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Item #: T28395
Model # KREK2450
The best parallel clamp in the world just got better! Bessey has taken their popular K-Body Revo clamps and redesigned them to provide more requested features. The large, secure clamping face provides up to 1700 lb. of force designed to clamp at 90 degrees to the rail and stay where you put it. The ergonomic two-component handle has a steel socket that allows for applying additional force with a hex key or driver at the end and the three removable pressure caps are included that are resistant to glue, paint, and solvents. It took some work, but Bessey made the best even better!

This Large Cabinet Door Clamp Kit includes two 24" KRE3524 clamps, two 50" KRE3550 clamps, and a set of four blocks that make it an excellent kit for construction, panels, boxes, and - you guessed it - larger cabinet doors!


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Anonymous Reviewer
04/03/2019 12:41:47 PM

Well worth the money. You get what you pay for and these clamps are top quality!!!