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Item #: T27496
Model # T27496
The Iwasaki File Co. in Gunma Prefecture is making quite a splash in the woodworking world with its amazing "chemical polishing" technology. Known in the West as razor files, these tools have specially formed teeth and grooves that result in removal of wood that's faster than rasps and smoother than files. No pressure needed! To top it off, the design keeps the file clean of removed material automatically. The files also sport a safe edge to keep adjacent workpieces - and fingers! - safe from their bite. Great for use on plastics as well as wood, these are some of the best files you'll ever find.

This double-sided 10" flat file cuts on the push stroke. 7" cut length, 3/4" wide, medium tooth pattern.


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Anonymous Reviewer
12/21/2017 10:01:45 PM

I purchased extra fine , fine ,and medium in the flat files. The medium cuts about like a no. 50 Nickleson but leaves a cleaner a cleaner surface. The other 2 greatly reduce the amount of sanding necessary.

roirdan B
10/28/2017 5:36:19 PM

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