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Item #: T23526
Model # WW10487100
With this all purpose blade for table saws you can rip and crosscut 1" - 2" rockhards and softwoods resulting in a smooth as sanded surface. With 20° face hook, ply veneers will crosscut with no bottom splinter at moderate feed rates. Double hard and 40% stronger C4 carbide will give up to 300% longer life between sharpenings. Ends blade changing (one blade does rip, combo and crosscut), second-step finishing and cutting 1/16" oversize to allow for resurfacing. Buy and sharpen one blade instead of 3 (24T rip, 50T combination and 80T crosscut).

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Anonymous Reviewer
11/16/2018 5:22:34 PM

Yes, it's an excellent blade and I've already completed two projects with it. This is the smoothest cutting blade I own, of several really good blades. The narrower kerf does cause a problem - the riving knife on my tablesaw now sometimes binds in the cut because the kerf is narrower. I am now trying to get a second riving knife, slightly thinner, or a second knife that I can polish down slightly. The same situation may apply to the splitter guard, I'll have to test that. I have only been using the riving knife, with occasional 4/4 stock ripping and mostly crosscut sled work for these two projects (furniture pieces). The binding has happened both when crosscutting and when ripping. This isn't the fault of the blade at all, it's just something to be aware of when you purchase a narrower kerf blade.