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G1023RL 10" 3 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw

This is your everyday production workhorse.

We have put in years of refinement & design optimization to improve our phenomenal "G1023R" series table saws. The G1023RL 10" 3 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw has all the best features from the old models plus a newer riving knife system, serpentine-belt power transfer that runs quieter & smoother, encapsulated dust collection around the underside of the blade and an improved quick-release blade guard.

Like all Grizzly table saws, the G1023RL comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects. (Consumables are not covered by the warranty.)

The G1023RL manual was written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information. The complete and easy to read manual makes it easier to assemble and maintain your saw.

The Grizzly Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are U.S. based. Parts and accessories for the table saw are available on-line and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.

CSA certified


  • Motor: 3 HP, 240V, single-phase, 14A
  • Rip capacity: 32" right, 8" left of blade
  • Max. depth of cut @ 90°: 3"
  • Max. depth of cut @ 45°: 2-1/8"
  • Assembled table size: 40" W x 27" D
  • Distance from front of table to center of blade: 17"
  • Floor-to-table height: 34"
  • Arbor diameter: 5/8"
  • Arbor speed: 4200 RPM
  • Max. width of dado: 13/16"
  • Overall dimensions: 66" W x 47" D x 39-3/4" H
  • Footprint: 20-1/2" x 20-1/2"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 508 lbs.


  • 4" dust port included
  • Locking magnetic switch includes padlock and key to prevent unauthorized use
  • Large safety STOP paddle
  • One-piece steel cabinet type stand
  • All sealed ball bearing construction
  • Accept dado blades up to 13/16" with 5/8" diameter arbor
  • Table has T-slots so your miter gauge will not fall off the table when retracted
  • Poly-V serpentine belt system transfers power more efficiently & with less noise than standard V-belts
  • Solid cast-iron table is heat-treated for strength, milled perfectly flat and ground to a mirror-like finish
  • Extra-large handwheels ease arbor movement
  • Quick change between riving knife & splitter guard
  • Includes 10" x 40T blade!

106 Customer Reviews(4.8 out of 5 stars): Sign in to write a review

Zach B
Great Saw 10/18/2020 11:30:38 AM

I bought this saw to replace my Fathers 83 Craftsman Contractor saw. I ordered the saw on a Friday morning and it was ready for pickup at the UPS terminal the following Wednesday. Once I got it home and unboxed it I was ripping boards within 2.5 hours. It is a two person job to assemble the saw so be sure to have help. The saw runs great. Compared to my old Craftsman this saw is much quieter, much more powerful and a huge upgrade on the fence system. I highly recommend this saw because.

Robert J
10/15/2020 3:35:58 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Game changer 10/11/2020 12:25:02 PM

1: Have 2 cans of WD40 on hand to remove the packing grease from the cast iron top.
2: Have paste wax on hand to seal and polish your freshly cleaned cast iron top.
3: If you chosen the lift gate shipping option, there will be a note that explains the driver is only supposed to lower the packages from the truck. You need to be able to move the saw to your chosen location. My driver moved it for me, but that was because he was a very nice guy.
3: Buy the mobile base. I didnt and regret it. I did put the saw on wheels and now its too tall. I just ordered the base.
4: If you buy additional blades, check if their width is correct. If you get blades that are too thin you cant use the riving knife or blade guard.

The dust management is great. The saw is quiet and powerful. The table is level and the alignment is perfect.

Nicholas S
10/10/2020 3:18:34 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Best saw Ive ever had!!! 08/17/2020 11:59:36 AM

First off, I want to say thank you so much to Grizzly for making such a phenomenal piece of equipment! This is by far the best table saw I have ever had.
My first saw was the Hercules Harbor Freight saw. It was very unstable when making a cut, would NOT stay square, had some blade wobble and was just all around terrifying to use. Back to HF less than 3 weeks later. Down to Lowes for saw # 2. Went with something much more expensive and better quality, or so I thought! Went from a $229 HF saw to the Delta at Lowes for $599. Took me and my 15 year old daughter right at 4 hours to build this thing. Was an absolute NIGHTMARE and the instructions were pathetic at best. Finally got it together and it worked for 11 days before the motor went out. Was ripping the rounded edges off of 2x4s for barstools, so nothing major. Got to my 27th one and it gave up the ghost. Back to Lowes.
Tired of messing around with big box toys, I wanted to make sure I was buying something of high quality. Made the 3 hour drive to Grizzly showroom in Missouri and found the 1023RL. Spoke with Jon and he got me all set up with this saw. Not only did I get this saw, Jon was able to get me set up with a router, miter saw, 12 inch disc sander, planer and Im sure Im probably forgetting something else too. Got the saw home and me and my 15 year old daughter got it together in under 45 minutes. Was SOOOOO easy. Looked at the instructions and was like This is it? Seriously??? Literally took us longer to clean the packing grease off than assembly the entire saw and mobile base. Directions were very clear and easy to follow with exploded pics in the back for additional reference. The saw itself is a pleasure to use. Cuts through everything Ive have asked and then some with no fuss or strain. Would highly recommend this saw to anyone looking to add a top quality table saw to their shop. Thanks again Grizzly for everything!!!
Special thanks to Jon at the Springfield store for always taking care of me when I drive up to the area. Great guy with an attitude like gravity, he just pulls you in. All the times I have been there I have never seen Jon without a smile on his face, 100% honest!!! Thanks Jon.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/08/2020 11:37:53 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
08/08/2020 1:50:21 AM

This is the best table saw. I have ever had this is my 4th saw . I just added to my garage . And I'm hoping to find a deal on a dust collector.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/07/2020 3:18:56 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
WOW! 08/07/2020 3:44:16 AM

I can't express how pleased I am with this saw! A breeze to assemble. I was pleased how true the three piece top was, not to mention there wasn't bit of fine tuning needed- fence and blade angles were dead on right out of the box. I had done a lot of research prior to purchasing the G1023, my first cabinet saw. From consulting with friends in the cabinet business to pricing different saws, I found the G1023 to be one of the best values out there. A smooth running beast that passed the "nickel test" with flying colors!

