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Maintaining filter efficiency is as simple as turning the crank handle on this Canister Dust Collector. Internal paddle brushes knock the fine dust cake into the lower collection bag, ensuring you always have maximum air flow. Rolling casters and push handle make this Dust Collector the go-to machine for all the dust producing equipment in your shop.Simply turn the top handle to clean the canister filter.

CSA certified meeting CSA C22.2 #243-M91; UL 1017 4th standards!

  • Motor: 1HP, 120V/240V, single-phase, 3450 RPM, prewired 120V
  • Motor Amp draw: 9/4.5A
  • Air suction capacity: 640 CFM with elbow, 800 CFM without elbow
  • Static pressure: 3.3"
  • Lower bag capacity 2.1 cubic feet
  • Number of 4" intake holes: 1
  • Impeller: 10", cast aluminum, radial fin
  • Portable base size: 15-1/4 x 26"
  • Lower bag size: 14-1/2 x 22"
  • Overall height: 59"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 74 lbs.

Optional Replacement Bags: T23129 Upper Canister; T24268 Lower Bag


18 Customer Reviews(4.8 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Jo J
Tons of airflow! 05/08/2020 8:31:04 PM

This replaced an ancient 1-hp Woodtek machine on its last legs to which I had added a 15" Grizzly canister filter a while ago. So I bought Grizzly's 1-hp Shopfox 2-bag machine (W1727) and added my existing canister, to make exactly this machine. For 1 hp, the airflow is awesome. The worst culprit is my DeWalt 12" planer, which now generates just a few specks around the machine while producing many inches of waste in the collector bag. And it's small, fitting nicely in my homemade noise-reduction cabinet. Excellent machine (and canister) and good value.

Michael K
Helps keep the shop clean 04/30/2020 11:36:30 PM

I use this with a cyclone separator and move it to 5 different machines in my small shop. Works well for me.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/09/2020 6:48:02 AM

I purchased this last month and am pleased with this dust collector. I only use it with my band saw, so far, and it does an adequate job. However, I ended up purchasing two ceiling mounted dust collectors to take care of the air quality from the fine dust particles that this machine does not capture.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great small shop dust collector 01/17/2020 1:49:24 AM

I have a small shop. I needed a smallish mobile dust collector to service multiple machines. Super happy with this unit.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/13/2019 3:16:19 PM

The tabs that are welded on to help hold the plastic bag during installation were welded on upside down which make them useless and the product shipped with only one dust paddle on the shaft inside the top canister ( product picture shows two). Grizzly did send another paddle. Other than those issues, the product works fine.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/08/2018 11:28:26 AM

An improvement would be 4 swivel wheels from 2. Making it much easier to move around from machine station to machine station.

Dan E
Great for one machine in a small shop 03/07/2018 3:08:16 AM

Good suction and surprisingly quiet, hooked to table saw there is little missed dust.

02/26/2018 5:54:48 PM

No feedback given

Brian C
02/14/2018 4:28:56 PM

I bought this a month a go, but have not used it yet, because the jointer, planer and sander I ordered 12/5/17 have yet to be delivered. Still waiting on Grizzly.

Stephen M
Performs well 02/08/2018 12:10:23 AM

Works great, swap between machines as used. Collects most all dust and filter keeps most material in the collector.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Dust Collector 12/22/2017 4:45:26 PM

Great dust collector in a small package. This unit packs a great suction power. Its great for my needs in a garage shop. Its pretty quiet once you attach the hose to your machine. Beats the heck out of my shop vac. I added a second stage using a drum and a cyclone lid. The air feels so much cleaner now. I would definitely recommend this unit for a small shop.

Anonymous Reviewer
12/07/2017 3:21:51 PM

Yes, I very much like the Grizzly DC.... I immediately modified it with a vortex/cone type separator which has proven to be very effective. (I think most woodworkers would gladly pay a bit more for any DC that has this inexpensive upgrade.)

One minor gripe: The plastic lock/key to the motor broke the first time I removed it and tried to put it back in the switch. The switch still turns the motor on and off but I can no longer lock it out.

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent collector for small shop 08/27/2017 12:56:20 PM

Good for small shop, but it is a bit noisy. This isn't much of a problem since I'm normally wearing hearing protection anyway. The small footprint is great for those of us with garage sized shops.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/02/2017 1:39:03 PM

Does exactly what I wanted it to do. I bought this for two reasons 1- the footprint of the dust collector fits perfectly in my small garage shop. 2- the 1 micron canister filter.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/22/2017 12:25:25 AM

No feedback given

Robert K
Sturdy packaging, nice finishes, great so far! 05/23/2017 1:32:00 PM

I bought this mainly because of the 1 micron filter. I plan to make a vortexer and connect to the 583Z, so the location of the input works very well to minimize duct length.

Jed E
05/19/2017 1:04:16 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
01/25/2017 11:54:26 PM

Works well, will handle 15 inch planer and 10 inch table saw using blast gates. Unit tends to clog if planing soft wood. Have to go slow as planer can overwhelm the top filter if shavings are large. Haven't had that problem with hardwood.