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T10745 1/2" x 18" Handheld Belt Sander

Perfect for woodworking and DIY projects.

The T10745 1/2" x 18" Handheld Belt Sander is ergonomically designed to sand and grind wood, iron and plastic.

The three-position belt sanding head and variable-speed control to make it ideal for most shaping and sharpening applications.

Its wide-range of home improvement uses include sanding flat surfaces, corners and inner openings, chamfering and deburring metal, removing paint, rust and weld splatters and also sharpening blades.

This Handheld Belt Sander is designed to minimize stress on your hand and wrist during operation.

Like all Grizzly variable-speed belt sanders, the T10745 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects. (Consumables are not covered by the warranty.)

The T10745 manual was written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information. The complete and easy to read manual makes it easier to set up and maintain your sander.

The Grizzly Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are U.S. based. Parts and accessories for the sander are available on-line and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.


  • Motor: 200W, 120V, 2A
  • Belt speed: Variable, 1100-1700 RPM
  • Belt size: 1/2" W x 18" L
  • Arm tilt: 30° up/down
  • Weight: 2.2 lb.

41 Customer Reviews (4.8 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Preston D
03/18/2020 12:52:34 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
09/18/2019 10:40:55 AM

The sander does everything that I am wanting it to do. A real time saver

Anonymous Reviewer
07/28/2019 12:17:26 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Performs exactly like I hoped it would 05/10/2019 12:16:33 AM

Have briefly used the product as my job is outdoors ( deck upgrade)... and my locale has been inundated with a lot of rain since my purchase .... but my initial use confirmed that the handheld sander is perfect for my job and much preferably to the hand sanding I would have faced had I not found this product. Referred your product to a Lowes employee as I was shopping for some deck stain.... they dont carry this or anything like it at this Lowes location.

Anonymous Reviewer
03/27/2019 11:48:12 PM

Very good quality and a big help in tight areas I am very happy with my order

Anonymous Reviewer
03/13/2019 12:38:08 PM

This is great tool l love it
Just need diamond belts for concrete figures.

Stephen P
Great sander. 01/18/2019 5:58:40 PM

One of the differences between this sander and Harbor Freight's is the Grizzly has multiple speeds and allows you to control the cutting better. The unit appears to be a quality item and I am pleased with its purchase.

Anonymous Reviewer
12/30/2018 6:17:13 PM

No feedback given

Boyd S
10/27/2018 8:23:45 PM

I`m very pleased with this small belt sander, it is really working very well and I like it a lot. I am I`m glad that there is a company like Grizzly that can provide quality products ar very reasonable prises. Thanks, Boyd Sprague

Anonymous Reviewer
10/24/2018 2:08:09 PM

No feedback given

Earl A
The perfect tool 10/10/2018 7:54:09 PM

Mounted sander in custom holder on my G0752 lathe,.Can now grind to exact tolerances, and the finish is great.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/13/2018 6:14:29 PM

I bought this a month ago and I wish I had bought this a year ago. It performs great and saves me hours of sanding time spent on my projects. Great product!

Anonymous Reviewer
08/17/2018 11:10:50 AM

Got this sander to sand in tight places on a bench. It has performed very well. The only thing I have noticed is that the motor tends to get rather hot if you sand for more than a few minutes. It also may had been because I was using 60 grit paper to remove and oldfinish. Other than that it is an excellent tool.

Thomas R
08/01/2018 10:07:41 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
07/20/2018 11:49:20 AM

The buffing discs work well; the small belt sander speeds up work on knife handles; thank you for good products. Richard

Gerald I
Great product 06/15/2018 11:55:46 AM

This is a replacement of one of lesser quality. I use it daily for business and at home. A great tool to reach hard to get at and small spaces. I would recommend this for those who need it.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product for a great price! 06/11/2018 6:46:35 PM

Love this thing. I was working on some rough, deep mortises and needed to clean them up a bit and was wishing I could just have a narrow power sander instead of spending a day with hand file or short chisels. I know a sharp chisel would be ideal. I have a good set of chisels but they aren't long enough for this mortise -- I could spend a couple hundred dollars on some good mortise chisels or, maybe a sander would do it.

I have a Fein Mulitmaster but even at $300 it doesn't do everything. I see this Grizzly handheld belt sander as functional as the Multimaster ... and to me that's saying a lot!

Solid performance, and great value! Not one problem!

Took just a few minutes and I was done.

Awesome tool!

Anonymous Reviewer
It is doing exactly the detail, hard to reach, work I purchased it for. 06/06/2018 3:12:26 PM

Using it for hard to access sanding on an outboard motor and for some wood carving. Neat tool.

