Find someone's Wish List:

It's easy to register any item offered on for others to view and purchase using the Grizzly Wish List. The items you want will appear on your Wish List along with the date you added them, any comments you wish to leave, the priority, how many you would like and how many have been purchased.

To set up an account, all you need to provide is your name and email address. If you'd like, you can also name your Wish List, add your birth date and choose to make your Wish List either public or private.

To add items to your Wish List, just click the "Add To Wish List" button on any product detail page. You can remove items from your Wish List by clicking the "delete" button for the item on your Wish List account. When you, or someone visiting your Wish List buys something from the list, it will show up in the "purchased" field for that item on your Wish List.

You can send a link to your Wish List after logging in to your account, or search other people's Wish Lists here.

Please note: only one shipping address can be used per order. If you add an item from someone else's Wish List to your regular order, all items will be sent to the address you enter for your order.