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Sometimes, half an inch makes all the difference. But that's not the only reason to step up to the 735X. Its powerful 10,000 rpm motor will handle anything you feed it--oak, walnut, exotics--with absolute ease. The three-knife cutterhead will make 96 or 179 cuts per inch, depending on which speed setting you choose. Mess is minimized with the fan-assisted chip ejection, which literally vacuums chips off the cutter-head and blows them out the exhaust. The 735X's automatic carriage lock will save you from snipe by reducing the movement that causes it--what a great idea. We also love the redesigned thickness scale--it's big and super-visible, even in poor lighting. Those who do repetitive cuts will appreciate the turret depth-stop; set your most-used cuts to it once and you're always assured of accuracy. The home woodworker will be thrilled, and the professional's expectations will be more than met.


  • Powerful 15 AMP, 20,000 RPM motor
  • (10,000 RPM cutterhead speed) handles larger cuts in wider materials with ease
  • Three knife cutter-head delivers 30% longer knife life and makes knife change faster and easier
  • Two speed gear box allows users to change feed speed to optimizing cuts per inch at 96 or 179 CPI
  • Fan-assisted chip ejection vacuums chips off of the cutter-head and exhausts them out of the machine
  • 19-3/4" cast aluminum base is 2X more rigid than a standard 10" base and folding tables
  • Automatic carriage lock reduces the movement that causes snipe without the need for manual engagement by the user
  • Material removal gauge and extra-large thickness scale deliver accurate cuts with every pass
  • Extra-large turret depth stop allows users to return to most frequently used thicknesses with ease
  • Includes infeed and outfeed tables and an extra set of knives


  • 15 Amps
  • No Load Speed: 10,000 RPM
  • Max. Depth of Cut: 1/8"
  • Depth Capacity: 6"
  • Width Capacity: 13"
  • Tool Weight: 92 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 100 lbs.

Includes: dust hose adapter and dust ejection chute.

Please note: due to the high incident of fraudulent transactions with orders containing name brand products, orders for this item must ship to the billing address.


35 Customer Reviews (4.8 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
I am happy with this planer 06/03/2019 3:41:03 PM

I am new to jointing and planing. I picked this up on the tent sale and have been getting in to milling my own lumber. It's not only rewarding, but this machine makes it a breeze.

Gary C
Love this little gem, does an excellent job of planing! Easy adjustments too! 05/22/2019 3:33:10 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Issues with raising and lowering 04/11/2019 8:06:17 PM

When our planer arrived, it felt "stuck" and the raising and lowering hand crank would not turn. Not wanting to force the unit, we took it apart and didn't find any specific issues. At that time, I decided to force the unit and it ended up just needing movement and loosening of the original mechanism. Grizzly was great about providing information about the warranty and what we could/could not do to the unit that might affect the warranty.

Anonymous Reviewer
very pleased 02/25/2019 2:03:38 AM

perfect works very well
no question Grizzily is a very good company service after sale is great

Bill L
02/12/2019 3:55:43 PM

So Far So Good.
Grizzly was great to work with and everything was delivered as promised - including the free table. Even with shipping and Michigan Tax, the price was still better than anywhere else I looked by $75-100. (assuming you buy the table)

As most of you reading this, I did a fair amount of research, and am very pleased. Most all the review I read/watched were spot on.
Did have some slight damage to the base of the planer from shipping, but extremely minor. The box is heavy (100lbs) and I'm guessing the somewhere along the line it took a hit on the corner.

Out of the box the quality was awesome, then I felt the need to adjust the included infeed/outfeed tables as recommend by many other on-line.
The thinking was to eliminate snipe - even thou a had none - dumb.
Should have left it alone, but have things back.

The installed blades were great also until I ran a pine board through with a knot that must have let go and put a slight knick in a blade.
Opened it up and shifted one of the blades and all is good again.

Have filled/plugged my shop vac several times and will be looking into some type of chip collector soon.
Having the blower on the planer does give me the option to shoot it outside in the future, but with 3ft of snow and sub zero temps, I will be collecting chips for a couple more months yet.

U.P. of Michigan

Anonymous Reviewer
01/23/2019 9:50:57 PM

No feedback given

Kendall P
11/29/2018 4:09:54 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Good planer, weird dust collection port 11/23/2018 1:57:14 AM

The dust collection port is centered on the top part of the planer which is odd placement. Boards have the potential to get snagged on the hose as they exit the planer. The Grizzly planer I've been using for years had the dust collection port on the side which was never in the way. I also prefer the various gauge markings on the Grizzly planer to this one. I wish I got the Grizzly planer instead.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/21/2018 1:56:13 PM

Great purchase. The free stand went together easily. Planer works great.

David R
great planer 06/29/2018 2:27:17 PM

excellent planer - easy setup, easy to change blades, and quiet.

