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We had this DRO made specially for us and are proud to claim that it is one of the finest DROs on the market today. You will be amazed at the list of features that include: selectable resolution down to 5um, absolute/incremental coordinate display, arc function, line of holes function, angles cuts function, 199 user defined datum points, centering/cutter offset, double sealed scales, inches/millimeters, calculator with trig functions (mills only) and linear error compensation. Our low prices are a reflection of the absence of any "middlemen" in the marketing structure. Without a doubt, this feature packed DRO will fit just about any budget!

Note: These are universal kits and may require fabricating additional brackets or mounts for installation on your mill.


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Anonymous Reviewer
Buyer Beware!!! 01/02/2020 4:30:42 PM

I recently purchased a 3 Axis is digital readout, part number H6091 and through error on my part, needed to replace the 3 glass scales. Grizzly customer support referred me to tech support to investigate options for replacements of the 3 glass slides. Here is what I found out, The three glass slides cost almost as much as the entire kit. I understand that individual parts must be priced more expensive when purchased individually, but I was not purchasing parts individually, The unit comes in two boxes, I was purchasing the entire second box. It gets better, when I asked tech support for any kind of information such as how warm do I need to keep my garage to use the DRO, what kinds of cutting oils or solvents are safe to use around the scales, or any kind of trouble shooting, installation questions or interface definitions, I was told that Grizzly has no technical information, input or help available and they can provide no technical information on the product. If you buy this product, you better be know what you are doing because they have your money and you are on your own.