Anonymous Reviewer
Love it 08/06/2020 8:46:59 PM

I've had it about a month. Easy to setup and it needed very little in the way of alignment. Has some shipping damage to the sacrificial pieces on the fence. Grizzly replaced immediately.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/06/2020 3:58:12 PM

I have not completed building the saw due to leg injury. What I have done was easy to complete with the manual. The saw looks good. The only issue was a broken start/stop button. When I call tech support, the tech got a new one in the mail that day. Good service.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/06/2020 3:45:51 PM

The saw is really great--I'm a happy customer.

One thing I did not like: the way the table assembled and the difficulty aligning. It still is not "flat" at all the seems, and I'll need to re-align them again, when my son is here to help. Tried the tape thing, but that's a weak solution. Seems you could solve this by using shoulder bolts. Why not?

Still a great saw and glad I purchased it.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Table Saw!! 08/06/2020 11:51:42 AM

This G01023RK has exceeded my expectations at every turn. The build quality is excellent, the finish on my unit was perfect. Very little adjustment needed right out of the box to get it turned and rest to go. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a reasonably priced professional table saw. If I had to pick one thing I'm not thrilled with, would be the dust collection. All these saw should come with way to cover the hole where the saw tilts.

Anonymous Reviewer
Workhorse! 08/04/2020 6:48:48 PM

I bought this saw many years ago and have built Cabinets with raised panel doors. Shop cabinets with Formica tops, bookcases, a heavy duty shop table and shelf unit and many smaller projects using Mortise & Tenon joints on a living room table with tile top. Never had one problem through the years. Have done dado cuts, ripped fresh milled planks, straightened planks with the bark still on the sides, put a face on the fence (that is still tight when locked down) and reversed a cabinet saw blade 40T for cutting Plexiglas and Formica. Cut sheets of plywood up to 3/4" both hardwood and pine. The saw never bogged down and the Arbor is still in good shape. I keep it clean and the table top polished and the blades sharp. Ended up buying a 6" Joiner, Belt Sander all Grizzly. You can't go wrong, I'm very happy with all my Grizzly products.

Mike Douglass

Anonymous Reviewer
Quality and value! 03/25/2020 2:54:51 PM

No feedback given

Jon W
03/25/2020 10:37:49 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
ONE YEAR LATER REVIEW 01/18/2020 9:43:04 PM

I ordered the G1023RL Monday in the late afternoon of 4 Feb 2019 with the Bear Crawl mobile base and it was delivered on 8 Feb 2019 by UPS with lift gate service. That first sentence was how I started my review in February 2019 well now its almost a year old and its January 2020. I still love this saw. Its done everything Ive asked of it and more. With my Tenryu gold medal 10x40 full kerf .125 and .111 kerf and a 24 tooth Freud ripping blade designed to do excellent rips up to 2 3/4 this saw has done it all on a variety of hard woods. (Any thicker I go to the bandsaw) I have no complaints at all and would buy this saw over the more expensive brands out there. The fit and finish is still excellent. In fact if you offered me this saw or a more expensive brand for free Id take this one. I know that sounds crazy but this is a really great saw for a really reasonable price. The only real adjustment I had to do was getting the fence at a perfect 90degrees and all it needed was a strip of painters tape on the top edge of the metal tube to push the Hdpe face out to 90 degrees to the table. (Same trick as shimming wings on a table saw) Made a real nice cross cut sled for it as well as a nice out feed table / work bench. So there you have it after one year of use under many types of cuts I would still highly recommend this saw. Its been a great addition to my shop. ( Ive owned and used several top brands contractor, hybrid and cabinet saws over the last 40years and this one stands out as the best over all in my opinion.)

Anonymous Reviewer
07/03/2019 7:16:03 PM

This is my second Grizzly 10 inch table saw. I would not purchase any other saw for my home wood shop !!

Nice saw 07/03/2019 1:38:35 PM

This replaced a G0715P that I had mixed results with. The elevation gear never worked smoothly and failed after a few years. Setup went well, the blade was aligned with the miter slot and the riving knife from the factory saving me a lot of time. Grizzly does a beautiful job grinding the tables, however the extensions were warped and required some selective bolt tightening and blows with a dead blow hammer to get them in line. Still not perfect but close enough. I saw some negative reviews on the fence but mine works fine. It's very sturdy and though of simple design works well. I never liked the fence that came with my hybrid saw and that looks like the same type on the G0690 and in fact is one reason I went with the G1023RL. I agree with the reviewer who mentioned that the switch should be mounted farther forward. The fit and finish is mostly good but the throat plates were obviously painted with a brush and the paint comes off on the wood. Also wonder why they didn't include an arbor lock when they did the redesign. Dust extraction is mediocre but really without an overhead dust hood most saws are going to throw sawdust in your face. I cross shopped the Unisaw and Powermatic but there were more than a few bad reviews on the Delta and I couldn't justify paying $3300 for the Powermatic. Overall I'm very pleased with my saw and would recommend it to anyone looking for a full-featured table saw.

Adam W
Great saw, poor dust collection 05/22/2019 7:34:45 PM

I purchased this saw about two years ago to serve as a second table saw for my shop. Along with the saw I also bought a 3 hp dust collector to dedicate to my 2 table saws. The under the blade dust collection doesnt work at all. Not even a little. It almost immediately clogs up when ripping. The other dust port is as effective as any other brand of table saw in that it leaves a hill of saw dust in the cabinet. The same collector works great on my Sawstop with similar, but much more effective, under the blade collection. Ive also had problems with the blade height adjustment wheel not working smoothly. Anywhere under an inch and a half requires two hands to turn the wheel. After reading other reviews I see that this problem is somewhat common and is a major undertaking to fix. Things like this should be handled in the factory. Ultimately, the saw preforms well and is accurate enough for precise cuts and joinery but came with too many headaches for me to recommend. Spend an extra thousand and get a Sawstop. You can thank me later.

Louis B
This is the saw I was looking for... 04/10/2019 1:01:43 PM

I originally purchased an 833 and found a fatal flaw when raising the blade. Deflection that is unable to be corrected, much like the Ridgid TS had. I measured .017 thousandths movement. Per usual I notified GRizzly and they allowed me to return the Hybrid Saw, and buy the REAL saw.
This 1023 is the real deal and can be adjusted at a professional level... Gibs allow deflection correction!!! HUGE... I actually had to tweak them, and now this saw is straight as an arrow.
The quality of this saw is incredible... Fence is solid and accurate.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and spend the few extra dollars for this saw over a Hybrid IF you can run this saw at 230, instead of 110.

