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Item #: T28060
Model # T28060
15" Rubber Outfeed Roller for G0453 Series Planers. Eliminates marks serrated-steel outfeed rollers can leave in the wood when taking a very fine or finishing pass. Also fits: Shop Fox W1742/W1742S, Steelex ST1002/ST1007/ST1012. Note: does not fit G0453W Series Planers.

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Anonymous Reviewer
Should of been in planer to start with 08/30/2019 2:50:48 PM

It was necessary. Cross grain scratches were horrible with stock outfeed roller. I tried reducing roller pressure. Wood that has been planed should have no marks. Think about it, why is the rubber in the catalog right next to the planer for sale.

Anonymous Reviewer
Rubber Outfeed Roller 04/04/2019 2:30:49 PM

Good product. I had to return it though. The new 15" planer I ordered this part for already had it instead of the serrated metal roller. Wish this was made more clear when I ordered the 15" Planer G0453.

Anonymous Reviewer
03/17/2019 4:44:55 PM

No feedback given

Keith H
Great Upgrade 10/19/2018 7:03:30 PM

Unfortunately the Chinese don't know how to use a micrometer because the shaft for the bearing block on the left side was too large and I had to sand with emery cloth for a long time to get it too fit. When I installed it and tried to put the gears on the shaft with the key it was also too large and looked like it had been dropped on its end. I had to use my Dremel grinder and emery cloth to size to fit. The poorly manufactured roller added a few extra hours to my installation. My advice to anyone replacing the roller is to fit all parts on the shaft before the install. I used painter's tape to protect the roller during the install to keep it clean since working with the gear gets your hands greasy. Just be sure to remove the tape before you assemble the gears so the roller will rotate easily. I have also had issues with customer service so I am not going to waste my time reporting this issue. The planer does seem to work better now. I purchased the Rotacator to adjust all when I ordered the roller and it does make the job much easier and more accurate. I own ten different Grizzly machines and if you buy their high end products they are as good as anything that comes out of China or Taiwan which is almost every woodworking machine today. You do have to spend time tweaking to get them right but I suspect that is with anything today. I am happy with the results of the rubber roller but we will see how long it lasts. The rubber looked rough in some spots like there were bubbles in it. At least it didn't smell like China as they usually do.

John V
02/10/2018 3:05:08 PM

I purchased this Rubber clad outfeed roller as soon after I ran my first piece of walnut through my planer. I was not happy to see dents in the surface due to the heavy steel roller pressing chips into the wood surface. The rubber roller solved this and for the life of me I can't understand why Grizzly would not offer this straight out of the factory.
Installation as a breeze. 45min tops.

Matthew C
09/27/2017 3:04:01 PM

Great item but it should be standard issue on the planer or it should be listed as an option when buying. The standard knurled roller ends up embossing your wood with little ridges that you have to sand out. This doesn't.