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Use your bench vise as a sturdy base with this unique Slip Roll.


  • 12" forming width
  • 20 gauge max capacity in mild steel
  • 5 wire-grooves (3/16", 5/32", 1/8", 1/16", 1/32")
  • 1-3/16" roll diameter
  • 1-3/4" minimum forming diameter
  • Precision adjusting screws for upper and lower front rolls
  • 24 lbs. shipping weight

14 Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) : Sign in to write a review

Anonymous Reviewer
Amzing slip roller amde a bunch of rings for a privacy window in a fence 10/18/2020 8:50:22 PM

Bought this machine to do some ring for a privacy fence for the top part so people can see through but still have privacy at the same time

Anonymous Reviewer
09/18/2020 4:00:09 PM

Looks like it is pretty well made. I purchased it to roll 0.125" 5052 Aluminum to make a tank. I did read that it will roll up to 0.100" but, I thought I could cheat it up to do what I wanted it for. Guess what? I was wrong. The product is designed so that when you exceed the limit stated, the gears slip and won't mesh. Pretty good design feature to keep people like me out of trouble. So you might ask what did I do. Return it..NO! Modify it...YES! I take full responsibility for my actions. I measured and purchased two new gears for the Roller that are slightly larger in diameter to allow me to break their machine on my terms. Actually it seems to be made well enough to handle the additional thickness and my material and it is also Aluminum which is a little softer. I will just take it a little at a time to get my radius. I have had no issues in the past with any of the Grizzley products, in fact, I have been using them for many years. I bought a hardly used Milling/Drilling machine at an auction years ago and am still using it. I did add a 3 axis DRO, Variable Frequency Drive (Constant Torque, because I hate changing belts all the time) and a 3 HP motor. I also have all the stuff I need to put a pneumatic tool changer on it. OK back to the Roller. You will love it. Very easy to put together and appeared to work just fine for what it was intended. I don't recommend that you do what I do unless you are willing to accept the consequences. Good Luck!

Emmanuel M
06/29/2020 3:24:16 AM

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Anonymous Reviewer
Works Well 06/17/2020 11:52:58 AM

As with all Grizzly products I have purchased, this is a heavy, well made unit. The roller down stop adjustments are calibrated. I used it on 2" X .020" stainless with no issues. Very repeatable. My only complaint is that every time I attempt to use Grizzly discount coupons I am denied. It'd be nice if they would fix that.

Anonymous Reviewer
Very good small project slip roll. 05/07/2020 3:29:10 PM

A month ago I needed to roll a 2" wide ring from 14ga steel (large wok stand for a propane burner) and this slip roll worked great. The fact you can mount the roll in a vise when needed saves having to make a stand or find more working space on a busy shop bench. Vise mount also puts the roll at a very nice working height for me. This roll is almost ready to go right out of the box. Clean off the assembly lube and protectant, lube the bearings - screws - gears, assemble the handle and that's it. I added index marks (marker lines) on the collar of the knurled screws to adjust the roller so I could index them in synch. I also modified a large hand wheel (18" diameter) I had to fit in place of the crank. This greatly decreased the apparent effort needed to roll the steel and improved the feed speed and precision through the roll. I started looking for more projects I could use this on - belt guard, duct transition collar, another belt guard. Great tool.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great Product! 03/11/2020 10:53:06 PM

I bought this a month ago, I am so glad I did.
I will buy from Grizzly again!

Anonymous Reviewer
05/30/2019 11:50:38 AM

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John R
great quality for the price 06/23/2018 12:05:59 AM

This item arrived with minor shipping damage (bent adjusting thumb-screw) but Grizzly sent me a new part very quickly and I was able to make due with a regular hex screw until it arrived.
The overall quality is better than I expected and I'm very happy with it. Rated capacity is 20 gauge mild steel but I did roll a 6" piece of 16 gauge successfully, just had to go very slow.
It takes a little time to get used to the adjusting knobs. I used a sharpie to make marks on the radius adjusting knobs so that I could keep count of turns and move both sides equally.
It's not the most accurate tool but gets better with some practice and should last a long time. Just keep in mind it's really only meant for small work.
Also great that I can hang it on the wall out if the way when not in use.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product 02/18/2018 4:28:26 PM

Fairly small (short) so pull out your tape measure before buying. Plan on buying a slip roller that is a third bigger than your average project until you get to industrial machines. If you are running a 12" roll don't get a 12" slip roll it is too hard on the unit to run at full rated capacity. Quality was excellent, far better than expected. It is the quality I would expect from an American made machine. It is a hobbyist size but will last for years in my small sheet metal production shop. I Wil absolutely buy a larger one from Grizzly when I am ready.

Anonymous Reviewer
Great product for the cost 02/18/2018 1:57:09 PM

It will definitely roll metal but the roller pin has no gages, only the feeder rollers which makes it difficult to reproduce pieces.

Anonymous Reviewer
SImple and easy to use 07/14/2017 12:44:43 PM

I bought this for a project and have made use of it with good results. Even though it is rated for thin metals it is possible to roll thicker strips, the trick is making sure the gearing stays engaged while rolling. Keep in mind that using a Slip roll is a very intense arm workout if you are not used to this kind of activity. Fast Shipping and easy to use site are always a nice thing too.

Anonymous Reviewer
06/12/2017 5:05:55 PM

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Anonymous Reviewer
05/20/2017 6:27:16 PM

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It bends flat steel. 12/24/2015 1:52:41 AM

For the price, this seems like the best value in the market to bend the occasional piece of sheet steel or wire. I've used it a few times (3/16" mild steel round bar, 22 ga mild sheet steel), and the slip roll performed as expected in each case. I haven't attempted 20 ga mild steel, so I can't speak to performance when pushed to the max. That said, if one expects to use a slip roll for much more than 22 gauge, they really need to look at a different class of machine that costs 10-20X more than this unit. I like the fact that I can clamp this into my bench vice rather than permanently mount it on my bench. As an occasional tool, it's very convenient to just pull it out when I need it. There is more lateral play in the front bottom roller than I would expect. This isn't an issue with sheet steel, but the lateral play can make it a little more challenging to use the wire grooves, If the wire starts to twist, the edges of the wire can get sheared slightly by the misaligned rollers. But it's not a major problem, and I don't imagine I'll use the wire grooves very often. While there are no graduations or scale for the rear roller (that sets the bend radius), it's trivial to adjust each side in a similar manner to ensure a uniform cylinder rather than a cone. While this is not a professional grade machine--it's a very well priced, well made unit.