Good quality product from Taiwan... and what a difference from the hybrid.

Good saw 03/06/2019 3:18:38 PM

Its hard to beat a Grizzly for the money. I wish the quality control was a little better in some areas but there are no issues in areas where it really matters. I do feel the quality is a tad better on the G0690 having owned both models. I was missing parts but Grizzly wasted no time shipping out the parts. Overall it cuts perfectly and has plenty of power.

Anonymous Reviewer
Issues with fence, great saw. 02/28/2019 12:45:02 PM

I bought this saw to upgrade from a Craftsman saw. Bottom line this saw is great. The fence is nowhere near as good as the saw. I listed some issues my fence had with mine below. I had several pictures but for some reason all of the others came up as forbidden or something. Not a file size issue.

The bearing pads on the bottom were not on my fence when it arrived. Grizzly took care of that.

Two of the screws that hold the UHMW on the fence were broke. It seemed like cheap fasteners so it was pretty easy to drill out and clean up the threads. While I was working on that I discovered that another fastener was actually bent.

I ended up taking both UHMW sides off and cleaning up all the holes. However, when I did this I discovered that none of the holes in the UHMW lined up with the holes in the steel tube. I endued up having to open every hole up a couple two or three drill sizes on both of the UHMW parts. The major issue here is that the pitch is actually not even. If I make a new fence I have to try and measure each spacing and layout to match.

During reassembly I discovered was that the bolts also were not drilled and tapped straight. I am sure that all of this together is why I had broken bolts. The likely just snapped during the assembly at the factory.

The worst part of the saw is the magnifying indicator on the fence. It is so bad I will have the guys in the machine shop fabricate a new one for me and then I can throw the one that came with the saw in the trash.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/20/2019 12:14:03 PM

Have it 2 weeks works great, runs great. Upgraded from a dewalt 1.75 hp. Quiet a difference.

Anonymous Reviewer
02/17/2019 6:50:26 PM

I bought this about a month ago to replace my Radial Arm Saw that finally died. I much prefer using the RAS and find it a lot easier to do many more things. Just to crosscut on a Table Saw, I have to build a sled. Does the wheel give a measure of depth of cut? No. Why not? Well, now I have to use some tool to make sure the depth is correct.
The one pawl does not fit properly and digs into the little plastic tab each time I lower the blade. The fence fitting is really poorly designed and can come loose very easily, messing up a cut. Otherwise, I guess it is just fine, but I had a 220V 10" 2.75 HP RAS, Commercial Grade and sorry, all you guys that think a Cabinet Saw is better - it isn't.

Mike D
Great value saw 02/13/2019 3:13:31 PM

Honestly, I bought this saw mostly based on price. I bought the 32 rip capacity because I am in a 2-car garage shop so space is limited. Set up took a bit longer than I anticipated as the side wing tables needed to be shimmed to level and the elevation slides had to be tightened a lot due to a huge amount of slop when raising and lowering the blade. Overall I am pleased with the saw. I think it is a great value considering the high cost of the name brand cabinet saws

James V
A fine saw 02/11/2019 2:47:47 PM

This saw is the work horse on my cabinet/furniture shop. It has all the power that is needed. It plows through 12/4 oak with ease. The only downside was the dust collection. Splinters of wood would plug the 2 inch hose around the blade housing so we removed it. We also drilled out the plate designed to stop splinters from getting to the dust system. Our central system doesn't mind splinters but the plate reduced the vacuum power of the system on the saw.exhaust port. With those modifications we love the saw. We push a lot of wood through this saw. The removal of the dust system does require us to cleanout the interior of the cabinet weekly as the blade adjustment screws get clogged with sawdust. But that is a small price to pay for good saw operation. The Shop Fox Rip fence is a little finicky to get parallel but once adjusted is fine. Overall a good saw for the price point. We have had the saw for a couple of years and the only part we have replaced is the blade raising assist piston.

Bryan W
This is a great saw 02/05/2019 5:18:55 AM

I normally dont give a review so soon, I wait until I use it for year to see how it works. The shipping was fast, the boxes was damaged, especially the box that contained the fence, there was no missing parts. No damage to either the fence or saw. When I bought my 15 planer it way crated with plywood, not in cardboard boxes. You would think something this expensive, they would give it better protection. The assembly was easy and quick. The set up was fairly easy for exception of the rivier knife, I kept adjusting the the screws the wrong way, Grizzly needs to design that better. The power switch is to far to back from the edge of the fence, which is a safety concern, again Grizzly needs to make it so you can mount the switch flush with the face of the fence rail, he fence rail already has two holes for this purpose. Installing the was quite simple, I only needed one 1/4 washer spacer between the square tubing and the angle iron. The fence is really heavy, but it holds Square, and doesn't move when fixed in place. The two wings are flat, flush, I did not need to use tape between them. Squaring the miter slot to the fence was simple and easy. I will update in about a year from now on the performance.

Edward L
Really nice saw - settings were accurate out of the box 02/03/2019 5:48:41 PM

I purchased this saw to replace a 30 year old underpowered Craftsman contractor saw. The purchasing and shipping phase went very smooth... the shipping company driver helped me roll this beast into my shop which was a huge relief. Packaged well...No damage to any of the components. Tried to remove the Cosmoline corrosion protection with the recommended WD-40... that was a waste of time. Heated the surfaces with a hair dryer and mineral spirits... cleaned it right off with no effort. Assembly:
- nice fitment on all the parts
- alignment of blade to table top dead on out of the box
- ran quiet
- plenty of power
- magnetic safety switch
- No way to level the machine... or mentioned in the manual. Bummer. Had to get shims
- Not sure about that internal dust collection arrangement, time will tell.
- Disappointed with the alignment of the Fox fence and guessing how many shims to put under the front rail tube.
- Could not see how to adjust fence face perpendicular to the table surface.

Consider selling a smaller table top extension (16"x27") to cover the gap between the fence rails to the right of the extension wing.