Douglas R
06/07/2018 12:42:04 PM

Planer is working great. I am pleased with this purchase and glad I made it.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/06/2018 12:07:37 PM

I love my plainer l had a 12in and I like this one even better because it got to speed

Mark E
06/04/2018 9:26:52 PM

No feedback given

Jeffrey K
Great product but sticky height adjustment 05/31/2018 2:47:46 AM

Love just about every aspec of the planer but the hand wheel for height adjustment initially took both hands and a considerable amount of force to turn. Copious amounts of blaster dry lube have made it easier but it still takes both hands on occasion. Not sure if this is normal but I dont feel like it should be so hard to turn out of the box thus the 4 stars.

David M
Great Deal 05/04/2018 9:40:05 PM

I purchased this item online from the Grizzly website. Shipping was fast and the planer arrived in great shape. The free Dewalt planer stand made this a no-brainer purchase.

Anonymous Reviewer
03/22/2018 12:36:31 PM

No feedback given

Donald H
Great planer for a decent price! 03/21/2018 11:21:52 AM

Big foot print and very stable. Happy with my purchase.

Anonymous Reviewer
03/14/2018 9:15:41 PM

My husband is very happy with the planer. It was delivered quickly and he and our son put it together that day. He has been out in the garage working on things ever since. Only golf and basketball and food gets him in the house. Thank you for a wonderful product! Marlene Blaue

Anonymous Reviewer
Good product. Good service 03/07/2018 11:51:48 AM

Very good planer. Worked just as I needed it to on some old barn wood. Ordering from Grizzly was very easy and convenient. I'll definitely order from this company again.

John Q
Hard worker 03/01/2018 11:29:55 PM

I have had this in my shop for 3 weeks. I have a stack of about 300 bd ft of Walnut to plane so there is plenty of work to do. It has taken everything I have been able to run through it. A couple of the features I like on this machine beside the fact that it has 2 speeds are that the dust collection is superior, the thickness limiter helps keep all my stock the same thickness, and you can not even feed a board in that is more than 1/8' more than the set thickness. Maybe after I use it a little more I will have more feedback but for now I am happy with my purchase

Brian V
Great product 02/28/2018 9:22:20 PM

No feedback given

Dakota O
Works well, 02/14/2018 12:20:42 PM

I bought to retire my older planer, this thing makes no snipe!

Jeff F
02/14/2018 11:37:45 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
02/09/2018 2:43:22 PM

Easy set up , working great so far. Easy to move around

Stephanie H
12/28/2017 5:35:06 PM

Grizzly is great to work with. No problem with the shipping. No problem with the planer.

Tim B
A Real Workhorse 11/28/2017 12:49:10 AM

I agree with others as to the quality and features of this fine planer. Powerful, precise, and great usability. Well designed controls to precisely dial in desired thickness, and 2 speeds allowing for slower pass on final cut to produce excellent finish. Built in fan aids greatly in chip collection. My unit came with a second set of blades. Unlike one reviewer, I've found the initial set of blades to be quite durable, holding up through many hours dimensioning quarter sawn oak which is typically hard on blades.

The only thing i would like to see improved is the the unit's attachment for the dust collection hose, which leaves the hose directly in the out-feed path. Jiggling with this caused the hose attachment on my unit to break after 18 months of use. However.....

....the response of Dewalt's customer service department to this incident was a breath of fresh air. Without the least hassle, they immediately shipped me a replacement part under the unit's 3 year warranty.

Great machine, great customer service, and glad to be able to purchase down the street at the Bellingham Grizzly showroom, which also has provided me with outstanding customer service.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/11/2017 12:12:48 PM

No feedback given

Douglas G
Great Product 10/16/2017 8:40:05 PM

I'm so glade i bought it. Only thing i'm not happy about is my credit card got compromised. and i had to change my card and report the incident to the police.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/08/2017 11:49:51 AM

Customer service at Grizzly was great. The planer arrived within 5 days. Setup was not difficult and factory adjustments were on the money. I planed walnut boards and the finish was better than expected. This is a great tool.

Greg R
07/06/2017 3:05:05 PM

No feedback given

06/05/2017 11:19:09 PM

This thing is a beast love the two speed feed. The built in blower is a great feature also don't even need to use my vacuum. Love the package deal too. Can't go wrong with this planner.

Anonymous Reviewer
05/25/2017 11:42:28 AM

Good planer - does a great job. The only negative is the quality of the blades. The blades provided will not last very long if you are a serious user and often plane hardwoods. I will need to upgrade to the byrd insert cutter in the near future.

Scott S
05/24/2017 8:13:32 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
05/06/2017 12:17:01 PM

Very happy with the product. As far as a Grizzly is concerned I decided to pay $50 more for this item than I would have at Amazon because I wanted to buy from a Grizzly.

Thomas E
Great Product!!! 05/04/2017 1:39:30 AM

I bought this item a few weeks ago. It is a marvelous planer with mobile stand, with infeed outfeed table and extra knives.