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Item #: G4721
Model # KT5-1CP
Used with Bessey® Tradesmen clamps and other bar clamps, this edge clamp can be mounted anywhere on the bar to provide added clamping power.

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Anonymous Reviewer
I intend to buy more of these! 12/20/2017 3:49:02 PM

Gluing panels together its really difficult to keep the center portion flush when clamps just squeeze together the outside. This helps a lot to add a straight edge on top of the panel pieces and add pressure, with this clamp clipped on the bar of the clamp squeezing things, to keep the pieces of the panel in line and flush. There is another version of this with two screws. I thought I would try this one first because the attachment to the bar seems larger and fits on my Parallel clamps perfectly. I definitely will be purchasing more of these and evening out the pressure I can apply for larger panel glue-up.