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Item #: T28782
Model # PM-1800
  • SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR LARGE BOARDS – Ingenious design allows for easy moving of unwieldy sheets of plywood, paneling, and more.
  • THE STRENGTH TO HANDLE SEVERAL BOARDS – 350 lb. capacity, with the 2-1/4” bottom lip of the support arm being wide enough for 2-3 sheets at a time. The strong wheels glide along the ground, allowing for easy movement of the most cumbersome material.
  • IT FLIPS UP AND ADJUSTS! – The support arm can tilt and lock horizontally, and is adjustable from 28” high to 38” high. This makes it simple to move material from a truck bed to the carrier, then flip down for easy moving, and then even flip back up for sawing!
  • YES, IT’S A TABLE SAW FEED STAND TOO – The support arm can be locked at 90 degrees, the height adjusted, and the support leg extended for a rock-solid table saw feed stand.
  • PORTAMATE QUALITY – Built with meticulous care by Portamate, you’ll use this in your shop for years to come
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    Anonymous Reviewer
    08/04/2019 3:49:43 PM

    No feedback given

    Anonymous Reviewer
    It solved a problem 05/02/2019 2:26:14 PM

    I am getting older, and it is getting harder to carry plywood into my shop, and then lift it up onto my cutting table. It works perfectly for the lifting part, and now works perfectly for the trip into the shop on gravel, after I replaced the wheels with bigger and wider wheels. The original wheels are fine for the cement floor, but not for gravel. I am very satisfied.