Overall, very satisfied with the purchase... much improved over my previous machine.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/25/2019 4:33:10 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
01/18/2019 2:12:09 PM

Best purchased I have made in a long time. Saw worked great right out of the box with very little trouble setting it up and dialing it in. Just make sure you have someone to help you set it up because this is very heavy saw.

mark D
looks like a sturdy piece of machinery 01/05/2019 11:48:45 AM

bought for Christmas it will replace a Craftsman Table saw and looks to be just what I wanted, haven't gotten it completely assembled yet

Anonymous Reviewer
12/27/2018 1:28:02 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Upgrade from my 20-year old Grizzly Saw 12/24/2018 2:12:06 AM

I finally decided to replace my 20-year old Grizzly Table Saw (which still works great). I was hoping that the money for the upgrade was worth it. It appears that my new 1023RL is so much better in many ways. It runs much quieter and with much less vibration. Also the table surface and fence are much larger. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I could only find a few minor issues to report. One of the table extensions was very slightly out of level. With leveling both ends, the center was very slightly higher than the table top, probably about 1/64" at the most. Additionally, the magnifier on the fence scale is a bit hard to read. Lastly, the power cord was a bit short for my shop, but was easily replaced with longer cable. All-in-all, the saw seems great! Can't wait to use it!

Anonymous Reviewer
12/22/2018 7:01:28 PM

Although there does seem to be ongoing problems with the shipping carrier that Grizzly uses I am
still very happy with the table saw as well as customer service.
It took a couple weeks before I could actually report on the table saw although it wasn't the fault of Grizzly but rather the carrier that from
all outward appearances treats the shipping containers complete irresponsibility....
Accepted the first shipment of the saw and fence itself, which I should have refused but needed a working saw so I took the chance it was ok....it wasn't...
when I notified customer service they were, for the most part, very helpful...I received the missing items in a timely fashion; I had ordered the longer fence
but had to send it back for the package was so damaged that there were parts laying in the truck bed with the end of the box torn off...
after receiving another fence and installing it I have to say I am nothing short of impressed with the quality and operation of the table saw and fence..
Rick M

Ken J
Love my new table saw! 12/20/2018 3:45:48 PM

I am very pleased with my new table saw. My only complaint is that in the separate box that the fence was in, the box was damaged and there was no scale to install on the fence runner, so I had to purchase a 3' stainless steel rule and pop-rivet it to the runner, which probably works better than what it was supposed to get. I have many Grizzly products and have never been disappointed!

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 12/17/2018 8:43:04 PM

Very happy with the saw. Some assembly is required but saw blade was parallel to the table t-slots and fence was parallel to the blade right out of the box.

Allen C
Great Products and Excellent Service 12/16/2018 5:53:37 PM

I bought my first Grizzly Table Saw (Model G1023) in 1988. A few months later I bought the G1182 Jointer. I never had any problems with either machine and construction quality and accuracy were never a problem. A recent move forced me to sell the machines, which I didnt want to do. I finally caved when I saw the movers cost estimate as well as the opportunity to upgrade to more modern features with newer units. After our move I purchased the new G1023RL saw and G0814 jointer to go in my new woodshop. Aside from the pricing almost doubling, Im very pleased with the quality and workmanship of these two units like I was 30 years ago. I havent been able to give the machines a thorough workout yet because my woodshop is still under construction so will reserve the performance part of this review for a later post when Ive made substantial sawdust. The focus of this review, therefore, is the service I received from Grizzly when portions of my order arrived damaged. I followed the instructions on the order for visible damage at delivery, taking pictures with my phone, and ensuring the shipping company documented the damages on their paperwork as well. The box for the table saw fence rails was nearly in two pieces when it arrived and therefore noted with pictures and description on the shippers invoice. The next day, however, when I unpacked and assembled the fence system there was not one scratch or dent and it adjusted perfectly to the saw cabinet. The big surprise was the (already assembled) jointer stand in one of the other boxes that had little to no visible damage from the exterior. The base between the feet on one side was bent as though it had been squashed by something coming down on it at an angle. It was useless because it could not sit flat on the floor. Customer Service couldnt have been nicer. I sent photos of the damage and they promptly send me a new stand in exchange for the bent one. Although it took a while and another call to Customer Service, a shipping company came and picked up the damaged unit it went back to Grizzly at their expense. Sure there are nicer quality saws and jointers on the market, but for the price and type of work I do and these machines are great. And, always consider serviceability when making purchases like this.

Anonymous Reviewer
Initial Review 12/12/2018 11:41:42 AM

The saw was delivered very quickly. Also a pleasant surprise was that an additional discount was applied after purchase. I believe the saw price was reduced before it shipped. The only reason I didn't give an excellent rating was due to a missing mounting hardware pack for the fence system. I had to wait an additional week to complete the assembly and as a result I have not yet had a chance to use the saw. I'll update or add another review once I've had a chance to use the saw.

William G
Final Upgrade ! 11/27/2018 4:40:34 AM

I have had this saw for a week and enjoy the quality and rigidity it has. Assembly and setup with a dial indicator was easy, no stress, No items were missing or damaged. This is an upgrade from a portable contractor saw, I thought a while til I pulled the trigger on this purchase with no regrets.The wheeled base allows me to tuck it out of the way when I need to. I'll be spending the winter in my heated shop banging out cabinets in my free time.

Anonymous Reviewer
11/21/2018 6:04:33 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Well worrth the money. 11/16/2018 7:13:25 PM

I bough the RLX a few years ago along with the roller table. My shop is the size of a closet and space management is a must thus the side table, absolutely no assembly problems .

Fred D
Quality that you can see and feel. 10/27/2018 1:44:24 AM

After many years of attempting woodwork projects on substandard equipment, I've come to appreciate the importance of precise and repeatable table saw work. Since retirement, I decided it was high time to invest in machinery capable of high-quality results. Hundreds of reviews and much thought brought me to choosing the G1023. It was a little above my budget but I felt I was worth it.

After receiving the saw I know I've made the best decision for my needs and shop size. I couldn't be more pleased with the engineering and craftsmanship of this product. Right off the pallet, my machinist square reported that the 90 degree stop was spot on with the included blade. The cast table extensions bolted so precisely that you can scarcely see the seam and didn't require any shims. The slots were parallel to the blade within .003" and I just knew any monkeying with that was going to be a can of worms. Close enough.

