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Item #: T27963
Model # IBeam30
These heavy-duty clamps are designed for high-demand professional and institutional use. The steel I-bar is extremely strong and resistant to twisting and bending. The sliding head is cast of tough ductile iron and nickel-plated to fight off rust and corrosion, featuring a 4-piece hardened steel clutch for tough, durable clamping power.

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Anonymous Reviewer
10/10/2018 2:30:19 PM

I bought the smaller clamps do to do more small project in the shop I could have gone to home depot or lowes and got pipe clamp I have about 24 I-beam clamp they do not bend or un-tread on pipe when tighten down, I used them in woodshop over 25 years age and I love them will not by any other clamps, and I look all over the internet and you guys was the best price even off e-bay place like that.