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Buy this Twin Pack and save up to 30% over buying them individually. Limited to quantity on hand! While supplies last!

The new K Body REVO clamp range from BESSEY offers some 30-Percent more clamping force, and newly-designed pressure caps and work-piece contact elements also protect the work-piece exceptionally well. The Vario K Body REVO clamp enables the head to be adjusted at the press of a button. The new K Body REVO clamp from BESSEY achieves a powerful 7,000 N clamping force - some 2,000 N more than usual. In addition, the jaw face has been increased by 30-Percent.

Three removable and glue-repellent pressure caps guarantee work piece protection. Adjustable work piece contact elements prevent direct contact between the work piece and the serrated steel rail under full utilization of the jaw face. The tilting K Body clamp adapter (available separately) KR-AS which is easily pushed on to the clamping jaws enables clamping requirements outside of the 90-Degree range to be fulfilled. The tilting adapter adjusts to the work piece, regardless of whether fitted in a v-shape or at a slanted parallel. The additional module is infinitely tilt-able within a range of 30-Degree.

50-Inch K Body REVO, 1,500 lb clamping force, 3-3/4-Inch Throat depth, 3 removable jaw pads, 2 component ergonomic handle, removable material protector pads, removable end stop, can be attached to a work bench using Bessey TK-6 clamps

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Anonymous Reviewer
01/15/2020 7:19:50 PM

Have several K-Revo clamps and the opportunity to get four 50 inch clamps at the sale price was too good to pass up. Excellent quality as usual.

Anonymous Reviewer
Who doesn't want these? 01/15/2020 3:15:07 PM

Awesome Christmas sale from grizzly just had to get a couple 50"ers...ended up buying 2 sets. Like the caption says, its bessey 50"er, who doesn't want that?
Very expensive and the REVOs just rock all around, but yet again very expensive. If it wasn't for the Christmas special I probably would have gone with another comparable model for less money...but the deal was too good and who wouldn't want these?