I must admit that there was a rocky start with some parts loss with the included Shop Fox fence, a shipping and packing problem I've read in many reviews. More robust packaging should be considered for such heavy angle iron fixtures. Rice cardboard just doesn't stand a chance with truck lines. Grizzly did cheerfully oblige me with the missing hardware, fence lock knob, and measuring tape but none-to-quick for me with "economy" shipping. Much customer satisfaction could have been purchased with the dollar saved over priority mail. There was a small scratch in the black vinyl base stripe but a piece of electrical tape would mend it if I even cared enough to correct it. I found the "starter" blade to be adequate and the miter gauge as well. I really liked the set-screw adjustment for fine-tuning to the miter slot width. I did find it necessary to drill through the casting on the miter gauge to allow for the attachment of a wood face. A minor annoyance but worth mentioning.

I was concerned that my 2-1/2" dust control arrangement was going to be inadequate to recommendations of 2-3 times the CFMs I could generate but after waxing the sloped inside bottom I found that I only had a minor sawdust accumulation in the base corners and the hinged covers on each side provided easy access for an occasional vacuuming. A very minor inconvenience. The blade shroud is very effective at removing the lion's share of the dust and providing a rapid exit for a dropped arbor nut. The cosmoline protective coating on the machined casting surfaces was easily removed with mineral spirits. I couldn't bring myself to wasting a bunch of WD-40.

I've found the fence to be very serviceable. Impressively accurate and after a minor adjustment consistently parallel. I did have to fiddle with the fence mounting brackets to achieve square to the table. A little extra trouble with the absence of an adjustment on the fence T-square but one that I probably won't have to make in the future. I didn't find the parallax of the magnified curser to be as objectionable as others have reported.

3 HP is very sufficient for my needs. I do hear a slight belt squeal when starting with a full dado stack, a problem that a slight belt adjustment will solve now that there has been some break-in. The motor has never hinted at bogging even on aggressive dado plowing and is whisper quiet, hardly audible above the blade wind. Smooth as silk.

I can now see the significance of "Made in Taiwan" so prominently appearing in red ink for the G1023 in the catalog. So glad that I decided to upgrade from the hybrid group.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/13/2018 3:54:51 PM

I like the Grizzly G1023RL very much. It was packed well and every thing that was supposed to be in the package was there. I watched How to Assemble the G1023RL numerous times on You Tube before the saw arrived so I was able to recognize each part as it was unpacked and I knew how to assemble it. I had a friend help me with the assembly. It could have been done by myself alone but I run a business and time was important. It took us about 3 hours to complete the task.
I researched all of the table saws that fit into the category of what I was looking for (about 12 of them) and decided the Grizzly was the best fit for my shop and budget.
The saw is very well made and the 3 hp motor has handled the hardest piece of wood that I put through it. In my case it was a 2 1/2 piece of hard maple, without the motor showing any strain at all.
I find that the vacuum system does not clear most of the dust out of the bin in the bottom of the saw even though I have a 6 hp vacuum system hooked up right next to it.
My research shows that most of the competitive saws have much the same problem so the Grizzly is no better than the rest in this respect. I don't know what you could do to improve the efficiency in this area..
The fence is also a disappointment. Even my 60 year old craftsman table saw fence had a micro adjustment on it to make small adjustments easy. The fence is also hard to lock down and occasionally moves in mid cut. Please let me know if you come up with a better fence in the future because the one that comes with the G1023RL does not live up to the quality of the rest of the saw. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to critique this equipment. Please check out my web page to see examples of what I plan to use the saw for. www,driscollantiques.com
Ralph Driscoll

Ernesto R
A workhorse 08/19/2018 4:10:58 AM

Bought to replace another saw. Got it home, set it up in one evening, and started a project next day. Required very little adjustment. Its 3 HP motor is plenty powerful for my application. Good, sturdy construction and attention to detail. Everything fits tightly and smoothly. Tables are flat, smooth, and heavy. Dust collection is good. My setup only draws from underneath the table. I might add dust collection above the table at the blade later. Whether youre a pro, semi pro, or serious hobbyist, this saw is a good value. I expect it to last a long time and serve as a workhorse in my shop.

Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent saw 08/10/2018 12:01:08 PM

I haven't had a heavy saw for several years, and always regretted giving mine up. I was thrilled to get this saw into my shop, and it has been wonderful to use.

Edward W
Good But Not Perfect 08/08/2018 12:46:54 PM

Before I get to the machine itself, let me comment on the condition of items upon delivery. The saw is packaged separate from the fence. While the saw carton was not unmarred, the fence packaging was pretty banged up. I made note of it on the shipping paperwork, took photos, and called Grizzly so there would be a record of the condition before they came off the truck. The Grizzly rep told me to let them know if there was any damage so they could send out replacement parts if needed. Fortunately, the only problem I found was a broken screw that holds the polyethylene face on one side of the fence. It was an easy fix. Now for the saw itself. First of all, get the Sprayway Heavy Duty Orange Degreaser. It makes the cleanup of the shipping coating very easy. Setup was not too difficult; the instruction book is fairly clear. The cast iron table wings went on without needing any shimming. It was easy to align the miter track to the blade. Installation of the fence rails and front glide bar was straight forward. You'll need a second pair of hands when installing the table wings and fence rails. When I installed the blade guard and splitter apparatus, I noticed two issues. First, the unit was not secure and moved back and forth so that the splitter would not stay aligned with the blade. When I attempted removal of the splitter, the second issue presented itself; the splitter was very difficult to remove. Once removed, I was able to identify an Allen Head screw that was loose. Once tightened, the splitter apparatus was stable, however, it doesn't slide in and out easily. At this time I haven't done too much cutting with the saw, but I can say that it powers up and runs smoothly, is not excessively noisy, and ripped 2 x 4s without difficulty. Other than the issues noted above, I am thus far happy with the saw and feel that it is a good value.