Al P
05/06/2018 10:47:10 AM

Very good product that is very handy in model building. Fills a big gap in my shop, since I do not have room for a larger belt sander. McMaster has a variety of finer grit belts, so you are good from 80 to 400.

richard M
Works surprisingly well and really makes the job move faster 04/21/2018 1:20:41 PM

I have a lot of wrought iron railing. I used to sand it with a grinder, but because of the layout, angles, etc., was never able to do a great job. I saw an auto mechanic's 1/2x18 pneumatic sander and bought one. I have a large compressor, but the sander used so much power, the compressor ran all the time. I purchased this electric one and it has eliminated that issue. It runs well and doesn't get too warm even after roughly 2 hours of straight use. The belts are very easy to change, fits in small places and makes a job like this much easier and the quality much better. The only drawback i've noticed is that in the confined spaces i'm using the sander, the belt slips off and I have to stop and put it back on - this process takes 15 seconds.

Anonymous Reviewer
Good belt sander 03/20/2018 8:14:49 PM

Works good so far. Belt change mechanism could be easier.

03/15/2018 3:16:41 PM

Good value and common belt size. Inexpensive enough that I bought two for the shop so one doesn't have to be shared.

Anonymous Reviewer
Hand held belt sander 03/10/2018 5:24:52 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
03/10/2018 11:34:20 AM

No feedback given

Jim P
03/08/2018 8:00:49 PM

I am building a lapstrake sailboat and this is the best tool I have found to sand the tight corners created with this type of construction. I appreciate the fact that you offer specialty tools along with your regular line and I have been very happy with your machines quality and price. I have been buying Grizzly tools for 20 years and have yet to be disappointed. Thanks again.

Anonymous Reviewer
compact and powerful sander 03/08/2018 6:22:41 PM

This was a birthday present and I am pleasantly surprised at how great the sander is.

Leslie W
03/08/2018 1:21:16 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Thrilled with this sander, it worked perfectly for the project I was working on. 01/14/2018 4:42:24 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
12/28/2017 5:23:26 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Handy Tool 12/28/2017 3:01:01 PM

Have not used a lot, but for the work that I did it performed well.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/30/2017 12:54:16 PM

Like them so much that we have three of them here on the farm........we particularly like the variable speed controls....this sander fills "the bill" in places where other sanders cannot....stock up on various types of belts..you wont regret it......The Old Grey Wolf of Wolfcreek Farm

Anonymous Reviewer
11/01/2017 5:13:53 PM

Its just perfect for the job I had! Love it! Had to sand the insides of many small squares on several gates. Really speeded up the process and works really really well. Relieved to have found this great tool. Highly recommend it :-)

Anonymous Reviewer
Works great 07/19/2017 10:57:47 AM

This did the job perfectly. It had a great amount of power; and the sand paper lasted 10 times longer than I anticipated. However the sanding unit broke completely off, making it impossible to fix. I dropped it about 3 feet off the ground. Didn't expect it to break at such a short distance. Nevertheless my fault; the sander worked fantastic before that

Donald D
Great for tight spaces 06/21/2017 12:43:50 PM

Bought to sand tight spaces on the bandsaw boxes I build. It works great. I'd give it five stars but the handle gets very hot and uncomfortable after a few minutes of sanding.

Caleb A
Excellent Product! 06/09/2017 11:15:21 AM

I bought this sander with 60 grit belts for rough shaping of handles on the knives that I make. This sander works great and saves a lot of time. Works great on all handles materials such as Canvas and burlap Micarta, G10, bone/antler and hardwoods. Haven't had the need to put this to work on any metal materials but I am sure it would work great for that also. Be sure to wear respiratory and eye protection because this thing puts off an insane amount of dust!

Gary B
06/08/2017 12:59:55 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Fantastic product, highly recommended 06/02/2017 10:26:20 PM

I use it on self-bows and fiberglass laminated longbows to shape the handle and arrow shelf. Works wonderfully and reduced my completion time.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/02/2017 9:41:52 PM

This is a handy sander. We are using it on a tree farm to sharpen a tree digging spade. It would be nice to have one of these with a one inch wide belt.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/02/2017 9:00:04 PM

This sander workes for getting into tight spots. Liked it so much we even ordered one for the cottage.

Mike B
Great Idea, a little underpowered. 05/27/2017 3:55:35 AM

This is a great little belt sander. It gets places other electric tools cant reach. It can clean up the edges of a square hole as small as 3/4", and is very handy. The only issue that I have is that it's a little underpowered. That being said, I do mostly steel fabrication so I tend to put tools through the wringer.

Splendid Little Gizmo 07/07/2016 2:30:37 PM

Very useful, manageable little tool, that can dig holes, needs be. Over the top area, belt coming at you one side, going away other side enables reasonably tight access, without tying itself in knots, with a little getting used to.I do small hardwood carvings, this tool gives me shaping capabilities I didn't have before. It has also proven it's worth on larger, deck, stair railing type projects.
Quite pleased with purchase.