exactly what its supposed to and makes my bandsaw mobile. Only downside was that I had to cut down two of the pieces to make it a tight fit on my bandsaws base.

    Eddie B

    I purchased this to set my G1023RL tablesaw on and I can say that it works great and it doesn't raise the height but about 1/2" and is real stable and I am going to purchase more of these for other tools.


    Very strong and stable base. 4 swivel casters would be better than just two. No complaints.

    Lee W
    Well Made. Made my small shop larger with mobile bases. 12/27/2017

    Needed to adapt to a much smaller shop space. Not wanting to downsize to a smaller tablesaw and bandsaw required making them mobile so I could continue to use them. Being able to move them made this possible. The base is well made and quiet sturdy. You'll be pleased with it.

    Best mobile base that I have used. 12/27/2017

    I bought this mobile base and it works perfect. I would buy again and recommend this item.

    Gerald E
    Good Value 12/27/2017

    Richard M
    Excellent well built mobile base 12/27/2017

    good product 12/26/2017

    As compared to others, I preferred the D2057A design; however I was disappointed in the workmanship. I was able to assemble the product and put it into use. The mobility offered by this product, for the price, is well worth the investment.

    Great Product 12/22/2017

    I bought this to get a chop/slider saw off of my work bench. Mobile Base is is sturdy. This gives me the opportunity to move the saw out of the way while not using it. Move it in place, lock it down to the floor and use the saw. When done, move the saw back out of the way. Just what I needed in my Man Cave.

    Buy it, make a couple of touch ups, and be happy... 12/22/2017

    This is well worth the investment, with a few touch-ups... I bought a pair, immediately took out the M8-1.25 cap bolts for the rails, and replaced them with good, quality stainless steel, cup point socket set screws (M8-1.25 16mm) which left, for me, the right amount of height to still use the supplied nylock nuts. I also upgraded the casters to higher quality, same-size bearing poly casters with a higher weight rating (I saved the supplied casters for other projects - they're fine, but the new ones make my heavier machines roll around like butter!). Lastly, I made sure to try-fit my machine bases, scribe matching hole locations to the support plates and then drilling them out with a step-bit. Do NOT just set your base on the roller base and go.... make sure they are securely fastened together. THIS IS NOT for a machine that needs to be kept on a precise level (lathe, mill, higher-end cabinet table saw, etc) as none of this type of bases (that anyone makes) can provide that type of support -

    Fast shipping, but! 12/22/2017

    It looks like a good base but all the threaded holes had to be tapped out because of the welding job by the threads. To much heat. The manufacturer should be told about this problem.
    I also ordered two catalogs that haven't arrived, is anyone home there?

    Drew H
    Great stand 12/17/2017

    This is a great heavy duty roller stand with low profile wheels. Well contructed and adjustable. Would recommend.

    Randy C
    Great product 12/17/2017

    I have had this mobile bast for a month and it works really good under the 300+ lb band saw.


    Nice base .But you will have replace wheels cheap plastic rollers.

    Jeremy H
    Not Great 12/15/2017

    Do not buy this base. The base is not a great fit for the G0833P. The knobs that turn are almost impossible to turn and do not allow for the base to stay in place. The holes that you insert the feet into required me to drill out excess metal imperfections to even get the feet in the slots. And why are we putting lock nuts on a bolt upside down? That is just not necessary to create a box for this thing to ride around in.

    Great product! 12/14/2017

    Its a great base, no concerns at all. Does what its suppsed to do.

    Stanley C

    Easy to assemble, works great. It is now simple and easy to move table saw around.

    Kent D
    Strong, well built 12/12/2017

    Very strong base ..well built and designed.... compared to a big box store one I had bought ...Bought to put my new 1023 saw on and very happy with it .. a bit tricky to put together around the saw base but do-able .. I did it by myself..Id have this base on all my machines !

    Steven R
    A great tool, but.... 12/7/2017

    There is a design flaw that Grizzly knows of and doesn't tell the customer. When the bandsaw is placed onto this base, the base is too deep to allow the bottom door to open. When I called, they knew about it and just didn't bother to either fix the issue or warn us that the saw must sit on a piece of plywood to be raised to an adequate height for proper operation. Lazy and inconsiderate of the customer, who has to lift a 350 pound saw off the base to correct the issue.

    Guy H

    Reccomend a different way to lift The screws are hard to turn and i have to get on my knees to resch.


    This is a great mobile base. The only thing that I would have liked , is for there be a way to raise and lower the wheels.

    Floyd M
    Great product!! 12/6/2017

    The base went together easy. I was able to fit it to my table saw with ease. Works great!!

    Great product 11/30/2017

    It took a little while to thread the lock nuts on backwards, but what a great mobile base. I'm going to get one for my drill press now.

    Troy P
    OK, not really worth it 11/27/2017

    Bought two and assembling them is a real pain (way more than others that I've done). Like many of the other reviews, I found that the stops do not work well and putting the nylon nuts on the bolts backward is very difficult and time consuming. The casters do not swivel very well at all. A few of the corner supports were bent and had trouble threading some bolts. Not a good fit for the G0833P nor the G0555.

    Dave L

    Good enough for me, however the magnets the hold up the two legs while moving are not strong enough.

    Bart S
    Meh, it works 11/20/2017

    It works pretty well for what it designed to do. I'm not sure what it's missing but I feel like it's missing something. I do wish that it had a pedal to raise/lower its load. Assembly was a pain in the rear because I had to assemble it around an already assembled saw. It doesn't "fit" perfectly around my G0833P, either.

    Acceptable but not the best 11/17/2017

    It would be much better if all the wheels could turn instead of just the front two. Also, the assembly instructions requires that elastic stop nuts be put on screws backwards. That is very hard to do. Definitely a crappy way to lock the frame together. Otherwise it appears to be sturdy.

    van I
    These are great. 11/17/2017

    Some assembly required, batteries not included, void where prohibited, must purchase to play. This is a great mobil base for my old heavy 8" jointer. My pet Tyrannosaurus Rex wants a pair of these for Xmas!!! I've bought 3 of these to date, 2 of them are the super heavy duty and they all do the job moving heavy cast iron machines around the shop.


    Not so much , hard to get level , did it , but took way to long John n Nettie

    It was extreamly helpful when moving my new saw around the shop. 11/5/2017

    This mobile base will be helpful in positioning the saw.

    robert S
    rolling along 11/3/2017

    I received it last month and it is a wonderful size

    Super easy 10/31/2017


    I needed to shorten the bolts on the bandsaws bottom door side to allow to fully open the door. Other wise very happy with the unit.

    Brian C

    Got this as an accessory for a new G0778 bandsaw. To make it fit, I had to cut two bars, so I wouldn't call it a good match for the machine right out of the box. The assembly instructions leave a lot to be desired, and I found myself doing partial disassemblies and backing up a couple steps throughout the entire process. Honestly, it took way too long to get the base together properly. I couldn't have done any worse without any instructions at all. Having said that, this is a truly heavy duty base, and is rock solid. Once built, the quality is very good, as it should be in its price range..


    Tight space in my shop . The mobile base allows me to easily move the table saw when needed.
    Very well made and easy to assemble.

    ken H