James R
Terrible shipping 08/05/2018 1:35:08 PM

Product is great, but shipping is terrible. First order refused because of damage to saw. Second shipment had a few scratches, opened and damaged boxes, and missing parts. I accepted the shipment and Grizzly was quick to send the missing parts.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/18/2018 12:12:09 PM

Excellent table saw with power to spare. I purchased this as I needed a saw powerful enough to cut through thick hardwood and this saw has delivered. My only complaint is that the start button is sometimes hard to access while preparing to make a cut. I highly recommend this saw.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/16/2018 11:57:38 AM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
High quality table saw 07/13/2018 12:04:36 PM

Replaced old table saw ( Delta) with newer up to date safety features. Saw table tops very flat. Easy to assemble and calibrate.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/13/2018 11:04:41 AM

I am extremely pleased with this saw. I should have ordered the model with the router table extension. I have ordered the kit to do that. This is a quality product that will be a welcomed addition to your shop.

Scott B
Everything I could have hoped for! 07/13/2018 10:36:07 AM

After years of fighting with my old saw, my new saw arrived just in time for Father's Day!!! I struggled for a long time with my decision, but I am very happy with the result. The saw was delivered Friday afternoon. It was too heavy for me to get from my garage to my basement shop even after removing the top and taking everything out of the box, so I hired a couple of movers to come over and get it moved into my shop Saturday morning. I spent a couple of hours getting it set up. It would have gone a lot faster, but I created a few extra tasks for myself by taking the top off. I'm kind of glad I did because I was forced to learn how to align the miter slot and fence to the blade.

The saw is so much quieter than my old direct-drive saw and it cuts like a dream; even with the blade it came with. The dust collection is better than I had feared based on hearing people talk about it. My old saw didn't have any dust collection, so I think it's amazing that my whole shop isn't full of dust after making a few cuts.

I am thrilled with my decision to buy the Grizzly G1023RL.

Larry P
Benchmark Saw 04/10/2018 11:27:59 PM

No complaints on this table saw. The table is extremely flat. The motor is strong. The controls work smoothly and flawlessly. It has a feeling of quality and precision. The dust collection works great. The fence glides smoothly. The guard easily attaches and detaches. Everything I need and nothing I don't in a cabinet saw.

A dream machine 03/18/2018 12:32:09 PM

I have used a Craftsman table saw for the last 15 years and was happy with it, but its accuracy and strength led me to a great desire to improve. I studied table saws for about 3 months and with all the pros and cons, prices and features, I chose the 1023. Assembly was a little testy because I did it by myself but didn't swear half as much as in other assemblies. The side table were the hardest, but by starting one end bolt with the table piece in a vertical position, I was able to accomplish the task with little effort. I had to install the front fence rail a couple of time using washers for shims to get it right, but again with little effort. Everything was spot on for squareness once the assembly was complete and I waxed the table down and began to test it out. My only problem with it is the cam lock on the blade guard. I have rather long arms but it is still hard to get to and the blade guard or riving knife at the same time. After changing them out a few times for different cuts, I now find the cam lock doesn't seem to actually lock the guard in place. I have removed the blade insert and blown out any dust that may have gathered and checked the lever, but it still doesn't have the feel it did when I first changed out the guards. Other than that, it's a great saw for the price.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great table saw 03/05/2018 4:39:49 PM

I bought this table saw recently. The paid for the lift-gate delivery service since I had not way to get it off the back of the truck. The delivery man dragged the load up my hill with his cart and dropped it right in the middle of my shop. The saw was really easy to assembly and included easy-to-follow directions. So far, I have put the saw through its paces and made almost every type of cut I can think of. The motor has plenty of power to rip through long bits of 8/4 stock without slowing much if at all. The fence and miter gauge were very easy to dial in on accuracy (again, good instructions were included). This table saw makes a good addition to any shop.

eric H
As expected another great machine from Grizzly 03/03/2018 8:04:10 PM

Nice heavy duty machine with plenty of power and great precision . Everything about it speaks quality.

Terry C
03/03/2018 12:50:57 PM

No feedback given

Tom S
Excellent Cabinet-Makers Table Saw 02/06/2018 1:19:55 AM

Pretty easy to set-up after receiving and unpacking. No issues with setting up. Very impressed with power, smooth running and quite. The miter has a binding backend of the bar. Really happy to add this machine to my collection. Recommend this machine.

Country C
01/26/2018 7:01:06 PM

Well built, our shop hads 3 tablesaws this one works very good Ill be buying more grizzly tools.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/11/2018 3:37:08 PM

No feedback given

Eddie B
Really good fit and finish on this saw 01/10/2018 5:26:56 PM

I am well pleased with this saw with how well everything fit when assembled, I have used other big name brands and the fit was not as good as this saw and I did the nickel test and then a penny and they both stood on the edge with no problem when I started the saw so there is very very little vibration. All the miter groves are good and true so I have nothing to grip about and as a retired machinist I can find little things that I don't like but so far there aren't any. Up and down and tilt is all real smooth. The fence is not real straight but well enough for a good true cut but all in all a good saw.

Anonymous Reviewer
01/05/2018 2:25:54 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
01/05/2018 1:42:26 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
11/10/2017 8:16:16 PM

Our son loves this saw. He is a timber framer and also makes one of a kind doors and so this heavy duty saw was just what he needed.

Robin S
11/09/2017 6:13:57 PM

I bought this saw several months ago and couldn't be more pleased. Plenty of power and the run out of the table is minimal. Absolutely love it. However I must review the fence separately. It is very lacking, when I assembled it and locked it down the tail moves 1/16 to an 1/8 of an inch. Attempts to correct this action were unsuccessful. I immediately ordered an Incra fence. Wow was there ever a difference. Combined with a Forrest blade this is an awesome machine. I highly recommend this saw with the Incra fence.

Anonymous Reviewer
Nothing on the market today can touch the quality of this saw. 11/05/2017 7:07:50 AM

I've not had much time operating this saw...however, I did some box joints and was really impressed with its operation. Great saw!

Karl M
Craftmanship is a little lacking 10/18/2017 12:40:30 PM

I have partially assembled the saw. The wings are not perfectly flush with the table...they seem to have slight bows in them...maybe about 1/64 to 1/32 of an inch off in the middle of the wings. Front and backs of wings are flush to table. The on/off swtch arrived with the on button and lock popped off. I haven't turned it on yet, but, i am having a problem with the on button staying in the on position. The motor cover strains against the clamp and is slightly disfigured in order to get closed. When i spoke to one of the tech agents i was told if i want accuracy that this is the machine for me...i guess i expected better craftmanship.

