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Item #: H4746
Model # WW10307100
Hailed as the Cadillac of all blades, Forrest saw blades have become legendary for their ability to leave highly polished, finish ready surfaces on nearly everything they cut. Choose the style best suited for your cutting needs and see why Forrest has earned the reputation for being the saw blade by which all others are judged. Made in USA.

With this all purpose blade for table saws you can rip and crosscut 1" - 2" rockhards and softwoods resulting in a smooth-as-sanded surface. With 20º face hook, ply-veneers will crosscut with no bottom splinter at moderate feed rates. Double hard and 40% stronger C-4 carbide will give up to 300% longer life between sharpenings. Ends blade changing (one blade does rip, combo and crosscut). Ends second-step finishing. Ends cutting 1/16" oversize to allow for resurfacing. Buy and sharpen one blade instead of 3, (24T rip, 50T combination, 80T crosscut).


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Anonymous Reviewer
05/02/2018 3:50:10 PM

I bought this product a month ago and the blade has produced quality rip cuts on plywood when compared to other brand of saw blades that I have used before.

Tulsa H
04/09/2018 1:27:15 PM

This is a quality saw blade that can be resharpened several times.