Grizzly   |  Model: G0462
Wood Lathe With Digital Readout
Price: $595.00
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Grizzly G0462 - Wood Lathe With Digital Readout

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This incredible machine can swing 16" over the bed, comes with a 2 HP motor and sports a spindle tachometer with a digital readout. Changing speeds is easy with the shift-on-the-fly handle so there are no belts to mess with. Outboard turning is a snap too, just loosen the headstock and swivel it up to 360° for unmatched flexibility. Solid cast iron construction throughout ensures smooth operation. If you want to add more mass, the legs feature shelf supports for your own custom-built shelf. Truly, a deluxe turning machine at a very competitive price!


  • Motor: 2 HP, 110V, single-phase
  • Swing over bed: 16"
  • Swing over tool rest: 13"
  • Distance between centers: 46"
  • Heavy-duty, precision-ground cast-iron bed and legs ensures stability and minimize vibration
  • 1" x 8 TPI RH headstock spindle
  • Spindle tachometer with digital readout
  • MT #2 spindle & tailstock tapers
  • Spindle bore: 3/8"
  • Outboard turning is easy with the included tool rest extension
  • 10 speeds: 600 - 2400 RPM
  • Quick lock/release levers for tailstock and headstock
  • Includes 6" faceplate, cup live center and spur center
  • 0º, 60º, 90º, 120º, and 180º headstock rotation
  • Overall dimension: 72-1/2"L x 19"W x 48"H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 354 lbs.
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    R. Gollata
    Customer Review 1/1/2015

    Last Thursday morning I ordered a wood lathe with digital readout from Grizzly, Model G0462. It arrived 4 business days later. Good job Grizzly! I had the neighbor come over and help put it together. Although the box was a little torn, everything was fine except for a chip in the paint on one leg. I am learning to make plates/bowls on a lathe . My instructor came over last night to look it over and he really liked it. He said I got a lot of machine for the money I spent and the quality looked good. Thank you very much. I have to clean it up today before I can try it out. I am sure that I will be using it for a long time. Thank you Grizzly for a good quality machine and a great price.

    D. Turner
    Customer Review 1/1/2015

    I just wanted to let you all know how much I like my new lathe (G0462 Wood Lathe With Digital Readout). This machine is AWESOME! Right out of the crateit worked perfectly. I will gladly tell everyone I know about it.




    Joiner Turner
    Longwood, Fl.
    Great Product! Excellent value! 1/29/2016

    Fast shipping and well shipped in a wooden crate. Super easy assembly. I had it up and running in a little under an hour by myself. It runs smooth, has plenty of power, changes gears very smoothly and doesn't bog down with large legs. I can now work at my own pace again. I'm very satisfied with this lathe both in value and functionality. Great Job Grizzly! Indexing would have been nice as well as forward and reverse but I can work around that.

    Guemes Island, WA
    My First Lathe 1/29/2016

    I must have spent 3 years researching lathes before buying this one as my first lathe. After 2 years, I can say that it was an excellent choice. This lathe is durable, reliable, and solid as a rock. To improve stability for odd shaped projects I filled a gunny sack with sand to add extra weight to the base. My neighbor is an expert wood turner and owns a top-of-the-line lathe. After a lesson with him, I can return to my Grizzly lathe and resume turning with virtually zero noticeable difference. The only suggestion that I would make concerning my Grizzly lathe is that the low-end turning speed be lessened from a minimum of 600 rpm to around 300 rpm. This would make the roughing out process easier. Nonetheless, I have roughed out bowls close to 12" in diameter with very little difficulty. Thanks Grizzly for creating a tool that has led to a lifetime hobby!

    South Louisiana
    Happy to spend my hard earned money with this company 2/24/2016

    I ordered this machine Late Thursday night online, Then Friday night when I checked my email I had received and email saying my lathe had been shipped!! And it this wasn't just one of those generic emails stating they received my order, I was provided the tracking number, So I figured I'd track it just to see what the expected delivery date they were showing, the shipment was already loaded on a truck heading my way(Less than 24 hours!!!), with a delivery date being Tuesday 2/23/2016, By this time I was pretty impressed by the speed of the transaction so far. I didn't bother checking the status of the order at all over the weekend but Monday morning 2/22/2016 around 8:00 am I decided to check it (only because I was impressed with the speed of shipping so far) As I'm looking at the freight company's web site I received a phone call with a gentleman telling me my freight was on the loading dock at my local terminal ready for me to pick up!! By 10:00 am Monday I was making sawdust in my shop!! The lathe was shipped from Grizzly's Springfield, MO location to as far south in Louisiana as a human can travel This may not seen like a big deal to some of you but I personally think this is absolutely Superb customer service on Grizzly's part ! The machine arrived it a very nicely packed crate with minimal assembly required. The quality and ease of operation of the lathe far exceeded my expectations, Nowhere else in this country will a person receive this type of excellent customer service an quality at very affordable price Grizzly has earned a new lifetime customer with this transaction I have purchased a shop full of tools over the past 2 years from Grizzly with all transactions very comparable to this one ( although this one being the fastest to date so far ) the Grizzly company truly puts customer needs ahead of everything I have never written any type of review for anything I ever purchased online but when I purchase any item online I read lots of reviews before I go through with it, So this short book I've written about my experience with Grizzly is a small token of my appreciation for the perfection in customer service and product quality I've received from this company over the past 2 years keep up the good work Grizzly your hard work and focus on customer satisfaction Is impressively appreciated !