Anonymous Reviewer
10/09/2017 4:48:42 PM

I only was able to get a sub panel installed to fire up the saw yesterday due to work related travel responsibilities. Runs very quiet and smooth. I plan on my first project to make some free hanging shelf units for a work colleague.

Guy D
Great Product 10/08/2017 1:09:21 PM

The only complaint I have is UPS freight is horrible. I scheduled this to deliver on a Friday. That morning they called me and said that they couldnt deliver. Had to reschedule for the following Wednesday. Took Friday off for no reason.

Anonymous Reviewer
09/30/2017 1:49:32 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
08/30/2017 10:10:35 AM

No feedback given

Rob C
I love this saw. 08/23/2017 9:58:55 PM

Saw was easy and straight forward to set up. Aligned near perfect right out of the box. Tons of power, table extensions align perfectly/seamlessly, blade that comes with the saw is super sharp. Couple of notes when setting up: 1. The Shopfox fence needs no washer spacers between the tube and the rail, they get bolted straight on. 2. The instructions don't seem to mention the installation of the right side cabinet access door. I ended up putting it on at the end, no issue.
GREAT value for the money!
My one complaint was that UPS handled the delivery portion of it VERY poorly and I ended up taking over a half day off for no reason because their "system" said it would be delivered and they didn't even have it in the local warehouse yet.

Paul M
08/23/2017 12:19:45 PM

I am delighted with this saw. This is a step up from my old hybrid saw that died on me. The difference between the two is like night and day. It is solid. All surface finishes are good. Assembly was straight forward.

Anonymous Reviewer
08/20/2017 11:50:33 PM

The saw functioned properly with the exception of the shop fox fence which does not tighten properly and has to be sent back. Also the handle for the lock broke off upon applying minimal pressure when attempting to lock the fence in place.

William W
Great Cabnet Saw 08/20/2017 12:42:05 PM

The saw was a very easy to set up. All of the parts were present and fit perfect. Adjustments were easy and very accurate. Operation is smooth and accurate. The only problem I had was with delivery. I set up a delivery for one day and was told it would be delivered between 10:00 and 4:00. I hired a helper to get the saw into my shop and we sat around waiting for it to be delivered. At 5:15 I was told they would not be able to deliver the saw until the next day. They did deliver it next day but I had to pay a helper a days pay for nothing. If it weren't for the delivery I would not have any negative comments.

David H
Could be a 5 star but..... 08/15/2017 9:18:08 PM

For the first time in my life, I finally have a dedicated space to call my workshop. I looked and compared saws for about a year now. Knowing that this would be the workhouse, I wanted one that would be built to last. Initially, I decided to purchase the hybrid G0715 primarily because that seemed like the best saw for my budget but I really wanted a true cabinet saw. Then the 715 was discontinued before I could purchase it. Next step up the G1023RL, a true cabinet saw and much more than my budget so I was going wait a little longer before purchasing so that I could pay off some other bills. Here's a sentimental note. My father, getting up in years and an avid woodworker, wanted me to have something that I would enjoy and always remind me of him so he surprised me by purchasing it for me. So far it is a joy to use and it does make think of my father. Grizzly, this saw better last me a lifetime.

Ok that aside, here is my experience. For the last 12 years I finished a lot of projects using a Craftsman job site saw. Being a perfectionist wasn't easy with that saw. With the 1023, no problem; ease of use, precision and power there is no comparison. The 3hp motor is very powerful, quiet, smooth and very little (if any) vibration. Excellent cuts even with the standard blade provided. The blade guard is designed well, works well on the saw and easy to remove however like all blade guards, still kind of a nuisance. The saw was actually delivered 3 weeks earlier than expected and the delivery guy rolled it right into my garage which was a relief since I'm a 1 man operation. It was package well and on a small pallet so I think I could have rolled it up to my garage using my hand truck. Set up would've been easier with 2 people but was certainly manageable for this 54 year old. The wings bolted on very straight and true with little adjustment and no shims. No imperfections in the table or wings that I can see. Clean up was fairly easy with WD40 and took maybe 45 minutes (you'll need plenty of paper towels). Blade angles were set perfectly. I love the big burly hand wheels and the smooth action on the height and angle wheels. Also like the way you can lock in the wheel adjustments so consistency is not a problem. Dust collection works perfectly and is well contained. Very little dust appears on the table top and inside the cabinet and I think there will be even less once I set up a dust collector. The Shop Fox fence provided tracks up and down the rails smoothly and parallel to the blade and it locks down tight and sturdy after final adjustments. The rails were a bit of pain to install and required shims. I just used the washers provided as shims. I used 1 shim per bolt but I had to bolt and unbolt several times until I was satisfied with it. Save yourself some time and start with one shim.

Here's my complaints.
1. Out of the box there was 2 big scratches on the cabinet. One at the base of the cabinet and another long one that had obviously been retouched. Purely cosmetic so I can live with that but still...
2. The Shop Fox fence is smooth and seems to track well but it is heavy and cumbersome. I've tested some fences that easily moves up and down the rail with one hand. Not so with the Shop Fox. I don't yet trust the parallelism every time I move the fence and also the tape measure display can be misleading. The tape measure is just a piece of tape that has to be applied carefully so as not to stretch the numbers out of true. Over your cut mark, there is a chintzy plastic magnifying glass over the tape that is supposed to make reading it easier. Problem is the magnifying glass distorts the reading and you have to be real careful so that you are looking directly down on your your mark while viewing it. If you glance at from the right or left side you will see a different mark. Point being, when accuracy is important, always measure between the blade and fence.
3. The miter gauge was accurate right out the box and seems like a quality accessory but there is no slots or holes drilled into it to attach an auxiliary fence. Unless, I can figure out a way to attach a fence, I will end up replacing this someday.
4. The riving knife is fairly simple to remove but to do so you must access the release through an awkward side panel under the table to get to it. For me it means, getting down on my hands and knees and reaching into a dark cabinet to find the release. I'll admit it, the older I get the more I complain about inconvenience.
5. My biggest complaint was the height adjustment. Up and down movement was smooth and easy cranking as long as the blade was 2 inches above the table top but to lower it below 2 inches was a 2 handed job. I had at least 6 calls into tech support and spent a day and half correcting the problem. Each time I called in, I got a different tech with various levels of experience on these units. Each call I had to start from the beginning to explain my issue, then go through an escalating troubleshooting process. Eventually, a tech explained to me how adjust the 4 gibb screws which was supposed to be set properly in the factory. After several adjustments, I was finally able to fully raise and lower the blade with ease. Unfortunately, before I adjusted the gibb screws, the tech suggested I remove the gas piston that assists with the raising and lowering. That piston is heavy duty and once off the machine it fully extends with no way to compress it without putting a clamp on it. Problem was, it had to be compressed to be reinstalled and could not be installed with a clamp on it. The tech should have known this before he suggested I remove it. I could not find any compression tools that I could buy. After many attempts, I was able to compress it in a clamp and with vice grips and utility wire keep the piston compressed while bolting it back to the machine. At some point, I noticed some oil was discharged from the piston so I know the piston is partially damaged. Needless to say, an extremely frustrating process. I believe Grizzly owes me at least a new piston replacement but that replacement should come with a compression tool so I can re-install it properly.

