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Item #: G9824
Model # G9824
This direct mount chuck comes with the studs in the back and fit directly into your lathe cam-lock. The body is made of semi-steel and the jaws are hardened. Each chuck comes with a set of two-piece reversible jaws. Jaws are self-centering. Through hole: 2.75".

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Rolando E
EXCELLENT! 04/12/2017 4:08:16 PM

I ordered this chuck and received it in 4 days. I'm not going to write a review about how excellent the customer service Grizzly has, I think everyone knows this already. What I am going to write about, is the quality of this chuck. First off, this chuck does not look like the one pictured for the G9824 chuck. The chuck I received does not have the two socket head screws on the face of the chuck between the jaws close to the bore. I was very impressed that this chuck looks very close to a Biso*, and has some very impressive tolerances. The radial TIR once I mounted it to my G0509G lathe, was 5 tenths! I couldn't believe it, so I got a second indicator and that showed the same. So to satisfy my curiosity, I confirmed it with a Starrett last word indicator. The face run out was maybe 1 tenth. So I chucked in a piece of 316 stainless that I had turned down with the previous chuck. I was very impressed that I had a TIR of .001" with this piece of rod. I am very satisfied that I took the chance on purchasing this chuck from Grizzly. The finish and machining certainly looks like some of the other chucks here. The quality is definitely here, I know this chuck will provide me years of reliable and repeatable standards for my lathe.