    Unsatisfied with Grizzly
    Jacksonville Florida
    Poor return policy and customer service 6/14/2016

    Ordered April 7 along with a chuck and other accessories. Grizzly said shipment was back ordered and expected it to ship May 19. Lathe didn't arrive until May 27. Accessories didn't arrive until May 31 so could not use the lath. Since the accessories didn't arrive on time I purchased replacements from Woodcraft so I could use the Lathe and decided to return the late items. One of the items was plastic and the package wasn't padded enough so the chuck destroyed the plastic item. Upon the return Grizzly wanted a 10% restocking fee which is ridiculous since I just spent $800 plus on their products. They said they wouldn't charge 10% for the $5.50 plastic piece but would have to on the other accessories since nothing was wrong with them other than late. The lath itself is fine for the price however I would not recommend Grizzly due to their poor return policy and customer service. I am getting ready to buy a 14" bandsaw and was going to buy the Grizzly however after their horrible service I will be buying the Laguna. Plus it has better reviews for resaw.

    Atlanta, GA
    Very good machine for the price 7/7/2016

    I've had this lathe for 4 years now, since I bought it I joined a woodturning club. The lathe has served me well and I've enjoyed it thoroughly. It's a great price for a very good lathe. If you think you want to get into woodturning as a serious hobby you may consider one the higher-end lathes. This lathe, however, will start you off very well. For $700 you can't beat this lathe. Having said that - my wish list (and now I'm looking at G0766 or G0799 as an ADDITION - NOT a replacement!) for a lathe now includes:
    -Lower spindle speeds (200-300 RPM)
    -Reversing spindle direction
    -Manual spindle rotation on outside of headstock
    -Electronic speed adjustment
    Having said this - if you're a hobbyist this is a great lathe. I've made bowls, hollow forms, segmented work peppermills, wine stoppers, pens, etc. on this lathe and have been very happy with it. I think I'm ready to step up - but will stay with Grizzly.
    As far as maintenance - I've replaced drive belt twice and motor pulley set once and Tool rest body once (it cracked). I've accumulated lots of other accessories too - chucks, faceplates, turning tools, finishes, etc.
    Keep in mind, when you buy your lathe you'll spend that dollar amount again on tools for it!
    In summary:
    A good intro lathe that is a workhorse, is solid and will serve you very well.
    For the price it really can't be beat unless you buy a mini somewhere with a couple of the other features - but losing the size and stability of this machine.

    Ed Chad
    Ellijay, Ga.
    Great machine in this price range! 7/18/2016

    Firstoff as a recently retired 42 year veteran Tool Maker and Mfg Engineer in the metal working business, Im a hard man to please. Ive designed, proto-typed, machined metal parts and even built entire machines of many types, including aircraft, machine tool, firearm and the medical industries. I am also an avid researcher. While looking at the reviews on this machine, everywhere I could look, I saw very mixed reviews. Of course I took the time and analyzed the best and worst. A lot of the 'bad' reviews I came across, well, were ridiculous. You cannot run the Indy 500 in a Chevette .................. nor will you turn a 20" bowl with this machine without issues. You get the drift.

    I looked at several companies and lathes before pulling the trigger on this one. First, the size, swing and length fit what I wanted one for. I did not buy it to turn 20" bowls nor did I expect it to turn telephone pole size work pieces.
    What I HAVE been doing successfully is turning (so far) up to 10" or so bowls, table legs, and other smaller spindle type pcs with no problem.
    Do I wish it had a slower speed for roughing?? Of course. But Ive had no problems. With the spindle/pulley design, which is better than changing belts/pulleys for different speeds, I suspect very much lower RPM would lose torque pretty quickly.
    Have I had any problems? Yes. Ive had some minor issues that Vince and the Support team have quickly taken care of and I'll say one thing, these folks have World Class Customer Support and I thank them.
    One last comment. I would challenge anyone to find a better value, in this price range, for a lathe.
    Dont buy it expecting it to do way over its capacity and what it was designed for and I think you will be pleased.

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