With that aside, and several hours of use with it, I am very happy with it and expect it to last me a lifetime. I like the industrial look of this machine and yes it will always remind me of my father. Thanks, Dad

PS - One recommendation I would make to those who are considering this purchase. For another $50 you may want to consider the G1023RLW. Same unit but with a router table extension. To purchase the extension after delivery is going to cost $275 plus delivery. Seems like it would be a huge convenience especially when your limited on space.

mark M
07/27/2017 10:43:54 AM

A quality table saw for a very reasonable price,can't wai for my Grizzly planer to arrive..

07/15/2017 10:50:43 PM

No feedback given

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Saw! 07/12/2017 12:38:57 PM

Very happy I purchased this saw. It's very solid with more than enough power for my small production shop.

Anonymous Reviewer
07/08/2017 2:17:21 PM

Unfortunately I had to return it as it arrived with some damage. Your Customer Service people are great. I reordered this product and am now waiting for it.

Kevin C
Disappointed 07/04/2017 1:44:19 AM

I've had the saw for a little over a year and a half l, and I'm just now getting around to trying to use it for more precise cuts. The miter gauge is solid, but the set screws in the miter bar don't adjust easily, and there are no through holes or slots in the base for attaching anything as you would see with almost any other gauge on the market. Problem #2, the miter slots are tapered. Seriously! If I adjust the set screws on a miter bar to be tight at the front of the slot, they will be sloppy in the middle. This means there is no point in upgrading my miter gauge, because I'll never be able to adjust one to fit properly (or any accessory that utilizes the miter slots). Major flaw. Problem #3, the left miter slot is wider than the right. When building a crosscut sled, I had to make two different width runners, one for the left, and a narrower one for the right. Another ridiculously major flaw with the quality of this saw. And the last gripe is that the fence is not flat due to the screws that attach the UHMW face. Each screw location pulls the surrounding material inward. This can cause inaccuracy, especially when sawing shorter pieces. For many table saw issues, you can upgrade accessories to get better accuracy. A new fence and rail system, an aftermarket miter gauge perhaps. But there is nothing short of replacing the table or having expensive machine work done that can fix the miter slots. And for that reason, this saw gets 2 stars. And of course, I found all of this out once my warranty was up.

Robert D
What a saw 06/14/2017 11:48:49 PM

From delivery(ups freight) to set up everything went so well. Assembly instructions were spot on and the blade to table alignment was perfect. Looking forward to a lifetime of use.

Anonymous Reviewer
Exceeds expectations! 06/03/2017 12:42:29 AM

This is a machine that I purchase in December 2016 and is the center piece of my shop and compliments almost every activity. It is very well designed, precise, quiet, and powerful. It has replaced a contractor table saw I used for years and pleased I spent a the extra money to to step up to 3HP, 240V G1023RL. This saw will last a lifetime.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great machine - a real nice addition to my home shop 06/02/2017 7:57:05 PM

I ordered a Grizzly G1023RL table saw, which arrived one week later. I also ordered the H4231 Zero clearance inserts. It was easy to clean the Cosmoline from the table and extensions with WD40 (took all of 20 minutes). I could tell right away that this was an impressive, quality machine. Assembly is relatively simple (as long as you followed the instructions in the well written manual). The Shop Fox mobile base completed my package.

While doing the various alignments, I discovered that the cast iron top was warped across the back of the table. It was determined that the back end of the top was resting on the trunion which was easily corrected by adding a 3/8" washer under the four cap screws that hold the top down to the base. My only complaint is the dust collection shroud around the saw blade. Pieces of wood will fall in, clog the vacuum port, and are difficult to remove.

The H4231 Zero clearance insert instructions were inaccurate as it relates to this machine. The height of the tab at the back end of the insert had to be cut in half in order to allow the insert to drop into the throat. It was then a perfect fit. No other adjustment was needed.

This is a well designed and well built machine, and accurate alignments are easy to make. It may not be perfect but then what is. Grizzly provides excellent customer and technical support.

Fantastic Saw 06/02/2017 4:09:55 AM

I couldn't be happier with my new saw. It has power to spare and runs true without bogging down under a load. The dust collection is quite good. It is solid, without vibration, and will last forever.

Lupe A
Love it! 06/02/2017 3:54:45 AM

Good quality machine for the money. I love this saw. Haven't had much time to use it, but this will be in the family for generations.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Investment! Great Left Tilting Table Saw !! 06/02/2017 3:01:13 AM

I made my investment 2 months ago and very happy with my Grizzly table saw. I am looking to make investmen for a gift for my brother who would love to have one as well.

Anonymous Reviewer
A great saw 06/02/2017 2:38:54 AM

I love this saw. I wish I had gotten it years ago. It's every thing Grizly claims it is.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great saw 06/02/2017 12:20:27 AM

I am really enjoying the Grizzly saw. Great power and accuracy.

George B
Nice saw 05/31/2017 4:29:12 PM

Meets the standards as described on the website.

Edgar M